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A Retired Admiral’s Take on Benghazi

The following is a letter that was re-printed in a military newsletter I get from a retired navy admiral to Bill O’Reilly regarding the entire Benghazi affair” I originally posted this at the end of the recent Benghazi thread. Mr. O’Reilly, I am mad as hell because the truth about how combatant commanders and the […]

The Conservative Media Complex

You will be wanting to sit down for this one, lest you sprain an ankle falling over laughing. In the CNN opinion page today, Julian Zelizer outlines why Obama just can’t seem to catch a break, and reason #3 is …… wait for it ……. the conservative media complex: 3. The conservative media complex: Conservatives have […]

Losing The Hearts And Minds

What use to be the battle cry for all progressives, is ironically becoming the albatross that will ultimately result in their demise. Progressives are losing the hearts and minds of Americans, and of people worldwide, an occurrence of which is rightfully earned. Progressives have never concerned themselves with real outcomes and actual results of their […]


Given all that has been slowly and painfully dragged out of the Obama Administration about the Benghazi terrorist attack, this is my theory of what happened: Once it was confirmed that a terrorist attack was underway in Benghazi, the primary focus of the Obama Administration became insulating President Obama from any possible political fall out.  […]

A New Level Of Distrust

A new poll out today shows that Obama’s indifference and incompetence has shattered the dreams and expectations of many millennials who have lost much trust in him and the federal government. Although when you promise to heal the planet and cause the oceans to recede, and then wind up have trouble getting a new trade agreement […]

Condi Rice for President

While it’s still pretty early in the game and a lot will unfold between now and November 2016, I can’t help but think that Condi Rice would make an outstanding candidate, and quite possibly an excellent President. She has terrific experience – Secretary of State 2005-2009; National Security Advisor 2001-2005; Provost of Stanford University 1993-1999; […]

Leading From Behind – The “What Difference Does It Make” Version

Leave it to the foreign press to actually do the heavy lifting of investigative journalism in regards to this current Administration. A Citizens Commission on Benghazi comprised of top military officers and CIA insiders has recently released on report on their findings, that is strangely absent from our MSM, and their findings are interesting to […]

A Conflict of Vision

Mark and Amazona and I had an off-blog conversation recently about how we have begun to distance ourselves from friends or acquaintances who inhabit the left side of the political spectrum.  For most of my adult life I rationalized keeping such friends by convincing myself that it was “only politics”; that we basically wanted the […]

The Yeomanry & The Clerisy

I recently stumbled upon this excellent article in The Daily Beast from last October, and have never read a better description of the emerging class structure in this country, as unfortunate as that is. You may remember the old saying – as California goes, so goes the country – well let’s hope that this one […]

What Media Bias? Part 197

Been a while since I had one of these updates – but this is important, from Gateway Pundit: The liberal media and conservative outlets are highlighting former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s speculation that Media Matters for America is being paid to attack her reporting that was perceived as critical of the Obama administration. That’s […]

Playing All The Cards

I have said this many times before, but never with the sincerity or the gravity that I say it now – the political divide is beyond repair. There is not one inch of common ground left to compromise, reach agreement, or move forward on, and that fact is in full display with this election cycle. […]

If Speech Never Offends You, Then There Isn’t Free Speech

Mark Steyn points out some really horrific actions around the Western world of late suppressing free speech. In Galway, at the National University of Ireland, a speaker who attempts to argue against the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) programme against Israel is shouted down with cries of ‘Fing Zionist, fing pricks… Get the f off […]

Hiding the Decline, ObamaCare Style

They just get more dishonest by the day: The Census Bureau, the authoritative source of health insurance data for more than three decades, is changing its annual survey so thoroughly that it will be difficult to measure the effects of President Obama’s health care law in the next report, due this fall, census officials said. […]

The GOP’s War on Women Continues!!!!

The pay gap between men and women continues without sign of closing – even after repeated speeches by the pResident.  The GOP still does not pay women equally to men!!! The White House continues to pay women 88 cents for every dollar men earn….. oh wait!!!

Americans Spend More in Taxes Than Food, Clothing and Housing Combined Tell us something we didn’t already know. But we get the usual drivel, we don’t pay enough.  We are greedy when we say that we pay too much in taxes.  The Pregressives demand more and more and attack us when we ask “when will it be enough”.  After receiving over […]

We’re Still Number One. For Now.

Victor Davis Hanson neatly skewers the latest in a line of liberal “studies” which purports to show the United States is behind other major, industrialized nations – these studies often comparing us to small, homogenous nations which lack major numbers of immigrants and who are largely freed from such impedimenta as large defense budgets because […]

When Fighting the Left, Never Give an Inch

I remember a while back ago when I saw a picture of Cindy and Meghan McCain made up in the “NoH8? logo and it immediately occurred to me just how absolutely disgusting it was – while “NoH8? had been around for a while, it suddenly struck me what it really meant – what the liberal […]

The Fascism of the Intolerant Left

One of the founders of Mozilla and developer of Java script language, Brandon Eich has been forced out of his CEO position by an unruly mob of the authoritarian progressives.  It seems he made a $1000 contribution supporting California’s Proposition 8, SIX YEARS AGO! The progressives will not allow a view contrary to theirs. All opposing views […]

Quick, While the Country Is Distracted…..

While the county’s focus is on obamacare, Putin, Gwenyth Paltro’s split, the missing flight and other nonsense, CIA’s Libyan station chief put’s to rest that the Obama administration’s talking point that the whole thing started as a protest. The chief stated at hearings there was no protest and a result of terrorist attacks on the […]

Regarding Cookin’ The Books…

In light of the news of the past 24-hours, it perhaps entirely fitting that a TV cook decided to promote Obamacare this past week. A bit of history as a prelude to this post: October 30, 2012: Obama can’t get re-elected with an unemployment rate above 8%. November 4, 2012: 2 days before election–SHAZAMM!!! Books […]

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