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Ugh: New York Times Book Critic Hails Hillary's Book for 'Defiance' and 'Candor'

A conservative media critic can wonder if part of Hillary’s book deal includes requirements for the “objective” media to employ the improbable word “candor” to describe her books, despite the fact that her lack of candor defines her career and her last campaign. Show More Summary

NY Times Uses Pope, Storm to Plug Climate Change

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, the New York Times advanced the “climate change” agenda from every angle in Tuesday’s edition. First up, the paper featured more odd respect for religion from its colorful left-wing reporter Jason Horowitz,...Show More Summary

Clinton: Media Landscape Unfair to Dems; Right Has 'Dedicated Propaganda' Channels

After losing the presidential election ten months ago, Hillary Clinton is still on the blame game tour, this time to promote her election memoir What Happened, which was released today, September 12. She continued the whining and pointing of fingers during her appearance on the liberal podcast, “Pod Save America,” which is hosted by former speechwriters for President Obama.

MSNBC Panel Frets 'Voter Suppression,' Red States Hurt 'Marginalized Communities'

On Monday's MTP Daily, on MSNBC, during a panel discussion of the challenges Democrats have to overcome to win elections, Democratic strategist Zerlina Maxwell received no pushback when she complained about "voter suppression" hurting...Show More Summary

Michael Mann: IBD Editors 'Inhuman Cretins' For Climate Change Skepticism

Climate alarmist Michael Mann smeared Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) as “inhuman cretins” after it wondered if climate change would get credit for Hurricane Irma being less severe than forecast. IBD published an editorial on Sept. 11, wondering since so many tried to say Hurricane Irma would be a horrific storm because of climate change, would the same factor be invoked now?

HBO Showrunner: Hillary’s Loss Was ‘The Last Primal Scream’ Of White Men

The arguments made by liberal hypocrites as to why -- and how -- Hillary Clinton lost her bid for the presidency in 2016 are astounding. What’s even more astounding is how this topic is still consuming them, ten months after the election was over.

CNN, MSNBC Bash Trump’s ‘Climate Deniers’ for Not Hyping Hurricane Connection

The journalists on MSNBC and CNN on Tuesday continued to be annoyed that Donald Trump hasn’t connected Hurricanes Harvey and Irma to global warming. MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle offered a snide aside in a story on Pope Francis: “ In the wake of Hurricane Irma, Pope Francis is criticizing climate change deniers.”

Lauer and Tur Share Trauma of Trump Attacking the Media

Promoting her new book about covering Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign, on Tuesday’s NBC Today, correspondent Katy Tur told co-host Matt Lauer that the then-presidential candidate’s public criticism of her reporting was “jarring”...Show More Summary

Study: The Liberal Media’s Summer of Pummeling Trump

Since Inauguration Day (January 20), Media Research Center analysts have reviewed every mention of President Trump and top administration officials on ABC’s World News Tonight, the CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News, including weekends. Show More Summary

Airport Denizens, Beware: Ubersnitch Lena Dunham Promises 'I Hear All and See All'

Among the unhinged, actress Lena Dunham is vying for front-row occupancy. The former creator and star of HBO's Girls series has tried to make a name for herself among leftists in a variety of ways during the past several years. Dunham's...Show More Summary

Jim Carrey: Americans May Have to ‘Struggle’ Like ‘People Did Under the Czar’

One has to wonder: Are some celebrities promoting communism in their anti-Trump rants? According to Jim Carrey, the hurricanes and politics are linked, “Trump is a fucking imbecile,” and Americans are going to “struggle” like “people...Show More Summary

Dating Site to Filter Millions of Users By Planned Parenthood Support

One of the most popular dating apps is filtering its users by support for Planned Parenthood, because a “shared cause is sexy” even when it’s America's largest abortion provider.

Spirit of Charity: Celebs Use Irma To Promote Climate Change

Kicking someone when they are down is never a good thing. It’s even less tasteful when wealthy, entitled Hollywood uses national tragedies to preach to the public about climate change. But while Hurricane Irma threatened Florida over the weekend, many celebrities did just that.

NBC's 'Midnight, Texas' Brutally Slaughters Priest In Opening Scene

NBC's Midnight, Texas is back on the list for yet another religious slam. This time a human priest faces possibly the most violent and gruesome death of the series so far. And right next to his church.

S.E. Cupp, Ben Shapiro Rake Berkeley Over the Coals for PC Culture

Conservative journalist Ben Shapiro was set to speak at the radically liberal University of Berkeley on Thursday where police would be present to deal with any violence from rioters. And since Berkeley was rapidly becoming anathema to free speech, Shapiro appeared on S.E. Cupp Unfiltered on Monday where he and the host raked Berkeley over the coals for being so ridiculous.

Tale of Two Interviews: CBS’s Rose Goes to Battle With Bannon

On Sunday, CBS News ran two high-profile interviews with two very influential political movers and shakers, the Jane Pauley interview with Hillary Clinton during Sunday Morning and Charlie Rose’s interview with Steve Bannon on 60 Minutes. Show More Summary

Martin Sheen Blames U.S. for Ruining Central America, Causing Immigration

Appearing as a guest on Monday's Tavis Smiley show on PBS, liberal actor Martin Sheen claimed that the United States is to blame for causing so many immigrants to leave Central American countries and travel to the U.S. as he complained about past interventions in some of those countries. The liberal actor concluded that "we're looking at what we have wrought."

Of Course: ABC, CBS Freak Over Climate Change During Hurricane Irma Coverage

As Hurricane Irma coverage dominated network news coverage on Monday, it was inevitable that the journalists would embrace climate change during the reporting. Both ABC’s Good Morning America and CBS This Morning suggested that Hurricanes Harvey and Irma prove global warming.

Jim Acosta and Friends Lobby WH to Believe ‘This Climate Change Thing’ Caused Harvey, Irma

CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta thought it was time during Monday’s White House press briefing to make a fool of himself, partnering with his fellow journalists in lobbying the Trump administration to both believe that global warming caused Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and rejoin the Paris climate deal to stop them.

Dan Rather Uses Hurricane to Push Vox Claim South Florida Will Be ‘Uninhabitable’

Even as Hurricane Irma prepared to strike Florida after devastating the Caribbean, discredited former news anchor Dan Rather promoted a Vox story worrying about how climate change is making parts of the state “uninhabitable.” Climate alarmists seize every opportunity to complain about what they fear will be the impacts of manmade climate change. Show More Summary

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