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There is a New Normal in the Egg Industry, and it’s Cage-Free.

The announcements today absolutely cement cage-free as the new minimum standard for the care of laying hens in the food business. Photo by David Paul Morris/For The HSUS Today Albertsons, one of the largest food retailers in the country...Show More Summary

Berman’s Smear During the Oscars Backfires

Among other successes, The HSUS has made malicious animal cruelty a felony in every state, and we’ve upgraded the federal law against animal fighting four times since 2002. Photo by Larry French/AP Images for The HSUS Rick Berman just...Show More Summary

U.S. House Gives Stocking Full of Gifts to Most Extreme Factions of the Hunting Lobby

The SHARE Act would block the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service from enacting its proposed rule to stop the trade in ivory and help combat elephant poaching. Photo by Adam Peyman/HSI The U.S. House said one thing today and did another. Lawmakers in support of H.R. Show More Summary

Wolves, Bears, and Other Imperiled Wildlife in Crosshairs of Bill Set for Action in U.S. House Today

We are urging House members to oppose the Ribble amendment, since it would lead to the slaughter of more than 1,000 wolves by the states of Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Photo by Alamy Today, the U.S. House of Representatives...Show More Summary

Super Market News: First Major Traditional Grocer Going Cage-Free              

With Costco, Target, BJ’s Wholesale, and Trader Joe’s all going cage-free—and now with Ahold’s major announcement—the movement is unstoppable. Photo by David Paul Morris/For The HSUS In an announcement that will ripple across the supermarket...Show More Summary

HSI Conducts Biggest Ever Rescue of Dogs from the Meat Trade in South Korea

Adam Parascandola, HSI director of animal protection and crisis response, lifts out a puppy from an enclosure at the dog meat farm in Wonju, South Korea. Photo by Frank Loftus/HSI The worst form of dog abuse in the world – in raw numbers...Show More Summary

Ag Lobby Pushes Right to Harm While It Works to Stifle Free Speech

Right to Farm measures would consolidate even more power into the hands of the animal agriculture lobbies by barring elected officials and voters from passing commonsense rules, like stopping the extreme confinement of farm animals, or restricting the use of antibiotics. Show More Summary

HSUS 2015 Report Shows Organizational Growth, Cruelty Prevented, Animals Saved

In 2015, The HSUS delivered on a long-term pledge to end the use of chimpanzees in invasive experiments. Photo by Jenny Desmond/For The HSUS Today, we officially release our 2015 annual report. I hope you’ll read it and take pride in the extraordinary progress we are making across such a wide range of problem areas for animals. Show More Summary

Cage-free Taking Over Breakfast Menus Everywhere, Including at IHOP

Between them, IHOP and Appleby's operate 3,500 restaurants. Photo by David Paul Morris/For The HSUS Today, there’s a new and very big name pledging to join the cage-free movement: IHOP, the enormous breakfast restaurant chain known for its stacks of pancakes and variety of omelets. Show More Summary

Dogfighting Doesn’t Pay in Peoria or Kalamazoo or Anywhere Else Any Longer

The 10 dogs found on Kelvin Eric Thomas's property, including the one pictured above, were underweight, shaking in the cold, and without access to fresh water. Photo by Kendra Stanley-Mills/AP Images for The HSUS It was a bitterly cold...Show More Summary

Time to End Florida’s Mandate Requiring Greyhound Racing

On average, a greyhound dies on a Florida track every three days. Photo by iStockphoto At a time when nearly 40 states ban greyhound racing, largely for humane reasons, it seems upside down that any state would actually mandate the practice. Yet that’s exactly what Florida does. Show More Summary

Here Comes the Humane Economy

My forthcoming book, The Humane Economy, touches on so many big ideas, but one of them is that cruelty just doesn’t pay in a world when we are increasingly alert to the needs of animals. Today, The HSUS announced the April release of...Show More Summary

Breaking News: Trader Joe’s Going Cage-Free

Trader Joe's locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington will be exclusively cage-free by 2020, and all its locations nationally will be cage-free by 2025. Photo by David Paul Morris/For The HSUS Trader...Show More Summary

Celebrating Advances Across the Animal Spectrum

President Obama's action today to designate new national monuments in the California desert will strengthen protections for wildlife. Photo by Gary Kavanagh/iStockphoto There are challenges all around us, but there is also unmistakable progress in our movement. Show More Summary

Crushing Gas Chambers and Closing Out an Ugly Era of Killing

Since The HSUS began its campaign to end the use of gas chambers in 2013, at least 69 chambers have closed – more than two-thirds of the chambers in existence at the time. Photo by iStockphoto We are methodically moving forward, facility...Show More Summary

Lead in Water – and on Land, in Forests, and in Streams

An estimated 10 to 20 million birds and other animals die after feeding off of lead-laced animal carcasses left in the field by hunters. Above, a golden eagle. Photo by Alamy Organ failure, paralysis of the tongue and talons, respiratory...Show More Summary

Crouching Tiger, Hidden, Draggin’ Federal Rule?

This tiger cub, Sarabi, was only three weeks old when she arrived at Tiger Safari infected with ringworm. She died 14 months later. According to a USDA inspection report, Sarabi had been sick since July 2015 but had received little veterinary care. Show More Summary

Time for the United States to Enact a Federal Anti-Cruelty Statute

A federal law is needed because the Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act of 2010, although valuable, is limited in scope. It bans the trade in video depictions of cruelty, but it does not prohibit the underlying conduct of the cruelty itself. Show More Summary

Federal Lands Belong to All of Us – Whether In Oregon, Alaska, or Elsewhere

An element of the rule proposed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service would not allow hunters to spot bears from an airplane, land close-by, and shoot them. Instead, the hunter would have to wait 24 hours. Photo by Alamy Something very anti-American has been happening in our nation. Show More Summary

How Has Ohio Become a Cockfighting Capital?

Ending cruel practices like cockfighting is not just about putting a stop to animal abuse; there is plenty of evidence that shows these kinds of operations often serve as fronts for hardened and even organized criminals. Photo by Alex...Show More Summary

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