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Trump Addresses America on Transition

(John Hinderaker) Donald Trump is on a roll. His appointments so far have been superb, and his rumored appointments–e.g. Rick Perry, who spent time with Trump today–also look excellent. Tonight Trump released a three-minute video in which he begins to outline plans for the early days of his administration. Show More Summary


(Paul Mirengoff) This report comes to us via Rockslide. We cannot vouch for its accuracy: The flood of Trump-fearing American liberals sneaking across the border into Canada has intensified in the past week. The Republican presidential...Show More Summary

Will Team Trump air Obama’s Iran secrets?

(Paul Mirengoff) For years, Republicans and conservatives have charged that President Obama has shielded embarrassing intelligence and other information regarding Iran in order to limit opposition to the Iran nuclear deal and Obama’s conciliatory approach to Tehran. Show More Summary

From the Ellison file (2)

(Scott Johnson) It can’t be a good thing if Democrats elect Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison to lead the Democratic Party. It would be bad for the country. To borrow a term, Ellison is a bad hombre. When he was on the make...Show More Summary

CRB: What’s left?

(Scott Johnson) The Fall 2016 issue of the Claremont Review of Books is in the mail and, thanks to our friends at the Claremont Institute, I have read it in galley to select three pieces to be submitted for the consideration of Power Line readers. Show More Summary

Mike Pence takes the high road

(Paul Mirengoff) John has written about what happened when Mike Pence attended the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton” yesterday. First, members of the audience booed Pence when he and his family took their seats. Then, when the performance...Show More Summary

The War on Cops Comes to San Antonio

(John Hinderaker) San Antonio police officer Benjamin Marconi was writing a traffic ticket outside police headquarters earlier today when a motorist pulled up behind him, got out of his car, approached Marconi and shot him twice in the head. Show More Summary

Can Trump deliver to his base on economics?

(Paul Mirengoff) Donald Trump cracked the Democrats’ “blue wall” by narrowly winning Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. He accomplished this by attracting non-upscale white voters. He also took advantage, it seems, of lack of enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton among black voters in cities such as Philadelphia, Detroit, and Milwaukee. Show More Summary

Why the Dems Are Hysterical About Jeff Sessions, and Why They Don’t Mean It

(John Hinderaker) The Democrats say that they will oppose confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, and will smear him with discredited race allegations from 30 years ago. This is rather pathetic: if they can’t come up with anything within the last 30 years, they don’t have much of a case, to say the least. Show More Summary

Cracks Among the Culturati?

(Steven Hayward) “Politics is downstream from culture,” Andrew Breitbart liked to argue, and given the near-monopoly of the left on America’s cultural scene (Hamilton hecklers anyone?), the ballot box is the only place where the American people get to fight back. Show More Summary

Liberals Having Second Thoughts?

(Steven Hayward) Yes, I know, for liberals to have any second thoughts requires that they had some first thoughts. (Rim shot!) There are a few liberal thought leaders, like Mark Lilla and Damon Linker, who are honestly confronting the destructive dead-end of the identity politics that is now the core desideratum of the Democratic Party. Show More Summary

A session on Jeff Sessions

(Scott Johnson) The Democrats and their media adjunct played the race card over and over in the campaign that concluded with the election of Donald Trump on November 8. They aren’t about to give it a rest now. They have done a superb job of devaluing the charge. Show More Summary

Study: Black police officers more likely than white officers to shoot blacks

(Paul Mirengoff) Michael Rushford of the Crime and Consequences blog calls attention to a new study by John Lott, Jr. of the Crime Prevention Research Center and Carlisle Moody of the College of William and Mary. The two scholars developed a database for police shootings nationwide from 2013 through 2015. Show More Summary

Election Over, Associated Press Still Campaigns for the Left

(John Hinderaker) At the end of 2008, I worried that the Obama administration would do great damage to America–correctly, as it turned out. But no one considered my misgivings to be newsworthy. The case is different with respect to the incipient Trump administration. Show More Summary

Conservative lawyers favor Sykes or Pryor for Supreme Court

(Paul Mirengoff) Ten days after his victory, Donald Trump has already made several key personnel decisions. He filled three major staff positions and two extremely important posts that require Senate approval — Attorney General and CIA Director. Show More Summary

Are All Liberals Rude and Arrogant?

(John Hinderaker) Perhaps not, but it often seems that way. Vice President-Elect Mike Pence is in New York, working with Donald Trump on staffing their new administration. He took last night off to see the popular Broadway musical “Hamilton.”...Show More Summary

From the Ellison file

(Scott Johnson) The ascent of Keith Ellison to the possible leadership of the Democratic Party is a fateful event. Here is a man who was an active local leader of the racist and anti-Semitic cult known as the Nation of Islam until some...Show More Summary

The Week in Pictures: The Trumpening Sequel Edition

(Steven Hayward) The left’s total meltdown over Trump is the gift that keeps on giving. I suspect they’ll be giving us this gift for much of the next four years. There’s talk of a “million woman march” the day after inauguration, giving Bill Clinton a good reason to stick around after Trump is sworn in. Fun times! Headlines of the week: And finally...

Freakout by Elizabeth Warren [UPDATED]

(Paul Mirengoff) The left is going to make attacking Jeff Sessions the cornerstone of its early resistance to Donald Trump. Elizabeth Warren, a possible presidential contender in 2020, sounded the call almost immediately, asserting a moral imperative to block Sessions’ confirmation. Show More Summary

Mike Pompeo: a great appointment, Part Two

(Paul Mirengoff) I agree with John’s assessment that Mike Pompeo is a great appointment for CIA Director. Pompeo was a leading opponent of the Iran deal. He worked with our friend Sen. Tom Cotton to discover important secret side deals to that agreement. Show More Summary

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