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Road to progress for elephants passes through Rhode Island

For too long, elephants in traveling shows and circuses have suffered through a life on the road punctuated with frequent abuse by handlers wielding bullhooks. Photo by Bradley Stookey/Born Free USA Rhode Island yesterday became theShow More Summary

Mounting an attack on dogfighting in Mexico

Toreto has come to symbolize our work against dogfighting in Mexico. He was used by dogfighters for sparring and when they were done with him, they abandoned him on the road to bleed to death. Toreto (pictured above) has since found a loving home with Facundo Caferatta (left). Show More Summary

Obama standing up to halt aerial hunting of grizzlies, denning of wolves, and other ghastly practices on preserves, refuges in Alaska

Wildlife scientists have proved that predators, such as wolves and grizzly bears, enhance the health of ecosystems and prey populations, mainly taking the weak and the sick. Photo by Alamy The United States does not have to be party to the anti-predator mania that infects the wildlife management industry in Alaska. Show More Summary

A whale of a ruling on Navy use of sonar

Marine mammals such as whales, dolphins, seals, and walruses rely on their perceptions of underwater sound for vital functions like catching prey, navigating, communicating, and mating. Photo by iStockphoto The HSUS, along with several...Show More Summary

Publix progresses toward a cage-free future

Publix is the country’s fifth-largest grocery chain, and this marks the last of the top 25 grocery companies to announce a cage-free timeline. Photo by David Paul Morris/For The HSUS After a months-long Humane Society of the United States...Show More Summary

No More Gravy Train for Big Meat?

The Lee and Booker legislation will do a lot of good for family farmers, and not industry operatives who are working against family farmers's interests and are often obsessed with fighting animal welfare or environmental standards and lobbying to secure additional subsidies from Congress. Show More Summary

Breaking news: Obama Administration closes loophole and forbids slaughtering downer calves

The new rule will create a financial incentive for producers to treat all calves better to avoid creating downers, and take away any incentive to use cruel methods to force the calves through the slaughter process. Photo by iStockphoto Today,...Show More Summary

Time for feds to take anti-puppy-mill fight to next level

Our countless raids of substandard mills, with law enforcement, show that we have a simmering problem throughout the nation. The current set of state and federal guidelines aren’t enough to protect dogs. Photo by Shannon Johnstone The U.S. Show More Summary

Time to fight maneuver by Alaska congressman to allow trophy hunters, on parks and refuges, to spot grizzlies from planes and shoot them

The Young amendment would reverse a rule adopted months ago by the National Park Service to provide some minimal protections for grizzly bears, wolves, and other predators on federal lands. Photo by Alamy A Congressman who shot a grizzly bear and pinned the animal to a wall in his Washington, D.C. Show More Summary

No matter how fast they run, Pamplona’s bulls are doomed

Each year, bulls are tortured and killed as part of Spain's running of the bulls and thousands of bull fiestas held across the country. Photo by iStockphoto It’s cruelty masquerading as celebration. Terrorized animals, thrust into a world of screaming, slick surfaces, physical torment, and, in the end, serial, protracted stabbing. Show More Summary

U.S. needs to join Europe in actively condemning Japan’s whaling masquerade

The resolution adopted by the European Parliament highlights the fact that genuine scientific research does not require the wholesale slaughter of whales. Photo by iStockphoto It was a shot heard round the world when, in March 2014,Show More Summary

A Publix disgrace – grocery chain is a holdout on cage-free future

Egg-laying hens are stuck in cages for 12 to 18 months. When they’re no longer productive, they’ll be manhandled and jammed into small boxes, stacked onto a truck, and sent to slaughter. Photo by The HSUS Step into a smallish elevator. Show More Summary

Little Red Riding Hood and other big fat lies about wolves

One recent study from the University of Wisconsin found that allowing public hunting of wolves actually increases poaching. Photo by Alamy The battle over protecting wolves continues to rage in Congress, with anti-wolf lawmakers attaching...Show More Summary

Texas law banning finning goes into effect in the heat of Shark Week

Eleven U.S. states have joined the crusade to stop the cruel practice of hacking the fins off the sharks, often while they’re still alive, and throwing the bleeding, injured animals back into the water to slowly die. Photo by Vanessa Mignon In the midst of Shark Week, there’s some reason for hope for these much-battered species. Show More Summary

One year after Cecil’s killing, time to take aim at trophy hunting

Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer paid an estimated $50,000 to kill Cecil after the lion wandered out of the protected range in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe and into range of Palmer’s bow and arrow. Photo by Brent Stapelkamp/500pix...Show More Summary

Breaking news: The HSUS pulls 46 dogs from dire circumstances in Arkansas

Many of the dogs rescued today from a suspected animal cruelty situation in Jefferson County, Ark., have mange and skin, ear, and eye infections. Most are emaciated. Photo by Meredith Lee/The HSUS The HSUS Animal Rescue Team and local...Show More Summary

Massachusetts voters push farm animal measure to the ballot, with broad, powerful coalition

If passed, the Massachusetts ballot measure would make it illegal to sell eggs, veal, or pork from facilities that confine animals in cages. Photo by The HSUS Voters in Massachusetts just took the Bay State one giant step closer to delivering...Show More Summary

Breaking news: Perdue announces major reforms for chickens; progress spotlights poultry problems, solutions

The reforms announced by Perdue would improve the lives of roughly 700 million birds it raises and slaughters each year. Photo by David Paul Morris/For The HSUS As we begin our launch of a major campaign to improve the lives of chickens...Show More Summary

Breaking news: Florida black bears get a 2016 stay of execution

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's decision not to proceed with a black bear trophy hunt in 2016 will spare the lives of as many as 400 bears. Photo by C MacDonald/iStockphoto In a stunning reversal from its decision...Show More Summary

Congress must get on track on horse racing reform

If we are going to put horses to work for our entertainment, we must do so with tender care and take every reasonable step to assure their safety, at every stage of their lives. Photo by iStockphoto The Triple Crown races are over for...Show More Summary

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