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Out and About on a Thursday

Ok, so a third or so of Wisconsin GOPers won’t vote GOP if Trump is the nominee…that is understandable…but about the same number won’t vote GOP if Cruz is the nominee. That makes no sense even in 100 parallel universes.… Continue reading ?

The State of the Campaign

Trump and Cruz square off in Wisconsin tomorrow and if Cruz wins – as is expected via polling – then it will get very difficult for Trump to secure a first-ballot nomination…and that is pretty much the end of the… Continue reading ?

Weekend Open Thread

The non-war we aren’t fighting against ISIS could require more US troops. The President of France – a Socialist much in tune with political correctness, it should be noted – said the Bad Words Islamist Terrorism while Obama was there…and… Continue reading ?

War Crimes

It has been brought up lately, and I’ve been pondering it for quire a while. Here are some thoughts I have on the subject: Back in ancient days, those who were defeated in war were at the mercy of the… Continue reading ?

Happy Hour Open Thread

‘Cause we’re all going to need to start drinking, heavily – get it? Anyways… Why are people furious over our political system? Here’s why: During a panel discussion Monday morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe about a pair of new reports… Continue reading ?

Out and About on a Friday

Much argument these days on what a Conservative actually is – my two cents: a Conservative is someone who understands and believes the fundamental dogma of Original Sin. You don’t actually have to be a believer to hold this (though… Continue reading ?

The Smartest Take on Trump

It is from Victor Davis Hanson – first, “Is Hillary Better Than Trump?”: Is Hillary perhaps still a Bill Clinton centrist or at least an elite member of the establishment whose first allegiance is the sober and judicious status quo?… Continue reading ?

Freedom is Dying in America

Earlier today a family member told me they were leaving a social media format – because others this person works with are liberals and as this person does not toe the left wing party line, having the liberal co-workers find… Continue reading ?

Out and About on a Friday

I’ve seen people saying that in a choice between Trump and Hillary, Hillary is the better choice. This just flabbergasts me – for all that Trump has done, he’s not as bad as Hillary. Hillary has deliberately lied again and… Continue reading ?

Can There be a Conservative Majority in America?

Because right now there clearly isn’t. The Trumpocalypse is upon us and while there still is a slim chance that Cruz can derail it, what Trump has revealed is that the Republican Party is not, itself, a Conservative party…some of… Continue reading ?

Kevin Williamson to Working/Middle Class: Go Die in a Fire

Saw this excerpted at Hot Air earlier today and I was astounded by it. I wanted to get the whole article from National Review, but something was screwy with the website and it wouldn’t take my 25 cent payment for… Continue reading ?

Ain’t No Trump Gonna Get Me Down

I just refuse that office – that is, the Office of Being Hysterical About Trump and the Mortal Absolute Danger He Poses to All That is Good and True. Trump is what Trump is. Yes, he’s clownish. Yes, he’s vulgar.… Continue reading ?

Challenge: Name Something Positive the Government Has Done

Yesterday on Twitter I saw a comment claiming that the rise of Trump is due to some decades of Conservatives asserting that government is bad – I retorted that the rise of Trump is due to 100 years of the… Continue reading ?

Out and About on Tuesday

Ever wonder what goes on in colleges? Here’s a sample: Glaciers are key icons of climate change and global environmental change. However, the relationships among gender, science, and glaciers – particularly related to epistemological questions about the production of glaciological… Continue reading ?

Weekend Open Thread

Over 80% of the jobs added in February – if we can trust BLS stats, at all – were low wage (and there’s a Zero Hedge link for those of you who have been starved for such). But don’t sweat… Continue reading ?

I Think I’ve Figured This Out

On Wednesday I was driving around and I had on the radio the Rush Limbaugh Show. I don’t listen too often because, well, Rush usually doesn’t tell me anything I don’t already know; his opinions that I agree with are… Continue readin...

Open Thread

The Justice Department has given a grant of immunity in the Hillary case…grants of immunity are usually only given to someone who is guilty but willing to spill the beans on someone else. My guess: beans will be spilled on… Continue reading ?

The Noonan Party Line

So just what, bottom line, do I want in a political party? Well, it’s really not all that much because, you see, politicians are, well, politicians and I’m not about to suddenly start expecting them to be worth much. Every… Continue reading ?

Super Tuesday

Well, here it is – later this evening, we’ll find out…and I suspect that in a rare moment of agreement, both genuine Socialists and Conservatives will be equally disappointed in the result. If, as I suspect, Trump does very well… Continue reading ?

It Ain’t Super Tuesday So We Don’t Have to Be All Depressed (Yet) Open Thread

So this Swedish teenager – apparently starry-eyed for some boy – agrees to travel nearly 2,000 miles with him to Syria. The story says they took a bus to ISIS controlled territory! What in heck is going on in this… Continue reading ...

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