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Review time! with Ruins

“Our bones forever in stone, monuments of life” I’m pretty sure Ruins is the first Peter Kuper book I’ve ever read, even though he has a fine reputation around the comics literati and he’s been working for a long time. It was partly his reputation that interested me about this, which is a nice, thick […]

At Least Your Mom Isn’t Patsy Walker’s Mom

Discover where the Jessica Jones TV show got the basis for Trish Walker's dysfunctional relationship with her mother, only much worse!

The 12 Days of Fred Van Lente Day – Ivar, Timewalker #1

CSBG begins to count down to Fred Van Lente Day with a review of Ivar, Timewalker a day. They begin with #1!

Review time! with Oyster War

“Barrooms spilling sailors all shipwrecked at dawn” Oyster War is the latest comic by Ben Towle, whose previous work, Midnight Sun, was pretty good. This one is published by Oni, it’s edited by Robin Herrera and Ari Yarwood, and it costs $29.99. That’s a bit much for a 165-page book (which has some chapter breaks, […]

Top Five Greatest Cyclops Moments

CSBG presents a top five list of the greatest moments in the history of Cyclops of the X-Men!

Review time! with Dixie Vixens: A Lit Cigarette volume 1

“But it’s a matter of time ’til you get yours, and I get mine; it might not be me but you’re gonna answer to somebody” Dixie Vixens is the second book I’ve gotten from Creative Mind Energy, a family publishing company, and both have been pretty good so far. Adrian Wassel, one co-founder, writes this, […]

Vote For the Greatest Captain America and Deadpool Stories!

CSBG has a centralized post where you can cast your votes for the greatest Captain America and Deadpool stories ever told!

Review time! with First Man: Reimagining Matthew Henson

“There must be one place left in the world where the water’s real and clean” First Man is by Simon Schwartz, a German comics creator who decided to write about Matthew Henson after a newspaper hired him to illustrate an article on polar expeditions. In the course of researching it, he discovered Henson and found […]

Have a Happy– No, Wait– Have a Tolerable Sucksgiving

Because, traditionally, this holiday SUCKS. Why celebrate it then? Because it was created right here at CBR, by my old friends Jim MacQuarrie and Tim Morrison, and because I’m cranky today. For many reasons. Here’s one that somehow showed up on a T-shirt… New to Sucksgiving? Here is the skinny on the world’s most depressing […]

Review time! with The Dharma Punks

“I’m all tied up and my eyes are shut, and these chains I’ve made they’re too tough to cut” Dylan Horrocks, who writes the introduction to The Dharma Punks, Ant Sang’s 8-issue comic about a group of New Zealand punks wandering around Auckland on one night in 1994, explains that it was a big-time success […]

Abandoned Love: So is Apocaypse Immortal or What?

In their latest spotlight on dropped comic book plots, CSBG looks at the question of whether Apocalypse is really immortal or not.

Review time! with Virgil

“Down on earth, he held her tight, she held her tight, he held him tight; it was morning, and they’d cried all night” On the back of Virgil is written a tagline: “A queersploitation revenge tale.” In his introduction, David Walker (who’s currently writing Cyborg and wrote Shaft recently), goes into this in more detail, […]

Top Five Oddest X-Men Secondary Mutations

In their latest top five list, CSBG looks at the top five oddest secondary mutations in the pages of the X-Men.

Remember to Forget – That Time Steve Trevor Made Diana Prince Pretend to be Wonder Woman for Him

In their latest spotlight on comic plots that probably should have been skipped, CSBG looks at the time that Steve Trevor forces Diana Prince to pretend to be Wonder Woman for him.

When We First Met – The Cast of Jessica Jones

With Jessica Jones debuting this weekend, CSBG spotlights the first comic book appearances of the cast members of the show...

Two Quick Friday Links For You

The real column will come later this weekend, I hope, but in the meantime, here’s a couple of things you might enjoy. First of all, I’m doing the internet radio thing again. Specifically, Radio Vs. the Martians invited me to be part of their Star Trek: The Next Generation panel. This is my fifth time […]

Review time! with High Crimes

“Soldiers of armies, storm empty fields in a traveler’s trance, on the way to the high frontier” I’m trying to catch up on my graphic novels reviews, as you can tell, and while High Crimes came out in June (I think), and therefore I should have reviewed it earlier in this run (the first review […]

Comic Book Legends Revealed #550

This week, did we almost see the Summers School of Mutants? Did Charles Schulz send secret messages to his mistress in Peanuts comic strips? And did the famous Spirit femme fatale Sand Seref almost debut in another comic strip entir...

The Line it is Drawn #267 – Comic Book “What If…?”s!

This week, our artists answer notable Comic Book "What If...?"s, like What if a SPIDER had crawled through Bruce Wayne's window that fateful night?

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