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No one could have predicted the meteoric rise a little Netflix show called Stranger Things would have had in pop culture. When the trailers first dropped for the show, it seemed like a promising gem for horror fans, but the series went on to capture the imaginations of mainstream audiences in an amazing way. Show More Summary

STAR WARS Scapegoat Jar Jar Binks’ Fate Finally Revealed! No, He Ain’t A Sith Lord

Ever since the release of the much-maligned Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, the character Jar Jar Binks has faced the perpetual hatred of fans worldwide. All of a sudden a franchise that brought joy to kids and adults alike seemed to be bending over backwards to appeal to the lowest denominator of fans. Show More Summary

Did Sophie Turner Just Give A Major Spoiler For GAME OF THRONES?

One of the best (and worst) things about Game of Thrones is the killing off of major characters early. This would destroy many shows, except in GoT the characters get better and better, mainly due to expert writing and character development. Show More Summary

AQUAMAN: Jason Momoa Shows Legendary Trident In Training Photo

While I doubt the solo Aquaman film will be as good as the one Vinnie Chase made in the show Entourage, it does appear that Jason Momoa is taking the role very seriously. He is working with an expert group of martial arts trainers and weapon aficionados over at 87Eleven Action Design. Show More Summary

LOGAN Director James Mangold Wants To Do An X-23 Spinoff Movie!

In the books, X-23 (aka Laura Kinney) is basically a clone of Wolverine developed in the Weapon-X program. Ever since she was conceived, she has been a fan favorite character, and the only "Wolverine" related character I liked more was Daken. Show More Summary

STAR WARS: JEDI In THE LAST JEDI Is Plural - Jammer Was Right!

Awhile ago, when the title of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi was released, we had some debate as to whether or not the term "Jedi" could be the plural form or singular. In fact, Jammer and I had an extensive conversation which I shared with our readers -- and I shall share a portion of it again: note We clearly write shorthand in Twitter DM's. Show More Summary

PACIFIC RIM 2 Gets An Official Logo!

I have something of a love-hate relationship with Pacific Rim. I love the concept, but despised the execution. As a fan of anime, it felt like someone watched an hour of the most of the trashier stuff and threw it together in a film....Show More Summary

LOGAN Director James Mangold Thinks Audiences Are "Getting Numb" To Big Budget Films

Growing up in the 1990s, there certainly wasn’t a lack of big budget tentpole films. We had movies like Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, Independence Day, Men in Black, The Matrix, and many other classics. Though while we may have had our fair share of blockbusters, they don’t compare to what we have today — in quantity or scale. Show More Summary

AMERICAN HORROR STORY’s Season 7 Theme Revealed — And It Hits Too Close To Home

American Horror Story is a very uniquely awesome series. It has the benefit of being both a serialized and anthological story all at the same time. Each season is one long, self-contained story, and as such, you can pretty much go into each season cold and enjoy it on its own merits. Show More Summary

TITAN COMICS: THE WALKING DEAD Comic Companion - Very Cool!

I thought I may be the biggest TWD fan ever, and then I read this nice little Comic Companion Graphic Novel. What this awesome 200 page book does is basically break down every character, conflict, love interest, and hate mongering up until around the beginning of the Whisperer War. Show More Summary


This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Oregon Convention Center, the Wizard World Comic Con will take place and LRM will be there to cover the proceedings. With guests such as Nicelle Nichols from STAR TREK, John Barrowman from ARROW...Show More Summary

POWER RANGERS: It’s Morphin’ Time! Posters Show Our Heroes Morphing!

I went into the whole idea of a Power Rangers movie with some hard skepticism. It’s a film based on one of the campiest, cheesiest properties known to mankind — a property that doesn’t exactly hold up when actually looked at with a critical eye. Show More Summary

Why BEAUTY & THE BEAST Needed A Live-Action Remake, According To The Director (VIDEO)

Does Beauty and the Beast need to be remade? Heck, you can extend that question to all of Disney’s recent and upcoming live-action remakes. Do any of them need to be remade? The short answer, of course, no. Those films generally hold up okay, and there’s a reason why they’ve lasted decades, but that’s not to say they can’t be remade. Show More Summary

THOR RAGNAROK: The Director Gives A Tease, But Is Hela Really Ragnarok?

Many hardcore Marvel fans did not like Thor: Darkworld, and while it did have it's moments, it was definitely a subpar film. So when I heard that Thor: Ragnarok may be based on Planet Hulk, I completely flipped out. In the books, sometime...Show More Summary

Check Out Rey’s New Look In STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI!

It’s silly, we know. Why get all worked up over a costume change? Because we care, that’s why! There’s a real tried-and-true tradition in the Star Wars franchise, and it’s that the characters are almost guaranteed to look different in subsequent films. Show More Summary

DOCTOR WHO: Tilda Swinton Is Favored To Be The Next Doctor

It’s been a longstanding desire for many Doctor Who fans that an upcoming Doctor be female. Doctor Who is a series that’s been around for decades, and in that time they’ve gone through more than twelve Doctors (including the War Doctor). Show More Summary

STAR WARS: Rian Johnson Treats Us To A New Stormtrooper Pic

I think we all are sitting on the edges of our seat waiting for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and luckily for us Rian Johnson (director of Episode VIII, also of Brick which I highly recommend) likes to drop nice little photos and hints to wet our whistle. Show More Summary

Here’s When Shane Black’s PREDATOR Movie Will Start Filming

Remakes bad. Sequels bad. Originals good. That seems to be the mentality of the average moviegoer — at least when they’re talking. When it comes time to show up to the movie theaters, however, there is little doubt that recognizable names draw more crowds. Show More Summary

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