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Finding Balance in the Wolf Wars

Today, The HSUS and 21 other organizations – from the Detroit Zoo to the Center for Biological Diversity and the Wisconsin Federated Humane Societies to the Sault Sainte Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians – petitioned the U.S. Fish andShow More Summary

The Times Continues Focus on Factory Farm Cruelty, While Journal Makes Light of Routine Abuses

Today’s editorial pages at the nation’s biggest newspapers are a tale of two starkly different worldviews. One, The New York Times, slams the hideous government-financed cruelties documented at the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center in Nebraska. Show More Summary

Top Guns at National Sheriffs' Association and FBI Say No to Animal Cruelty

Yesterday, it was my great privilege to attend the National Sheriffs’ Association conference in Washington, D.C. and to present an HSUS Humane Law Enforcement Award to Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey in front ofShow More Summary

HSUS Undercover Investigations at Roadside Zoos in Virginia, Oklahoma Reveal Severe Abuse

Today, The HSUS released results of its investigations into two shoddy roadside zoos – the Natural Bridge Zoo in Natural Bridge, Virginia, and Tiger Safari in Tuttle, Oklahoma, both of which breed tigers for two-bit photo shoots with paying customers....        Related Stories The U.S. Show More Summary

The U.S. Meat Animal Research Center and the Agro-Industrial Complex

The front page of yesterday’s New York Times revealed a house of horrors at the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center, situated on the plains of western Nebraska. In a superb but deeply disturbing piece of investigative, long-form journalism, Times reporter...        Related Stories Alabama on My Mind State of the Animal Union Creating a Stronger Force for Animal Protection  

State of the Animal Union

President Obama’s second term in office has been a fruitful one for animals, but a number of key reforms await final approval and deep problems remain when it comes to animal welfare. Today’s front page news story in the New...       ...Show More Summary

Creating a Stronger Force for Animal Protection

Yesterday, I took some supporters on a tour of the remarkable Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch outside of Dallas, and it reminded me that it’s been 10 years since the facility became part of our organizational family because of a...       ...Show More Summary

States Make Strides in Passing Animal Protection Laws

Each year, as legislative sessions get under way across the country, The HSUS issues a report card concerning animal protection laws in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. In it, we examine how the states are...       ...Show More Summary

Moby: Why Does My Heart Feel So Good About Animals?

During my tour of California I connected with celebrities who care deeply about animals, including (from left) Kate Mara, Moby, Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder. Photo: Jeff Lewis/AP Images for The HSUS I sat down for a discussion with...Show More Summary

Alabama on My Mind

Yesterday morning, in Cottonwood, Alabama, in cooperation with local police, The HSUS rescued 65 dogs from a suspected “hog dog” breeding operation. As rescuers entered the property with law enforcement personnel, they were greeted by...Show More Summary

Outgoing Governor Sends Lifeline to Bobcats in Illinois – Punctuating a Superb Record

Today, Pat Quinn, one of the nation’s most pro-animal welfare governors, relinquished office in Illinois after six years, making way for newly elected Governor Bruce Rauner. But from an animal welfare perspective, Quinn did it with a...Show More Summary

The Snowball Effect: HSI Rescuers Take 23 Dogs Off the Menu in South Korea

The 23 survivors of the Korean dog meat trade arrived in the United States on a cold January day amidst bone-chilling temperatures and a bracing snowstorm, but theirs is a truly heartwarming story. For Snowball and the other dogs, the...       ...Show More Summary

Faulty Arguments, Greed, and Gluttony Put Foie Gras Back on Menu

In a court pleading written last year to challenge a California law stopping the sale and production of foie gras, attorneys for chefs and producers of fatty duck and goose liver made a Holocaust analogy, writing: "With apologies toShow More Summary

'Celebrating' Corruption and Horse Abuse at Main Tennessee Walking Horse Show Event

If there was any doubt about rampant corruption in the Big Lick sector of the Tennessee walking horse show industry, the latest test results from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) put all of that to rest. As in prior...       ...Show More Summary

Uncaged in California

This morning, I did a series of television segments in San Diego - the latest stop in a statewide tour of California - about the implementation of the state’s landmark animal protection laws, specifically those statutes that ban cage...Show More Summary

Let’s Get This Stuff Done in 2015

When you support The HSUS, you back a non-profit organization rated by its peers as the nation’s number one force for animal protection. In some ways, it is incomplete to talk only of The HSUS, because we really are a...        Related...Show More Summary

High-Impact HSUS Victories for Wildlife on Land and at Sea in 2014

The December 19th ruling by a federal judge in favor of wolf protection in the Great Lakes capped a remarkable set of gains for wildlife at home and abroad. We are not afraid to take on the tough fights and...        Related StoriesShow More Summary

Gains for Dogs and Cats (and Humanity) in 2014

Our relationship with animals, as a society, is full of contradictions. We say we love animals and we have laws forbidding cruelty, but there’s so much abuse that goes on every day. That’s true in looking at the wide range...       Show More Summary

The Animal Issues That Made Headlines in 2014

Grassroots groups are vital to our movement, something I’ve known since my earliest days of on-the-ground activism during college. But even then, while hosting educational events and organizing demonstrations, I held the view that the...Show More Summary

Terrain for Farm Animals Shifted in 2014 – Our Biggest Gains in Agriculture

The HSUS and Humane Society International are about protecting all animals. And nowhere is that more evident than our campaign to help the biggest category of animals at risk – farm animals. With legislative, corporate, judicial, rural...Show More Summary

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