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BREAKING: American U.N. Worker FOUND Dead – Parents Share His Message: ‘I’m Not Afraid To Die…’

An American United Nations investigator, Michael Sharp, along with another Swedish UN investigator, were found dead and buried in a shallow grave this week in the Congo. Sharp and Zaida

Trump Jr. Gets LEVELED By The Left On Picture Of Him Holding Bloody Elephant Tail – BUT…

This again? This story has been trotted out once more… TMZ was the one who reported on pictures of the Trump sons killing exotic animals in Africa originally. They smeared

University Provides “SAFE SPACE” For White People to Go and Feel Their “WHITE GUILT”

It’s not surprising that a university would have some questionable student clubs, many with a liberal bent. After all, colleges often exist now as a place for liberal indoctrination. Still,

BREAKING: The President Has Just Announced Ivanka Trump’s FORMAL Role In White House!

Controversy erupted almost instantly after it was revealed that Ivanka Trump would be given an office in the West Wing and access to classified documents, yet would not be given

Melania Trump LEVELS Feminists Who Won’t Fight For ALL Women – It’s AWESOME! [WATCH]

Melania Trump took on “brutality against women and children” around the world today in a speech at the State Department. This may become her ’cause’ as First Lady and she

Harvard Releases Impressive, Final, Authoritative Guide to Spotting Fake News

Just like there are authoritative, final news sources when it comes to the news, like The New York Times, CNN and the AP Stylebook — you really can skip all other news sources

Respectful Passenger Gives Up Seat For Soldier – What Happens Next? DISGRACEFUL!

Respect for our military is fairly typical in the United States, and not something that most people find fault with. But when you’re a liberal, that expectation goes out the

Mike Pence REFUSES To Eat Alone With Any Female But His Wife – LIBERALS ATTACK!

The left has launched an attack against Mike Pence because in 2002 he said he would not eat alone with any other woman besides his wife. To that I say…

Sanctuary City Seattle Sues Trump Over His Sanctuary Cities Threat

On the one hand, Seattle is doing all it can to take firearms out of the hands of law abiding citizens. On the other, it’s doing all it can to

DOE Climate Department Banned From Use Of “Climate Change” Or Something

Here we go. A big story using an anonymous source is making a claim, which is sending Cult of Climastrology members into apoplexy, claiming fascism and stuff (Politico) A supervisor

Son’s Scream Wakes Mother, She’s Shocked At What She Sees Hanging Off His Face

Last year I was frozen in fear for over an hour after a spider with a body the size of a quarter appeared in my living room. My best friend

You Will CHEER When You See Who Was Just Arrested!

by Right Wing News’ Cassy Fiano The rape of a Rockville, Maryland student by two fellow students rocked the entire nation. The controversy only grew when it was discovered that

Ashley Judd says Women have more rights in the Middle East, gets UNEXPECTED response!

By Right Wing News’ McIntosh One might say that the ever so angry actress, Ashley Judd, wouldn’t be the first person to come to mind if you were searching for

8th Grader Brings Home Vocabulary Test With Anti-Trump Question On It- RAGE Ensues!

Well well well…further LIBERAL indoctrination being passed down from teacher to student. Conservative parents have been sick of this kind of garbage for long time now. Progressive teachers thinking they

“Dreamer” Shares Pic Of Tax Return To Show She’s A Good ‘Citizen’ – IMMEDIATELY REGRETS IT!

‘In yo face taxpayer…. in yo FACE! I totally paid a little bit of taxes and I’m an illegal in this country and in yo face.’ Don’t you love it

BURN! Is This Instagram Post Tomi Lahren’s Response To Glenn Beck!?

Tomi Lahren has just reminded us all just how old she really is…wait, let me take a selfie! The former host of “Tomi”, who was just last week hit with

Woman Discovers HORRIFYING Footage Of Her Maid POSSESSED On Home Cam- It’s Gone VIRAL!

NOPE! I can’t… The story goes…long before our time on earth, there was a war in heaven. Lucifer took 1/3 of the hosts of heaven with him when he was

Why the Left Denies the Jihad in London

This special edition of The Glazov Gang was joined by Matthew Vadum, an award-winning investigative journalist and a columnist for and Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Fellow at the Freedom

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