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Why The New Mutants Is Getting Pushed Back A Ridiculous 10 Months!

Earlier today, we shared a report that 20th Century Fox was shuffling around the release dates of their upcoming Marvel films. Deadpool 2 got pushed up a couple weeks and Gambit got delayed a few months. But the biggest red flag was The New Mutants‘ own date change. The New Mutants — a horror film for […]

Star Wars: Rian Johnson Explains The Logic Behind The Force Projection Scenes In The Last Jedi

Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. SPOILER ALERT! ….. …. …... In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, director Rian Johnson introduced fans to new Force abilities. From Supreme Leader Snoke melding the minds of Rey and Kylo, giving them the ability to speak to each other over long distances to Luke […]

Breaking In Trailer: Don’t Mess With Gabrielle Union

We’ve seen many different instances of home invasion stories. Perhaps most notably, David Fincher tackled the premise with his film Panic Room, which starred Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart. The film was something of a thriller. Another one came in the form of The Strangers, which took more of a horror approach. However, with this […]

Suicide Squad 2 Locks Down The Social Network Producer, Cementing DC’s New Strategy

According to a report from Variety, The Social Network, Moneyball, and Captain Phillips producer Michael De Luca has hopped onto the Warner Bros. and DC Films picture, Suicide Squad 2. RELATED – DC Films Discovers Rock-Bottom, Defines A New Strategy So what does this mean for the film? It seems to indicate Warner Bros.’ desire […]

Deadpool 2 Gets Earlier Release Date, Fox Shuffles Other Marvel Dates

Looks like Fox is shaking things up. According to a report from THR, the studio has shuffled around the release date for three of their Marvel films. First up, Deadpool 2 is getting push FORWARD from its June 1 date to May 18. This puts it one week before Solo: A Star Wars Story, instead […]

Gambit Movie Hits Another Roadblock, Loses Gore Verbinski As Director

For the longest time, the forever-talked-about Gambit film has struggled to make its way to the big screen. It’s gone through a couple directors, and at at least a few different times, it disappeared from most film fans’ radars altogether. When Deadpool came out, and achieved a lot of success, the writers went back to […]

Aladdin: Actor Kal Penn Criticizes Disney Over Brownface Fiasco

Earlier this week, Disney faced criticism from certain outlets over reports that they had put brown makeup on around 100 white extras for their upcoming live-action adaptation of Aladdin. While the majority of their extras (400 out of 500) were of Indian, Middle Eastern, African, Mediterranean, and Asian descent, they still went for white background […]

IT: One Aspect Bill Skarsgard Wanted To Capture Of Pennywise The Clown

Last year, audiences were made believers when actor Bill Skarsgard brought the terrifying Pennywise the Dancing Clown to life in the Andy Muschietti-directed adaptation of the Stephen King novel IT. This was a movie that had a lot going against it. Not only was the novel beloved, but a lot of audiences looked fondly back […]

DC Films Discovers Rock-Bottom, Defines A New Strategy

In the wake of yet another Warner Bros. management shakeup, something new has emerged: the beginning of a vision for DC Films, or at least the freedom to forge one. 2017 was a helluva year for WB and DC; just when it seemed like they had turned a corner with Wonder Woman, they stumbled with […]

Comic Book Review: Witchblade #2 Sets Up The New Host

As a big fan of the artifacts of the Top Cow Universe, I was every excited when I found out that Witchblade was getting a modern reboot. For those of you who don’t know, the Witchblade is the offspring of two opposing forces in the Top Cow Universe the Darkness and the Angelus. One represents […]

Switch Games Announced In The January Nintendo Direct

For the past week or so, fans have been speculating hard as to what when we’d be seeing a Nintendo Direct presentation from the Big N, and what we would actually see in it. Speculation ranged from Pokémon Switch and Metroid Prime 4 details all the way to a Grand Theft Auto V announcement. Sadly, […]

John Williams Says He Wants To Score Star Wars: Episode 9

With over 50 Oscars nominations under his belt, five wins and 23 Grammy wins, legendary film composer John Williams is about as good as it gets when it comes to film scores. In a recent interview with Variety, Williams confirmed he told J.J. Abrams that he would like to return for the still-untitled Star Wars: Episode 9. “I […]

Venom: First Look At Tom Hardy As Eddie Brock, Director Reveal Comic Inspirations

Earlier this week, a first look at Tom Hardy in Venom was teased, and true to the rumors, one such image was released by IGN. Take a look at the image HERE. Sadly, this image is nothing groundbreaking, as it basically looks like an image of Tom Hardy, but it does at least confirm the […]

Star Wars: Mark Hamill Reveals Fan-Friendly Original Ending To The Force Awakens

Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi! Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit theaters nearly a month ago at this time, and in the time since then, many fans have expressed their displeasure at what’s gone down with the story and the character of Luke Skywalker. RELATED – RUMOR – Solo: […]

Bond 25: Ben Wishaw Thinks Filming Will Begin This Year

The latter half of last year saw a plethora of Bond 25 speculation and news hit, with Daniel Craig signing on for at least one more movie, and now it’s just a matter of locking down a script, a writer, and to get filming underway…Okay, that’s a lot to do. RELATED – Denis Villeneuve Would […]

Insidious Could Cross Over With Sinister

Shared universes are a huge thing, right? The Marvel Cinematic Universe is making huge strides in cinematic storytelling, and while others struggle to replicate its success, one horror franchise — The Conjuring —  has managed to make a shared universe of their own over the course of its run. RELATED – Blumhouse TV To Produce Monthly […]

Silicon Valley Season 5 Trailer: The Asshes Of Pied Piper Return

HBO has just premiered the brand-new trailer for Season 5 of their award-winning comedy series, Silicon Valley. Of course, most of your favorite asshes have returned, with the exception of T.J. Miller’s Elrich, who was written out last season. This time around, we get to see Pied Piper at a rare high point, with Richard […]

12 Strong Aspires To Be A Different Kind Of War Movie

War is an all-time favorite genre for Hollywood, and our nation’s ongoing conflicts in the Middle East have provided ample material for studios to tell an incredible array of different stories — many based on actual events. So, it’s rare to come across something new in this realm, it’s rarer still when a war film […]

Hellboy Actor Promises An Emphasis On Practical Effects

Imagine this: you’re a 40-year-old actor, you’re packing a 20-pound boiler above your belt, and you’re finally getting recognized for decades of character work when you get that seemingly mythical, big movie break. It’s a great role, a once in a lifetime kind of thing. Except you’re required to get ripped and jacked overnight because […]

Extended Trailer For Supergirl’s Mid-Season Premiere Gives Us A Good Look At The Legion

With CW’s Supergirl returning to television next Monday night, the network has released an extended trailer with what to expect from the mid-season premiere. With Reign defeating Supergirl and leaving her in a dreamlike state. Reign is looking to move forward with “The Awakening.” Mon-El recruits a member of the Legion members Brainiac 5, played by […]

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