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Raccoons and City Living

In Spring, raccoons and other wildlife use attics and crawl spaces as safe havens in which to give birth and raise their young Photo: Alamy This past week, I spent a day on a ride-along with John Griffin, who leads our Humane Wildlife Services (HWS) program.  John and his team are on the road every day in the Washington, D.C. Show More Summary

Injuriousss – Feds Act to Restrict Trade in Giant Snakes

The constrictor species banned today are the reticulated python (pictured above), DeSchauensee’s anaconda, green anaconda, and Beni anaconda. Photo: Alamy At an announcement today in south Florida, which is ground zero for the problem of invasive species, the U.S. Show More Summary

A Berlin Wall Moment for Animal Protection

With ethologists and other scientists demonstrating that animals have complex social and behavioral needs, we are no longer in denial about the lives and minds of elephants and other animals. It’s surely one of the biggest announcements of the modern era in animal protection: Ringling Bros. Show More Summary

Big Ag Getting Its Hen House in Order – Cages and All

The report appeared to provide very little emphasis on hens’ behavioral freedoms, and how attention to such needs improves their welfare. Photo: Greg Latza/For The HSUS Soon, a group composed of many conventional thinkers in the food...Show More Summary

Cutting Through the Nonsense on Tail-Cutting

A recent estimate suggested that as many as half the major dairy producers in the United States routinely cut and crush their cows’ tails. Photo: iStockphoto A couple of years ago I visited perhaps the largest dairy farm in the United...Show More Summary

Is Industrialized Agriculture a House of Cards?

In her video for The HSUS, actress Kate Mara takes aim at industrialized agriculture and Americans' excessive consumption of meat. Photo: Bret Hartman/AP Images for The HSUS I’m so grateful to House of Cards actress Kate Mara for her continuing work with The HSUS, including her recent video to promote Meatless Monday for animals and for our health. Show More Summary

Indian Tribes, Others Stand Up for Wolves

Several lawmakers, mainly from the wolf range states, want Congress to remove federal protections for wolves. Photo: Alamy The United Tribes of Michigan (comprising 12 recognized Indian tribes in the northern part of the state) recently...Show More Summary

SEA the WORLD From Whales’ Perspective

SeaWorld's stock is down 41 percent over the last 12 months, after the public learned of the company's history of capturing wild orcas, the deaths of several trainers, and the opinions of leading whale scientists that the animals cannot have a rich life in captivity. Show More Summary

Best in Spay and Neuter

In underserved U.S. communities as many as 90 percent of cats and dogs are unaltered. Photo: Alamy Consider two recent events focused on dogs: one, yesterday’s 21st annual World Spay Day, a joint program of The HSUS, HSI, and HumaneShow More Summary

Court Ruling Underscores Need for Action to End Horse Soring

Soring is the practice of deliberately injuring a horse’s legs and hooves to force the horse to perform an artificial, high-stepping gait highly prized in the show ring. Photo: Lance Murphey/For The HSUS Last week, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit struck down a U.S. Show More Summary

Meat Industry Gripes, as Grip on U.S. Dietary Guidelines Loosens

Our school lunch programs need the government's backing to create healthier menus that, in turn, will create healthier children. Photo: Jason Geil/The HSUS The federal government’s dietary guidelines have a stilted history. When I was growing up, the U.S. Show More Summary

Dogs Rescued from Arkansas Mill, Where Cold Compounds Misery

At a suspected puppy mill in Arkansas, dogs were tied up outside, with no protection from the bitter temperature and piercing winds. Photo: Lance Murphey/AP Images for The HSUS The bracing freeze that has enveloped so much of the country reminds us of the power of nature and our vulnerability to the extremes of climate. Show More Summary

XOXO to Sodexo – For Taking a Stand for Millions of Hens

Within the last six months several major companies, including Nestlé, Heinz, and Starbucks, have announced a move away from battery cages. Photo: The HSUS Today, with Sodexo, we are announcing that the giant food service company hasShow More Summary

Pack of Scientists Urges Congress to Leave Wolves, ESA Alone

Increasingly, Americans recognize the wide range of economic and ecological benefits that wolves bring. Photo: iStockphoto Today, more than 50 world-renowned wildlife biologists and scientists, many of whom have devoted their entireShow More Summary

Ractopamine: It’s What’s For Dinner

China and Russia do not feed ractopamine to farm animals because of its known adverse effects, but in the United States the use of this dangerous drug is actually expanding. Photo: USDA China and Russia aren’t known as leaders on food...Show More Summary

Out-of-the-Box Thinking on Outdoor Cats

There could be as many as 40 million community cats now living in the United States, of which just two percent are sterilized and vaccinated. Photo: Alex Rothlisberger/HSI Cat advocates, wildlife conservationists, legislators, and public...Show More Summary

A Raft of Bad Ideas Bubble Up in Congress

Late this week, two different groups of lawmakers – mainly Republicans from the Upper Great Lakes and Wyoming – have introduced legislation to remove federal protections for wolves. Photo: Alamy Congress is off to a brisk start when it comes to animal issues, but much of the action seeks to turn back the clock and to revive awful ideas. Show More Summary

AKC: The Puppy Mills’ Champion?

Wild Bill, once a Best in Show, was found starving in a filthy, rusted crate in inches of feces-infested water, with more than 60 other dogs in a Mississippi puppy mill. Photo: Pearl River County SPCA Wild Bill once had the honor ofShow More Summary

HSUS in 2014: Program Gains, Fiscal Health

We persuaded Congress to make it a federal crime to attend or bring a child to an animal fight, and at our urging, the FBI agreed to include animal cruelty crimes in its uniform crime report. Photo: Julie Busch Branaman/For The HSUS The...Show More Summary

Sportsmen’s Act Takes Aim at Wildlife and Wild Lands

The Sportsmen's Act would provide a sweetheart deal to help 41 wealthy polar bear trophy hunters import the heads of rare polar bears they shot in Canada. Photo: Klaus Jost/ Last week, the National Rifle Association (NRA)...Show More Summary

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