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Hillary: I'll 'Impose Much Harsher Restrictions' Under Dodd-Frank

Wait a second: wasn't it just this month that Hillary's handlers announced they were going to have her show a warm 'n fuzzy side, with more "heart?" So who was the genius who coached Clinton to announce that as president she would "impose...Show More Summary

CNN Changes Democratic Debate Rules to Easily Include Joe Biden

While the Democrats running for their party's nomination for the 2016 presidential election are far fewer than those on the Republican side, the Cable News Network is doing its best to add another candidate to its two-hour prime-time...Show More Summary

An Investor's Business Daily Editorial Does the Beat Press's Job With a Digest of Hillary Scandal News

If the establishment press was treating Hillary Clinton's private server/email and other controversies as the genuine scandals and the national security nightmares that they really are, we'd be getting daily or near-daily updates on the latest developments. It really isn't too much to ask. Show More Summary

Tactless Williams, Matthews Knock Catholic Dogma During Papal Mass

Brian Williams and Chris Matthews couldn't resist the opportunity to harp on the lack of married and women priests in the Catholic Church, as MSNBC provided live coverage of Pope Francis's open-air Mass in Philadelphia on Sunday. Williams pointed out that one of the archbishops at the Mass is "from a family, [but] he cannot go home to one. Show More Summary

NY Times: No Room to Review Mark Levin Bestseller, But...Kim Kardashian Gets Reviewed!

Some of us have shaken our head at the usual New York Times reaction to a Mark Levin best-seller. It tops their best-seller list without the Times ever reviewing it. This has held for the new book Plunder and Deceit, now at number 2 on their chart this Sunday. Show More Summary

Time on Planned Parenthood Videos: ‘Fury Often Matters More Than Facts’

A snide Time magazine chided the organization behind the Planned Parenthood sting videos, insisting that “fury often matters more than facts.” In the October 5 issue, Alex Altman profiled David Daleiden and lectured, “In the midst of a political storm, fury can often matter more than the facts. An activist with an agenda can shape policies that affect millions.”

Salon: Republican Party Presidential Nominees are ‘Stolidly Faith-Deranged Candidates’

Liberals trashing on religion goes together like Monday morning and coffee: it’s just the norm. From the momentous visit to America by Pope Francis to the recent CNN Republican debate where some candidates had the audacity to mention...Show More Summary

NBC Reporter Interrupts Huckabee’s Speech When He Starts Talking About Planned Parenthood

What a coincidence -- or not. The moment GOP candidate Mike Huckabee began slamming Planned Parenthood at the podium at this year’s Values Voters Summit, an NBC journalist interrupted. So loudly that some in the crowd began whistling and shouting at her to quiet down. We know because we were there.

CNN's Cuomo: Ben Carson is 'Pandering to a Xenophobic Religious Minority'

CNN's Chris Cuomo painted a cynical picture of Dr. Ben Carson on Monday's New Day, as the newscast covered Jake Tapper's interview of the Republican presidential candidate from Sunday. Cuomo contended that Carson's recent stance against...Show More Summary

Ben Carson Slams Media for Twisting 'Muslim President' Comment

At the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. Friday, GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson slammed the media as elitists who “just don’t get it.” He explained how the media use their position of power to mislead the public by sharing a recent anecdote where a reporter took his words out of context.

Nets Skip Planned Parenthood Throwing Condoms at Carly Fiorina; Hype Her Other ‘Scary Moment’

Which is “proof” that “you have to be ready for anything in politics”: a curtain falling down or Planned Parenthood activists throwing condoms? The curtain, according to the broadcast news shows. A local ABC affiliate reported Planned Parenthood protesters threw condoms at Carly Fiorina Saturday while she spoke at an Iowa Hawkeyes tailgate party. Show More Summary

Chris Matthews Cheers Obama's UN Speech: He’s ‘Become a Global Leader

On Monday, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews swooned over President Obama’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly and called it evidence that the president “was a “presidential figure whose become a global leader.” The MSNBC host proclaimed that Obama’s speech shows he “is he going to be a post-presidential Nelson Mandela. Show More Summary

Pelosi Tells Tapper on Planned Parenthood: 'I Don't Stipulate That These Videos Are Real’

On CNN’s State of the Union, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi was asked by Jake Tapper if she had seen any of the undercover videos that showed Planned Parenthood executives casually talking about selling body parts of aborted babies. In...Show More Summary

Mark Halperin: Bill Clinton ‘Right’ About ‘Vast’ GOP Plot Against Hillary

Game Change author Mark Halperin agreed with Bill Clinton’s conspiracy theory that Republicans are engaged in a “vast” plot to make the e-mail scandal a major focus of the presidential campaign at the expense of actual issues. Appearing on Morning Joe, Monday, the Bloomberg Politics managing editor responded to an interview clip of Bill Clinton. Show More Summary

CNN's Cuomo Disputes the 'Urgency' to Defund Planned Parenthood 'Before You Investigate'

On Monday's New Day on CNN, anchor Chris Cuomo complained about Republicans wanting to defund Planned Parenthood as he questioned the "urgency" of doing so "before you investigate the allegations," leading guest and former House Majority...Show More Summary

WaPo Avoids Numbers as DC Climate Change Rally Fizzles

Up to 200,000 people will be attending a climate change rally on the National Mall on the same day that the Pope will be speaking to Congress. Wow! Such was the bold prediction reported by Washington Post reporters Juliet Eilperin and Michelle Boorstein on August 25. Show More Summary

NYT's Jackie Calmes, Loyal Ally of 'Reproductive Health Care' Provider Planned Parenthood

New York Times' reporter Jackie Calmes has been the paper's pointman in its journalistic campaign in defense of the nation's largest abortion provider, in the wake of undercover videos by David Daleiden documenting the callous sale of baby organs for money, sometimes without the knowledge of the mothers. Show More Summary

NBC Hypes Fiorina ‘Facing New Scrutiny’ Over Planned Parenthood

Following a contentious interview on Sunday’s Meet the Press, on Monday’s Today, NBC continued to harp over Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina’s recent statements condemning Planned Parenthood and their practice of harvesting fetal body parts. Show More Summary

'Family Guy' Sees the Military as Nothing But 'Mindless Sheeple'

There needs to be a rule that if your TV show has survived and thrived for 14 years based largely on fart jokes and sexual mishap you are forever barred from offering comment on the intellectual capacities of those around you. Specifically,...Show More Summary

La cobertura a Trump en Univision y Telemundo supera a ABC, CBS y NBC combinadas

Los principales noticiarios vespertinos de las dos mayores cadenas hispanoparlantes, Noticiero Univisión y Noticiero Telemundo, trasmitieron masivamente más noticias sobre Trump que las tres principales cadenas angloparlantes, un nivel extraordinario de cobertura.

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