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Saturday Night Funny Video: Trump Zings Pro-Clinton Media Outlets

During Thursday night’s Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City, Donald Trump got off a zinger identifying leaders present from the pro-Clinton news media. It naturally hasn’t been the media’s favorite Trump joke line to re-play.

On CNN, Handler: 'Loser' Pence 'Should Be Locked Up' 'In a Little Barn'

Appearing as a guest in a pre-recorded segment on Saturday's CNN Newsroom, liberal comedienne Chelsea Handler slammed Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence as a "loser" who "should be sent to Utah and, like, locked up in aShow More Summary

NPR Anchor Honors Al Gore as a Graceful Loser in 2000

NPR Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon offered an anti-Trump commentary without ever mentioning Trump. But the worst part was hailing Al Gore. "I have a special respect for political losers," Simon said. And Gore earned his respect. So did Hillary Clinton, who "deftly avoided any real response" to scandal charges in the final debate.

Vanity Fair Editor Fran Lebowitz Wants 'Retroactive Abortions' for Pence, Pro-Lifers

Vanity Fair magazine just ended its third annual "New Establishment Summit" in San Francisco, a three-day conclave bringing together "titans of technology, politics, business, media and the arts for inspiring conversations on the issues...Show More Summary

UN Climate Conference Bans Skeptical Journalists

If you are a journalist unwilling to be absorbed into the Global Warming Borg, you are most definitely not welcome to report on the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference next month in Morocco. For proof of this hositility...Show More Summary

Slideshow: Feminists Embrace #NastyWoman As New Rallying Cry

Toward the end of the last 2016 presidential debate, Donald Trump muttered four words that sparked a feminist firestorm: “Such a nasty woman.” Little did he know that celebrities, women’s magazines and pro-choice organizations wouldShow More Summary

PBS Star Ken Burns: Trump Playbook from 'National Socialist Party in Germany'

Alex Griswold at Mediaite pointed out that star PBS filmmaker Ken Burns is out on cable television ranting the liberal line again. The program was Amanpour on CNN International after the debate on Thursday. Christiane Amanpour, his fellow...Show More Summary

Venezuela Officially Descends Into Dictatorship, With Minimal News Visibility

Thursday evening, Venezuela's Bolivarian Socialist government arbitrarily suspended the recall effort against "President" Nicolas Maduro, demonstrating beyond any doubt that the South American country now functions as a dictatorship....Show More Summary

Salon Writer: Chris Wallace Shouldn’t Have Used the ‘Medically Nonsensical’ Term ‘Partial-Birth Abortion’

The liberals who thought Chris Wallace did a bang-up job as moderator of the third presidential debate were judging strictly by appearances, contended Daily Kos’s Laura Clawson and Salon’s Gary Legum in separate articles. Clawson pooh-poohed the praise for Wallace, sneering that he “really wasn’t all that. Show More Summary

Why Michael Moore’s Anti-Trump Film Will Fail

The far-left filmmaker ripped into corporations, gun rights and President George W. Bush before most Hollywood voices rose up on those issues. He was loud and unabashedly so. Even if you disagreed with him, you knew he had his finger on the pulse of liberal America. Now, Moore is rushing out a new film attacking Donald Trump. Could Moore be any later to the party?

'The Exorcist' Demonizes Priest through Affair with Married Woman

Fox's show The Exorcist is much like its film predecessor in taking delight in how outrageously shocking it can go. Unfortunately, the exploits in an R-rated movie are apparently now suitable for a primetime television series. In this case, they spread out the story of a possessed girl over a full season with more conflicts from the priests and more gruesome demonic possession.

Jorge Ramos and Chelsea Handler Pledge to Leave U.S. if Trump Wins

During the episode “I’m Here to Volunteer” of Netflix’s Chelsea, a solid reason to vote for Hillary Clinton’s opponent became apparent – Chelsea Handler contemplates moving to Canada if Donald Trump becomes America’s 45 th president...

NPR Flunks Trump Catholic Dinner Routine As a 'Three-Alarm Fire'

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were harsher than the usual joking pols at Thursday night’s Al Smith Dinner in New York. Many media outlets accurately reported both threw hard jabs. But NPR tilted to Hillary with the opinionated...Show More Summary

Watch a Painful BBC Interview Fail to Have Lady Gaga Opine on U.S. Election

Gee, maybe at times entertainers prefer to talk about entertainment rather than politics. It seems that a BBC interviewer could have learned that lesson in a rather embarrassing way when he interviewed Lady Gaga and proceeded to ask her about the U.S. Show More Summary

Jorge Ramos Blames ‘Loco Hombre’ Trump for Spread of White Supremacy

Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos used the opportunity of being a guest on CBS's Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Thursday night to criticize Donald Trump's use of the term “bad hombres” during his final debate with Democrat Hillary...Show More Summary

CBS Pushes PC Attack on Wonder Woman: ‘Large-Breasted, White' 'American Flag Motif'

The journalists at CBS This Morning on Friday promoted a petition by “concerned” United Nations staffers against the honoring of Wonder Woman, a “large-breasted white woman” who wears an “American flag motif.” The fictional DC comics character is being hailed as an “Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls.”

NBC Claims Trump Booed by ‘His Crowd’ at Al Smith Dinner

While filling in for co-host Matt Lauer on Friday’s NBC Today, Nightly News anchor Lester Holt laughably claimed that the liberal New York elite at Thursday night’s Al Smith dinner should have been a friendly audience for Donald Trump. Show More Summary

New Obama Movie Declares, 'Before He Gave Hope...He Was Barry'

Another gushy movie about President Obama will surface a month after the election. The Root reported that Netflix will be releasing an original movie, Barry, documenting Obama’s early college years. The teaser trailed released Thursday...Show More Summary

The Hollywood Reporter Defends Christian Film About Columbine Shooting

Certain atheist groups are fuming about a Christian film that debuts tonight, claiming that the producers wrongly paint its protagonist as a martyr. Yet, THR did a commendable job in setting the issue straight.

Fox Celebrates Transgenders, Transvestites, and Transsexuals on Primetime TV in 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'

What was Fox thinking airing The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again, a remake of the 1975 musical/comedy/horror cult classic, at 8pm eastern?

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