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The Line it is Drawn Star Trek Gallery

In honor of the new Star Trek film, CSBG shares a collection of classic Line it is Drawn Star Trek pieces.

Cover Theme Game for 7/19

Can you figure out what the common theme between these three covers is?

The Guide to the Guide to Comics – WIZARD #82 (June 1998)

Shocking Marvel news, the phantom Alan Moore YOUNGBLOOD #4 & a JLA lecture from WIZARD. All in the Guide to the Guide to Comics!

House to Astonish Episode 147

There’s absolutely loads to get through this episode, as we run through the Marvel NOW! announcements, take a look at the most recent Direct Market sales figures, look at Spell on Wheels, Ether, Hawkman and Adam Strange: Out of Time and the Lost Boys sequel comic, have a quick chat about the new artist on […]

Things That Turned Out Bad – Did She Really Just Kill That Guy With Her You-Know-What?!

In their latest look at bad comic book ideas, CSBG looks at the story of Cinder of the Titans, who killed using a delicate part of her body...

Cross-Hatchings for July 2016

A little of this and a little of that. Sherlockian manga, cool stuff in the mail, and a worthy cause to which you should consider contributing. In the News Dep’t: I get all sorts of news releases and press packets from publishers, usually at the rate of one or two a day. Most of […]

The Abandoned An’ Forsaked – What’s the Deal With Hawkeye’s Hearing?

In their latest look at comic book retcons, they look at the surprisingly complicated history of whether or not Hawkeye is hearing impaired or not.

Rearranging the deck chairs: DC Rebirth titles, Week Five!

So this week, DC ramped things up with … two (2) official “Rebirth” titles and one (1) new #1! It’s a smorgasbord of comics!!! Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps: Rebirth (“Forged”) by Robert Venditti (writer), Ethan van Sciver (artist), Jason Wright (colorist), Dave Sharpe (letterer), Andrew Marino (assistant editor), Mike Cotton (editor), and […]

Comic Book Legends Revealed #584

In this week's CBLR, how did Kevin Smith's Daredevil run almost stop before it ever began? See the ending of the Ghostbusters II comic book that Columbia Pictures wouldn't let be published! And did Stephen King use the Green Goblin in Maximum Overdrive without permission from Marvel?

The Line it is Drawn #299 – 2016 DC/Marvel Amalgams!

On the 20th anniversary of DC and Marvel doing Amalgam, the Line also does some DC/Marvel amalgamations of their own!

Paying it Foreword with Watching Time

Brian talks about doing the foreword for a new book doing a Watchmen timeline.

Abandoned Love – How Magneto Was Saved From a Return to Villainy in the First Avengers vs. X-Men

In their latest look at a dropped comic book plot, CSBG looks at how Marvel changed their mind on returning Magneto to villainy in the first Avengers vs. X-Men!

Cool Comic Thing – Bret Taylor’s Superchicks

Artist Bret Taylor has a cool superhero-themed art show debuting tonight.

Review time! with Horizon #1 and 2

There’s a new comic coming out tomorrow, so why don’t I let you know if it’s something you might like to read? We all dig that, right? Horizon by Brandon Thomas (writer), Juan Gedeon (artist), Frank Martin (colorist), Rus Wooton (letterer), Arielle Basich (assistant editor), and Sean Mackiewicz (editor). $2.99, FC, Image/Skybound. The Editorial Director […]

Sunday in Duvall

Well, we didn’t get our weekend road trip as planned but we at least stole an afternoon to drive east out towards the falls past Echo Lake and see if we could find anything interesting on the back roads around Snoqualmie. (That’s Twin Peaks country, for those of you that are Northwest-impaired.) Since we were […]

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