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And What Comes After “Rats, It’s Monday?”

TOESDAY, naturally. And who do we have here? “Please accept these submissions for possible Toesday publication,” writes Lori K. OK, we will! “This is Benedict Clambercat, also known as Benny Boo Boo. Photos taken by me.” Wanna win the new book from Grumpy Cat? That’s coming up…..NEXT.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Cats, Toesday

#Tocktober Is ALSO….

…Bat Appreciation Month! For more details checked out Bat World Sanctuary, one of our fave FB sites…and well as these Lil’ Drac videos from the archives! And here is a live Bat-Cam! Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Lil' Drac

Anybody Wanna Scritch A Koala?

Judging from the multiple reactions of this little goober, I don’t think they mind a whole lot, am I right? (Andrew Y.)Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Hoomin Interaction, Koalas, OZ

Best Job Ever In The History Of History

Just flat out the best gig you could ever hope for. Stephanie Arne is the host for Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom and here she is swimming with baby Asian Small Clawed Otters at Nurtured by Nature! (Remember Marlin Perkins? “Now watch Jim stick his head in this lion’s mouth while I sit here safely […]

“Hey Honey? Are We Out Of Paper Towels?”

“I thought we had one left in the kitchen on the counter- but now I can’t find it!” (Thanks to Nancy H.)Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Hey Honey, parrot

Now THIS Is A New One

We’ve all seen kittehs go positively bananas about chasing the little red dot- but have you ever seen Clownfish do it? Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: fish

Just One Of The Family

Great story here from Bored Panda; it seems a lady in Nassau, Bahamas found a Bebeh Raccoon that had fallen out of a tree. With no mom to be found, she and her daughter decided to adopt it. They named her Pumpkin, and Pumpster follows her and her two rescue dogs everywhere! Thanks to Liz […]


The McBearersons just moved in day before yesterday, and ol’ Mr. Frenchie has a problem with those lil’ cubs of theirs. Go on, GIT! They didn’t seem to take the hint, either. Another Quality Smedley Find.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Bebeh Bears, frenchies, Impending Doom

I Mean- Could You LOOK More Guilty?

Let us introduce you to Benjamin Button. Judging by the look on his face, he’ll be spending ‘Tocktober in the sTOCKade to pay for his misdeeds. Somewhere, a roll of toilet paper cries out for justice. “In honor of ‘Tocktober, I rounded up some of my favorite pictures of my Wheaten, Benjamin Button, or Benji […]


Are these two of THE most stunning kitteh pix you’ll EVAH come across, or what? “Hi, I thought I needed to send this to you because, well, you’re Cute Overload and this could possibly be the cutest kitten to ever grace the face of the earth,” writes Linda S. “It’s my foster baby, Addie, when […]

#Tocktober: They Grow ‘Dem ‘Tocks BIG In Texas, Pardner

Everything is big in the state of Texas, folks. Even the ‘Tocks. “Thank you for 10 years of great fun! I was enjoying the 24 hours of Tocktober when I remembered some pictures I took driving through the Texas hill country… please enjoy!” -Vicki B. Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: 'Tocktober 2015

A Game Of Cat And Mouse

Jouni R. sent us this link to a Daily Mail story about these two guys who appear to be Super BFFs! The cat is a 2 year old named Lala. We’ll just name the mouse Mickey for convenience sake! These were taken by Paul Mealey in his garden in Westport, Ireland. Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: […]


Be Vewwy….VEWWY…quiet. Now, this isn’t my Imgur gallery so I don’t know how permissions should be handled, but these are a couple of great pictures!” -Brandi W.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Lizards

Rats, Is It Halloween Yet?

[I got my punkin here and everything! So- what? Not ’til ‘the 31st?’ Well, how long is that? Huh? TWENTY SIX DAYS?] (From and Andrew Y.)Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Rats It's Monday

Time For Bath Night!

Ah, it’s been a long week. Been mighty busy at Teh QTE, with our Tenth Anniversary a week ago, and then 24 Hours Of ‘Tocks this past Thursday. So it’s time to wind down a bit. Stretch out, relax, let your hoomin wash you off and then cuddle you up nice and warm and dry. […]

#Tocktober: All Things…What?

[Note: Sometimes, when we get an email in, we reprint it verbatim, no editing. This is one of those times. -Ed.] “Hi Cute Overload! A little late for the 24-hour celebration of all things callipygian, butt here’s my submeesh: the divine Miss Schnozz (aka Juno) showing off her elephant ears. Enjoy! (Elephant ears = hamhock […]

They’ll Be There For You

Whenever you need a FRIEND, just call on these little guys. Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Hammies

Today Is World Animal Day!

More deets here, and check out this great animated video from the Singapore SPCA. BTW–how much IS that Doggeh In The Window? Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: animals, Cartoons, dogs, ResQte

Bunday Morning Nap

We’re just not gonna disturb Derby under ANY circumstances. That plus we’d probably need a tow truck to move him, too. From Art D.Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Bunday Afternoon


The first weekend of ‘Tocktober is rolling right along, and who do we have here? Why, it’s (another) Stella! “Thought you might think this pic of our sweet Stella (previously featured on Cute Overload a few times) for Tocktober. Our Stella has booty for days!! We hope she is up to your ‘Tock standards.” -Stacy […]

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