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California Not Just Dreamin’ of Cage-Free

In just three weeks, two of the most consequential animal protection laws passed anywhere in the United States will take effect in California. Proposition 2, a citizen initiative, requires that all breeding pigs, veal calves, and egg-laying...Show More Summary

North Carolina to End Use of Gas Chambers for Euthanasia

Not long ago, shelters in dozens of North Carolina's counties killed homeless animals in carbon monoxide gas chambers. Starting February 2015, that will end. Last week the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services...Show More Summary

Europeans Suspend Horsemeat Imports From Mexico – Deal Huge Blow to North American Slaughter Operations

The horse slaughter industry has been dealt the biggest blow since The HSUS led the fight in Congress, the states, and federal courts to shut down the three operating horse slaughter plants in the United States in 2007. Today’s game-changing...       ...Show More Summary

Science and Sentiment Say Wolf Trophy Hunting Doesn't Wash

If policy makers stick to their guns and continue allowing trophy hunters to kill wolves in six states in the Great Lakes and Northern Rockies regions, they will be defying both science and, generally speaking, the will of voters. Washington...       ...Show More Summary

Top Gains for HSI on the Global Stage in 2014

The HSUS has long taken on the toughest fights. Our sister organization, Humane Society International – operating now in 20 nations -- is doing the same, and winning major campaigns and advancing our ideals throughout the world. Here...Show More Summary

FBI, Ellen, Puppy Mills, and Nestlé Most Popular Blogs of 2014

I write A Humane Nation to chronicle mainly what The HSUS and its affiliates are doing and accomplishing, to comment on the major issues and controversies of the day, and to answer the arguments or false claims of our opponents...       ...Show More Summary

Canadian Sealers Propose Bill to Stop Cameras From Documenting Slaughter

For the last decade, The HSUS and Humane Society International staff has braved extreme weather conditions and hostile sealers to expose the commercial sealing industry’s mass clubbing and shooting of baby seals in Atlantic Canada. We’ve...Show More Summary

Chris Christie’s Shameful Veto

Late on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving – with the American public focused on family and football during a long holiday weekend and news organizations nationwide at low tide in terms of staffing – Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey...       ...Show More Summary

Making Gains Against the World’s Biggest Spectacle of Animal Sacrifice

With our team on the ground, Humane Society International (HSI) and its partners are making pretty remarkable progress to halt the largest religious sacrifice spectacle in the world -- in the mountain nation of Nepal where nearly half...Show More Summary

Brazil Adds Its Might to the Movement to End Gestation Crates

Brazil, the largest pork producer in Latin America, struck a body blow to inhumane sow gestation crates today with two major announcements. First, BRF, Brazil’s largest pork producer, announced that it will eliminate the lifelong confinement...Show More Summary

Pets for Life: Keeping Animals in Loving Homes and Out of Shelters

The Hurricane Katrina crisis – 10 years ago, next year – was a wake-up call for our movement on so many levels. One takeaway: most disadvantaged and underserved people with dogs or cats love their animals, but typically they have...       ...Show More Summary

The HSUS Celebrates a 60-Year Quest to Stop Cruelty to All Animals

It was 60 years ago, on November 22, that four individuals founded The HSUS, with grand ambitions but only a few nickels in their pockets. At the time, there were just 500 or so local humane organizations scattered across 3,100...       ...Show More Summary

The Intersection of Gestation Crates and Presidential Politics

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie faces a threat to his brand of “straight talk” and “no nonsense” with the full-blown national controversy over his veto last year of a bill to ban gestation crates, and his apparent recent pledge to...       ...Show More Summary

Japan May Defy International Court Ruling on Whaling

I guess it’s no big surprise that Japan has advanced a new proposal to kill whales for commercial purposes in Antarctic waters, again under the guise of “science” and “research.” In late March 2014, the highest court in the world...       ...Show More Summary

Poachers and Trophy Hunters Conspiring to Hurt Endangered Rhinos

Shooting a rhino for sport seems about as challenging as shooting a parked bus. The prehistoric-looking beasts are big and not fleet of foot. They confront a threat by charging it, not running away. That doesn’t serve them well as...        Related Stories For Christie’s Sake, Ban the Crates Lead Ammo Policy Tests the Rhetoric of Hunting Lobby Dogfighting Smackdown  

For Christie’s Sake, Ban the Crates

I can understand Chris Christie’s dilemma – either signing an enormously popular bill to ban gestation crates in New Jersey or caving in to the veto demands of Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, whose support is coveted by every aspiringShow More Summary

Lead Ammo Policy Tests the Rhetoric of Hunting Lobby

The trophy hunting lobby in the United States conveniently and selectively invokes “science” in defense of reckless practices. In Maine, in arguing against Question 1 (to ban bear baiting, hounding and trapping), the National Rifle Association, U.S. Show More Summary

Dogfighting Smackdown

Yesterday, we closed an important chapter in a long-running anti-cruelty case when a federal judge in Alabama handed down tough sentences for a number of active participants in a dogfighting network that spanned four states. One defendant,...Show More Summary

Virginia Pet Stores: Selling Puppies and a Pack of Lies

Our undercover investigations have proven time and time again that most pet stores purchase puppies from puppy mills. But that hasn’t stopped so many pet stores we’ve investigated from trying to deceive customers about the origin ofShow More Summary

The Agro-Industrial Complex in the U.S. and Its Drug Dependency

Pigs in a research barn squealed with every step they took, their movements accompanied by intense pain and discomfort. A pork producer opened his transport truck to find 10 to 12 pigs dead after each journey. And in one slaughterhouse,...       ...Show More Summary

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