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The After Thanksgiving Open Thread

I thought we would pick up where we left off on the Thanksgiving thread. There is certainly a lot to talk about, including this recent NYT article on Climate Change which I thought was irresponsible. Talk about fear based politics… Continue reading ?

Thanksgiving Open Thread

For years our Progs have been telling us that Thanksgiving is just the memorial of the racist, white Europeans who invaded the Americas and deliberately with malice aforethought committed genocide against the native peoples. Now that we’ve got to get… Continue reading ?

What Media Bias? Part 200

The New York Times headline: 1 Israeli and 3 Palestinians Killed in Attacks in West Bank Sounds like someone is attacking, but the headline doesn’t make clear who attacked – but given that its three to one dead Palestinians, must… Continue reading ?

Democrats Call in the George W. Bush to Save Their Party

As polls show Obama and the Democrats in the distinct political minority in dealing with radical Islamic terrorism, they’ve decided only one person can save them: I guess we really all do miss W, now. This ad is nauseating –… Continue reading ?

Out and About on a Tuesday

Milo Yiannopoulos has some rather trenchant comments about the idea of allowing mass Muslim immigration into the West. Progs are seizing upon the fact that the Syrian passport found in Paris was fake as proof that we have nothing to… Continue reading ?

Paris: Does Anyone Want to Get Real, Yet?

Or are we just going to have some teary-eyed candlelight vigils and proclaim our “solidarity” with the victims? I suspect that is all we’ll do – oh, to be sure, any terrorists taken alive will be put on trial by… Continue reading ?

Immigration as the GOP Litmus Test

It does seem to be, now doesn’t it? You can pretty much rely on it that Jeb is going nowhere because he was forthright in his defense of comprehensive immigration reform, while we all know that Trump rocketed into first… Continue reading ?

Veterans Day

Peace Now, God be thanked Who has watched us with His hour, And caught our youth, and wakened us from sleeping, With hand made sure, clear eye, and sharpened power, To turn, as swimmers into cleanness leaping, Glad from a… Continue reading ?

Insanity on Campus

When was the last time a student flunked out of college? I’m not talking about someone who hit the bong so often they just stopped going and dropped out. I want to know when was the last time someone attended… Continue reading ?

Open Thread

Quentin Tarantino joins the #BlackLivesMatter movement, makes some anti-police statements; police get angry, Tarantino says: They want to slander me and imply I’m saying things I didn’t say. The reason is because they want me to shut up… It’s much… Continue reading ?

The Real World is Still Out There

A quote from Gary Kasparov in Winter Is Coming: Why Vladimir Putin and the Enemies of the Free World Must be Stopped, via Ace: Unfortunately, Putin, like other modern autocrats, had, and still has, an advantage the Soviet leadership could… Continue reading ?

Hey, It’s November!

And that means just about a year from now we elect Obama’s replacement. Quite honestly, none of the people running can in any conceivable circumstances be worse than Obama. And, yes, this includes Hillary – she’s corrupt and rather stupid,… Continue reading ?

The Obama Legacy

I can’t imagine Obama’s legacy will be too kind to him from his apocalyptic foreign policy, to his destruction of the health care industry, to his mishandling of the economy, and to his divisive nature, there will be many issues… Continue reading ?

Out and About on a Sunday

A few recent polls show Trump fading in Iowa and Carson surging – which makes sense just on the fact that Carson is a much better fit than Trump for the highly socially conservative Iowa GOP. Be that as it… Continue reading ?

The Aftermath

Hillary Clinton is a documented liar. That fact was well established yesterday if it hadn’t already been engraved in stone. Back in 1996 William Safire labeled Hillary a congenital liar as a result of recollections of events regarding the Rose… Continue reading ?


Coming to a State near you: The SAFE (“Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement”) Act was presented to the New York State Senate and passed into law in 15 minutes.  No debate was allowed, and senators did not have time to… Continue reading ?

Weekend Open Thread – Gross Negligence Version

Democrats are desperately trying to paint Hillary’s server debacle as simply a partisan attack with no “there there” following Kevin McCarthy’s comment, but the FBI has another term for it – Gross Negligence, which carries a possible ten year sentence… Continue reading ?

Hope and Change

Last nights Democrat debate was déjà vu all over again. Every issue and position last night was discussed in the same manner, with the same rhetoric as it was 8 years ago, ie; “we need to invest in infrastructure”, “we… Continue reading ?

Monday, Monday

Things are not looking too hot in Syria: CIA-backed rebels in Syria, who had begun to put serious pressure on President Bashar Assad’s forces, are now under Russian bombardment with little prospect of rescue by their American patrons, U.S. officials… Continue reading ?

Speaker Ryan?

Seems that a lot of people want him in the position – and he’s highly reluctant to do it. Partially this would be because as Chairman of Ways and Means, he’s already one of the most powerful people in Washington;… Continue reading ?

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