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Abandoned Love – Remember When Jane Foster and Sif Shared a Body?

Years before she could turn into Thor, Jane Foster actually turned into...Sif?! What happened to that story? Find out!

Reason to be Excited – Biggs the Cat

In their latest look at things in current comics that they're excited about, CSBG celebrates Howard the Duck's cat, Biggs, who is basically 2 from We3.

How Can I Explain? – Why the Astonishing X-Men “Danger” Arc Didn’t Really Make Sense

In their latest look at inexplicable comic book plots, CSBG looks at how the Astonishing X-Men arc "Danger" was based on a conceit that didn't actually work...

The Guide to the Guide to Comics – WIZARD #77 (January 1998)

The JLA meet the Super Friends, and WIZARD reviews 1997’s Year in Comics! Plus, another Marvel book scores a “1” on the review scale. Find out which one…

Abandoned Love – Remember When Wolverine’s Healing Factor Failed and He Hallucinated All the Time?

Remember when Wolverine was hallucinating and his healing factor was failing? Did that ever go anywhere?

In the Stacks– CASH BONUS weekend edition

This was supposed to be a road trip column, but that didn’t work out. We had an unexpected influx of cash last week– no big windfall, just a lot of little ones like royalty payments and magazine checks and so on that added up to enough of a hunk of found money that even on […]

Comic Book Questions Answered: Does Deadpool Actually Even LIKE Chimichangas?

In their latest comic book question answered, CSBG finds out whether Deadpool actually likes chimichangas in the comic books!

Remember to Forget – That Time Green Arrow Cheated on Black Canary and Blamed the Woman He Slept With

In their latest look at comic stories that they wish they could forget, CSBG looks at the time Green Arrow cheated on Black Canary and then blamed the woman he slept with

Comic Book Legends Revealed #581

In this week's CBLR, were Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor really going to live happily ever after? How did Neal Adams change the ending of the famous Green Arrow/Speedy drug storyline? Finally, was Bruce the Gargoyle on the Spider-Man Animated Series a Batman reference?

The Line it is Drawn #296 – Sequels to Classic Comic Book Storylines!

This week, our artists draw sequels to famous comic book storylines, like Kraven's NEXT Hunt and even more Frog superheroes!

Meta-Messages: Todd McFarlane Makes Fun of….Todd McFarlane?

In their latest look at comic creators talking about comic creators in the comics, CSBG sees Todd McFarlane make fun of...Todd McFarlane?!

1987 And All That: Star Trek #43-45

Sometimes, everyone's a villain, even in the Star Trek universe.

Provide Some Answers – The Tragic Reason Aunt May Never Had Any Children

In their latest look at long-resolved comic book plots, CSBG sees how Roger Stern resolved an Aunt May plot point more than two decades after introducing it!

Abandoned Love – The Great JLA Love Triangle of Green Arrow, Black Canary and…Batman?!

In their latest look at comic book plots that were introduced and then dropped by other writers, CSBG examines the brief love triangle between Green Arrow, Black Canary and...Batman?!

The Guide to the Guide to Comics – WIZARD #75 (November 1997)

Grant Morrison pits his JLA against the original team, & WIZARD speculates about the naughty things in the Green Goblin’s purse. All in the Guide to the Guide to Comics!

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