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Left-Wing U.Va Student Not Sorry for Unjustified Vandalism

It isn’t as if we needed another example to prove that liberalism makes bad people, but this week we got a story in the Washington Times of the University of Virginia student who isn’t sorry he destroyed thousands of dollars in private property even though he discovered that he was trying to “punish” a fraternity for a rape that never happened. Show More Summary

Extremist Lib Says Cops are Dangerous Because We Revere Soldiers

In an example of conflation that beats the band, a tech blogger on the tech site Scripting News thought he had a brilliant reason why cops are killing more people than ever in this country. It’s because we revere our soldiers, he quixotically said. Show More Summary

Climate Deniers

A little over a year ago, we observed the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK. The Washington Post wasted no time in forging a link between the contemporary “Tea Party” and the so-called “climate of fear” that assorted right-wingers created in Dallas in the early 1960?s. Show More Summary

North Korea Loses Internet. Did Obama Do It?

On Monday, North Korea lost all of its Internet service. Did President Obama have any role in this incident? Right now, one can’t rule out that possibility. From … Arbor Networks, which protects companies against hackerShow More Summary

Personal Oops!

My most-recent post about Senator Ted Cruz didn’t quite turn out the way that I intended. My judgement of Senator Cruz was premature and wrong. For that I apologize.

Time to Pressure the Corporations That Donate to Cop-Murdering Al Sharpton’s National Action Network

Al Sharpton is able to fly around the country advocating for violent protests and the murder of cops because many of the nation’s top corporations have fallen for his shakedown efforts and give him millions to fund his activities. It is time to pressure these corporations to stop finding this charlatan’s efforts. Show More Summary

Liberals Lose: FCC Rules That ‘Redskins’ Isn’t Profanity

Left-wing pushers of political correctness have been trying to find any legal thread to force the NFL’s Washington DC-based football team to stop using the name “Redskins,” a word that activists claim is “racist.” The left’s most recent...Show More Summary

OPEN THREAD: Texas Plumber Gets Threats After Video Shows ISIS Using His Old Truck

Consider this an Open Thread. But first…. Some very, very bad luck has rocked a Texas plumber who’s used truck somehow ended up on video and seen being used in Syria by ISIS terrorists. The Plumber’s name and phone number are right there as big as life on the door and now he is getting all sorts of threats. Show More Summary

A Peaceful Muslim Speaks Out

For the sake of fairness to peaceful Muslims, the following commentary by a peaceful Muslim is republished below: “Teaching tolerance through Islam” - Dr. Yameen Khalil, Tulsa World, Friday, December 19, 2014, p. A 17. Each time I see a news headline with a link between Islam and terrorism my heart sinks. Show More Summary

See what North Korea doesn’t want you to see.

The government of North Korea doesn’t want us to see it, but we can anyway. From New York Daily News: Moviegoers might not be able to watch “The Interview” in theaters, but fans can still see its most controversial scene. A scene depicting...Show More Summary

VIDEO: Fox News’ Shep Smith Laments How America Will ‘Ruin Cuba’

Shep Smith is at it again, this time he was heard on his Fox News show lamenting how America will “ruin” Cuba now that Obama is opening up diplomatic relations with that island nation. No, seriously. That is exactly what he said. This idiot really needs to go work for the commies at MSNBC. Show More Summary

Vivek Murthy: Obama’s New Anti-Gun Surgeon General

On Monday, the Senate has approved Vivek Murthy to be the next U.S. surgeon general. Murthy is many things, of course, he is a far, far left-wing activist, and a stolid liberal, but one thing he definitely is, is a major anti-gun nut, a man who hates the US Constitution. Show More Summary

Ted Cruz Exonerated

“The bottom line is that President Obama and Democrats got the confirmations they wanted — just as they planned and intended, regardless of anything Ted Cruz did. As he made clear before it all began, Harry Reid was going to make full use of his last chance to confirm his party’s nominees. Show More Summary

Court: Obama Action Unconstitutional

From A federal judge has declared parts of President Obama’s immigration executive actions unconstitutional, in the first court opinion to tackle Obama’s controversial policy changes. In an opinion filed Tuesday, U.S. District...Show More Summary

Australians Against Islamophobia

Islamic terrorism and Islamophobia are extremes at the opposite ends of the Islam spectrum. Australians have rejected both extremes, as evident by the #illridewithyou Twitter campaign that they started. From A social media campaign...Show More Summary

Democrats Thank Ted Cruz

With political allies like Ted Cruz, who needs political foes? From Democrats are taunting Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for effectively allowing them a victory on a controversial nominee for surgeon general. Physician Vivek Murthy was...Show More Summary

Bias Du Jour: The Media Dubs Sydney Terrorist a ‘Self-Styled Cleric’ to Distance Him From Islam

As the dust is still settling around the hostage taking incident in Sydney, Australia, several things are already known. We know that the hostage taker is a Muslim terrorist. But in an effort to absolve Islam, the media is employing some rather interesting rhetoric. Show More Summary

Cruz Gives Gift To Democrats

Thanks to Ted Cruz, Senate Republicans may not get to do what they wanted to do in regards to some presidential appointees. Here is an excerpt from a story about the Senate’s passage of the $1.1 trillion spending bill: The...Show More Summary

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