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Out and About on a Sunday

Because you knew they’d say it – Joaquin is caused by Global Warming Climate Change Climate Disruption: …Hurricanes love warm water and the sea surface temperatures in Joaquin’s path are the warmest ever on record. Thank humans for that… This… Continue reading ?

Russia and The 1980’s

Things are going so badly for the Obama administration on foreign policy that it just might be time for another speech on Climate Change. This post has to be sarcastic in nature because of the fact that the reality is… Continue reading ?

Carly Fiorina and the Limits of Executive Ability

There has been much comment on Carly Fiorina’s tenure as CEO of Hewlett-Packard – some calling it a complete disaster, others calling it a success. For political purposes, what is most important to remember is that Fiorina was running neck… Continue reading ?

Out and About on a Sunday

Sources say female troops were given special treatment to pass Ranger School. The thing is no enemy of the United States is going to cut us any slack. Any woman who wants to be in a combat unit should have… Continue reading ?

Boehner to Resign

Now this is some stunning news: Just last night The Hill reported that Boehner ally Patrick McHenry was sniffing around to find primary challengers for Mark Meadows, the GOP rep spearheading the “oust Boehner” movement in the House, presumably to… Continue reading ?

Pope Francis Open Thread

He does seem to be the subject of conversation, doesn’t he? First off, Hillary is thrilled that the Pope is in town – it was the perfect time for her to announce her opposition to the Keystone pipeline. Document Dumps… Continue reading ?

Turns Out We Can’t Beat the Russians

Anyone thinking that Obama might find his backbone and actually stand up to Putin’s imperialism better think again: “Our question was: Would NATO be able to defend those countries {the Baltic states}?” Ochmanek recalls. The results were dispiriting. Given the… Continue reading ?

Weekend Open Thread

The rumors are starting to fly thick and fast about a Biden run. My view: he’ll get in…but it might be a lot later than people think. Could even be after the New Hampshire primary. It has happened before –… Continue reading ?

McConnell Finding a Little Backbone?

Thanks to the Corker Bill, there was really no way for the GOP to stop Obama’s Iran deal – but we should be able to at least get a disapproval to Obama’s desk and force him to veto it…so far,… Continue reading ?

Scott Walker Does Half of What is Necessary

I always wondered if Walker’s fight with the public sector unions was, in a sense, accidental or part of a clearly conceived plan. Was he fighting them on principal because a public sector union is by nature a conspiracy against… Continue reading ?

Out and About on a Weekend

The University of California has decided to make non-Progressive speech illegal on campus. Oh, they don’t say it like that – but the bottom line is that no centrist or conservative would ever complain about what someone says, so their… Continue reading ?

14 Years Post 9/11

This post is timed to appear on the blog at the same time the first plane struck the World Trade Center on that day. It is hard to think of the day any longer – it is like it happened… Continue reading ?

Campaign 2016: the Extremely Silly Season

I hang around on Twitter quite a lot these days, and one thing I’ve noticed in the intense battle among the right about Trump. People are really getting nasty to each other over this subject – and it is people… Continue reading ?

Syria, Refugees and What to Do

I’m betting that everyone has seen the heart-breaking pictures of that little boy who washed up dead on the beach in Turkey – that picture plus the scenes of tens of thousands of people flooding into Europe has caught the… Continue reading ?

Sunday Open Thread

I am looking forward to the Fall and the 2016 Campaign battle, and trust me, it will be a battle. The fascist Progressives who currently control the Democrat Party will lie, cheat, steal and personally attack anyone who threatens their… Continue reading ?

Maybe Just Be Honest?

I’ve been seeing a lot of statements by politicians of late – naturally – and one thing is striking me: the inability of people in politics to just admit when they don’t know things. All of them appear to be… Continue reading ?

A Rather Depressing Day

Not for me, personally. I had a good day. While not a hunter, I have a friend of mine who was heading out to do some dove hunting and I decided to join him for the day…it was nice just… Continue reading ?

A Freely Censored Press

We don’t need a censorship of the press. We have a censorship by the press. G. K. Chesterton, 1908 So, as you can see, it has been going on a rather long time – meaning, this process whereby what is… Continue reading ?

Out and About on a Thursday

The Chinese government is buying stocks, so the economy is all better now – please resume your regular Kardashian news viewing. Kasich viewed as a bigger threat to Bush than Trump is. Uh; well…ok. But being a threat to Bush… Continue reading ?

Attacking the Establishment is What 2016 is All About

I see that Donald Trump got into another fracas with Megyn Kelly and now Ted Cruz has also taken exception to a Kelly line of questioning: Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz was seemingly unhappy with a question on immigration Tuesday… Continue reading ?

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