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Sunday Music: Bach Cantata BWV 168

It is the third Sunday after the Epiphany. The title of today’s cantata is “Tue Rechnung! Donnerwort” (Settle account! Word of thunder). Today’s Gospel reading is Mark 1:14-20. I prefer the King James Version for this passage: Now after that John was put in prison, Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom […]

Chuck Schumer’s Words Come Back to Haunt Him

These are possibly the most fun videos since the Lindsey Graham “how dare the press call Trump a kook” “I think he’s a kook” videos. It’s Chuck Schumer in 2013, repeatedly talking about how idiotic and absurd it would be to do precisely what he is now doing in 2018. The hypocrisy is staggeringly funny. […]

Nuke the Filibuster to End the Schumer Shutdown?

The awful terrible no-good #SchumerShutdown is in full swing, and I think it might be time to nuke that filibuster. Let me explain. I apparently have the masochist gene, because I sometimes listen to National Public Radio. As I drove home yesterday, I was literally yelling at the radio because this happened: MARY LOUISE KELLY, […]

L.A. County Coroner Releases Findings on Cause of Tom Petty’s Death

The Los Angeles County Coroner has released its findings as to the cause of Tom Petty’s death. Their conclusion: a massive and accidental overdose of different medications, including opioids. Tom Petty, the chart-topping singer and songwriter, died in October from an accidental drug overdose as a result of mixing medications that included opioids, the medical […]

In (Partial) Defense of Mark Steyn

I have not kept up with Mark Steyn much lately. In the past, he had always struck me as a talented wordsmith with strong opinions. Lately, when I do check in with him, he has sometimes seemed to have absorbed one of the less attractive characteristics of Trumpism: provocateurism for the sake of attention. Steyn […]

Porn Star: I Spanked Trump with a Forbes Magazine

The best part about the dead trees version of Forbes, besides the fact that you can go straight to the article without having to read an inspirational quote on the way, is that you can whack a narcissistic sexagenarian on the rump with it. Susan Wright mentioned this earlier in passing, but come on. This […]

Press Conference Held As Formal Charges Announced Against Parents Who Held 13 Siblings Captive

[guest post by Dana] Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin just held a press conference updating the public about charges filed against David and Louise Turpin for the horrific torture and abuse of 13 children held captive in their Southern California home. The parents could reportedly face 94 years in prison if convicted on all […]

Hey Leftists: Stop Trying to Make Hillary Happen!

My eye-rolling muscles got a workout recently when I read an article at the Federalist by Mollie Hemingway titled Treat ‘Mental Health’ Talk Against Trump Like The Coup Attempt It Is. (I’ll save you a click by summarizing the article for you: it’s a coup attempt because something something hey you remember that show “24” […]

Shock Article: California Bullet Train Over Budget

Let’s take a break from Donald Trump’s latest drama of the day and discuss a truly shocking development: the California bullet train is over budget. Hahahahaha I couldn’t keep a straight face for even 10 seconds. Of course it’s over budget: The estimated cost of building 119 miles of bullet train track in the Central […]

Trump Given Clean Bill Of Health By Presidential Physician, Doesn’t Stop Know-It-All Journo From Impugning Physician’s Professionalism And Ability To Read A Scale Correctly

[guest post by Dana] I cannot believe this is even an issue but this is where we find ourselves. President Trump was declared mentally and physically fit today by presidential physician Navy Rear Adm. Dr. Ronny Jackson after having undergone a complete physical examination. First, concerns about the president’s mental fitness to execute his job […]

WaPo Runs “Insider” Account of “Shthole Countries” Meeting

Because you just can’t get enough of that sweet sweet “shthole countries” story, the Washington Post is here for you with an “insider” account of that immigration meeting. It’s chock-full of anonymous sources “familiar with the meeting” so you know it will be totally accurate: When President Trump spoke by phone with Sen. Richard J. […]

The New York Times List of Donald Trump’s “Racist” Quotes Is Garbage

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s efforts to bring black and white America together, the New York Times has chosen to stoke arguments over race by amassing a collection of allegedly racist quotes by Donald Trump. The piece is titled: Donald Trump’s Racism:The Definitive List. In many places, the alleged examples of racism are […]

Lindsey Graham: My Memory Has Not “Evolved” on Whether Trump Said “Shtholes”

Senator Lindsey Graham has weighed in on the shtholes controversy that has dominated Trumpworld during the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend. Sen. Graham would not directly answer the question whether Trump used the term “shtholes” (or “shthole countries” or “shthouse countries) to describe certain African countries. But the implication is clear: In his most extensive […]

SNL Takes On Fire And Fury

[guest post by Dana] Last night’s SNL cold open was pretty funny as it centered on Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury and Steve Bannon’s ejection from Trumpland: When the veracity of the book is questioned by “Mika” and “Joe,” Armisen’s “Wolff” responds: You read it, right? And you liked it? You had fun? What’s the […]

The Two Real Problems with Donald Trump’s “Shtholes” Comment

The Sunday shows have revived the controversy about President Donald J. Trump’s “shtholes” comment. So before we close the book on the comment, I thought it would be worth taking a step back and evaluating what the real problems with the comment were. First, let’s talk about what the problems aren’t. The issue is not […]

Sunday Music: Bach Cantata BWV 79

It is the second Sunday after the Epiphany. The title of today’s cantata is “Gott der Herr ist Sonn und Schild” (God the Lord is sun and shield). Today’s Gospel reading is John 1:43-51: The next day Jesus decided to leave for Galilee. Finding Philip, he said to him, “Follow me.” Philip, like Andrew and […]

Reminder: The Amazon Widget Is Working

It was out for a while, but it’s back. Just want to make sure you guys remember it’s there. Thanks for using it! [Cross-posted at The Jury Talks Back.]

False Report of Incoming Ballistic Missile Panicks Hawaii

I wish I had more time to do a thorough post on this, but I wanted to throw something up, as I think it’s important. People in Hawaii today got a false report of an incoming ballistic missile on their phones: Our commenter shipwreckedcrew wrote a couple of comments, like this: So, how is everyone’s […]

New Interview with Defendant in Deadly SWATting Case Is Incredibly Damning

If nothing else, we now know they got the right guy. A TV reporter has scored a televised interview with Tyler Burriss, the man who placed the hoax SWATting call that resulted in the death of Andrew Finch in Wichita. Burriss admits having done SWATtings in the past and being paid for them, but baaaarely […]

Suspect in Deadly Kansas SWATting Charged with Manslaughter

Tyler Barriss, the suspected serial SWATter who was arrested after a hoax phone call to police led to the death of Andrew Finch in Wichita, Kansas, has now been charged with manslaughter: The Los Angeles man at the center of what is believed to be the first fatal “swatting” incident in the U.S. has been […]

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