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So, About New Hampshire

Biggest thing for me about it is that 42,000 fewer people participated in the Democrat primary than in 2008; the returns aren’t 100% yet, but my calculation is that about 245,000 people voted in the Democrat primary last night, in… Continue reading ?

Understanding the Left/Right Divide: Money

Well, no one commented on my earlier post – but I’ve got The Power…I know people have read it (the website tells me how many people viewed it – so, there!). My presumption is that the lack of comments means… Continue reading ?

I’m Writing Another Long Post Open Thread

I really did like writing that last long post – and, so inspired, am in the process of writing another. It’ll likely become a series as I explore my views of just what, exactly, makes one a Conservative or a… Continue reading ?

Not a Massively Long Post Open Thread

Figured my last post was way too long, so let’s put up something more immediately topical. Cosmopolitan puts a sad face on the fact that more Texas women are having babies…I’m telling you, abortion is a sacrament in the Church… Continue reading ?

Just What is Left and Right Politics, Anyway?

Tuesday on Twitter the trend #SocialismChecklist was trending. Naturally, I joined in the fun – my best contribution to the effort (13 retweets, 10 likes) was “1. 100 million political murders in 20th century. 2. Don’t learn history. 3. Lather,… Continue reading ?

Wow Iowa Caucus!

Didn’t expect this – I was resigned to Trump doing well, perhaps winning, and Hillary pushing back the Sanders challenge. As of right now, Cruz has definitely won it on the GOP side while Rubio surged to a very close-behind-Trump… Continue reading ?

Out and About on a Saturday

So, the Black Lives Matter thing? If you had guessed it was ginned up by commie activists, you guessed right. It does, after all, have the primary mark of a leftwing program – it is based upon lies. John Stoehr… Continue reading ?

Money is Power

The market capitalization of the ten largest US corporation is about $3.5 trillion. The United States government will expend about $4 trillion in fiscal year 2016. The ten richest Americans are worth about $456.9 billion. Think, for a moment, what… Continue reading ?

Against National Review

I am a fan of National Review and enjoy reading their articles, but their decision last week to come out against Trump was irresponsible, and displays a disconnect from everyday Americans that evidently even our conservative pundits share. Of course… Continue reading ?

Loving the United States

With all that goes on, it really isn’t hard. Now, first off, before anyone decides to come along and point out the sins of the United States I’d like to first point out a couple things: 1. There is no… Continue reading ?

Out and About on a Tuesday

Just to be clear about our Progressives, a reminder from Instapundit: Lefties are a minority that relies on punishing speakers to ensure that the majority doesn’t realize just how big a majority it is. That’s why they hate free speech,… Continue reading ?

So, How’s That Whole Economy Thing Working Out?

I think we’ve all wondered just how long an economy built on fake money and debt can keep going – we may be about to find out. Forget about the stock market slide for a bit – at any rate,… Continue reading ?

SOTU/Iranian Hostage Crisis Open Thread

Wonder if this will put a damper on Obama claiming success in the Iran deal during the State of the Union? Iranian military forces seized two U.S. Navy boats Tuesday and are holding them in custody on Iran’s Farsi Island… Continue reading ?

Why is the Left so Vicious?

David Gelernter offers up one explanation: …Where does the asymmetry come from? American conservatives tend to be Christians or Jews. Liberals tend to be atheists or agnostics. (Yes, there are exceptions—to nearly everything, always; but that doesn’t mean we can… Continue reading ?

Out and About on a Thursday

So, how are your 401k’s doing lately? Read that this latest slump is because of China covertly devaluing their currency…and the word is that China plans a bit more of this. Ain’t it grand that we got our economy so… Continue reading...

Clash of the Titans

So this Iran-Saudi Arabia thing could get interesting if not outright dangerous. This tribal battle has two deadly Muslim components; Arab/Persian and Sunni/Shia, and both countries have the power to either devastate and/or rearrange the entire Middle East. While Saudi… Continue reading ?

Beginning of Year Open Thread

Had a post up for half an hour – didn’t like the total flow of it. It’ll be back up later, if you saw it. Meanwhile, how about an open thread like a promised? We’re only 24 days until we… Continue reading ?

Social Justice Warriors: The Purposeless Driven Life

Ace highlighted this comment by a recovering Social Justice Warrior: …After a while it becomes second nature; you just sort of convince yourself that you’re on the right side and see your opponent as a stereotype out of reflex. That… Continue reading ?

End of Year Open Thread

I’ll get real original on January First and have a “Beginning of Year Open Thread”. David Thompson fell upon his sword for us and gathered a selection of just how lunatic the left has become in 2015. A sample: …In… Continue reading ...

The Left is Fighting for Total Victory. Are We?

Over at NRO a very good run-down on the D’Souza case and how it changed his views of the left: …The principal evolution in the author’s thinking involves seeing his political adversaries as, yes, enemies. And as criminals. As a… Continue reading ?

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