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Republicans Write a Letter; Liberals Go Insane

Our liberals have insta-amended the Constitution – now, instead of treason being defined as adhering to America’s enemies or levying war against the United States, it is now defined as “writing a letter Obama doesn’t like”. Our liberals have gone… Continue reading ?

The Limits of Tolerance

Back during the whole Charlie Hebdo event, a lot of people were defending Charlie on the grounds of free speech – I took a bit of an exception to that. Even though there was no justification for the murders, I… Continue reading ?

Out and About on a Friday

Yet another Obama foreign policy success: Iran’s state-owned Press TV is reporting that Tehran is demanding that all sanctions be lifted to proceed with a nuclear agreement. “Our principle position is that all sanctions are lifted at once,” Iran’s senior… Continue reading ?

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America’s Ruling Class Unites on Amnesty

The House voted today to approve the filthy and disgusting DHS funding bill – it is called “clean” by the Ruling Class because it cleanly drops a hammer on the American people. Seventy five Republicans joined almost all the Democrats… Continue reading ?

Out and About on a Sunday

The Baltic Dry Index has reached a 29 year low: here’s the “we’re all gonna die” take on it and the “no worries” view. I lean towards the former – it just can’t be good when an index like this… Continue reading ?

Worst President, Revised

Matt and I have been busy and we rather blame Obama for this – keeping up with the ongoing disaster has been a trial, but we’ve been willing to do the work: As Barack Obama’s presidential failures keep adding up,… Continue reading ?

By the Way: You Can’t Win With Nothing

In the end, you have to believe in something – those who believe in nothing are easy prey: Michael Nikolai Skråmo, who also calls himself Abo Ibrahim Al Swedi, appears in the propaganda video wearing desert camouflage and clutching an… Continue reading ?

Jeb’s Immigration Problem

We all know that Jeb is in favor of amnesty – as am I – but there’s a problem I detect in Jeb’s view: Here’s Bush: “We need to find a way, a path to legalized status for those that… Continue reading ?

It’s The Lies, Stupid

A quote from Theodore Dalrymple via Mark Steyn via Ace of Spades: In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to… Continue reading ?

Out and About on a Saturday

I had written an article on the 21 Martyrs in Libya – but I couldn’t get it right. Then I tried dipping my toes into the “Does Obama Love America” debate, and that didn’t come out right, either (spoiler: I… Continue reading ?

The 21 Martyrs

I’ve held off on writing about the savage murder of 21 Christians by ISIS barbarians the other day. First off, it shocked and saddened me a great deal and I wasn’t sure I could write about it without giving free… Continue reading ?

Only Believers Can Beat the Islamists

Quite a long time ago, Hilaire Belloc wrote, “the Faith is Europe and Europe is the Faith”. To be sure, what Belloc specifically meant by “Faith” was the Roman Catholic Church, but it can be expanded to mean Christianity in… Continue reading ?

Time For a New Political Party?

Joy Cost makes a strong case that if you’re conservative, the GOP is not really your friend. I do recommend reading the whole thing. Cost points out that the GOP while being the political home of conservatism is not a… Continue reading ?

We’re Going to Semi-War Against ISIS

Which means, of course, that we will Total-Lose: President Barack Obama will soon give Congress his proposal for a new authorization for the use of military force against Islamic State fighters, and it will place strict limits on the types… Continue reading ?

Evil Religion?

A Salon article about the evils of religion – the usual sophomoric yammering, but this passage caught my eye: …The Second World War is no better, perhaps in respects far worse, although more complex. Two thousand years of anti-Semitism by… Continue reading ?

Hey, Obama: About Those Crusades

If there’s one thing which irritates me about the left – in general – it is their rank ignorance of history. It is hard to get someone on the left to properly understand what happened even a few years ago… Continue reading ?

May We Please Fight ISIS, Now?

How about it? And I’m mostly looking at you, liberals – from Obama on down. And especially, at the moment, all you liberals who were outraged by American Sniper…somehow getting mad that an American soldier was killing these sorts of… Continue reading ?

A Brokered GOP Convention?

As Allahpundit noted, my God, it’s full of page views…so, what the heck, I’ll look over Sean Trende’s analysis, too: … in truth, I’m actually hopeful about this year’s campaign, because I think it could be unlike anything we’ve seen… Continue reading ?

The “Affordable” Health Care Act?

Obamacare (a/k/a The Patient Protection and “Affordable” Care Act), was passed during the Christmas season of 2010 in the dead of night ‘to find out what’s in it’ This progressive panacea pitched as a means to supposedly insure the then-projected… Continue reading ?

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