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From the NAS

(Scott Johnson) National Association of Scholars executive director Ashley Thorne writes to note that NAS has just published a long, formal statement by NAS president Peter Wood about academic and intellectual freedom. It runs close to 11,000 words and is the most extensive statement NAS has ever made on the subject. Show More Summary

Long Live the King

(Steven Hayward) I’ve been expecting the day would some when the identity politics Left would turn on Martin Luther King Jr, and that day has arrived. Students at the University of Oregon (and surely elsewhere) are demanding that one...Show More Summary

Karl Rove: the master strategist as master story teller

(Paul Mirengoff) I normally don’t recommend books on Power Line unless I’ve read them from beginning to end. However, I’m making an exception for Karl Rove’s The Triumph of William McKinley: Why the Election of 1896 Still Matters. Why?...Show More Summary

Does Europe Have a Future?

(John Hinderaker) That is a question that could be repeated daily, given the steady stream of news stories like these. First, from Germany, where New Year’s Eve turned into a nightmare of sexual assault with hundreds of women being attacked...Show More Summary

The shoot-out in Eastern Oregon

(Paul Mirengoff) Federal agents have arrested several leaders of the armed activists in Eastern Oregon who seized federal property. In the process, according to reports, a shoot-out occurred in which one prominent activist was killed. Show More Summary

Is CDC Ignoring the Horrifying Zika Virus?

(John Hinderaker) Last summer, my friend David Lebedoff published a thriller titled Buzz, in which a terrorist group found a way to weaponize mosquitoes. (Buzz is available on Amazon, including a Kindle edition for a mere $4.99.) Now, tragically, the nightmare fantasy envisioned in Buzz has been surpassed by reality. Show More Summary

Fox News says Trump campaign “threatened” Megyn Kelly

(Paul Mirengoff) Fox News has released a statement accusing Donald Trump’s campaign manager of threatening Megyn Kelly. According to Fox, campaign manager Corey Lewandowski stated in a call to a Fox News executive that Kelly had a “rough...Show More Summary

Meanwhile in Syria

(Paul Mirengoff) Who’s winning in Iowa? That’s the question of the moment. But it’s also pertinent to ask who’s winning in Syria. The answer is the very bad guys. Which very bad guys? It depends on the part of Syria in question. In the east, ISIS seems to be winning, happy talk from the administration notwithstanding. Show More Summary

On the email case

(Scott Johnson) Catherine Herridge and Pamela Browne of FOX News continue to advance the mind-boggling story of Hillary Clinton’s unsecured private email server for her official State Department business. In their latest report, Herridge and Browne note that the FBI is speaking with the intelligence agencies that generated the information. Show More Summary

Milwaukee man charged

(Scott Johnson) The FBI apprehended a 23-year-old “Milwaukee resident” Samy Hamzeh to prevent a planned incident of gun violence in Milwaukee. He was arrested on weapons charges. Mohamed is his middle name. He is a native Arabic speaker. Show More Summary

Is Trump just “being himself” in skipping the Fox News debate?

(Paul Mirengoff) I agree with Steve Hayward that (1) Donald Trump’s decision to skip Thursday’s presidential debate looks more like a blunder than a stroke of genius, but (2) in light of the way Trump has gone from success to unorthodox success, we should be reluctant to conclude he has blundered here. Show More Summary

Has Trump Finally Blundered?

(Steven Hayward) News out late today that Trump will skip Thursday’s GOP debate ahead of the Iowa caucuses next Monday, apparently objecting to the presence of Megyn Kelly on the Fox panel that will conduct the debate. Is this finally...Show More Summary

Jeb Bush’s joyless campaign

(Paul Mirengoff) Before entering the presidential race, Jeb Bush said he wanted to run “joyfully.” And when Bush appears on talk shows, he seems sunny (especially for a candidate who is running, what, in the fifth place with about 5 percent support in the polls) and eager to talk policy. Show More Summary

World’s Smallest Violin

(John Hinderaker) Last week, the United States Supreme Court ruled that anyone who was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole as a juvenile must have his case reviewed and either be resentenced or given an opportunity for parole. Show More Summary

Two Ways of Looking at Trump

(Steven Hayward) Come what may in the primary voting that is—finally!—about to begin, people will be analyzing the Trump phenomenon for a long time. The Week has two interesting pieces up right now, starting with Michael Brendan Dougherty,...Show More Summary

Vacuous Vox Boxes Itself

(Steven Hayward) It was only a few days ago that I took note of the sorry Politifact people for jumping on Marco Rubio for supposedly distorting the role Ronald Reagan played in the denouement of the Iranian hostage crisis back in January 1981, and now Vox has weighed in also with the purpose of disputing Rubio and denigrating Ronaldus Magnus. Show More Summary

Missouri “muscle” prof charged with assault

(Paul Mirengoff) Melissa Click, the University of Missouri professor who called for “muscle” to remove a reporter, has been charged with the crime of assault. The charge is based, I think, on the allegation of Mark Schierbecker, a Missouri...Show More Summary

Hillary for dummies

(Scott Johnson) Jed Babbin steps back from the latest revelations in the continuing saga of Hilary Clinton’s unsecured private email server for her official State Department business to offer this useful introduction: To begin we have...Show More Summary

CNN hosts the Dems

(Scott Johnson) CNN hosted the Democratic presidential candidates for a friendly town hall forum at Drake University in Des Moines last night. Chris Cuomo served as the moderator as the candidates appeared in turn to answer questions from the audience. Show More Summary

The endorsements scorecard

(Paul Mirengoff) How important are endorsements by office holders when it comes to nominating a presidential candidate? I think the conventional wisdom is that this year, at least on the Republican side, they won’t count for much. On...Show More Summary

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