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Iran: We Can Walk Away From Nuclear Deal

(John Hinderaker) We have pointed out repeatedly that, while Iran likely will cheat on its nuclear agreement, it doesn’t have to. Its incentive to enter into the deal was the end of sanctions. That objective has now been achieved. Iran...Show More Summary

Analyze this

(Scott Johnson) Struggling with adult onset ADD, as I like to think of it, I forgot to include this intriguing quote from Paul Gregory’s Forbes column on the recently discovered hacking of the DNC’s databases by perpetrators acting on behalf of the Russian authorities, according to the DNC. Show More Summary

When nonsense becomes the party line

(Paul Mirengoff) Surfing past Fox News this morning, I heard someone report on a poll about what caused the massacre in Orlando. Apparently, most Republicans believe it was caused by Islamic extremism, whereas most Democrats believe it was caused by “domestic gun violence.” But the massacre was domestic gun violence. Show More Summary

Loose Ends (6)

(Steven Hayward) • “See Russia like no one else has”?? This is the email subject line from The Nation magazine, flacking for their September Russia excursion. And it is the most perfect subject line ever, or perhaps truth in advertising at least: It is certainly the case that The Nation has seen Russia like no one else has for decades now. Show More Summary

The DNC hacked

(Scott Johnson) The Democratic National Committee was hacked in 2015 and again this year. Hacked opposition research was posted online and made the headlines. The DNC’s security consultant — CrowdStrike — attributes the hacking to operatives of the Russian government. Show More Summary

The Week in Pictures: 2nd Amendment Edition

(Steven Hayward) Mass shootings, by whatever kind of perpetrator, bring out the maximum ignorance from liberals and the media (but I repeat myself), but it’s even worse when the reaction involves averting one’s gaze from the growing problem of Islamic extremism in our midst. Show More Summary

Where was Harold Koh, Part Two

(Paul Mirengoff) Harold Koh is a left-wing professor at Yale law school where he once was the Dean. Koh served as Legal Adviser at the State Department during Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State. We criticized the selection of Koh for this key post here and here. Show More Summary

Border Control vs. Gun Control

(John Hinderaker) The Pulse night club massacre was the latest in a series of Islamic terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, quite a few of which have succeeded, while others have been foiled. These attacks have used a variety of weapons: box cutters, knives, pistols, pressure cookers and rifles. Show More Summary

Poll: MP Murder Not Swaying British Voters

(John Hinderaker) I wrote here about the British Left’s disgraceful effort to make political hay out of the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox by a mentally ill man. Pro-EU forces are trying to somehow tie the murder to the “Brexit” side of the EU debate. Show More Summary

Hitler Learns the Journal of American Greatness Has Shut Down

(Steven Hayward) Our friends at the Journal of American Greatness (or “JAG” as I call them for short), who offered the most serious defense of Trumpism, if not necessarily Trump himself, have decided to fold up the site. They creditShow More Summary

To Brexit or not to Brexit

(Scott Johnson) To Brexit or not to Brexit, that is the question addressed by Douglas Murray in “Exit Britain?” (National Review) and by Christopher Caldwell in “See you, EU?” (Weekly Standard). What is Brexit? Brexit is shorthand for...Show More Summary

Thoughts from the ammo line

(Scott Johnson) Ammo Grrrll explores MINORITY RULES: I have written previously about what it was like to be a kid growing up in Flyover Land in the ’50s. We were a largely unsupervised horde that played rough games and lived most of our non-school hours out of doors, no matter the weather. Show More Summary

Breaking: State Dept. Protests Obama Lethargy

(Steven Hayward) There’s an old joke about how it would be nice if there was an American Interests desk at the State Department, since Foggy Bottom was usually more sympathetic to foreign nations than our own. The truth behind that joke...Show More Summary

Murder of British MP Echoes American Politics at Its Worst

(John Hinderaker) Earlier today, Jo Cox, a Labour Member of Parliament, was murdered on a street as she was conducting a “surgery” for her constituents. The facts surrounding the murder are unclear, and contradictory reports have emerged. Show More Summary

Gays, Lesbians Thinking About Self-Defense

(John Hinderaker) In the wake of the Orlando terrorist attack, firearms–especially AR-15s, which the Democrats want to ban–are flying off the shelves. And quite a few of them are being sold to gays and lesbians: Gun shops typically see a spike in customers after mass shootings. Show More Summary

McCain Tees Off on Obama

(John Hinderaker) Today John McCain told reporters that Barack Obama is “directly responsible” for Omar Mateen’s terrorist attack in Orlando: “Barack Obama is directly responsible for it, because when he pulled everybody out of Iraq,...Show More Summary

Is Trump Our Charles de Gaulle?

(Steven Hayward) The most frequent cliché about Trump from his detractors is that he’s the next Hitler, which is silly. Trump may be many defective things, but he’s not that. But I wonder if he might be our Charles de Gaulle? Just to...Show More Summary

Loose Ends (5)

(Steven Hayward) • George Will thinks Republicans should ditch Trump and draft Mitch Daniels for president. I heartily agree with the idea, though I doubt you can persuade Daniels to do it. I tried once, in 2011. Will: Without explicitly mentioning the paranoia currently convulsing many campuses, Daniels identified its origin. Show More Summary

Obama’s new clothes

(Scott Johnson) Events have conspired to make President Obama look like a fool, as he did in his obnoxious defense of the higher wisdom of his avoidance of any mention of Islam in connection with the Orlando massacre. Obama’s higher wisdom is not only foolish, it is also lethal. Show More Summary

Dear AG Healey (Rated R for language)

(Scott Johnson) I can’t say that this is how all overreaching government authorities should be answered, but it does set an inspirational example. At the Daily Caller Michael Bastach explains: Alex Epstein had a terse response to a subpoena sent by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey Wednesday. Show More Summary

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