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Toby Miles to go before she sleeps

(Scott Johnson) The IRS has disclosed another private email account on which Lois Lerner conducted official business. The disclosure occurred in the Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuit for Lerner emails. The newly disclosed email account is under the name of Toby Miles. Show More Summary

What matters at the State Fair

(Scott Johnson) What is the point of the Black Lives Matter movement? It represents an assault on law enforcement in the name of racial equity. It mounts a race based attack on the forces of order. It seeks to undermine and overcome democratic politics. Show More Summary

Biden: His time

(Scott Johnson) Early this summer I thought that Hillary Clinton’s email problems had given Biden the opening he needed for a presidential candidacy. I called it Biden’s moment. Clinton’s email issues have given rise to the need for a plausible alternative to Madam Hillary. Show More Summary

What the GOP presidential candidates are reading

(Paul Mirengoff) Tevi Troy, author of What Jefferson Read, Ike Watched, and Obama Tweeted, takes a look at what the 2016 GOP contenders are reading. One seldom knows for sure what anyone is reading, but Tevi’s discussion is revealing nonetheless. Show More Summary

Trump: Not a Conservative On Taxes

(John Hinderaker) Scott Walker’s tenure as Governor of Wisconsin has been one of the most successful exercises in conservative governance in recent years. Walker rescued Wisconsin from its financial troubles, broke the power of the public...Show More Summary

Media alert

(Paul Mirengoff) I will be appearing on Seth Leibsohn’s radio show at around 5:00 Mountain Time. We plan to discuss the fascinating, and arguably frightening, political landscape. Seth broadcasts his show on 960 the Patriot in Phoenix. He’s a terrific host and I’m sure it will be fun talking with him.

Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump, On Stage

(John Hinderaker) Over the weekend I saw a headline about Senator Jeff Sessions joining Donald Trump on stage at Trump’s big event in Mobile, Alabama. Since Sessions has the best judgment on issues of anyone in Washington, I was surprised. Show More Summary

Hillary warned audience that “hackers break into personal email accounts”

(Paul Mirengoff) Attempting to defend her use of a private email server, Hillary Clinton has sought to minimize the obvious security risk that this approach posed. She describes her system as “effective and secure,” and notes that it...Show More Summary

A Biden-Warren ticket?

(Paul Mirengoff) It speaks poorly of Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren that neither has entered the presidential race. Hillary Clinton’s vulnerability has been evident for quite some time, if not all along. Yet neither Biden nor Warren have had the guts to challenge her. Show More Summary

On Your Mark, Get Set, . . . Crash? (Updated)

(Steven Hayward) So, I’m back from my overseas idyll, which included bagging a lion I hastily renamed Cecil (see photo below), and which means the usual jet lag, a large pile of snail mail, and lots of undone work even further behind than usual. Anything much happen while I was away? Wait... the stock market did what? As I write, about an hour before the Monday morning open on

The Iran deal and the Israeli veto

(Paul Mirengoff) This weekend, CNN reported that in recent years, Israeli leaders planned three attacks on military targets in Iran. CNN bases this story on an audio recording with former Defense Minister (and one-time Prime Minister) Ehud Barak. Show More Summary

Will Biden Run? Of Course He Will!

(John Hinderaker) The Wall Street Journal reports that Vice President Joe Biden is inclined to run for president: Vice President Joe Biden, who has long been considering a presidential bid, is increasingly leaning toward entering the...Show More Summary

Empire populism

(Paul Mirengoff) The Republican party of Kentucky has approved a rule change that will allow Rand Paul to run for president while seeking reelection to the Senate. That’s the good news for Sen. Paul. The bad news is that, according to the RCP poll average, Paul’s share of the GOP vote stands at 4.3 percent. Show More Summary

On Firearms, Reporting Obscures the Truth

(John Hinderaker) There is no subject on which reporting is so consistently poor as firearms. Most reporters are anti-gun; as a result, even when reporting is not overtly biased it is generally so murky as to obscure rather than reveal basic facts. Show More Summary

Title Nein from Outer Space

(Steven Hayward) The problem with nearly every government program or regulation is that it spawns a private sector industry to leach off the regulation, as well as a new constituency group to support the perpetuation or expansion of the regime. Show More Summary

What’s Happened to Liberalism in Two Sentences

(Steven Hayward) The New York Times today carries a long news piece about the growing panic in Hillary world that has forced her to—gasp!—interrupt her Hamptons summer vacation to campaign among the plebes in the Midwest. Down near the...Show More Summary

Is The Left Self-Destructing? The Evidence from Britain

(Steven Hayward) More fun than watching the Hillary meltdown and the Democratic Party rage against the results of the Obama regime is to cast your gaze over to Britain, where the Labour Party seems to have forgotten the lesson of their...Show More Summary

Omri Ceren versus the deal

(Scott Johnson) I’ve posted several of Omri Ceren’s updates on our deal with Iran on Power Line because I think they are among the most reliable and informative expositions out there. Omri appeared on C-SPAN from New York City this morning...Show More Summary

The Times at work

(Scott Johnson) When I wrote about Ta-Nehisi Coates’s new book Between the World and Me, I noted that he was this year’s officially certified angry black. He is officially certified by the New York Times through Jennifer Schuessler, the Times culture critic and gatekeeper. Show More Summary

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