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Liberals Gush on PBS: Obama Eulogy 'One of the Great Moments Anyone Has Ever Seen'

Only on PBS would it be considered part of a Fourth of July celebration to have the editor of The New Yorker gush over Barack Obama’s most “progressive” accomplishments. It’s also quite like PBS to have this journalist conclude thatShow More Summary

Lethargic Politico Labor Reporter Demands Union Shop

To the barricades! Or rather, to the virtual barricades since that requires much less effort. And in the case of lethargic Politico labor reporter the less real effort the better since according to his "work" schedule, Elk has produced...Show More Summary

Lefty Blogger Jonathan Chait: ‘The Father of the Modern Republican Party’ Was a Democrat

Boldly combining the investigative techniques of David McCullough and Maury Povich, New York magazine’s Chait has done a little historical paternity testing and determined that Andrew Jackson “is, clearly, the father of the modern Republican...Show More Summary

Shameless NBC Uses Murder by Illegal Immigrant to Bash GOP, Trump ‘Desperate to Win Latino Voters’

Monday’s network evening newscasts offered continuing coverage on the July 1 murder of a San Francisco woman allegedly at the hands of an illegal immigrant, but it was NBC Nightly News that shamelessly used the occasion to blast in Republican...Show More Summary

'Hardball' Host Chris Matthews Treats 'Theocrat' Santorum to Surprisingly Civil Interview

Back in the 2012 Republican presidential primary race, Chris Matthews slammed former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) as a "theocrat" and a "Cro-Magnon" man. On tonight's Hardball program, however, the MSNBC host was actually cordial and low-key. Show More Summary

Marco Rubio Hammers NY Times for Claiming He's Cuba's 'Least Favorite Son'

On Monday, soon after the New York Times slammed Florida senator Marco Rubio as Cuba's “least favorite son,” the 2016 GOP presidential candidate fired back, accusing reporter Jason Horowitz of using the “Castro regime's propaganda” in his article, which was entitled “Marco Rubio Is Hardly a Hero in Cuba. Show More Summary

CNN Features 'Republican' Voter Who Frets Lindsey Graham is 'Super Conservative'

On Monday's New Day, CNN again reminded its viewers that the news network's idea of a politically balanced group of voters is to have Democrats who articulate liberal viewpoints paired with Republicans who themselves sound liberal with few conservative viewpoints expressed by anyone. Show More Summary

Daily Beast Attacks Post-Abortion Counseling

To the abortion absolutists of the left, it isn’t enough that a woman kill off the life inside of her. She then has to be happy about it. Case-in-point, liberal journalist Samantha Allen attacking post-abortion counseling in her recent piece for the Daily Beast.

AP Fails to Give National Treatment to Couple's $135K Fine For Refusing to Make an Illegal Same-Sex 'Wedding' Cake

Regardless of one's stance on these issues, it should be obvious that if the legalization of same-sex "marriage" is a national story, the determination by the radical left and its government "civil rights" enforcers to brutally punish...Show More Summary

Brianna Keilar Fawned Over Hillary at Chipotle: 'She's Just Like Us'

It was announced on Monday that Hillary Clinton's first national TV interview will go to CNN's Brianna Keilar, a journalist who previously fawned over the Democrat's appearance at Chipotle. Keilar also attended the wedding of a top Clinton aide two weeks ago. Show More Summary

El clamor de un pequeño empresario se escucha en Telemundo

Aunque Telemundo ha mostrado apoyo a un aumento del salario mínimo, la cadena brindó una cobertura más objetiva sobre la aprobación en California de una ley que obliga a las empresas a pagar ausencia por enfermedad a trabajadores temporales. Show More Summary

Media Hype Malia Obama’s ‘Dream Internship’ on Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’

Is Malia Obama Lena Dunham’s new intern? The media sure think so. Celebrity sites recently spotted 17-year-old Malia Obama on location during the filming of HBO’s Girls in Brooklyn and hyped her internship with the show. Written andShow More Summary

'Strangled' Small Businessman Pipes Up on Telemundo

Small business owners often complain about being “choked” by ever-increasing mandated benefits, but rarely do you see their complaints presented in a clear and compelling way. An exception took place during coverage of the very latest mandated benefit in California: sick leave for part-time employees, which just took effect this month.

S.E. Cupp: Hillary’s Rope Line Was Her ‘Michael Dukakis Tank Moment’

On Sunday, the political panel on CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper blasted the Clinton campaign for the horrible optics of Mrs. Clinton use of a moving rope line to separate herself from the media during a 4th of July parade in New Hampshire.

Stephanopoulos: Clinton Campaign Sees Press as ‘Major Opponent’

In the wake of Hillary Clinton’s campaign roping off members of the press at a 4th of July parade in New Hampshire, ABC’s This Week host George Stephanopoulos appeared on Sunday’s Good Morning America to proclaim: “...right now I think the Clinton campaign sees the press, in some ways, as their major opponent. They think that’s where a lot of the trouble is gonna come from.”

Business Insider’s Walker: Gay Marriage Opponents can go ‘Fk Themselves’

“To me suggesting I should treat gay marriage opposition as legitimate seems to me like suggesting I should have been unbiased about Jim Crow,” tweeted Hunter Walker, the Senior Political Correspondent for Business Insider. Walker, the...Show More Summary

Rihanna Video Celebrates Kidnap, Torture, Murder

Where can you find graphic depictions of kidnapping, nudity, torture, vandalism, forced drug use, drowning, and murder? Probably not even in the worst horror movie, but Rihanna’s new seven minute music video somehow manages to fit in every one of these things.

Geraghty: On Gay Marriage, ‘Press has Decided One Side is Evil’

If nothing else, the media’s triumphalism over the SCOTUS gay “marriage” decision proves they’re sore winners. True, they deserve a victory lap – they and their pals in the entertainment industry made this constitutional and civilizational abomination possible. Show More Summary

12-Year-Old Black Conservative Receives Twitter Death Threats for Being ‘Racist’

It’s easy to imagine the media publicizing threats directed at a black 12-year-old after calling out “racist comments” – except in a case like this, that is. CJ Pearson, a 12-year-old conservative, made headlines earlier this year after criticizing President Obama for “downright hatred” of America on YouTube. Show More Summary

CNN's Houck Slams Obama and City's 'Stupid Sanctuary Law' After Killing by Illegal Immigrant

Monday's New Day on CNN featured a debate between CNN law enforcement analyst Harry Houck and former Clinton administration official Ana Maria Salazar over the shooting death of a woman in San Francisco, Kate Steinle, by an illegal immigrant...Show More Summary

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