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“No evil to resist, and no holiness to attain”

A video interview on french television of a father attempting to console and comfort his young son at a memorial to the victims of the attacks in Paris has gone viral.  At one point, in response to the boy fearfully telling the reporter conducting the interview that bad guys with guns could shoot us, the father exclaims, “Yes, but we have flowers. Show More Summary


Dereliction of duty rising to the level of a "High crime or misdemeanor" worthy of impeachment and removal from office.

Two Paris suicide bombers traveled via Greece: Prosecutor

According to Reuters: PARIS (Reuters) – Two of the bombers who blew themselves up at a soccer stadium in Paris last Friday during attacks that killed 130 people traveled to Greece together, prosecutors in the French capital said on Friday. Show More Summary

“I can not tell you how frustrating it is to see the misinformation and outright lies that are being perpetuated about the refugee process and the Syrian refugees.”

Scott Hicks has been an immigration lawyer for more than 20 years and has a thing or two to say worth reading about what has become the topic du jour: Most of my friends know I practice immigration law. As such, I have worked with the refugee community for over two decades. Show More Summary

No, We Don’t Have To, and Should Not.

NSA's domestic collection and analysis is a pale ghost of the systems the French had in place before the Friday the 13th Massacre and that said effort had zero effectiveness in preventing the attack.

ISIS : How The Manson Family Would Do Terrorism

Last week’s attacks in Paris have left the world upset and anxious about terrorism. That, of course, was just what ISIS intended. Yet a sober examination of the incidents reveals an almost pathetic weakness in ISIS’ operations and strategy. Show More Summary

“Fear is easy. Hope is hard.”

The mantra coming from some circles today is that if you’re one who thinks the prudent taking in of Syrian refugees (particularly women and children) is a good thing, then you must be a leftist, an Obama shill, a dolt, or much worse....Show More Summary

Another Governor Bows Out of the GOP Presidential Primary

I would have preferred a former Governor to be the GOP Nominee for President, as a Governor would bring executive branch experience to the office that has been sorely missed over the last seven years.

Asking the Wrong Question.

Given the events of the Friday the 13th Massacre, why would any Western Nation believe any such wave of Syrian Refugees would not be thoroughly infiltrated by Jihadists?

Republicans and Climate Change

Republicans shouldn’t be letting Democrats control the conversation about climate change, but that is what the former have been doing. The current election season gives opportunity for Republicans to reverse course. With that in mind, this writer suggests the following commentary that GOP candidates can give during speeches. Show More Summary

Is there room?

Is there room to fight jihadists, and I mean to the death, while also feeling concern, even compassion, for refugees? Is it an either/or situation or a both/and situation? I’m about as fed up and pissed off as the next guy or gal with...Show More Summary

Fundamental Questions on Fundamental Issues

Policy should be driven by sound analysis, and the first step in sound analysis is the codification and answering of Fundamental Questions?

Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners November 13, 2015

This week’s Weekend Caption Contest™ featured our favorite foreign policy prognosticator, Barack “Isis-is-contained” Obama. The assignment this week was to caption the following picture: Here are the winning entries: 1) (Bird666) – “The...Show More Summary

“We have contained” ISIS…

Hours before the horrific radical Islamic attacks in Paris, the president made the following remarks: I’m certain the world is relieved to know that ISIS has been contained and isn’t gaining strength—although the downing of an airliner in Egypt and the slaughter in Paris might imply that the ISIS JV team might be flexing varsity muscles. Show More Summary

Remedial Education 101: War

The study of peace prepares one only for the grave, or dhimmitude.

“This is not an academic matter”

The State Department is on the brink of releasing a long awaited document declaring the genocide of the Yazidi people in Iraq by ISIS… a declaration that would mean a great deal for the victimized Yazidi in terms of reparations.   But...Show More Summary

Immigration, Refuge, and Islam’s War on the West

Will the United States learn from Europe's folly and suffering, or must we suffer a similar set of massacres here before coming to our senses?

Paris attacks – Open Thread

Reports are horrific, situation remains fluid, many dead, many injured, some held hostage. Talk among yourselves. Pray for the victims, their loved ones. And may justice be swift and true for the perpetrators.

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