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Bark about it: weekly news roundup

I only have time for a quick post today, but I ran across a few interesting stories that I thought would make for good discussion. First up, this Wall Street Journal piece by David Grimm, online news editor at Science, on the legal status of pets. He writes: Until the early 1900s, both animals were […]

Murphy Austin Adams Schoenfeld LLP

They are not exactly superheroes, (they don’t wear capes) but many of the MurphyAustin Attorney’s have earned the distinguished “Super Lawyer” designation. Since 1999, the firm has represented private companies, public entities and nonprofit...Show More Summary

Folsom Dog Resort & Training Center

A Healthy Dog Really is a Happy Dog! There are just as many good reasons to exercise your dog as there are to exercise yourself- maybe even more! A dog’s behavior is tied directly to how active (or inactive) it is, both physically and socially. Most healthy, adult dogs need a minimum of 30 minutes … Continue reading Folsom Dog Resort & Training Center

Bowman and Associates

Ask Chad Bowman of the Law Office of Bowman and Associates and he’ll freely admit it’s a profession popular with joke punch lines. But the chuckles diminish when a crisis arises and we need the legal profession for advice, redemption and victory over our issues. Headed by Robert C Bowman (Chad’s father), the company offers … Continue reading Bowman and Associates

9Round Folsom

Take one step into 9Round Folsom and you can feel the energy: music pushing you forward, trainers shouting words of encouragement and adrenaline flowing through you. It’s a 30-minute, full-body workout that will leave you begging for more. 9Round is one of the fastest growing fitness franchises in the country and the Folsom franchise is … Continue reading 9Round Folsom

Shaina DiMariano – DiMariano Family Dentistry

"I can state with total confidence that the Folsom Chamber of Commerce has played a notable role in my business not only surviving, but growing, during the recession."

If only people knew what good breeders do — Revisited!

This post originally appeared on May 13, 2009. Today is the fifth birthday of these puppies, including the one I kept for myself, Faith (Windfall’s Question Everything, a/k/a FayBee a/k/a Fabes). They are all still in their homes, much loved by their families. That’s the good news. The bad news is that both of their […]

The Rabies Challenge: Five years in, and what do we know?

Who hasn’t cried at the ending of Old Yeller? (Well, I haven’t because I was only four when Disney re-released the classic film in 1965, but I’m sure I would have.) Although I was too young to see the film, of course I know the story of the beloved dog felled by the bite of […]

Diamond Pet Foods class action settlement: Coupons or a pittance

It’s a settlement designed to fill pet owners with mistrust of commercial pet foods. Diamond Pet Foods has decided to settle a class action lawsuit related to its 2012 salmonella-related recall of nine brands of pet food, including Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul, Country Value, Diamond, Diamond Naturals, Premium Edge, Professional, 4Health, Taste […]

Dr. Karen Overall: ‘Bad tests are killing good dogs’

Are behavior assessments in shelters getting it right? One expert says no. At the 2013 NAVC Veterinary Conference, Karen L. Overall, MA, VMD, PhD, DACVB, CAAB, editor of the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, spoke about the science of behavior assesments in shelters as part of the event’s shelter medicine track. “All my dogs are rescue […]

A country dog learns to live a city life with confidence

Sisko was born on a ranch in the mountains of Arizona east of Tucson. Paul and I brought him home when he was about six months old. Poor little dude: Suburbia was overwhelming for Sisko.  Our neighborhood was noisy compared to the ranch he grew up on, and there were sights and sounds and smells […]

Legal Beagle: weekly news roundup

Bad news for pets in Oregon. Aimee Green in The Oregonian reports that the Oregon Court of Appeals threw out the conviction of a 28-year-old woman who starved her dog, saying that pets are property. The judges based their decision on evidence from a veterinarian who tested and treated the dog without a warrant. In […]

What’ll they think of next? The new reason to bring your pet to the vet annually.

Phone conversation with the receptionist at my vet’s office today: Me: Could you please fax Harper’s vaccination records to this boarding kennel? Receptionist: Did you know Harper is overdue for her titer? Me: No, she’s had one in the past couple of years. Receptionist: Well, she’s supposed to have one every year. Me: If vaccinations […]

It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood

To quote Mr. Rogers, “It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood,” and on this Friday the 13th, it certainly is. Perfect day for a walk at Oceanside harbor. So four Kindred Spirits dog trainers and seven dogs walked around the harbor, smelled the Pacific Ocean, listened to waves crashing and sea gulls squawking, and watched […]

Community cats: A truly humane idea spreads

It wasn’t long ago that even the most well-meaning animal lovers believed the kindest thing that could be done with feral cats was kill them.  When I started writing about pets and their care in the early ’80s, I thought so, too. After all, a dead cat never feels hunger, or fear. The elements present […]

By: Kim Thornton

I should add that we have a path of nonskid throw rugs throughout the house to alleviate the splatting issue, but occasionally she hits a bare spot.

By: Dee Dee

Ah, heaven! A post on cavs AND pugs. Doesn't get much better than that. I lost my senior pug at age 13 last year, and cherish my 5-year-old pug all the more for it. My senior gal, Rhoda, provided an abundance of laughs in her old age. Much love to Xena, the aging "performance pug!"

By: Kim Thornton

I have never had much luck getting socks to stay on dogs' feet, but I have thought of trying those out.

By: mikken

Maybe a couple of pairs of those dog socks with the anti-slip bottoms to prevent the splatting?

Looking for us?

I heard you loud and clear. Most of the old Pet Connection bloggers (plus a couple extra) will be joining me at, which will probably be up and running around the first of February, 2012. The entire PetConnection blog archive will be duplicated over there as well, and will be searchable. (Mike Linville at [...]

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