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A Bitingly Satirical Map of the World According to ISIS

yesterdayArts : Slate: The Eye

Last year, the precocious now-17-year-old Slovakian student artist Martin Vargic designed a wildly popular and irreverent Map of the Internet in the style of a historical atlas, following it up with a map of world stereotypes that featured common Western attitudes about other regions of the world. Show More Summary

These Trippy Dutch Underpasses Prove That Infrastructure Doesn’t Have to Be Dull

2 days agoArts : Slate: The Eye

This week millions of Americans will hit the road, suffering traffic jams, toll booths, pot holes, and dreary stretches of highway tunnels to visit loved ones for the Thanksgiving holiday. But commuters in the historic Dutch city ofShow More Summary

These Cartoonishly Chunky Wool Blankets Are Made Using Bare Hands as Knitting Needles

3 days agoArts : Slate: The Eye

We live in a world where designers and scientists use high-tech 3-D knitting machines to experiment with weaving cutting-edge materials into wearable technology. But nothing beats the cozy allure of a chunky hand-knit blanket. Especially...Show More Summary

Here’s What Thanksgiving Dinner Would Look Like If Plated by Picasso, Pollock, and Other Famous Artists  

last weekArts : Slate: The Eye

What would a Thanksgiving meal look like if Pablo Picasso, Piet Mondrian, Jean?Michel Basquiat, or Damien Hirst was plating dinner? Last Thanksgiving, Berkeley, California-based Hannah Rothstein, currently artist in residence at Planet...Show More Summary

This New Dutch Transport Hub Still Looks Futuristic, Despite Being Planned 20 Years Ago

last weekArts : Slate: The Eye

The Dutch city of Arnhem took nearly 20 years and $40 million to build a futuristic new Transfer Terminal that opens Thursday at Arnhem Central Station. First conceived by Amsterdam firm UNStudio in 1996 and built in collaboration with...Show More Summary

Is This the Best Public Restroom in America?

last weekArts : Slate: The Eye

The holiday season is nearly upon us, and with it comes the inevitable end-of-year best-of roundups and reflections, and awards for things you didn’t know had awards, like, apparently, the Best Public Restroom in America 2015. That illustrious...Show More Summary

The Best Tall Building in 2015 Is Covered in Trees

last weekArts : Slate: The Eye

On Friday the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, or CTBUH, named a Milanese skyscraper as the “2015 Best Tall Building Worldwide” at its 14 th -annual awards in Chicago. The Bosco Verticale (“Vertical Forest”), designed byShow More Summary

Here’s How Artists in the Late 1800s Imagined Life in the Year 2000

last weekArts : Slate: The Eye

At the turn of the previous century, a group of French artists were asked to imagine the year 2000 by illustrating what kinds of scientific and everyday design inventions progress might bring the world 100 years into the future. TheShow More Summary

France’s New Defense Building, Inspired by the Pentagon, Is … a Hexagon

last weekArts : Slate: The Eye

On Thursday, French President Francois Hollande inaugurated the country’s new Ministry of Defense, a $4.5 billion project that has long been billed as France’s answer to the Pentagon. For the first time, more than 9,000 personnel from...Show More Summary

A New Online Visual Hub Offers a Peek Into the World’s Best Office Designs

2 weeks agoArts : Slate: The Eye

Are you reading this from your shabby-looking office? Do you sometimes fantasize about how much better your work life would be if your office was a well-designed space? Until now you could search Google Images for photos of inspiring commercial office spaces or browse Pinterest or design blogs for a voyeuristic glimpse of how the other half works. Show More Summary

This Affordable Portable Standing Desk Has an Origami-Inspired Twist

2 weeks agoArts : Slate: The Eye

Another day, another standing desk design. But a new entry into the category of portable laptop desks that allow you to stand up at a moment’s notice has a welcoming price point (starting at $32) and a clever origami-inspired designShow More Summary

Are These Singapore Apartments, Stacked Like Toy Blocks, the Future of Urban Housing?

2 weeks agoArts : Slate: The Eye

The World Architecture Festival, which completed its eighth annual run on Friday, awarded a vertically stacked housing complex in Singapore as the World Building of the Year 2015. The organizers said in a press release that the Interlace...Show More Summary

This Adorable Owl Is a Security Camera for Your Home

2 weeks agoArts : Slate: The Eye

French designer Vivien Muller has invented Ulo, which he bills as a “cute surveillance camera” and “pet owl” that communicates through eye expressions. The little owl can sit on a flat surface like a shelf in your baby’s room or be hung outside your front door. Show More Summary

Fun, Kaleidoscopic Images of Produce That Remind You of What’s in Season

2 weeks agoArts : Slate: The Eye

Photographer Henry Hargreaves and food stylist Caitlin Levin have collaborated on a new series of kaleidoscopic photo scans of seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are a sly take on the usual earnest what-to-eat-now charts and...Show More Summary

U.K. Celebrates 500 Years of British Creativity by Releasing a Bland, Sexist New Passport Design

3 weeks agoArts : Slate: The Eye

The notion that government documents should get a pass when it comes to clean, functional, or aesthetically pleasing design is outdated in an era where design consciousness has permeated every aspect of modern life. Some countries have...Show More Summary

A Stunning 20-Year Prison Diary Etched Into Ostrich Eggs

3 weeks agoArts : Slate: The Eye

San Francisco native Gil Batle spent 20 years in five different California prisons for fraud and forgery. Behind bars he used his self-taught skills as an artist to keep him safe from gang violence by designing tattoos, portraits, and greeting cards for fellow inmates. Show More Summary

The Thinker and Other Famous Sculptures Reimagined as Action Figures

3 weeks agoArts : Slate: The Eye

Anyone who has ever seen Michelangelo’s David at the the Uffizi Museum in Florence, Italy, has surely fantasized about having that 16-foot, 5-ton solid marble ode to manhood come to life. And who hasn’t wondered staring at the Venus de Milo in the Louvre in Paris what that ancient Greek goddess must have looked like before her arms went missing. Show More Summary

Skype Co-Founders Want to Overhaul Local Delivery With Sidewalk Robots

3 weeks agoArts : Slate: The Eye

Depending on where you live, navigating city sidewalks can feel like an unchoreographed dance performance or parkour as you try to get where you’re going without clipped elbows or aggravated assaults on your patience. But if a new company...Show More Summary

The Standing Desk Is Over. Now You Can Work While Lying Down in a Dentist Chair.

3 weeks agoArts : Slate: The Eye

“I am a completely horizontal author,” Truman Capote told a Paris Review interviewer in 1957. “I can’t think unless I’m lying down, either in bed or stretched on a couch and with a cigarette and coffee handy.” Capote wasn’t the first...Show More Summary

A Step-by-Step Guidebook for Re-Creating Top Designers’ Works at Low Costs

4 weeks agoArts : Slate: The Eye

Do It Yourself: 50 Projects by Designers and Artists by Thomas Bärnthaler is a new book published by Phaidon that offers DIY’ers blueprints for making lighting, furniture, and everyday objects dreamed up by leading international designers. Show More Summary

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