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Is the New York Times a Liberal Newspaper? Former NYT Public Editors Confront the Question

The New York Times shut down their Public Editor position last May. The position, an outsider to monitor the paper’s integrity and respond to readers’ complaints, was established in 2003 in the wake of the mortifying scandal involving...Show More Summary

FLASHBACK: Bob Shrum Shames Scaramucci for Defending Trump Against Media Bias

With the appointment of Anthony Scaramucci on July 21 as White House Communications Director, this is a good time to take a walk down memory lane with him to exactly two weeks before the November election when he was subjected to a searing attack by always wrong political consultant Bob Shrum on Bloomberg's With All Due Respect. Show More Summary

Roland Martin Frets 'Despicable' Judge Gave Long Sentence to O.J. Simpson

On Friday morning's News One Now, host Roland Martin repeatedly ranted over the 33-year sentence that O.J. Simpson received almost a decade ago, even as the far-left commentator admitted he believes Simpson was indeed guilty of the prior...Show More Summary

Not a Shock: Journalists Make Scaramucci's First Press Conference About Them

Hours after it was revealed that Sean Spicer had resigned on Friday as White House Press Secretary, Anthony Scaramucci was announced as the new Director of Communications. In an inaugural press conference, journalists made it all about themselves. Show More Summary

Fox Sports' Whitlock Labels ESPN the 'PC, Safe Space' Network

What started Monday as a controversial statement by Michael Vick about Colin Kaepernick has morphed into a verbal war between Fox Sports 1 and ESPN. Jason Whitlock, who co-hosts Speak for Yourself on FS1, and ESPN First Take's Damien Woody sparred over comments made by former NFL quarterback Vick about free agent Colin Kaepernick. Show More Summary

MSNBC Host More Worried About Defunding Than Planned Parenthood Prez

In an interview earlier this week, an MSNBC host appeared more worried than even Planned Parenthood’s president over the push to defund the abortion giant. On Tuesday, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards came on Lawrence O’Donnell’s...Show More Summary

When Institutions Go Left

I have recently been reminded of one of my earliest conclusions about the American left. I arrived at that conclusion when it was relatively civilized. In those days, we called it American liberalism, but even then it was fla fla. My...Show More Summary

The Media’s Special Prosecutor Double-Standard

They just hate the guy. Unless and until they love the guy. The guy we speak of here is whomever happens to be investigating the President of the United States. Call him a Special Prosecutor, an Independent Counsel, a Special Counsel. Show More Summary

Now He’s Gone, CNN’s Jim Acosta Notes How Spicer ‘Was Raked Over the Coals Publicly’

Calling into CNN’s Inside Politics after news broke Friday afternoon Sean Spicer would resign from the position of White House press secretary, senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta trumpeted the reality that Spicer “was rakedShow More Summary

GOP Rep. Calls Out Media ‘Unhealthy Obsession’ With Russia, MSNBC Freaks Out

Appearing on MSNBC’s 11 a.m. ET hour on Friday, Republican North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer called out the “unhealthy obsession” the media have with accusations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, sending co-hosts Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle into full freak-out mode. Show More Summary

Varney: ‘Trump Rally’ Made U.S. $4 Trillion Richer in Six Months

The Dow Jones Industrial Average set its 26th record high of the year on July 19, prompting Fox Business anchor Stuart Varney to check in on the “Trump rally” and how much it boosted American wealth. The rally began after Donald Trump’s...Show More Summary

Disgusting: Reuters Broadcasts Livestream of Sean Spicer’s House

Roughly two hours after White House press secretary Sean Spicer announced his resignation, Reuters disturbingly set up shop outside Spicer’s house and provided a livestream for viewers to follow along with. It doesn’t take a whole lot...Show More Summary

Crazed Lib Alyssa Milano Wants To ‘Hold Trump Accountable for Russia’

Tinfoil hats are rarely a good look -- even the chic designer kind Hollywood celebrities can afford. But here come TV stars Alyssa Milano and Misha Collins, barking conspiracy theories and joining the throng of actors who want to be activists. Show More Summary

Will Media Report? Nearly Half of Americans Call Abortion ‘Morally Wrong’

New poll findings reveal that the liberal media, who applaud abortion “healthcare” as “moral,” are out of touch with nearly half of the United States. And so, while the media readily cite polls supporting their agenda, it’s doubtfulShow More Summary

Matthews Likens Donald Trump to O.J. Simpson, Wants DOJ to Be ‘His Personal Johnnie Cochrans’

MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews wasn’t done on Thursday night with the ridiculous comparisons involving Donald Trump, ending the show by comparing the President to O.J. Simpson in that he wants all government attorneys “to serve...Show More Summary

Flashback: Bill Clinton Shoved Aside 'Scary' Stephanopoulos in Favor of ‘Grown-Up’

Sean Spicer resigned as White House Press Secretary on Friday. Journalists immediately jumped on this as an example of yet more turmoil and harped on Spicer’s “missteps.” But White House tumult is hardly new, even for Presidents who would go on to serve two terms. Show More Summary

CNN Brings Black Lives Matter Into O.J. Simpson Verdict

On CNN Tonight Thursday, a panel discussion on O.J. Simpson’s parole verdict earlier that day veered into politics, after one guest related the treatment of Simpson to Black Lives Matter. CNN legal analyst Areva Martin compared the reactions...Show More Summary

NYT Plays Trump Reign as Soap Opera Stranger Than Fiction

For at least one New York Times political reporter, the Trump presidency is literally a joke. Matt Flegenheimer’s Washington Memo on Thursday was headlined “Like a ‘Soap Opera,’ Only Not as Fun.” The text box longed for better, non-Trump...Show More Summary

CIA Director Pompeo Blasts NYT for Publishing Name of Clandestine Officer

At roughly nine o’clock Eastern Time Fox News Channel’s Ed Henry broke in with breaking news from the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado. At the forum, CIA Director Mike Pompeo took to the stage slammed The New York Times for putting the life of an officer at risk. Show More Summary

Pansexual Outs Homophobic Jock with Gay Kiss on Stephen King's 'The Mist'

As a show that’s supposed to be highlighting the downfall of social structure as monsters reign around the city, Spike’s The Mist is…surprisingly dull. Maybe it’s because the series depends on me caring about paper-thin liberal stereotypes...Show More Summary

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