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Top Five Coolest Moments From Marvel’s Original Civil War Series

CSBG counts down the five coolest moments from Marvel's Civil War comic book series!

Oh, Is It That Week Again?

I tried. I really did. I wanted to come up with something this week that was cheerful and upbeat and celebratory about comics and fandom and this world that I love. But literally just DAYS after I tried to caution a couple of my former students about this particular phenomenon, here we are again. For […]

Remember to Forget – That Time the X-Men Decided Hunting Down Mutants Was a Good Idea

In their latest spotlight on comic book plots best forgotten, CSBG looks at the time that the original X-Men decided to become mutant hunters!

Left Unresolved – What the Heck is Behind the Scarlet Witch’s Closed Doors?

In their latest spotlight on unresolved comic book plots, CSBG looks at the mystery of what was behind the Scarlet Witch's closed doors?

When We First Met – When Did Iron Man Become Tony Stark’s Bodyguard?

When did Iron Man become Tony Stark's bodyguard? Find out in the latest When We First Met from CSBG!

Comic Book Legends Revealed #573

In this week's CBLR, did Marvel edit out the "snap" when they reprinted the death of Gwen Stacy? Was John Byrne nearly part of Image Comics' start? And finally, what amusing Jungle Book-related mistake occurred in Vertigo's Fables?

The Line it is Drawn #288 – Prince Tribute Week!

The Liners pay tribute to the iconic Prince with a series of tribute pieces!

Bill vs. Comics: Wonder Woman, Cursed Pirate Girl

In which Bill remembers his WordPress password… I still buy an unhealthy amount of comics. By unhealthy, I mean it would be hazardous to my health if the pile of comics were to topple onto me. The problem is compounded by the fact that while I may be buying plenty of comics, I’m not reading […]

Knowledge Waits: Check Out the Cool Hulk Transformation on the Covers of Hulk #292-300

CSBG takes a look at the clever way Marvel depicted the Hulk's devolution leading up to Hulk #300!

Comic Book Questions Answered: Who Flew on an Arrow First, Ant-Man or Atom?

Who pulled off the ol' "ride an arrow shot by your teammate" trick first? The Atom or Ant-Man? CSBG has the answer for you!

The Guide to the Guide to Comics – WIZARD #64 (December 1996)

The Comics Code finally cracks down on Archie, DC celebrates 10 years of DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, & WIZARD gets into the review game. All in the Guide to the Guide to Comics!

A Week Playing Catch-Up

In our household, the long nightmare is over. We finally have real internet back. It’s a long story and I won’t bore you with it, but the short version is that for the last six months we’ve been without reliable home internet. Our regular provider decided they weren’t going to serve our neighborhood any more […]

The Abandoned An’ Forsaked – Was Wolverine the First X-Man?!

In their latest look at notable comic book retcons, CSBG examines whether Wolverine was really the FIRST X-Man somehow!

Comic Book Questions Answered – Just HOW Did Gwen Stacy Die?

In this edition of Comic Book Questions Answered, we look into how Gwen Stacy died.

The Wrong Side: Spider-Man vs. Thor, Invisible Woman, Sasquatch and 7 Other Superheroes

In their latest spotlight on "bad" superhero fights, CSBG looks at the time that Spider-Man took on 10 superheroes during the Infinity Crusade, including Thor and the Invisible Woman!

Abandoned Love: So is Hawkeye a Killer or What?

What is Hawkeye's stance on killing? The answer is surprisingly hard to pin down...

What If the Punisher Competed in the Wacky Races?!

What if Punisher competed in the Wacky Races? Daniel Cox has the disturbing answer for you here!

The Line it is Drawn #287 – Hanna-Barbera/Comic Book Characters Mash-Ups!

The Line artists draw team-ups and mash-ups of comic book characters with famous Hanna-Barbera cartoon characters!

Comic Book Legends Revealed #572

In this week's CBLR, did Marvel have a Spider-Man foe based on Prince? Did Peter David almost quit Incredible Hulk over Betty Banner's pregnancy being terminated? And learn why the Hulk wasn't allowed to crap out in Las Vegas!

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