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‘Scandal’ Star Character on Abortion: ‘I’m Not Ashamed at All’

Since ABC's Scandal's winter finale in November ended with lead Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) heartlessly killing her unaborn baby to the tune of the Christmas hymn "Silent Night," the abortion has not been mentioned on the show. President...Show More Summary

ABC, CBS Brush Over Huma, NBC Chats with Alleged Clinton Server Hacker

A new development in Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server scandal broke Thursday. Clinton’s longtime aide Huma Abedin was finally questioned by the FBI. Throughout the day most news outlets praised it as a sign that the investigation was coming to a close. Show More Summary

CNN Touts West Virginian Democrats Who Choose Trump Over Hillary

Thursday night on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, the host and correspondent Gary Tuchman surprisingly highlighted how poorly Clinton was faring with blue-collar Democrats in West Virginia. Tuchman noted that registered Democrats outnumber...Show More Summary

Hillary Biographer Carl Bernstein: 'We Don't Really Know About Her As a Person'

On Wednesday's CNN Tonight, CNN commentator Carl Bernstein oddly proclaimed "Hillary Clinton has been around for 40 years and yet we don't really know about her as a person." He said this just seconds after anchor Don Lemon reminded the audience Bernstein wrote an entire book about allegedly unknown Hillary Clinton.

Not a Joke: Matthews Presents Self as Shakespeare to GOP; ‘To Be a Republican or Not to Be?’

Coming off a two-hour Hardball on Wednesday, MSNBC brought suffering viewers back to just one hour on Thursday, but host Chris Matthews made sure they got their money’s worth by presenting his closing Let Me Finish segment as “a Shakespearean choice facing Republicans this year” in “[t]o be a Republican or not to be” with presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Vox Writer: Since the Early ’90s, Media Standard For Clintons Has Been ‘Guilty Until Proven Innocent’

During the upcoming presidential campaign, predicts David Roberts, the media will not acknowledge an inconvenient truth: that the difference in quality between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is comparable to the difference in potability...Show More Summary

ESPN Hires Politically Active Leftist/LGBT Activist, Because That’s What They Do

In what might go down as the most redundant and superfluous hire in the history of redundant and superfluous hires, a network already dominated and run by leftist, LGBT activists hired…wait for it…a leftist, LGBT activist.

On CNBC, Reiner Stands By 'Strain of Racism' Charge About Trump's Base

On Thursday's Closing Bell on CNBC, Rob Reiner repeated his charge that Donald Trump's supporters are "not all racists, but there is a strain there." Host Bill Griffeth wondered, "Don't you think just people are angry — they're angry...Show More Summary

Nets Hype Justice Department Accusing North Carolina of Civil Rights Violations

On Thursday, all three network morning shows dutifully promoted the Obama Justice Department threatening to sue North Carolina over its transgender bathroom law and accusing the state of violating the Civil Rights Act. On NBC’s Today,...Show More Summary

Steve Deace Hits Trump as Lex Luthor; ‘No Moral Help’ Him ‘Finish Off His Memoirs’

Speaking with host Erica Hill on MSNBC Thursday afternoon, Iowa conservative radio talk show host Steve Deace reiterated his commitment to the Never Trump movement and after comparing Donald Trump to Superman villain Lex Luthor, promised that he feels “no moral imperative whatsoever to help Lex Luthor finish off his memoirs.”

Did NBC Sit on Guccifer Claims on Hacking Hillary Server?

A May 5 NBC News online story reported the Romanian hacker revealed “in an exclusive interview” with correspondent Cynthia McFadden that Clinton’s server was “like an open orchid on the Internet.” However, as PowerLine’s Scott Johnson pointed out, “NBC interviewed Guccifer during his pre-extradition detention in Romania. Show More Summary

CNN's Banfield Misinforms Viewers on NC Bathroom Law

On Thursday, CNN misinformed its viewers on the North Carolina bathroom law on its Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield show by giving viewers the impression that people who have undergone sex changes would be barred from using the bathroom of their new gender. As host Banfield introduced a segment at 12:38 p.m. Show More Summary

MSNBC's Scarborough Spars With Rob Reiner Over Trump's 'Racist' Base

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough faced off with Rob Reiner on Thursday's Morning Joe, after the liberal Hollywood producer/writer explained Donald Trump's base of support by underlining that "there are a lot of people who are racist in this country."...Show More Summary

NBC Ignores E-Mail Scandal While Looking at Hillary’s ‘Major Obstacles’

At the top of Thursday’s NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer proclaimed: “Game on. Clinton and Trump gear up for their likely general election showdown....They’re two of the most unpopular candidates in recent history.” He then promised an examination of the flaws of both candidates: “This morning, the major obstacles facing both campaigns.”

Irony Alert: New MSNBC Ad Says ‘We Seek Different Perspectives’

With no sense of irony or humor, a new MSNBC ad claims the network “seeks different perspectives.” Yes, the cable channel home to some of most liberal hosts and journalists on the planet, touted, “We seek different perspectives, connect the dots, approach the story from all the angles.”

NBC’s ‘Heartbeat’: Transgender Hormones ‘Put Right What Nature Got Wrong’

NBC’s Heartbeat is a show that deals with conflict. A main character, who is a female, runs around acting like a man. An ex-husband of the main character, who is so incredibly over the idea of getting back together with his former wife, becomes gay. Show More Summary

MSNBC's Katy Tur: 'Veiled Sexism' for Trump To Suggest Hillary Is Low Energy

If it's sauce for the goose, it's sauce for the Hillary... Question for MSNBC's Katy Tur: of all the epithets Donald Trump pinned on his primary opponents, which was the first and arguably most effective? Bet you answered "low-energy," with which Trump of course famously jabbed Jeb. Show More Summary

Of Course: Press Blame Long Airport Lines on TSA ‘Budget Cuts’

Almost any time a government agency or program fails to perform, those involved complain that they don't have enough money to properly do their jobs. Unless the matter involves national defense, the press gullibly swallows their contentions. The Transportation Safety Administration is the latest case in point. Show More Summary

Dana Milbank Planning to Eat Column with Erroneous Trump Prediction

Yummy! Doesn't the idea of eating newsprint and ink sound absolutely delicious? Okay, maybe not so great but Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank is making the best of his promise to eat his column if Donald Trump won the nomination. Show More Summary

Social Justice Warriors at ESPN Prod LeBron James for Quitting His Gun-Control Activism

ESPN, not content to cover sports, wants in on the burgeoning social-justice market as well. In “Waiting for LeBron," an ESPN magazine essay, Washington Post reporter Eli Saslow pondered why Cleveland Cavaliers basketball legend LeBron James backed off his brief anti-gun activism. Show More Summary

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