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Only North Carolina Governor Can Now Stop Ag-Gag Measure

The cleverly disguised ag-gag measure that is now headed for the North Carolina governor's desk will make it harder to document animal abuse and other problems on puppy mills and factory farms. Above, dogs rescued from a puppy mill in Rutherford County, N.C. Show More Summary

A New Boxer Rebellion Needed in China

This past weekend, there were protests against the dog meat trade in 15 Chinese cities. A good deal of the credit for this shift goes to Humane Society International and its local partners, which are part of a swelling animal protection movement in the world’s largest nation. Show More Summary

Sorting Out the Facts on Soring

The PAST ACT would end the practice of sorers torturing horses by burning chemicals into their forelegs or inserting painful foreign objects into their hooves to make them perform the freakish gait known as the "Big Lick." Pictured above, rescued Tennessee Walking Horses at the Doris Day Equine Center. Show More Summary

Avian Influenza Just One Marker of Sickness in Industrial Agriculture

When avian flu hits a major battery cage facility, it spreads fast between stressed birds in extreme confinement. If just one bird gets sick, the order is given to kill them all. Photo by The HSUS Government officials and farmers are...Show More Summary

Breaking News: Key Lawmakers Propose Federal Anti-Cruelty Measure

There is a federal law that prohibits the trade in obscene “crush” videos, but there’s no penalty for the underlying acts of abuse if no video is ever created. The PACT Act would fix that. Photo by iStockphoto A group of senior Republicans...Show More Summary

Federal Govt., States Need to Act Now to Restrict Ivory Trade

Lawmakers in several states are fighting very hard to lock in new policies to protect elephants, but they are facing resistance from the NRA and other organizations. Photo by iStockphoto This week’s New Yorker has a chilling story from...Show More Summary

Animal Protection Winning Converts Left and Right

No credible thinker will now defend animal cruelty, and the shrill voices who routinely chimed in a few years ago on behalf of even the worst practices are fewer in number. Photo by iStockphoto Even amidst so many problems and so much...Show More Summary

Proposed USDA Rule Would Ban Slaughter of Sick, Injured Calves

The USDA proposal is a direct result of a legal petition The HSUS filed in 2009 after our undercover investigation at Bushway Packing, Inc., a veal calf slaughterhouse in Vermont. The investigation found workers kicking, slapping, and shocking infant calves with electric prods. Show More Summary

Soaring Spaniels, Whirring Whippets, and High-Flying Westland Terriers

The HSUS is launching a multimedia campaign, in partnership with Maddie’s Fund, to intercept potential puppy buyers, educate them about the horrors of puppy mills, and direct them instead to better sources. Our new video, showing puppies being delivered right to your home, compliments of high-flying drones, is causing people to skip a breath. Show More Summary

Finding Solutions, not the Final Solution, for Wolves in the Great Lakes

Wolves provide an enormous economic and ecological benefit to the Great Lakes region. People trek to wolf-inhabited forests precisely because they are there, boosting tourism-related commerce. Photo by Alamy There are just three wolves...Show More Summary

Time Running Out for Class B Dog Dealers

The theft of dogs and their use in experiments led to the passage of the Animal Welfare Act nearly 50 years ago. Pictured above, a dog at Georgia Regents University, which was supplied by an unscrupulous random source dealer. Photo by...Show More Summary

The Horrible Hundred Puppy Mills (Act III)

An emaciated breeding dog at A & E Kennels, owned by Alvin Hershberger, in Sugarcreek, Ohio. Hershberger recently dropped his USDA license, but is still licensed by the state. Photo by the USDA If a pet owner left her dog to freeze to...Show More Summary

HSI Brings Much-Needed Help to Animals in Nepal

HSI veterinarian Dr. Rey del Napoles examines a goat in Lalitpur district, one of the areas hit by the earthquake. Photo by Jodi Hilton/AP Images for HSI This week, a team of veterinarians and disaster relief experts from Humane Society...Show More Summary

Breaking News: Largest U.S. Food Service Company Embraces Game-Changing Rules on Animal Welfare

Aramark is eliminating from its supply chain all cages for laying hens, gestation crates for mother pigs, and crates for veal calves (pictured above). Photo by Farm Sanctuary  At the gathering of The HSUS’s Board of Directors and National...Show More Summary

Right to Farm, Right to Poach, and Other Shenanigans in the States

HSUS It’s been a busy week in the states for animals. Yesterday, a key California Senate committee approved a ban on bullhooks, as the wake from last month’s Ringling Bros. announcement to retire its traveling elephant acts continues to be felt. Show More Summary

PAST Needed for a Future Without Horse Cruelty

Sorers go to great lengths to force their horses to perform an artificial high-stepping gait known as the “Big Lick,” by inflicting pain on the animals’ legs and hooves. Photo by Lance Murphey/For The HSUS Soring and other forms of mistreatment...Show More Summary

Factory Farming Incubating Bird Flu, Compounding Misery

The bird flu outbreak is an opportunity to stop and think whether we really want to continue allowing the poultry industry to exploit animals in this way. Photo by iStockphoto Bird flu has infiltrated some of the nation’s poultry flocks,...Show More Summary

The HSUS’ 2014 Annual Report: Transforming the World for Animals

At our urging, the New York and New Jersey legislatures banned the sale of ivory—the first state laws of their kind. Photo by Alamy Today, we officially release our 2014 annual report, in print and electronic form. I hope you’ll read...Show More Summary

Remember, There’s Only One Earth

You can create a humane habitat for your wild neighbors just about anywhere, from an apartment balcony to a suburban yard or a community park. Photo by Kathy Milani/The HSUS Earth Day is a reminder for all of us that we humans, and all animals, depend on a healthy planet to survive. Show More Summary

In Long Campaign, Tennessee Finally Combats Cockfighting

A weakened cockfighting law in Tennessee had left state and local law enforcement with mere $50 penalties for people who attend the fights, and no penalties at all for people who bring kids to these spectacles of violence and illegal gambling. Show More Summary

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