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This musician is suing YouTube for libel because of its automatic takedown notice

Last February, a D.C.-based band called the Rasta Rock Opera was celebrating a modest viral hit, a music video featuring two young kids on a Valentine's Day date. Guitarist and composer Stevie Marco passed the video around on social media platforms to professional contacts and friends -- including the kindergarten class of one of the video's young stars. So Marco was […]

The Switchboard: US and British spies reportedly hacked into the world’s largest SIM card maker

Published every weekday, the Switchboard is your morning helping of hand-picked stories from the Switch team. The great SIM heist "American and British spies hacked into the internal computer network of the largest manufacturer of SIM cards in the world, stealing encryption keys used to protect the privacy of cellphone communications across the globe, according […]

Twitter’s new tool should help curb those embarrassing social media hacks

Twitter just made it a whole lot safer to be a professional on its social network. On Tuesday, the company introduced a new feature that allows users to share Twitter accounts without also having to share passwords. The feature was added to TweetDeck, the account managing software that Twitter acquired in 2011. The small tweak should […]

The NSA has reportedly found ways to avoid even the strongest security measures

The U.S. intelligence community has found ways to avoid even the strongest of security measures and practices, a new report from Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab suggests, demonstrating a range of technological accomplishments that place the nation's hackers as among the most sophisticated and well resourced in the world. Hackers who are part of what the cybersecurity […]

Smaller cable companies hint they’ll sue the FCC on net neutrality, too

The list of potential plaintiffs lining up against the Federal Communications Commission keeps getting longer and longer. On Tuesday, a top lobbyist representing small and rural cable companies said his group is considering litigation...Show More Summary

Top cable lobbyist: ‘Customer service right now is completely unacceptable.’

Here's something you probably didn't expect the cable industry to admit: "Customer service right now is completely unacceptable." That's some real talk from cable's biggest trade group, the National Cable and Telecommunications Association. Show More Summary

How to use Apple’s new security features (and why you should)

Apple said late Thursday that it's offering users a new security feature for its Messages and Facetime features. Now Apple users can opt to be asked to enter a second, one-time use code, in addition to their normal username and password when they log in on a new device. The code can be texted to […]

In mourning David Carr, Twitter proves him right yet again

Journalists around the world are mourning David Carr, the much revered New York Times media columnist who collapsed at the newspaper's office Thursday. And they are doing it online. David Carr collapsed in the newsroom he loved, doing what he loved, surrounded by those who loved him. RIP — Nicholas Kristof (@NickKristof) February 13, […]

Who’s going to sue the FCC over net neutrality? Probably the cable lobby.

A top lobbyist for the cable industry is signaling that his organization will probably sue the government over its proposed net neutrality rules when the time comes. Although board members at the National Cable and Telecommunications Association haven't resolved to sue, it's "highly likely" the trade group would join a lawsuit against the Federal Communications […]

Your browser may soon force you to connect securely to some U.S. government Web sites

In recent years many tech companies have taken an extra step to protect the privacy of their users by having their services default to encryption, which is signified by a little lock icon in most browsers and the changing of HTTP at the beginning of a Web address to HTTPS. The encryption creates a sort […]

Republicans are about to ‘Benghazi all over again’ on net neutrality

A week after the head of the Federal Communications Commission said he wants to apply strong rules on Internet providers, a Republican strategy is emerging to undermine the proposal. The Republicans' new strategy looks much like the old: Argue that the FCC's proposed rules will stifle investment, hurt innovation and raise prices for consumers. FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai, a […]

What Watson has been up to since “Jeopardy!”

Remember Watson, the computer that won "Jeopardy!" in 2011 and made us all worry about the impending obsolescence of the human race? Have you ever wondered what it's been up to since then? Well, like many sudden celebrities, Watson has dabbled in several interests. It visited Capitol Hill. It penned its own celebrity cookbook. And now, in […]

Should you ditch cable? Depends on what you want to watch.

Dish announced Monday that it's opening is SlingTV service to everyone.  As my colleague Cecilia Kang reported,  the newest release of Sling adds AMC to the core pack of channels included in the basic $20 per month fee. The offering from Dish is one of the more attractive cord-cutting options out there, since it offers access to […]

Nintendo is reportedly working on a Legend of Zelda TV series. Its last live-action attempt was a disaster.

Netflix is reportedly working with Nintendo on a live-action television adaptation of the Legend of Zelda -- a long-running, action-adventure video game series in which players attempt to rescue Princess Zelda in the fantasy land of Hyrule. The Internet responded to the news with a mixture of fear and excitement. The last Legend of Zelda television series, […]

Mapping Twitch’s massive gaming universe

This post comes via Know More, Wonkblog's social media site. Depending on your age and hobbies, live gaming might be the biggest user of Internet traffic you've never heard of. The graphic below maps activity in December on Twitch, a social video platform where gamers chat, broadcast and watch videos about gaming. The platform now […]

Netflix and ‘House of Cards’ could be the best thing ever to happen to Cuba’s Internet

You may have heard: Netflix is coming to Cuba. The service launched Monday to what's basically a tiny sliver of the population — those with credit cards and broadband access. But all this likely foretells a much bigger expansion in Internet access for Cuba, much sooner than anyone might have expected. To understand why, we have […]

Want your start-up to be successful? Choose a short name and move to these cities.

Want to launch a start-up? Consider moving to Silicon Valley, near a university -- and keep your company’s name under three syllables. Those are the takeaways of a new study published recently in Science from M.I.T. business professor Scott Stern and doctoral candidate Jorge Guzman, who studied the growth of 1.5 million new firms in […]

SpaceX forced to scrub launch

Elon Musk's SpaceX was forced to scrub a planned launch Sunday evening in which it was to attempt to land the first stage of a rocket onto a platform floating in the Atlantic Ocean. In a tweet, Musk said that an Air Force radar went down, forcing the cancellation, and that the company will try again […]

Google is serious about taking on telecom. Here’s why it’ll win.

First it conquered search. Then it was online video and advertising. Now Google is turning its attention toward telecom — and it’s no experiment. In recent months, Google has said it’s bringing ultra-fast Internet to at least 18 cities, including Atlanta and Nashville. It announced pilot tests of a low-cost, modular smartphone. The company’s joined […]

The Switchboard: Chinese hackers may be responsible for the Anthem breach

Published every weekday, the Switchboard is your morning helping of hand-picked stories from the Switch team. Join us today for our weekly live chat, Switchback. We'll kick things off at 11 a.m. Eastern. You can submit your questions now, right here. China suspected in major hacking of health insurer "The massive computer breach against Anthem, […]

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