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America's at Her Best When We Remember That States Don't Have Rights, People Do

When the South lost the Civil War, new opposition arose to the nation's founding ideals. Progressives of the late 19th and early 20th centuries were OK with the idea of equality, but they hated the idea of individual rights that limited the power of government. Show More Summary

You Are What You Say You Are

"[M]odernity permits liberties previously unknown or unrecognized. Today we're not held to reality."

Firestorm Escalates Over Trump’s Tough Talk

Presidential candidate Donald Trump is like the guy who takes out a Latin woman, showers her with compliments, and then calls her younger brother a pothead loser.

Transgender Activist interrupted Obama Because 'We Need to Be Heard'

During a reception at the White House on Wednesday to celebrate June as “Gay Pride Month,” a speech by Barack Obama was cut off by an "undocumented" transgender activist who shouted: “President Obama, release all LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay,...Show More Summary

MSNBC’s Wagner Bemoans Scalia’s ‘Deeply Emotional, Partisan Core’ in ObamaCare Dissent

Despite getting a favorable ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court on the ObamaCare case King v. Burwell, MSNBC’s Now host Alex Wagner couldn’t help but take issue with Justice Antonin Scalia as a Justice and the “bitterness and the vitriol” he employed in his dissent and lamented that it “revealed a deeply emotional, partisan core that informs Scalia's decision making.”

Shorter Daily Beast: Roberts Ruling Was Conservative Judicial Philosophy at Work

The Supreme Court's opinion authored by Chief Justice John Roberts in the King v. Burwell case was classic conservative judicial philosophy, argues the Daily Beast's Jay Michaelson.

Cómo examina Univision la crisis inmigratoria de Obama

Si se quiere tener una idea mejor de dónde viene la parcialidad izquierdista de Univisión, solo basta echar un vistazo a los patrocinadores detrás de la programación de la cadena. Esto se hizo evidente, una vez más, durante el programa...Show More Summary

Maddow Producer: John Roberts ‘Did the GOP An Enormous Favor’ By Upholding Obamacare Subsidies

In the lead-up to the King v. Burwell decision, not a few liberals claimed that most Republicans secretly wanted the Supreme Court to uphold Obamacare subsidies because quashing them would have caused major political hassles for the GOP. Show More Summary

Networks Yawn at Farrakhan's 'Put the American Flag Down' Diatribe

As of Thursday morning, ABC, CBS, and NBC's morning and evening newscasts have yet to report on Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan's Wednesday rant against the American flag at Metropolitan AME Church in Washington, D.C. Conservative...Show More Summary

Nuevo beneficio para indocumentados en California es ampliamente celebrado

El reciente acuerdo entre la legislatura y el gobernador Jerry Brown (D) de California, para ofrecer acceso al sistema estatal de salud pública a los infantes que se encuentran ilegalmente en los Estados Unidos, fue celebrado ampliamente en los principales noticieros nacionales de Univisión, Telemundo y MundoFox.

NBC News Writer: Indian-Americans Reacted to Jindal Announcement with 'Jokes, Embarrassment'

Following Bobby Jindal’s announcement yesterday that he is seeking the presidency in 2016, he has received heat from several mainstream media sources. They have argued, unbelievably, that Jindal is not a true Indian-American. NBC News...Show More Summary

Obama Immigration 'Crisis' Examined on Univision

If you want to get a better idea of where Univision’s liberal bias comes from, just take a look at some of the sponsors behind the network’s programming. This became apparent once again during Univision’s recent televised “town-hall”...Show More Summary

Fox News Fires Bob Beckel, Politico's Dylan Byers Reports

"Fox News has officially dropped 'The Five' co-host Bob Beckel from the network, saying the show could no longer be held 'hostage' to his personal issues," Dylan Byers of Politico reported earlier this afternoon.

Airbrushing Hackery: Maryland’s Mosby Makes Women’s Mag Rounds

Jezebel called her “badass” and “inspiring.” Vogue deemed her a “heroine and lightning rod.” To Cosmo, she’s the “the talk of the nation.” Yet, most of all, Maryland state attorney Marilyn Mosby is now known for being controversial.Show More Summary

O'Reilly Calls Out Press For Letting 'White Supremacist Nation' Meme Go Unchallenged

In his "Talking Points" opening monologue Wednesday night, Fox News's Bill O'Reilly lit into the establishment press for allowing the notion that America is a "white supremacist nation" to go "largely unchallenged." He further accused...Show More Summary

'Hulk' Mark Ruffalo: 'I Get Angry' that There is a Debate Over Climate Change

The man who plays the Incredible Hulk is angry: “ angry that we are still debating climate change,” angry about fossil fuel investment and more. Using the far-left environmental website Grist on June 17, Mark Ruffalo leveraged his fame...Show More Summary

AP Treats Second-Quarter Economic 'Rebound' As a Virtual Certainty, Ignores Contrary Data

Yesterday, the government revised the economy's first-quarter contraction from the annualized 0.7 percent it reported in May to 0.2 percent. In covering that news, the Associated Press's Christopher Rugaber spent most of his report speculating...Show More Summary

CNN's Murray: GOP 'Core' Wants Immigrants to 'Act Like Every Other White Person'

On Thursday's CNN Newsroom, during a discussion of GOP presidential candidate Bobby Jindal's official announcement speech, CNN political reporter Sara Murray provocatively asserted that some of Jindal's pitch was aimed at GOP "core" members who want immigrants to "act like every other white person in America."

CNN: 'This May Well Be The Best Week' of Obama's Second Term

Thursday's CNN Newsroom hyped the Supreme Court's decision that again upheld ObamaCare as a "huge win for the President of the United States," as Wolf Blitzer put it. Gloria Borger and John King tied the Court decision to Congress passing the President's fast-track trade legislation earlier in the week. Show More Summary

NBC Hails Obama's 'Big Victory That Is Key to Health Care 'Legacy'

After the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Barack Obama on Thursday, the journalists at NBC pounced to hail the "big victory" and assert just how relieved 2016 Republicans must be Peter Alexander touted, "So it is a big victory for the Obama administration. Basically, the Supreme Court has, for the second time, bailed out ObamaCare."

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