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Why Did Obama’s FBI Just Release a Chicago Bomb Plotter and Narco-Terrorist?

Several years ago the FBI had arrested Emad Karakrah and charged him with a series of crimes. Karakrah was involved in several plots and crimes including narco-terrorism and a 2009 plot to bomb Oprah Winfrey’s Chicago TV studios. But for some inexplicable reason, the FBI just released this dangerous man out of prison. Show More Summary

OPEN THREAD: Justice Ginsburg Was Drunk During State of the Union Speech

Consider this Friday’s Open Thread, but first… So, it looks like Supreme Court Justice Ruth Baiter Ginsburg (I know, it’s Bader, but with this story…) was DRUNK during Obama’s last State of the Union Speech. Photos showed her looking...Show More Summary

Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

This past week’s Weekend Caption Contest™ was another winner. The assignment this past week was to caption the following picture: Here are the winning entries: 1) (Rodney Dill) – Obama: “Jees… the years as Sec of State weren’t kind to...Show More Summary

Last Weekend’s Caption Contest™ Winners

So it only took me a month the break my New Year’s resolution… Last week’s Weekend Caption Contest™ was another smash hit, but the my travel schedule precluded announcing winners. The assignment last week was to caption the following...Show More Summary

Obama’s Anti-Israel Rhetoric in Softball Vox Interview

Earlier this week released an interview with President Obama where he dismissed the radical Islamist attacks on a Jewish deli in France as just some “random shooting of a bunch of folks” instead of the Islamist terror attack it was. Show More Summary

Chicago So Corrupt Even ‘Champion’ Little League Baseball Team Found Cheating

Barack Obama’s Chicago is the most corrupt city in all of America and the Jackie Robinson West Little League baseball team has now cemented that status by having its championship season vacated and its championship trophies stripped....Show More Summary

Obama Lies About How Many Women Have Been Raped in America

Obama has now decided that almost 40 million women in America have been raped. This quite despite the fact that the government’s own national crime statistics report less than 2 million rapes in the last 20 years. Once again we see Obama...Show More Summary

Muslims Think They Should Be Allowed to Ban ‘Others’ From Public Cemetery

Over the weekend the family of a Muslim man buried in a British cemetery demanded that a man of Gypsy descent be dug up and moved away after his burial near their loved one. The Muslims claimed that in their “religion of peace” it wasn’t...Show More Summary

Feminist Criminal Decides to Abort Her Son Solely Because He is Male

A revelatory posting by a hate-filled, radical feminist calling herself “Lana” recently appeared on the extremist website called “Injustice Stories.” The story ostensibly tells the tale of how “Lana” aborted her baby because she found out that the child was a boy. Show More Summary

Fake Watchdog Group, Southern Poverty Law Center Puts Ben Carson on ‘Extremist’ Watch List

The fake extremist watchdog group called the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has put Dr. Ben Carson, a leading Republican and possible GOP candidate for President, on its “extremist” watch list. Imagine, adding a mainstream conservative...Show More Summary

Weekend open thread – Brian Williams Photoshop Mash-Up

Apparently NBC Nightly News editor and anchorman Brian Williams has a curious combination of talents – a lust for adventure, and a penchant for telling very tall tales. This modern-day Baron Munchausen boasted for years of having survived the crash of an American military helicopter downed by al-Queda RPG fire. Show More Summary

As Islamists Murder People All Across the World, the Commie Pope Attacks America

As Islamists cut off people’s heads while they are still alive, as they burn people alive, as they murder women, gays, people of “errant” religious beliefs, and commit every manner of atrocity, the Commie Pope in Rome is finally speaking up to condemn the “inhuman conditions” perpetrated by…. Show More Summary

OPEN THREAD: University Proposes ‘Queering’ Our Food

Here is the weekend’s open thread, but first… The University of Californian, Berkeley (where else?) has now launched a program to turn our food transgendered, or faggotized, qeeuracized, gay-a-matized or what ever they are calling it this week. Show More Summary

Paying taxes is for Republicans.

Business reporter Elizabeth MacDonald has written a column in which she names people who were prosecuted by the U.S. government for failing to pay taxes. MacDonald writes, “It’s an open secret in Washington, DC and among IRS revenueShow More Summary

NBC’s Brian Williams Lied for 12 Years About Claims of Being in Downed Helicopter in a War Zone

For 12 years NBC News anchor Brian Williams has claimed that in 2003 he was in a helicopter in Iraq that was downed by an RPG. He has repeatedly claimed that he feared for his life during the incident. New we find out he lied about the whole thing. Show More Summary

Gallup Polling Org Rips Obama’s Fake Recovery As Jobless

Jim Clifton, the CEO of the Gallup polling group, recently published a huge slam on Obama’s fake economic recover that he sharply titled, “The Big Lie: 5.6% Unemployment.” In the piece he exposes something that we conservatives haveShow More Summary

Louisiana Gov. Jindal Calls Islamic Terror What It Is

Defying the liberal foreign policy formula, last week Louisiana’s Republican Governor Bobby Jindal gave an honest, realistic assessment of the Islamist terror going on all across the world. It was an assessment that the Obama administration has refused to acknowledge but it was one that the American people yearn to hear from their leaders. Show More Summary

Has Vaccination Become The New Birth Control?

Okay … the whole “anti-vaccination” issue just got weird. Suddenly the mainstream media has become very interested in Republicans who have argued that vaccination is a personal choice and should not be mandated by law. So far, New Jersey governor Chris Christie and libertarian Rand Paul have publicly expressed that view. Show More Summary

Obama’s Wave of Illegals Also Bring a Wave of Violent and Petty Crimes

When Obama threw open the southern border and advertised is South and Central American countries to tell foreigners that anyone who came to the US illegally would be given amnesty, he also threw open our back door to a wave of your conventional criminals such as rapists, murderers, thieves, and drug dealers. Show More Summary

Report: Every Business Started by Al Sharpton Closed for Non-Payment of Taxes

It has been discovered that all the businesses that race-baiter and MSNBC talking head Al Sharpton has started has been closed because of non-payment of taxes. In the report at National Review by Jillian Kay Melchior, it was revealed...Show More Summary

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