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Three Ways to Look at Comeypalooza

(Steven Hayward) 1. Remember a few weeks ago when the media were breathless with reports that Steve Bannon was on his way out from the White House? Almost completely unremarked upon during Comeypalooza this week is that Bannon appears...Show More Summary

Times tips to Iran’s American network

(Scott Johnson) On Thursday the Department of Justice announced the arrests of “New York man” Ali Kourani and “Michigan man” Samar El Debek as Hezbollah agents. They have been charged with providing material support to Hezbollah. They were on the prowl looking to do damage in the United States and elsewhere. Show More Summary

When Comey leaked his memo

(Scott Johnson) In my stray thoughts about former FBI Director James Comey’s public testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, I declared that the clock struck thirteen when Comey purported to explain his use ofShow More Summary

The Week in Pictures: Comey Chameleon Edition

(Steven Hayward) Yes, I’d have to say Comey Comey Comey Comey Chameleon is the perfect persona for our media age of Boy George Stephanopoulos, not to mention Anderson Drooper-Cooper and the appropriately named Don Lemon. Why don’t we...Show More Summary

Should Trump fire Mueller?

(Paul Mirengoff) No. I don’t think he should. The hornet’s nest has already been sufficient stirred up, and we’ve already heard enough Watergate comparisons without replicating the “Saturday Night Massacre.” But after James Comey’s testimony,...Show More Summary

Dodd-Frank Repeal Illustrates Why It’s Time to Get Rid of the Filibuster

(John Hinderaker) Yesterday the House of Representatives passed legislation to repeal Dodd-Frank on a 233-to-186 vote, with all Democrats voting to retain the failed law. It is important to understand that Dodd-Frank was an ill-conceived disaster. Show More Summary

What It Takes To Be Fired by CNN

(John Hinderaker) CNN has joined the New York Times and the Washington Post (along with the perennially hysterical MSNBC) in the front rank of the Resistance to America’s duly elected government. Cranking out over-the-top anti-Trump propaganda is mostly what the network does these days. Show More Summary

Democrats on the Rocks?

(Steven Hayward) President Trump may have poor approval ratings, and the Republican Congress looks a little shaky at the moment in the Getting Big Things Done Department (like repealing Obamacare and getting a serious tax reform package...Show More Summary

The Washington Post’s pitiful analysis of “obstruction”

(Paul Mirengoff) “Comey lays out the case that Trump obstructed justice.” So declares the Washington Post in a front page “news” story about James Comey’s testimony. The story, by Mark Zapotosky is based on shoddy legal analysis and held together by quotes from lawyers and professors of no great prominence. Show More Summary

Mugging Mr. Murray: Murray speaks

(Scott Johnson) American Enterprise Institute fellow Charles Murray must rank among our most prominent living social scientists. At a May 17 hearing of the Joint Economic Committee convened by Senator and JEC vice chairman Mike Lee,Show More Summary

Stray thoughts about Comey

(Scott Johnson) Former FBI Director James Comey is master operator on the Washington scene. That is the predominant impression I came away with from Comey’s testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday. It is an impression...Show More Summary

“Almost entirely wrong” (2)

(Scott Johnson) The New York Times reporters who wrote the February 14 story conceded by former FBI Director Comey to be “almost entirely wrong” in his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday now take a look back...Show More Summary

Thoughts from the ammo line

(Scott Johnson) Ammo Grrrll is thinking about MARRIAGE VS. WEDDINGS. She writes: I’m warning readers in advance that I might inadvertently be stepping on some toes today. Truly, I mean no disrespect. Please believe me that if you already had a big wedding, I hope you enjoyed every minute. Show More Summary

Theresa May: Blunder Woman

(Steven Hayward) I haven’t had time yet to compose my “Five Ways To Think about ComeyCon,” than the shocking U.K. election pops up to overtake the Comey Conundrum. Some observations: 1. Hindsight is always 20/20, but calling this snap election was a mistake. Show More Summary

U.K. Disaster?

(John Hinderaker) The Labour party has been eclipsed under the inept leadership of far-left Jeremy Corbyn. Theresa May called an early election, planning to land a knockout punch, and the early polls looked like a sweeping Tory victory. Show More Summary

Initial thoughts on Comey’s testimony

(Paul Mirengoff) Here are some of my takeaways from the Comey testimony (I missed most of it as it transpired, but have read the transcript). First, Comey’s testimony falls far short of presenting a case that President Trump obstructed justice. Show More Summary

“Almost entirely wrong”

(Scott Johnson) On February 14 the New York Times published a story by Michael Schmidt, Mark Mazzetti and Matt Apuzzo with reporting contributed by Adam Goldman and Matthew Rosenberg. The story was headlined “Trump campaign aides had...Show More Summary

Is Adam Silver a racist?

(Paul Mirengoff) Adam Silver is a big believer in the “right” of men (biologically speaking) to use the women’s restroom and visa versa. The pompous Silver has declared that the NBA, by which he means himself, has a role to play in teaching...Show More Summary

Climate: Time for “Team B”?

(Steven Hayward) There is a lot of chatter and rending of garments about the proposal made recently by former Obama Administration energy appointee Steven Koonin in the Wall Street Journal that there ought to be a full-scale, independent...Show More Summary

CNN Bungles Comey Testimony

(John Hinderaker) CNN has been competing with MSNBC to see who can come up with the most over-the-top attacks on President Trump. And when an agenda is at stake, accuracy is secondary at best. Tuesday evening, CNN tweeted that JamesShow More Summary

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