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In Oklahoma, A Right to Harm?

The agribusiness lobby wants no legislation that would restrict extreme confinement of animals, no bans on mutilating farm animals, no restrictions on massive farms polluting ground water, and no state limits on the drugs or antibiotics they can dose animals with. Show More Summary

Fortune-Teller: Big Gains on Animal Welfare

The Fortune article is a stunning repudiation of the work of former tobacco lobbyist Richard Berman, who has been waging a campaign to rebrand inhumane sow gestation crates as “maternity pens.” Photo by The HSUS Fortune has just published a pretty extraordinary round-up of our high-impact work with the world’s largest food retail corporations. Show More Summary

California Not Dreamin’ as It Moves to Ban Bullhooks

A bullhook is a blend of a bat and a fireplace poker, and it is used to dominate elephants by poking, prodding, and hitting the animals on their sensitive skin, causing searing pain. In a move closely related to the epochal March 5th announcement from Ringling Bros. Show More Summary

Hilton: No Room at the Inn for Cages

Corporate giants are helping shift the food industry away from the extreme confinement of farm animals. The HSUS I’m excited to announce today that Hilton Worldwide is going to switch to buying exclusively cage-free eggs and gestation crate-free pork after working with the HSUS. Show More Summary

The Correct(ional) Approach to Animal Sheltering

(Left to Right) Wayne Pacelle, DCI Assistant Warden Dustin Bickham, DCI Warden Darryl Vannoy, Colonel John Smith, Senator David Vitter, R-La. Jonathan Bachman In East Feliciana Parish in Louisiana, just a stone’s throw from the Mississippi...Show More Summary

Breaking News: State Revokes Permit for Notorious Roadside Zoo

Our investigator and the USDA documented severe problems at the Natural Bridge Zoo, including a dead giraffe, a dead Mandrill, a baby camel who accidentally hanged herself, a dead capuchin monkey, and terrible injuries to other animals. Show More Summary

Breaking News: Federal Court Upholds Local Ban on Sale of Puppy Mill Dogs

Within a week after it converted from selling dogs to offering shelter pets for adoption, Pets Plus of Gibbstown, New Jersey, had placed all shelter dogs in the store, and was accepting more rescued animals. Photo by Mark Stehle/AP Images for The HSUS Yesterday, a federal U.S. Show More Summary

Honest-to-Goodness – Captive Hunting Rampant in Indiana

In canned hunting operations, self-proclaimed hunters shoot semi-tame deer, elk, and other mammals within fenced enclosures for trophies and a convenient kill. One year ago, the Indianapolis Star ran an in-depth, four-part investigative...Show More Summary

Gamecock Raid in Gamecock State

Attendees at Saturday's cockfight stand in line after being arrested. Some parents had brought children to the fight, and law enforcement officials found firearms and drugs during their search of the vehicles and suspected cockfighters. Show More Summary

Gulf Coast Transformation Gains Even More Momentum

One of our grantees is Louisiana State University's shelter medicine program which directly supports the care of companion animals at shelters throughout the region. Pictured above with me, Dean Joel Baines of the Louisiana State University's School of Veterinary Medicine (center), and U.S. Show More Summary

Animal Welfare is Brewin’ at Dunkin’ Donuts

We’ve seen some remarkable commitments from egg producers to map out a future without cages. It’s now time for all major egg producers to get on board. Photo by The HSUS I’m excited to share with you another big step away from the cruelty of cage confinement of hens. Show More Summary

The Other Guys Seeking Rhino Horns and Elephant Tusks

There are only 4,880 black rhinos left in the world, and they are critically endangered. Photo by Bob Koons/The HSUS Yesterday, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife made two important announcements about trophy hunting. The good news is that the...Show More Summary

Federal Anti-Cruelty Law Stands

The Supreme Court action this week affirms the role of the federal government in stopping the sale of despicable crush videos that show stomping, impaling, and other gruesome means of killing animals. Photo by iStockphoto Without much...Show More Summary

American Sniper – Humane Society style

Deer feeders such as the one pictured here spray whole corn to attract the deer. Our team shoots each female deer with a dart from a projector gun like the one held by my colleague Josh Irving (above). The dart immobilizes the deer for a brief period during which the contraceptive is administered. Show More Summary

Cutting off Markets, Not Fins

It is estimated between 26 and 73 million sharks are killed every year for their fins. Paul Hilton Shark finning, as is customarily done, requires that a fishermen haul a shark from the ocean, slice its fin off, and then throw the rest of the shark – often still alive – back into the ocean. Show More Summary

The Sparrow Fund – A Lifeline for Those in Greatest Need

The Sparrow Fund exists to help animals in need, like Phoenix, a five-month-old husky puppy who was found on fire in a dumpster. Clayton Van Wert was throwing out trash at a dump site on the edge of the Red Lake Indian Reservation in Minnesota last month when he heard whimpering and banging coming from a burning dumpster nearby. Show More Summary

The South Korean 57 – Delivered From the Clutches of the Dog Meat Trade

In South Korea, there is a tendency to keep only purebred dogs as pets. HSI is working on a public awareness campaign to close the gap in perception between a “pet dog” and a “meat dog." Photo by Manchul Kim/AP Images for The HSUS This...Show More Summary

New Orleans Convention to Show How Katrina Changed Disaster Planning for the Nation

At this year's Expo, as in past years, I will interact with attendees and answer questions during the town hall. Photo by Harrison McClary/For The HSUS On March 31, nearly 2,500 animal welfare experts and other enthusiasts from around...Show More Summary

Major Companies Showing the Way on Animal Protection

India's Jet Airways is among The HSUS' 2015 Spira Award winners for its contribution to ending the cruel practice of shark finning. Photo by iStockphoto In addressing issues ranging from the humane treatment of animals raised for food...Show More Summary

Evangelical Leader Says Bible Calls Us to Show Animals ‘Respect and Humane Treatment’

Dogfighting and cockfighting are the polar opposite of the biblical vision, says Barrett Duke whose organization recently issued an endorsement for a Tennessee bill that raises penalties for spectators at an animal fight. Photo by Julie...Show More Summary

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