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Keith Alexander: Unforgettable

Five years ago today, my friend Keith Alexander passed away in a bicycle accident on the Shore Road in Brooklyn. Keith was one of those people that stuck with you after you met him – big in both personality and stature, sometimes brash, heavily tattooed, full of strong opinions about everything from cycling to body […]

Tired of the World Cup? Enter: Le Tour de France!

Today marked the beginning of the 2010 Tour de France. While today was just a prologue it was still exciting. This is seemingly the only cycling event that has permeated itself into mainstream American sports. Anyone who is interested in watching the races live can do so at the newly formed Rapha Cycle Club! There […]

Vacation all I ever wanted…

Occasionally as a NYC metro area resident, you feel the need to vacate. Working in or living in the city is tough! There’s a lot going on at any given moment, and you need to be a part of it. Or, at least feel like you’re part of it. Afterall, if you don’t take advantage […]

The Dalai Lama at Radio City

His Holiness The Dalai Lama himself will be making a public appearance at Radio City Music Hall May 20th – 23rd. It seems he is making a general tour of the US so don’t miss the opportunity to see this inspirational holy man speak.

Run for your life little man (or lady).

I was a little embarrassed to post this, but then I was thinking, we New Yorkers need to get to nature once in a while. Even if for one day. Here is why…  The other day, I was picked up at my place by a friend to go have dinner at her place. While walking down my […]

The Stroller Mom

Since I have not been working for a few weeks, I have become increasingly aware of this phenomenon plaguing our cities around the world. Normally, I guess I was oblivious to this natural, but somewhat unnatural wonder because I was trapped in an office I didn’t want to be in or I possibly just turned […]

it’s a dog’s life

As a new puppy owner, I often find myself wandering the lower east side and trying to understand things from my puppy’s point of view. Sometimes I overthink for him, and sometimes I am completely baffled when I choose the human perspective. so many sights, smells, people, noises, EVERYTHING, going on all at once. Often […]

Tierra Sana– Wheatgrass and Fresh Juice Come to Rego Park

Woo hoo! There’s something new in Rego Park, and it’s not an Uzbeki club, Russian-language video/cellphone/drugstore/optician combo! Not that I have anything against our newest immigrants, but not since Starbucks opened here, ...

Fire Lane

Driving in the canyons of Manhattan has a unique beauty. This shot captured with Canon 5d and 17-40mm zoom.

Another Change at Anna’s Taverna

Only months after its recent restoration, Athen’s Tavern in Astoria is now under new management. They’ve kept the interior as is, but the menu has changed. Instead of the rather posh and less traditional dishes served after the ...

Upper East Awesome

I was out having dinner the other night in Manhattan when a super awesome diner reared his drunk head. My wife and I were sitting down to enjoy our meal and became aware of a “situation” at a near by table. It seemed drunky crow, old man booze hound was getting into an argument with, [...]

NYC closed for business due to a little snow.

Starting yesterday the city got scared about the impending Snowpocalypse. Schools were preemptively closed. Many businesses decided to not open. The Trader Joes on 14th st. had a line wrapping around its aisles twice instead of the normal once. You’d think they had predicted the biggest winter storm in the last 50 years or something. [...]

Lacto Ovo

I am a vegetarian. I have been for at least the last 7 years. I have often said that I would eat meat if I were the one to hunt and kill an animal with the purpose of eating it and using its parts. I wont get into my political reasons too deeply in this [...]

I don’t live here anymore

I left NYC on August 25th. I don’t intend to come back. 18 years of my life were spent here. The 18 that counted the most in forming who I am today. The decision came not because of the economy (I was employed) or anything else but my decision to follow my heart and the [...]

What’s on your plate Mr. Mayor ?

The NYTimes has a front page (web) article on the eating habits of Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Now this would be a waste of valuable e-newsprint, one may say. However the article brings into sharp contrast the positive motions the Mayor brings into the realm of public health, while at the same time having a completely [...]

La Guardia airport terminal evacuated this morning

This morning, the central terminal at La Guardia airport was evacuated for nearly 5 hours after an apparently intoxicated man went into the airport with a bag full of batteries and wires that was apparently meant to look like a bomb. The man was acting “crazy” and police got several phone calls about his suspicious [...]

June Sunset After The Storm

Ran to the roof this evening when I saw this out the window. A quick moving thunder storm swept through the region and left this spell binding orange sky in its wake.

The Halal Tacos Turf Wars in New York City

Last September I wrote about the spurt of Halal carts all over New York city. "Chicken-over-rice” had somehow suddenly become the flavor of the city and these carts were all over the city. And all that for $5 cant be beat ! And in recent months a similar phenomenon is taking place. The halal carts have [...]

Best Vegan and Jain friendly Spots in NYC

This post courtesy of Yummy Vegan which I contribute to: The following list contains vegan spots that I have eaten at and recommend strongly. I know that others exist but as of right now, either I’ve not been to them or they are way too pricey or uninteresting for me to honestly suggest them to you [...]

Butterfly Conservatory at the Natural History Museum

Butterfly This past weekend I took my mother to see the butterflies at the AMNH. This young boy couldn’t get rid of this little orange butterfly. It stayed on his shoulder as he and his father tried to get more to land on them. What a magical place.

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