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Flippin’ through Previews – May 2015

Looking at Previews really is the best time to be a comics fan, because everything is great and nothing sucks! So let’s see what’s what in catalog #320! Dark Horse: All the solicitations are here! Wow, there’s a new Barb Wire series on page 40. I guess it was only a matter of time now […]

I Love Ya But You’re Strange – The Avengers Save the Day Through Mass Suicide

Every installment of I Love Ya But You’re Strange I spotlight strange but ultimately endearing comic stories. Here is the archive of all the installments of this feature. Feel free to e-mail me at if you have a suggestion for a future installment! Today, in honor of the new Avengers film and at the […]

Avengers Legends Revealed!

In honor of the new hit Avengers film, we’ve decided to feature a collection of our past Comic Book Legends Revealed installments that involve the Avengers. Enjoy! 1. How did a delay in the release of Daredevil #1 lead to the creation of the Avengers? 2. Was the film The Avengers originally rated R? 3. […]

What I bought – 29 April 2015

Genesis is a great lie; but it is also a great poem; and a six-thousand-year-old womb is much warmer than one that stretches for two thousand million. (John Fowles, from The French Lieutenant’s Woman) Plunder #3 (of 4) (“Against the Current”) by Deron Bennett (letterer), Swifty Lang (writer), Skuds McKinley (artist), Jason Wordie (colorist), Chris […]

Last Sunday on Rainier

Julie was still asleep when inspiration hit me on Sunday morning. So I went into our bedroom and sat on the foot of the bed and said, “I have one word for you.” She stirred and said “Mmmmfraw,” which after over a decade of marriage I knew meant Huh? What time is it? What word? […]

What Happens When Vartox Runs Afoul of A-Force?

Nick Butch’s piece for this week’s Line it is Drawn was a bit late, so while I edited it into the feature, I also figured I’d share it here, to make sure everyone got a chance to see it. Enjoy! BigBearSpeaks suggested Vartox vs. A-Force and deathchrist2000 suggested Absorbing Man vs. A-Force The art for […]

Comic Book Legends Revealed #521

Welcome to the five hundred and twenty-first in a series of examinations of comic book legends and whether they are true or false. Click here for an archive of the first five hundred (I actually haven’t been able to update it in a while). This week, in honor of Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, this […]

The Line it is Drawn #238 – Avengers Assemble!

Welcome to our weekly gallery of amazing art by our great collection of artistic talent, all working from YOUR suggestions! Go follow Comics Should Be Good on Twitter (if you have Twitter, that is – if you don’t, you can go sign up). Here is our Twitter page… And here are the Comics Should […]

The Wrong Side: Batman vs. The Hulk

In this feature, I examine comic book fights that were particularly notable in the wrong side winning (or at least that the fight wasn’t won the “right” way). This really isn’t a big deal, of course, as it doesn’t really matter if the “wrong” person won a fight. But it’s fun to talk about! If […]

Comic Book Questions Answered – What Was the First #0 Issue?

Comic Book Questions Answered – where I answer whatever questions you folks might have about comic books (feel free to e-mail questions to me at Here is a link to an archive of all the past questions that have been answered so far. In a recent discussion in the voting thread for The 25 […]

Cover Theme Game for 4/29

The cover theme game works like this: I’ll show you three covers. They all have something in common, whether it be a character, a trait all three characters share, a connection between all three characters, a locale, a trait all three creators share, SOMEthing. And it isn’t something obvious like “They all have prices!” “They […]

Drawing Crazy Patterns – Avengers Falling for the Scarlet Witch

In this feature, I spotlight five scenes/moments from within comic book stories that fit under a specific theme (basically, stuff that happens frequently in comics). Here is an archive of all the patterns we’ve spotlighted so far. This week, in honor of her film debut later this week, we look at five times Avengers fell […]

Jem and the Holograms #2 Review

I meant to have this up when the issue came out, so I’m re-posting it now – BC. Today is the release of the second issue of the Jem and the Holograms series from IDW, written by our own Kelly Thompson (co-plotted by Sophie Campbell) and drawn by Campbell and M. Victoria Robado. I thought […]

The Great Comic Book Cover Homage Streak: Week 135

It occurs to me that it seems like many comic book covers are homages. Which is fine with me. I have no problem with it. It just made me think, though, how long could I go before I hit a week where NO new comic book was released that had a cover that was an […]

Review time! with Jem and the Holograms #2

You guys do know that Kelly writes for our blog, right? So of course we’re going to give her publicity in the form of advance reviews! That’s just science!!!! Yes, it’s Jem and the Holograms #2, which is brought to you by IDW and the groovy creative team of Kelly Thompson, Sophie Campbell, María Victoria […]

Comic Creator Six Degrees – Herb Trimpe to Kelly Sue DeConnick

Here is a new game that we’ll try out for as long as I find it interesting. As suggested by Jenos Idanian #13, the idea is to connect two comic creators to each other through artists/writers that they have jointly worked together with, in as few links as possible. For instance, take connecting John Byrne […]

Fabian Nicieza’s Five Favorite Justice League Issues

Fabian Nicieza is re-visiting the Justice League Detroit era of the Justice League with his Convergence: Justice League America series (the first issue came out earlier this week). As Fabian looks to the past for the writing of this new project, I thought it would be interesting for him to look back at his history […]

What I bought – 22 April 2015

“I couldn’t. Absolutely. I know you work en route. And I like taxis. I was never good at geography and I learn things by asking the drivers where they come from.” “They come from horror and despair.” “Yes, exactly. One learns about the countries where unrest is occurring by riding the taxis here.” (Don DeLillo, […]

Vote for the 25 Greatest Valiant Comics Stories Ever Told

In honor of the 25th anniversary of Valiant Comics (which they’re celebrating next month), we’re going to count down your picks for the 25 Greatest Valiant Comic Stories Ever Told! Valiant has had many great stories over the years, in a number of iterations of the company. From one-shot issues to multi-issue stories to, well, […]

Saturday With the Destroyers

I know that at the moment the comics blogosphere is all about Iceman, but there were a couple of OTHER books that came out this week. One of them that was sent to me for review is very cool, but unlikely to be on most fans’ radar… so I thought I would call your attention […]

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