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Obama moves to reverse two decades of success in reducing crime

(Paul Mirengoff) Having empowered Iran’s criminal regime and all but ensured its long-term survival, President Obama is turning his attention to doing what he can for American criminals. In one day this week, he commuted the sentences...Show More Summary

A Pack, Not a Herd

(John Hinderaker) Over the years, Glenn Reynolds has come up with many themes and catch phrases that have helped to define the contemporary conservative/libertarian movement. Tonight he hails armed citizens who have turned out to defend...Show More Summary

Sessions: We Need More Assimilation, Not More Immigration

(John Hinderaker) Senator Jeff Sessions released this statement this morning. It was prompted by the Chattanooga shootings, but goes far beyond that topic. The statement is rather lengthy, but I am going to reproduce it in full because it is so good and so important. Show More Summary

Chattanooga: The Mystery Deepens

(John Hinderaker) This screen shot is from the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s web site, a few hours ago: “Chattanooga gunman’s motive remains a mystery, officials say.” As Paul wrote earlier today, “the deeds tell us the motive.” I don’t think anyone is fooled by the media’s pretense that Islamic terrorism is some sort of puzzle. Show More Summary

Hillary’s Latest Whopper

(Steven Hayward) Yes, this could become a daily feature. You’ll recall that Hillary Clinton once claimed to have been named for Mt. Everest climber Sir Edmund Hillary, even though he didn’t achieve that feat until several years after Hillary was born. Show More Summary

A Study in Liberal Weakmindedness

(Steven Hayward) One thing I love about liberals is how they can’t ever seem to make up their mind about whether Ronald Reagan was an ogre or a great man. This week he’s a great man, because lo and behold with regard to Iran Obama is doing exactly what the Gipper did with the Soviet Union! Take E.J. Show More Summary

The Futility of Gun-Free Zones, In One Picture

(John Hinderaker) If you haven’t already seen it, this photo of the Marine facility in Chattanooga after it was shot up by Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez tells you all you need to know about gun-free zones: Here in Minnesota, the legislature liberalized carry laws a decade or more ago. Show More Summary

The irrelevance of Congress

(Scott Johnson) Omri Ceren writes to elucidate the unfolding process in the Iran deal brought to us by President Obama. Omni’s message explores the issue I noted yesterday here. This is important. Omni writes: Lead negotiator Wendy Sherman...Show More Summary

Iran’s trifecta

(Paul Mirengoff) It’s no scoop to say that both Israel and Saudi Arabia are alarmed by President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. But it’s worth teasing out the difference in the primary concern of the two. In doing so, we can better appreciate just how bad the deal is. Show More Summary

One-eyed jacks of Wessex

(Scott Johnson) When Professor Lesley Goodman left St. Paul to undertake her new responsibilities in the English Department at Union College, she left a long reading list of Victorian novels and modernist literature for me to continue my pursuits. Show More Summary

The inside story of a Tennessee Islamist terrorist

(Paul Mirengoff) I listened with disbelief last night as the media reported that investigators are searching for the motive behind the attack by Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez on two military centers in Tennessee. Surely, the deeds tell us the motive. Show More Summary

Thoughts from the ammo line

(Scott Johnson) Ammo Grrrll returns with timely thoughts on NEGOTIATING 101. She writes: I have been married to Mr. Ammo Grrrll for 48 happy years. God forbid anything should happen to this marriage, but if it should, I want Barack Hussein Obama and John FibSwiftboat Kerry to be the attorneys for my husband. Show More Summary

This Video About the Iran Deal Isn’t Fair…Really It Isn’t

(John Hinderaker) This video depicts the Iranian government’s reaction to Obama’s nuclear deal in a way that is tendentious and utterly unfair. Seriously. Of course, nothing in it is actually inaccurate. To the extent it characterizes the agreement it is correct…unlike, say, President Obama’s descriptions. Show More Summary

Muhammad…Muhammad…Where Have I Heard That Name Before?

(John Hinderaker) In the wake of the latest mass shooting, carried out by Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, an engineer like so many Islamic terrorists, we are seeing the usual scramble to avoid stating the obvious. On CNN, Tom Fuentes ludicrously...Show More Summary

NY Times Surrenders to Ted Cruz

(John Hinderaker) We wrote here and here about the New York Times’s effort to sabotage Ted Cruz’s new book, A Time for Truth by leaving it off their best seller list, even though it sold the third-highest number of books (hardcover nonfiction) in its debut week. Show More Summary

Kuwaiti born gunman kills four marines in Tennessee

(Paul Mirengoff) Today, a gunman identified as Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, who reportedly was born in Kuwait, killed four Marines at a Naval facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A few minutes earlier, Abdulazeez had opened fire at a nearby Armed Forces Career Center, but failed to kill anyone there. Show More Summary

Why Obama’s best defense of his Iran deal falls short

(Paul Mirengoff) John did an excellent job of dissecting President Obama’s efforts, during his press conference yesterday, to defend the Iran nuclear deal. However, Obama made one point that I consider substantial (perhaps because I raised in this post). Show More Summary

Hillary’s Poll Numbers In Free-Fall

(John Hinderaker) The latest Associated Press-GfK poll numbers are brutal for Hillary Clinton. Only 39% view her favorably, a seven-point drop since April. This graphic sums up the bad news. Note that only 31% of respondents in the AP...Show More Summary

Good news from Wisconsin

(Scott Johnson) The Wisconsin Supreme Court has put an end to the John Doe investigation tormenting conservative activists in the state. This particular show featured the true face of contemporary liberalism. Litigation stalled the show. Show More Summary

Mosby family ties to police provide no answer to charge of anti-police bias

(Paul Mirengoff) Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore city’s state’s attorney, has countered charges that she’s biased against the police by saying that she comes from “five generations” of cops. But a closer work at her family history raises more questions about her view of the police than it answers. Show More Summary

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