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Gun Control Is Undead And Technologically Absurd

The Tool Was Never The Problem And Is No Longer Controllable

Accountability Begins Here

As I predicted, the hunt is moving up the chain.

Time to END This ‘President’s Day’ Foolishness

Monday, February 19 has been designated as “President’s Day,” another fake holiday seemingly meant to tear down American heroes and replace them with a meaningless day off work (for some). But I urge you, America, reject this sham holiday. Show More Summary

Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners Week of February 16, 2018

This week’s Weekend Caption Contest™ was quite a letdown. I give you deplorable Wizbangers President Trump AND William Shatner in a photo and you can’t break 400 comments? I can’t even… Credit was given for captions that utilized both icons in the caption. Show More Summary

Liberal Media Pushes Fake News That Florida Killer Was a Member of a ‘White Supremacist Group’

The media spent all day Thursday knocking itself out to “report” that Parkland school shooter Nicholas Cruz was part of a “white supremacist” group. But it turns out that the media was punk’d and the whole claim was a hoax. We all know...Show More Summary

Clown Show

So, in the news today I’m sure you heard that Bob “All my friends like Hillary but don’t you dare call me biased” Mueller had charges filed on thirteen Russian nationals and three Russian companies. More Summary

FIS Court Presiding Judge Replies To Nunes And Goodlatte

Failing to keep transcripts of the proceedings of the FIS Court is not in the best interests of our republic.

Dead Not Counted Before Liberals Start Lying About Florida School Shooting

Sadly the country suffered another mass shooting in a primary school, this time in a high school in Florida. Unfortunately, the blood was still flowing, the victims had not even been identified, and the suspect had yet to be caught before...Show More Summary

Bloody Business

There’s been another mass shooting. Of course you already know that, the news has been all about it. At first that seems natural. But not everything gets attention. The stock market, for example. Quick, what did the Dow finish at today? It was big news when it went down a lot, right? But today, nothing. Show More Summary

The Calm Before the Storm

For an investigation with such naked political implications we are seeing virtually no leaks.  Instead we are seeing the slow release of documents and evidence which are the foundations of one or more prosecutions.

The Curious Commonplace Case Of The Dog Which Did Not Bark In The Night

Barking is, after all, what dogs do.  And reporters, they dig up dirt.  Or they used to.  Or what we have now are not so much reporters as Leftist Activists with Bylines.  The curious commonplace failure to report this weekend is three fold. Show More Summary

The Third Dossier

We have written at some length on the Steele (more properly Hillary, since she paid for it) dossier, and made mention of a second compiled by former Clinton Operative Cody Shearer, both of which found their way into the hands of the FBI/DoJ.  The third dossier was compiled by the State Department under former Secretary Lurch John Kerry. Show More Summary

Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners Week of February 9, 2018

This week’s Weekend Caption Contest™ out nerdfested any Comic Con out there. Maybe we’ll throw a Kirk-Picard picture up next week and really go for broke. The assignment this week was to caption the following picture: Here are the winning...Show More Summary

Liars, Lawyers and Bears: Where The Journey Goes From Here

The facts of all the hearings, media noise, and highly emotional claims have confused a lot of people. There are many who still believe President Trump is guilty of some kind of crime, and his supporters are desperate to deflect or end Mueller’s investigation. Show More Summary

Who Stands Behind The Curtain

Someone is pulling the levers with such mastery that we didn't stop to ask.

Consider If You Will, The Outline Of The Insurance Policy

It seems clear to me that we have found the theorist/strategist of our self selected Prateorian, and I think he needs to be questioned at length and under oath in the very near future.

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