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The HSUS and Partners Propose New Federal Standards for Dog Care at Major Breeding Facilities

Imagine keeping a Chihuahua in a cage the size of a file drawer for her entire life. That is what it's like for thousands of dogs at some commercial breeding facilities. There are no requirements that the animals ever get out of cages or receive routine veterinary care or human socialization. Show More Summary

Fight Against the Dog Meat Trade Picks Up

When the HSI team first saw the dogs at the meat farm, they appeared terrified. Some dogs cowered in their cages, frightened. Photo by Manchul Kim/AP Images for HSI The living conditions remind me of American puppy mills – varying breeds...Show More Summary

New HSUS Initiative Poised to Keep More Animals in Homes and Out of Shelters

Too many home and apartment owners exclude animals, and that mentality shrinks the pool of living spaces for people and their pets. Photo by iStockphoto Renting a house or an apartment can be a challenge if you have a pet. If you have multiple pets, get ready for plenty of rejection. Show More Summary

Puppy Mill Investigation Reveals Squalor, Neglect, Lack of Oversight at Flea Markets

Breeding dogs with brown sludge instead of water at a puppy mill called Sportin’ Chance in Lyons, Georgia, that sells to Keller’s flea market in Savannah. Photo by The HSUS Today, The HSUS released a new hidden camera investigation focusing...Show More Summary

California to Impose Prohibitions Against Trade in Kangaroo, Elephant, and Rhino Parts

California lawmakers approved separate bills banning the use of bullhooks on elephants and also banning any commercial trade in ivory. Photo by Vanessa Mignon California lawmakers adjourned for the year with a bang when it comes to animal...Show More Summary

Chimps Deserve Better – and Things Are Getting Better for Them

The HSUS continues to highlight the plight of more than 60 chimpanzees living in Liberia who were abandoned by the New York Blood Center. Photo by Jenny Desmond/For The HSUS As of today, September 14th, all chimps are listed as endangered under U.S. Show More Summary

Dissecting the Attack on Chipotle

Berman has been attacking The HSUS because of the impact we have in areas of animal protection ranging from shelter pets to animals in factory farms and wildlife. Photo by Michelle Riley/The HSUS PR operative Rick Berman now includes...Show More Summary

Slush Fund Finances Big Ag Lobbying Schemes

Thousands of farmers hate the rampant abuses of the government-mandated pork checkoff program, but cannot choose to opt out. Photo by Kathy Milani/The HSUS When you shop for new clothes, you choose which stores and brands provide the value you prefer. Show More Summary

Breaking News: McDonald’s Announces Cage-Free Commitment for Laying Hens

McDonald’s U.S. and Canada supply chains annually use over two billion eggs from caged chickens, so this shift, once implemented, will directly improve life for nearly eight million animals per year. Photo by iStockphoto Following years...Show More Summary

Killing of Cecil a Shot Heard Round the World to End Trophy Hunting Madness of Rare, Majestic Animals

Above, Cecil the lion, hunted and killed by Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer. Zimbabwe has not formally charged Palmer or requested the United States to extradite him, reportedly due to fears that prosecuting him would deter other trophy...Show More Summary

At Long Last, Testing on Chimps to End in the United States – and the World

Starting on the 14th of this month, it will be illegal to “take” a captive chimpanzee in the United States, which includes any action that harms or harasses the individual, such as invasive biomedical research or abusive training of performing apes. Show More Summary

Six Months After Ringling, California Bans the Bullhook

California will be the first state on the West Coast to crack down so significantly on the ivory trade and also end the use of bullhooks on elephants. Photo by Vanessa Mignon It’s truly developing as yet another landmark year for animal...Show More Summary

California Lawmakers Should Stop Legislature From Becoming Kangaroo Court

Australian National Code of Practice advises that hunters shoot kangaroos through the brain to ensure immediate death, but the animals are often shot in their body or neck and left to die slowly. When a mother is killed, hunters are advised to bludgeon the baby to death or to decapitate it. Show More Summary

Wildfires a Threat to Communities, including the Animal Inhabitants

For the people suffering loss and dislocation, the reunions with their pets have been exhilarating. One family comes to visit their dog Max (above) at the temporary shelter every day. Thousands of animals have found themselves in the...Show More Summary

West Virginia, Michigan to Shutter Last Gas Chambers

Since The HSUS began its campaign to end the use of gas chambers in shelters across the United States back in 2013, more than two-thirds of the gas chambers in existence at the time have closed. By year’s end, at least 44 states will be chamber-free. Show More Summary

The Killing of Cecil and Other Fronts in the War on Predators

Yesterday New Mexico game commissioners approved a plan to allow the snaring of cougars on nine million acres of state trust lands. What’s the most dangerous predator in the world?  The polar bear, or the great white shark, or the Siberian tiger? Not one of them comes close to the track record of homo sapiens as predator. Show More Summary

Horse Soring Exposed: Results Show 100 percent of Samples at Major Stable Test Positive for Illegal Substances

ThorSport's denial that there is any soring going on at its barns is like a crack dealer denying possession or sale of cocaine when there are 75 pieces of evidence at his home. Wayne Pacelle Two days ago I announced on A Humane Nation...Show More Summary

Farmers, Corporations, States Move Toward Cage-Free Future

Smart businessmen and farmers know that the future of egg production is outside of cages. Photo by iStockphoto Last week, I announced that The HSUS, the Massachusetts SPCA, the Animal Rescue League of Boston, the ASPCA, Zoo New England, and...Show More Summary

New HSUS Investigation Exposes Soring, Abuse of Walking Horses at Top Tennessee Stable

In one instance recorded by our investigator, a horse named Play Something Country (above) lay down in his stall groaning in pain, 40 minutes after a chemical substance had been applied to his front legs, which were then wrapped tightly with materials to enhance the pain and to sear the animal’s skin. Show More Summary

The HSUS, Police Break Up Dogfight Attended by Hundreds in South Carolina

Dogfighting is a felony in all 50 states, but in South Carolina, spectators only face a misdemeanor charge for the first and second offenses. Above, a rescue from another dogfight. Photo by Julie Busch Branaman/For The HSUS In a dramatic...Show More Summary

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