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Exclusive LRM Interview: Keanu Reeves for JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2

Beware of the Baba Yaga. The myth, the man and the legend of The Boogeyman returns in JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 2. Keanu Reeves return to play the legendary hitman from the surprise hit of 2014. He is forced back out of retirement by a former associate plotting to seize control of a shadowy international assassins’ guild. Show More Summary

Marvel Releases Chill-Inducing Production Featurette For AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR

Okay, I'll admit it. I've been a little hard on Marvel Studios lately. In my last few editorials that touched on Marvel, I kinda...sorta...may have...gave the impression that I think their movies are "safe, corporate, predictable, softball...Show More Summary

Horror Film THE TRIBE Releases Today, In Time For Valentine's Day

The Tribe becomes available today on iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play/YouTube, Vudu, Xbox Live, Sony PlayStation, and Vimeo on Demand.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL.2 Scores Unheard Of 100 In Test Screening

To begin with, let's explain a "test screening" viewing. Basically, movie studios will gather friends, neighbors, people off the street, and random people they make think would not have any interest in a film they are showing. They could...Show More Summary

THE WALKING DEAD: Jesus Talks About His Death

Ok friends, yes I just created the epitome of "clickbait" that has been discussed so much here lately, and if you read my work you know I basically never would mislead. But come on, let's all laugh a little. I could have waited till the end like other sites, but what he said actually relates. Show More Summary

Fantasy Fridays: Scully & MFR Cast MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!!

We'd like to forget all about the last attempt at a live-action Masters of The Universe movie. Sorry, Dolph! Great hair, though. Welcome back to another edition of Fantasy Fridays, where two real-life best friends (Jeremy Scully and I, Mario-Francisco Robles) get together to cast/pitch our dream movies. Show More Summary

THE BATMAN: Matt Reeves Frontrunner To Direct - Why Should You Be Excited?

Well, I was about to come in here and give more heartbreaking The Batman news, but thanks to both our reader Tavo Borrego and MFR pointing out a mentioned Variety article, and a few tweets, my heartbreak may not be so grave. Instead, Ive got a different subject for you that has flown under the radar. Show More Summary

FIREFLY: Fox Is Open To A Reboot!! With One Small Caveat

If you are a super sci-fi geek, loved Battlestar Gallatica or Star Trek: Deep Space 9, then you may have worshiped a "one year show" before it was cancelled called Firefly. I can say that I actually did not like the first two shows mentioned...Show More Summary

REJOICE! Here's Some GOOD News About THE BATMAN Script!

Let's call it a Battle of The Sources and, for once, we at LRM get to join you in the audience as it rages on. A few days ago, confidential sources told Forbes that The Batman was possibly on its way towards a page one rewrite. Last night, sources told Variety that there's actually already a script that Ben Affleck and the studio are quite high on. Show More Summary

Fox X-MEN TV Series: Blair Redford Cast As First Mystery Mutant

It has been announced that the first casting of the upcoming Fox X-Men series is in the books, if you will. My mother being Cherokee makes this yummy for me, as the character is being referred to as "Sam" and is being described as "the...Show More Summary

LRM TV Podcast Episode 31- NETFLIX Has Found Its GAME OF THRONES

Image Provided By: Tim Nardelli Mike and Mark break down their favorite shows of the week. Then the discuss some pretty interesting news about the Power Rangers Movie and Castlevania coming to Netflix. Music Provided By: Mike...Show More Summary

Joe Manganiello Is Taking DEATHSTROKE Seriously! Comics, Swords, & More

Deathstroke vs the JLA We already know the major issues going on with The Batman, as both Ben Affleck has dropped out from directing the film and it is even possible that the Argo screen writer (or someone new for all we know) Chris Terrio may do a full rewrite. Show More Summary

Kevin Smith Making A New JAY & SILENT BOB Movie! Clerks III & Mallrats 2 Not Happening (Yet)

You’re nothing in Hollywood unless you have a million and a half dead projects in your wake. Just look at Guillermo del Toro. The man has no less than 75 of them going on at a time, and almost all of them tend to get pushed to the wayside for one reason or another. Show More Summary

STRANGER THINGS Season 2: First Plot Details Revealed!

First plot details revealed for Season 2 of the hit Netflix show!

Scully & Drew's Infinity Stone Rundown - Present & Future

In the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), The Infinity Stones (aka Infinity Gems or Soul Gems) are items of absolute power created by Cosmic Entities before the universe exploded into existence. But what are they, and where are they now?...Show More Summary

Daniel Radcliffe Would Consider Playing Harry Potter Again

Will he, won’t he? For the past several years, Daniel Radcliffe has been asked time and again if he’d ever consider playing the character Harry Potter again. While Harry Potter’s tale is done being told, as time goes on, it seems more of a matter of when we’ll see another film, rather than if. Show More Summary

Will Stephen King’s IT Be Two Movies Or Not? Plus, Rating Details

Things have been pretty darn confusing over the Stephen King front. In general, the man’s novels tend to be long — often breaking one thousand pages in length. As such, when it comes adapting, many fans don’t see the standard film as the ideal medium in which to tell the stories. Show More Summary

Emma Watson & Tom Hanks’ THE CIRCLE Trailer: How Important Is Privacy?

We live in an age of amazing and groundbreaking technology. Without leaving our houses, we can pretty much life completely as we please. Groceries? We can have those delivered. Don’t wanna cook? Order Up or Eat 24 Hours are good options. Show More Summary

CASTLEVANIA: New Details On Adi Shankar’s Violent Animated Netflix Series

On Wednesday, it was revealed via a press release from Netflix that producer Adi Shankar’s long in-development adaptation of the long-running video game franchise, Castlevania, would be getting the TV treatment. Not only would the series be hitting the streaming service, but it would be hitting it soon. Show More Summary

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