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New Book by WashPost Reporter To Probe Michelle Obama's Polarizing College Racial Views

On the front of Monday’s Style section, The Washington Post promoted a forthcoming biography of Michelle Obama by Peter Slevin, a Chicago-based Post correspondent covering Chicago and Obama’s career until 2012. Post reporter KrissahShow More Summary

Donny Deutsch Attacks ‘Scary…Dangerous…Slimy’ Ted Cruz

Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Monday, Donny Deutsch viciously attacked Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) following his announcement that he will be running for president, calling the Tea Party favorite “scary” and “dangerous.”

Notable Quotables: Do the Media Really Hate Hillary Clinton?

This week, the New York Times laughably claims Hillary's "toughest foe" in 2016 will be the news media, even as CBS anchor Scott Pelley scoffs at the media "hyperventilating" over the ex-Secretary of State's e-mail scandal. Plus, the...Show More Summary

People Magazine's One-Sided Take on Bruce Jenner's 'Transgender Journey'

People magazine exploited the “transgender journey” of 65-year-old Olympic legend Bruce Jenner, exaggerating a family split that seems to be more about his divorce than his gender confusion (although they’re quite related, surely). This...Show More Summary

MSNBC Panelist: Starbucks Baristas Should Write That America Has Always Been Based on 'White Supremacy' on Coffee Cups

Paging Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. Your "conversation about race" idea has hit a bit of a brick wall among those you seem to believe are on your side — unless your idea of a "conversation" is talking down to anyone who doesn't buyShow More Summary

60 Minutes Hypes Neil deGrasse Tyson, But Skips Fake Quotes, Errors

60 Minutes devoted 12 minutes on Sunday towards fawning over scientist/celebrity Neil deGrasse Tyson. Yet, the Charlie Rose-hosted segment never mentioned his repeated fake quotes, including a slam against George W. Bush that Tyson peddled for years. Instead, Rose fawned that the personality has followed “Carl Sagan as the country's most captivating scientific communicator.”

Boston Globe Runs Editorial, Three Op-Eds Urging Warren To Run for President

Look no further for a textbook example of why the Boston Globe is seen by critics as kneejerk liberal. In today's paper, most of the cover and two full inside pages within the "Ideas & Opinion" section (eight pages in all) are devoted to a single cause -- urging Elizabeth Warren, a Bay State senator and the Democrats' most ardent class warrior, to run for president.

Salon Writer: Political System ‘Lurches Into Crisis’ Because Republicans ‘Violate Long-Standing Norms’

Kim Messick believes America since its founding has suffered three serious breaches of political trust, the last of which is ongoing and results from “the readiness of Republicans to violate long-standing norms of institutional conduct...Show More Summary

Time Mag Touts 'the Clinton Way': They 'Play By Their Own Rules'

Writing for the March 23 Time magazine, writer David Von Drehle delivered a 2400 word essay on just how the Clintons seem to perpetually survive scandal after scandal. He began by declaring, "The Clintons play by their own set of rules" and went on to describe why Hillary Clinton might survive the e-mail controversy.

Former NY Times Reporter Timothy Egan Goes Full Marxist on GOP: 'Traitors to Their Class'

Timothy Egan, liberal New York Times reporter turned left-wing Times columnist, made Friday's paper accusing some conservative Republicans born disadvantaged as being "Traitors to Their Class." Egan's columns are typically online only, but the paper liked this one enough to feature in print. Show More Summary

Chuck Todd Tees Up Jerry Brown to Slam Ted Cruz as ‘Unfit’ for Office

Ahead of Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s expected Monday announcement declaring his candidacy for President of the United States, NBC’s Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd on Sunday teed up California’s Democratic Governor Jerry Brown to blast the Republican as “absolutely unfit to be running for office.”

Bloomberg News Hypes Scott Walker's 'Gun Control' Moment in 1995

Bloomberg’s Jonathan Allen sounds a little desperate to make a controversy for Scott Walker with Second Amendment voters. His headline was “Scott Walker Once Backpedaled After Supporting Wisconsin Gun-Control Bill: His flirtation with...Show More Summary

Not News: Federal Judge Blasts DOJ for Executive Order Deception

A federal judge angrily blasted the Department of Justice in court for deception on Thursday. In contrast to normal federal court proceedings it was quite emotional and included a rather sheepish response from the Deputy Assistant U.S. Show More Summary

Not News: Obama Admin's 'Lying Weasels' Delisted Iran and Hezbollah As Terror Threats

From all appearances, only Fox News, CNS News, and a few Israel-based outlets and U.S.-based center-right blogs care about the fact, acknowledged by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, that Iran and Hezbollah, in the words of Fox's Greta Van Susteren, "are suddenly MIA from the U.S. Show More Summary

Even Critics Don’t Like Sean Penn’s New Anti-American Action Flick

Should we be shocked that according to reviews Sean Penn’s new movie, The Gunman, is turning out to be the Venezuelan economy of action thrillers? Not at all. After all, Penn, the Hugo Chavez fan boy, co-wrote the screenplay. And just...Show More Summary

Media Create Story About Pope and Gays

On March 3 and 5, the Vatican released a statement on the pope's trip to two Italian cities. It noted that he will have lunch with prisoners at "Giuseppe Salvia," a detention center in Poggioreale. The Vatican's website today also mentions the visit. Show More Summary

Media Mum: In Painting, Mother Teresa Marches with Margaret Sanger and Gloria Steinem

This local story is only interesting in a national-media way when you recall how our national media are hypersensitive to art that Muslims find offensive. We know from experience that the liberal media generally supports art that offends...Show More Summary

Starbucks, USA Today Claim Their 'Race Together' Intentions 'Are Pure,' But Their Race Knowledge Test Isn't

The Associated Press's most recent story on the controversial Starbucks USA Today "Race Together" campaign came out Wednesday evening. In that story, AP Food Industry Writer Candice Choi quoted Starbucks CEO at his company's annual shareholders'...Show More Summary

Should Stars Apologize for ‘Hands Up’ Ferguson Lie?

Many Hollywood stars protested Michael Brown’s death after an altercation with police officer Darren Wilson by striking the now famous “hands up” pose. Brown allegedly had his hands up when Wilson fatally shot him, or so the media repeatedly told viewers based on unconfirmed accounts. Show More Summary

NY Times Hid Quote Noting Cop Shooting Suspect as Ferguson Protester (Then Stuck It Back In)

On Monday, The New York Times ran an online story about Jeffrey Williams, the 20 year old Ferguson resident suspected of shooting two Ferguson officers, in which they first reported that Williams was in fact protesting during the night of the shooting incident. Show More Summary

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