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Hillary Clinton is ‘Seething with Rage’ Because She Lost the Election to a ‘Dumb, Soulless Manipulator

Hillary Clinton lost the Presidential election. Though this appears to be a fact lost on Hillary herself. She has yet to gracefully accept the fair and square results of last

Rolling Thunder Motorcyclists Roll Into D.C. to Honor POW/MIA [VIDEO]

This Memorial Day weekend marks the 30th anniversary of Rolling Thunder, a massive parade demonstration in Washington, D.C., of motorcycles and riders who are there to “educate, facilitate, and never

Chick With Huge Boobs Explains Why Dinosaurs Are A Hoax.

So how do you feel about dinosaurs? There is a grassroots religious group called Christians Against Dinosaurs who, as you may have surmised, argue that dinosaurs are a fraud perpetrated

Maxine Waters Continues to Push Impeachment: ‘I Don’t Care What Others Say’ [VIDEO]

The world is going wonky and the people in it are not much better. Especially if you’re looking at the Democratic Party of the United States of America. More specifically,

This Is The Funniest Thing You Will See All Day.

It’s a YouTube video that has been viewed 355 million times on YouTube, and for good reason! But what that reason is, varies on who’s comment you read in the

Pelosi Vows $15/hr. Minimum Wage Within 100 Hours of Dems Declaring Victory [VIDEO]

Democrats are the party of delusion and if you needed evidence of that, look no further than Nancy Pelosi’s impossible promise of a $15/hr minimum wage. That’s not even the

Obama REPRIMANDS America About Its Border Walls — But Look At His Own HOME!

In a speech last Thursday in Germany, former President Barack Obama took a swing at President Donald Trump over his campaign commitment to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Children Spotted in Back Of Truck, Then THIS Man Sees What They Are Doing [VIDEO]

The man was in the right place at the right time. He was absolutely shocked to stumble across children using the back of a pick-up as a makeshift swimming pool.

Indy 500 car flies thru the air and rips in half in horrifying crash – then this happens [VIDEO]

In case you needed evidence that miracles do happen, what happened to one Indy 500 driver will give you everything you need. Not many people can say that they were

Ramadan Massacre: Egyptian Christians Executed for Refusing to Renounce Their Faith

Ramadan is always a bloodbath. The only thing worse than having jihadists and terrorists running around is having hungry jihadists and terrorists running around. As they normally do, terrorists are

3-yr-old Damages The Neighbor’s Car, Mom Caught Off-guard By What’s On The Bill

We all the know the dreaded feeling of a car door hitting another car when parked in a parking lot. But somehow that feeling is amplified when it’s a kid

Heineken Promotes Open Borders. Can Beer Fight Terrorism?

You know, when you’re thinking of companies you trust to fight terrorism, odds are the military – not a beer company – comes to mind. However Heineken thinks they know

ALERT! Chipotle Mexican Grill INFECTED with Nasty Credit Card Stealing Malware – Here’s What We Know

I hadn’t even heard of this. Chipotle Mexican Grill was infected with malware earlier this year that steals credit card information at the point of sale. It hit restaurants in

Embarrassing! Jill Stein blamed “Trump’s America” for brutally horrible Portland train attack

So very pathetic. An evil, hateful man by the name of Jeremy Joseph Christian, boarded a Portland, Oregon light-rail train where he proceeded to go on a tirade ranting, raving

Yoga Girl Wears White Pants To Bleed Freely, Reminds Us That Liberals Are NASTY!

As a woman, I understand how uncomfortable the menstrual cycle is. No, it shouldn’t be a taboo subject but at the same time, allowing yourself to bleed everywhere is not

Transgender woman suffered broken penis when lover DIED during sex, sues man’s wife for damages

A really screwed up reality TV courtroom show was left astonished after learning why a woman was suing the wife of her…or his dead sexual partner. The show is called

Ex-Police Officer Hides Gruesome Dismembered Body of Manchester Arena Terrorist

A courageous father shielded traumatized children from seeing something even worse… the dismembered body of the ISIS terrorist who blew himself up. Darron Coster, who is a 50 year-old ex-police

Mississippi Murder Spree: Sheriff’s Deputy and Seven Others DEAD On Arrival [VIDEO]

There’s been a horrific murder spree in Mississippi starting last night and ending early this morning. Eight people were killed including a sheriff’s deputy. Cory Godbolt has been arrested in

Former Navy Seal Tells Katy Perry: ‘Hold One of Your Concerts In Syria’ [VIDEO]

Former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie has expressed his thoughts when it comes to pop singer Katy Perry. The man who knows a thing or two about the way the world

BOOOM! Charlie Daniels Slings Outlaw-Style INSULT Straight At Chuck Schumer

The one and only Charlie Daniels is back and he has penned an open letter to anti-Donald Trump obstructionist Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on Wednesday using his direct, no-bull

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