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3 Strategies for Managing Your Business Finances

Every small business owner, regardless of industry or company size, is responsible for completing a variety of tasks. While every task is important, one always stands out from the crowd: the successful management of your business finances. Show More Summary

4 Strategies to Make It Easier for Your Customers to Find You

If you want your customers to find you online easily, you’ll need to follow some recognized techniques for search engine optimization, usually referred to as SEO. If the internet’s search engines can’t find you online, your customers won’t find you either. Show More Summary

Go Global: 6 Key Benefits of Expanding Your Business Internationally

The success of your business can be subject to factors you might not even be aware of. For instance, your business might be enjoying great success locally, and certainly you’re enjoying that success. You might even be considering expanding. However, have you ever stopped to consider that your business might do even better if you were to expand internationally?

A Good, Well Maintained Air Conditioning System Leads to Better Workplace Productivity

A well maintained air conditioning system is key to a productive workplace in the summer months. A good air conditioner not only cools indoor air, it filters out pollutants as well. Extreme heat has a negative effect on both mental and...Show More Summary

How to Motivate Your Workers in 5 Simple Steps

It’s not always easy to keep your workers motivated, especially if you don’t have pots of money for big bonuses. When the orders are flying in and there’s work to be done, it’s easy to get caught in the flow. Sometimes you forget that your team may not be as excited at the prospect of extra work as you are. Show More Summary

6 Tips for a Successful Marketing Strategy

As a business owner you probably wonder how to successfully market your company, your products, or your services without breaking the bank. A quick search on the internet for “marketing” will leave you dizzy from the number of options available. Show More Summary

5 Ideas for Funding Your Startup

Raising money is the toughest hurdle any entrepreneur has to face. As soon as you mention the words “money” and “startup” in the same sentence, doors slam in your face and acquaintances dash across the street to avoid having to say hello to you. If you find yourself stalling when you think about raising money for your startup, consider the suggestions here.

5 Tips for Financing Your Business

Setting up or expanding your business can be a very daunting affair. A point often comes when you need to source help from outside. Financing is one such area. However, lack of funding should never be the reason you give up on your endeavors. Take a look at how to navigate this prickly challenge.

When It Comes to Cosmetic Sales, It’s All About the Packaging

Cosmetics are all about appearances, and that includes the packaging. If you’re in the cosmetics business, the good news for you is that the packaging industry for cosmetics is exquisitely well-developed, and providers of packaging have innovative solutions just waiting for you. Show More Summary

A Close Look at the Entrepreneurial Mindset: Is This You?

Why have you chosen to become an entrepreneur? Is it that the 9-t0-5 lifestyle doesn’t agree with you, that your creative energies wither and die when you are forced to work in a cubicle? Do you just want to be your own boss? Or is it...Show More Summary

5 Steps to a Successful Start-up

Are you thinking of becoming your own boss? Have you spotted a gap in the market and have an incredible business idea? Most people will need a little help to get their bright ideas off the ground. Here are 5 simple steps to help you build a solid and successful business.

9 Fees You Should Never Pay Your Merchant Services Provider

Deciding which payment methods to accept for your business can be a tough choice. Once you do, it is imperative you pick a reputable processor that does not charge outrageous fees. Here are some things to look out for on your statement to make sure your provider is legit.

Workplace Guidelines for Your Employees Who Vape

You might have heard the news about vaping devices exploding and causing moderate to serious injury for their users. As a business owner, if you allow vaping in the workplace, you might want to consider establishing some guidelines to keep everyone safe.

5 “Must Have” Apps for the Productive Business Person

Technology keeps making it easier for us to solve problems, communicate and keep financial records. As any business person knows, entrepreneurship involves wearing many hats, so any app that can help you save time and be productive is a welcome resource. Here is a list of 5 must have apps that can just plain help you get more done.

Pricing Intelligence: The Online Retailer’s Secret Weapon

Armed only with their smartphones, your online retail customers can compare your prices with those of dozens of your competitors almost instantly. At the same time, your competitors are fighting to provide the very best deals and win...Show More Summary

6 New Branding Trends that Will Change Your Thinking About Marketing Your Business

When it comes to branding your business, you always want to stay ahead of the curve, and every year, new trends come along that shape the direction for branding in the year ahead. From giving your customers a more personalized experience...Show More Summary

4 Reasons Why Every Business Owner Needs Health Insurance

If your company is a small business, most likely you yourself are the business. And if you don’t have health care insurance, not only is your health at risk, so is your business. Act today to protect yourself and your business, because not only are health care costs rising, so are the costs for health care insurance.

Promote Your Business with a Blog: 5 Simple Steps

Starting a blog to promote your business doesn’t have to be complex and costly. As a matter of fact, lots of people start their own blogs every day. The cost is minimal, and the entire process should only take you an hour or less. Read on for a quick and easy guide to get you started.

5 Ways to Build a Better Pool Business

Are you a pool builder? Are you looking for ways to make your business better? Ways to boost your bottom line and get more people talking about your business? Then offer your customers one or more of the five unique touches you’ll read...Show More Summary

Is Your Social Media Marketing Hitting the Target?

You’re a social media mogul, at least in practice. Your talking to fans on Facebook, making the rounds on LinkedIn and creating board after board on Pinterest. There’s no question your taking advantage of social media, but are you using it to your advantage?

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