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IBD Slams Liberals for Their ‘Deadly Denial’ of the Threat Posed by Radical Islam

An editorial in Tuesday’s print edition of Investor’s Business Daily firmly took President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the Democratic Party to task for their “deadly denial” of radical Islam and the prominent role it’s played in the war on terrorism and terrorist attacks from 9/11 to Fort Hood to Paris.

5 Reasons Liberals Hate Thanksgiving

Reason #47,321 to be glad you’re not a liberal: You get to enjoy your holiday and allow those around you to enjoy theirs. Not so for our left-wing counterparts, who mostly disdain Thanksgiving – along with Columbus Day, Independence Day, Flag Day, Christmas, Easter, etc. Show More Summary

AP's Boak: Consumer Confidence Drop Occurred Despite 'Strengthened' Economy

There was yet another sighting of the U-word ("unexpectedly") in connection with disappointing economic news today. Bloomberg News, which most frequently employs the word, told readers that "Consumer confidence unexpectedly declinedShow More Summary

Lib News Site Proclaims ‘Six Ways To Climate-Proof Your Thanksgiving’

Leave it to the liberal media to champion climate change for Thanksgiving. On Tuesday, Think Progress listed the “‘Six Ways To Climate-Proof Your Thanksgiving.” Climate reporter Samantha Page offered tips to for “die-hard climate activist[s]” for Thanksgiving, when there are “emissions-heavy activities” and “tables full of food.”

Krauthammer: Obama 'So Exposed, So Naked on the World Stage'

On Monday night on The O’Reilly Factor, Charles Krauthammer discussed with Bill O’Reilly the growing rhetoric of the White House and its attempt to downplay or diminish the threat that radical Islam is on the world. Shortly after a clip of President Obama criticizing the media for conflating ISIS’s power, Krauthammer opened up on the President.

CNN's Cuomo Frets US May 'Help ISIS' by Barring Refugees, 'Blaming the Victims'

On Tuesday's New Day on CNN, as co-host Chris Cuomo debated Republican Rep. Steve King on whether Syrian refugees should be allowed into the U.S., the CNN host absurdly suggested that barring refugees might "help ISIS" because it would...Show More Summary

College Protesters Demand Coverage Only From Media Backing Their Cause

Students and faculty members at Smith College in Northampson, Mass., apparently tried to avoid a repeat of an “ugly episode” at the University of Missouri, where a communications professor was caught in a video calling for the removal...Show More Summary

BREAKING: Pilgrims Not Villains this Thanksgiving; HuffPo Needs Them to Argue for Syrian Refugees

Well, the Pilgrims just got an upgrade from the left. Whereas most Thanksgivings lefty media types disparage Pilgrims as genocidal racist imperialists, this year The Huffington Post wants us to remember they were a persecuted minority...Show More Summary

NYT Tripped By Stray Cat; Uses Modified Obama Photo in Krugman Column

On Monday, the New York Times inadvertently created the latest cat photo to go viral. The newspaper posted a blog entry from liberal columnist Paul Krugman, and included what it thought was the famous photo of President Obama, Hillary...Show More Summary

Daily Kos Writer: Republican Response to Paris Attacks ‘More Tragic’ Than Attacks Themselves

Liberals sometimes say that law enforcement’s approach to the Mafia offers a model for how to deal with jihadists, even though the latter tend not to limit their demands to protection money. This past Sunday, Egberto Willies claimed that if terrorist attacks were “treated as they should be, like organized crime, it would neuter ISIS. Show More Summary

Colbert Cheers Ted Koppel: ‘One of the Most Respected Journalists of Our Time’

On Monday's Late Show, liberal comedian Stephen Colbert heaped praise on liberal journalist Ted Koppel, who hosted ABC’s Nightline for 29 years, and called him “one of the most respected journalists of our time.” Colbert provided a fawning...Show More Summary

‘Hannibal,’ PETA Warn People Eating Turkey for Thanksgiving Are Cannibals

PETA and Hannibal are urging Americans to go vegetarian this Thanksgiving – by comparing turkey to human flesh. It used to be the joke that a Puritan (aka Pilgrim) was someone who lay awake at night worrying that someone, somewhere, was having a good time. Show More Summary

NYT's Strange New Dis-Respect: 'Hating Woodrow Wilson" Suddenly OK When Liberal Campus Protestors Demand it

It's suddenly acceptable in the New York Times to call liberal hero Woodrow Wilson a racist, now that a black campus pressure group is making demands that Princeton University strike the name of Wilson, former president of the university, from the name of its public policy school. Show More Summary

Liberal Washington Post Owner Touts Paper as ‘Bright Light’ In Journalism

On Tuesday’s CBS This Morning, co-host Charlie Rose teed up liberal Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos to provide a free advertisement for his newspaper, calling it “the new paper of record” and a “bright light that helps shine light on all of our institutions in this country and the political process.”

Cosmo Praises Incest, Infidelity, and Possible Child Rape

Incest, infidelity, and possibly even child rape all amount to a healthy, healing, and loving relationship by Cosmo’s standards. In a recent twitter post, the “women’s bible” hyped an article normalizing not just sex between a half brother/half...Show More Summary

Ben Stiller's 'Zoolander 2' Decried: Jokes on 'Non-Binary' People Like 'Using Blackface'

Transgender advocates are boycotting the forthcoming movie Zoolander 2 because its trailer features its moronic male model characters being confused by androgynous model named "All." Ben Stiller's Zoolander asks if the model is male or female. Show More Summary

Fox’s ‘Minority Report’ Calls Out the Church for Hostility to Science and Causing People to Die

Fox’s Minority Report has lost its collective mind. On Monday night, in an episode called “Memento Mori,” MR attempted to blame the Church for thousands of years of scientific and medical darkness.

Bernie Sanders Digs Noam Chomsky, MSM Yawns

In a bid to pump up his anemic African-American support, Bernie Sanders very publicly chowed down yesterday with rapper Killer Mike, who at a subsequent rally endorsed Sanders. Reporting on the meeting of the unlikely duo, the Washington...Show More Summary

NCIS Puts Powerful Spotlight on Girls Recruited by ISIS

Tonight’s NCIS: Los Angeles episode, “Defectors,” was supposed to run last week but was postponed because of the Paris terror attacks. The episode deals with recruitment of American teenage girls for ISIS, which, sadly, is actually happening, and it is especially relevant in light of the female terrorist involved in Paris.

CNN's Blitzer Sees 'Harsh Anti-Muslim Sentiments' from GOP Candidates

On Monday's The Situation Room on CNN, host Wolf Blitzer described Republican presidential candidates as putting out a "steady drumbeat" of "harsh anti-Muslim sentiments" because of their expressed concerns about ISIS terrorists exploiting...Show More Summary

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