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Horizon Zero Dawn adds the option to buy in bulk

Listen, I know it's not the sexiest thing, but it's still weirdly attractive. Horizon Zero Dawn now has the ability to buy stuff in bulk and it has some people very excited. This is why places like Costco continue to thrive (although...Show More Summary

How to unlock Mass Effect: Andromeda's missing tech skill

Newly outset Pathfinders in Mass Effect: Andromeda are free to customize their Ryder in whatever ways they see fit. From appearance to weapon loadouts to skills and abilities -- Andromeda does enough role-playing game stuff to allowShow More Summary

PSN is a running an 'Only on PlayStation' sale

Not that you or your packed game library really need it, buuut Sony is holding an Only on PlayStation sale over the next week, and with it comes yet another chance to pick up the likes of Until Dawn ($10), Resogun ($3.74), The Unfinished Swan ($3), and God of War III Remastered ($6). Those are some of the best-sellers so far. Show More Summary

Tripping through Songbringer's spiritual adventure

Songbringer exists at the intersection of nostalgia and innovation. Within the game's pixels are millions of unique worlds. It's The Legend of Zelda by way of Hyper Light Drifter, with one important distinction. Every player must input...Show More Summary

This is the first of the Xbox One 'Tech Series' controllers

Microsoft has a fancy new Xbox One gamepad coming out next month. Aside from the "military technology"-inspired design, this Recon Tech Special Edition controller has a textured diamond rubberized grip on its backside. It'll be out on...Show More Summary

Let it Die is giving out a booster pack to PS Plus subscribers

Every so often I'll check on my PlayStation 4 downloads and see that Let it Die is doing its thing. As much as Grasshopper Manufacture's hack-and-slash title made a good first impression (the setting and aesthetic are super compelling to me), I abruptly stopped playing early on and haven't gone back. Show More Summary

Radiant Historia returns with Perfect Chronology on 3DS

Atlus isn't done with Radiant Historia! First released for Nintendo DS in 2010, the time-travel RPG is getting a 3DS remake with touched-up graphics and a new "Sub-History" to play through (from the start, if you'd like). While the teaser...Show More Summary

Here's when Splatoon 2's Global Testfire will run this week

If you haven't already, go download the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire demo from the Switch eShop. You can't play it, but when the flood gates do open you'll have one step over and done with if there are any technical issues. With that said,...Show More Summary

Dark Souls III is getting a new patch that increases its framerate on the PS4 Pro

This has happened before, but it's still weird to see us entering an era of "PS4 Pro exclusive patches." The next one on the docket is Dark Souls III, which will be rolling out patch 1.11 soon across all platforms, but the PS4 Pro specifically will be getting an extra benefit -- an enhanced framerate. Show More Summary

Orisa is off limits in Overwatch's competitive mode for a week

It's not unusual to see a new character, in say, a MOBA, disabled from the roster until a week after their launch. As a lot of developers recognize, it can be jarring, jumping into a competitive mindset and having players first-pick the new character with no experience or regard for their team. Show More Summary

Bojack and Zamasu coming to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 via 'DB Super Pack 3' DLC

This April's DB Super Pack 3 DLC will focus on Dragon Ball Super's Future Trunks Saga, including three new characters: Bojack, Zamasu, and Goku Black Rose. Wait. I haven't followed Dragon Ball Super but "Black Rose?" Really? Bojack will also be available as a Master once you acquire his clothing, which is now available via the TP Medal Shop. Show More Summary

A recap from GDC and PAX East

Ooh, this episode is a little late. See, I was on vacation, and the ol' crew decided to up and record an episode without even telling me. You know what that means? No Hot Dish! Even so, it's worth listening to, probably. I listened to parts of it. Show More Summary

Fire Emblem Echoes will support all Fire Emblem amiibo, is getting a limited edition

Nintendo is not known to handle special editions well. Minutes after many go on sale they're sold out for good, and if you want one, get ready to pay double or triple price. The only way to get Fire Emblem Fates on a triple-pack physical...Show More Summary

PSA: Starting a new Zelda: Breath of the Wild game will delete all your old saves

Weeks ago when reviewing Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I toyed with the idea of restarting entirely after conquering the final boss. But after inspecting the "new game" button I found a warning explaining that my previous data would be overwritten, so I held off. Show More Summary

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory releases 2018 in west

Localization confirmed, Cyber Sleuth pack-in not so. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory will release in the west in early 2018 per Bandai Namco. It will feature Japanese voices with English/German subtitles. The PS4 versionShow More Summary

Switch gets pricey Seiken Densetsu Collection

It's official: Seiken Densetsu 3 will be on the Nintendo Switch, included in the Seiken Densetsu Collection along with Seiken Densetsu 1 (Final Fantasy Adventure) and Seiken Densetsu 2 (Secret of Mana). The collection will be 4,800 yen in Japan (~$43). Show More Summary

Review: Everything

At first glance, a game with a title like "Everything" seems like it might be difficult to describe. Like trying to pitch a show about nothing. Fortunately, things get quite a bit easier if you break it down a bit. Everything is a game about Every Thing. Simple, right? Read more...

Xbox One will allow custom gamerpics before long

As much as my eyes like to glaze over when reading a big list of upcoming system-level features line by line, there are some genuinely good additions coming to Xbox One in the nearish future. This month as part of Microsoft's Xbox Insider...Show More Summary

Kerbal Space Program's first expansion has a mission editor

More Kerbal Space Program is on the way with an expansion called Making History. The goal is to "enrich the Kerbal experience" beyond what's already available in the base game and mods, says Squad, and that'll manifest with a drag-and-drop Mission Builder and History Pack. Show More Summary

Dead Rising 4's next add-on turns Frank West into a zombie

Poor Frank West deserves better than this. He's a hero, having saved countless people from a zombie outbreak. He's a pioneer, the kind that seek out danger in order to get a scoop. And, as everyone seems to remember most, he's covered wars. Still, you play with fire long enough and you're bound to get burned. Show More Summary

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