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The next great boxing movie?

(Paul Mirengoff) Boxing has been a staple of Hollywood since before I was born. And why not? The drama of boxing matches and the back story of the game are tailored made for the big screen. The most famous boxing movie is “Rocky” (1976), the first in that long series. Show More Summary


(Steven Hayward) Well this story from Slate is certainly inconvenient for the liberal narrative New Poll Finds That Hillary Supporters Are Pretty Racist Too A new Reuters/Ipsos poll paints a particularly depressing picture of the U.S. Show More Summary

Who’s Deplorable?

(John Hinderaker) Byron York thinks Hillary Clinton’s seeming gaffe of calling half of Donald Trump’s supporters “deplorable” is turning out to be “brilliant” because of the opportunities it provides to her supporters in liberal media. Show More Summary

Good grief, John Kerry — Part Two

(Paul Mirengoff) After months of negotiating with Russia, John Kerry has obtained a “cease fire” agreement in Syria. The Washington Post characterizes the agreement as “the renewal of a cease-fire,” which tells you all you need to know about the value of this deal. Show More Summary

A Trump Rally: Reality vs. the Associated Press

(John Hinderaker) Donald Trump appeared at a big rally in Asheville, North Carolina today. Breitbart News reports from a pro-Trump perspective: “Hillary Clinton owes all of you an apology and I think you’ll get that apology right around...Show More Summary

Academic Absurdity of the Week: Crash at 4-Way Intersection Reported

(Steven Hayward) If you follow the leading edge of post-modern silliness in higher education, you’ll be familiar with the term of art designed to paper over the inherent conflicts between the different benighted leftist identity groups—”intersectionality.”...Show More Summary

Blue State Exodus

(John Hinderaker) Which do better, blue states or red states? There is a veritable cottage industry devoted to obscure means of proving the superiority of the liberal tax-and-spend model, but when citizens vote with their feet, the result is clear: Americans are deserting blue states and moving to red states. Show More Summary

Hillary’s Weekend in Pictures: Deplorable Edition

(Steven Hayward) Has anyone ever had a worse 72 hours on the campaign trail than Hillary? I’m sure people can come up with some nominees, and in a separate post I’ll go over the Clintons’ amazing political survival skills. But some of...Show More Summary

“Shall we wake the president?”

(Paul Mirengoff) Our friend Tevi Troy, author of the excellent What Jefferson Read, Ike Watched, and Obama Tweeted, has written a new book. It’s called Shall We Wake the President? Two Centuries of Disaster Management from the Oval Office. Show More Summary

Walkin’ pneumonia

(Paul Mirengoff) Does Hillary Clinton really have pneumonia? I hadn’t questioned the claim until I saw the clip below. It shows Clinton embracing a small girl immediately after leaving Chelsea Clinton’s apartment. Isn’t pneumonia a contagious disease? Walking pneumonia is. Show More Summary

The curious case of Ilhan Omar

(Scott Johnson) In case you missed it, I’m taking the liberty of reposting this from Friday morning in slightly revised form to draw attention to my City Journal column “The curious case of Ilhan Omar.” On August 30 I sat down with Preya Samsundar to talk about her work on the Ilhan Omar story. Show More Summary

This day in baseball history: Dodgers hurl their way into first

(Paul Mirengoff) Throughout the summer of 1966, the Pittsburgh Pirates, San Francisco Giants, and Los Angeles Dodgers battled for first place in the National League. We’ve peeked in once on this great pennant race. During most of the summer, the Dodgers were in third place but almost always within two, or at worst three, games of the lead. Show More Summary

Rockin’ pneumonia: A unifying diagnosis

(Scott Johnson) A prominent internist writes with admittedly speculative comments on the diagnosis of pneumonia made public today regarding Hillary Clinton. He writes: During my 19 years as a board certified internist I have taken care of many hundreds of patients with pneumonia. Show More Summary

Report: 9/11 moment of silence moved up because Obama got restless

(Paul Mirengoff) The Daily Caller reports that a moment of silence remembering the September 11 victims at a Pentagon memorial service began early in order to accommodate a restless President Obama. The report, by Peter Hasson, is based on a Defense Department source. Show More Summary

Washington Post explains how federal government “could resist President Trump”

(Paul Mirengoff) Donald Trump’s comeback in the polls has the Washington Post rattled. Yesterday, its editorial board basically called, Bernie Sanders like, for a moratorium on discussing Hillary Clinton’s emails so that the focus can...Show More Summary

Rockin’ pneumonia

(Scott Johnson) The New York Times now reports that Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia by her physical Lisa Bardack this past Friday. According to Dr. Bardack: “She was put on antibiotics, and advised to rest and modify her schedule. Show More Summary

Will Media Frenzy Lead to Hillary Meltdown?

(Steven Hayward) The mainstream news media can usually be counted upon to be on the side of the Democratic candidate, but when there’s a big story to be broken, professional self-interest takes precedence, and reporters start racing each other. Show More Summary

Call me overheated

(Scott Johnson) As we have noted, Hillary Clinton collapsed at the observation of the 9/11 memorial in New York City this morning. The video below provides an excellent view. The press was kept away from Clinton. Clinton spokesmen had nothing to say for 90 minutes following her collapse. Show More Summary

Skepticism Is Not a Conspiracy Theory

(John Hinderaker) Lately, when liberals want to discredit an opinion, or inference, or speculation that is not to their liking, they often label it a conspiracy theory. Today we have seen a couple of instances of that, relating to Hillary Clinton’s health. Show More Summary

Hillary’s Collapse Puts Her Health Front and Center (With Multiple Updates)

(John Hinderaker) Hillary Clinton’s health has been a significant issue in the presidential race for a while, in my opinion. But after she reportedly fainted or collapsed at a September 11 observance in New York and had to be helpedShow More Summary

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