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The GOP Convention, Night One [UPDATED — Melania borrowed from Michelle]

(Paul Mirengoff) On the second day of the 2012 Republican national convention, the theme was “We Built It.” This represented both celebration of small businesses and a response to Obama’s offensive “you didn’t built that” remark chiding entrepreneurs. Show More Summary

Melania Goes Yard

(John Hinderaker) I watched the opening night of the Republican convention, starting out on Fox News. But I couldn’t stand how the network ignored what was happening onstage, instead giving us endless boring arguments between its own personalities, so I switched to CNN, which was at least slightly better. Show More Summary

Another Day, Another Allahu Akbar

(John Hinderaker) In southern Germany, a 17-year-old Afghan refugee pulled out a hatchet and a knife on a train and attacked his fellow passengers, wounding 19, three grievously. A teenage Afghan refugee shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ before hacking at passengers during an axe and knife rampage on a train in Germany. Show More Summary

Sheriff David Clarke smacks down CNN’s Don Lemon

(Paul Mirengoff) Don Lemon, who hosts a news show on CNN, may have thought he had a win-win strategy when he asked Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke this question following the murder in Baton Rouge of three police officers: I spoke...Show More Summary

Another full acquittal in Baltimore

(Paul Mirengoff) Circuit Judge Barry Williams has acquitted Brian Rice of all charges related to Freddy Gray’s arrest and death. This is the fourth time, in four attempts, that prosecutors have failed to obtain a conviction in the Freddy Gray case. Show More Summary

Obama channels Donald Trump. . .and Malik Shabazz

(Paul Mirengoff) Jack Dunphy at NRO’s Corner points to something I didn’t notice in President Obama’s response to yesterday’s Baton Rouge police murders. Obama said: I traveled to Dallas for the memorial service of the officers who were slain there. Show More Summary

From the Trump National Doral

(Scott Johnson) I’m taking a sort of working vacation at the Pritikn Health Resort & Spa in Miami. My theory was that the “working” part would come in Pritikin’s location at the Trump National Doral Miami; Pritikin leases part of the propety from the Trump National Doral. Show More Summary

The fire this time

(Scott Johnson) Prsident Obama’s brief statement on the murder of Baton Rouge police officers was formulaic and annoyed (video below). When it comes to lamenting crimes against law enforcement, which he has done so much to foment and abet, Obama doesn’t have his heart in it. Show More Summary

Police militarization after Baton Rouge

(Paul Mirengoff) When the Dallas police finally took out Micah Johnson, they used a robot with a bomb — a device that can be compared to a drone. I considered this great police work but, remarkably, killing Johnson in this way proved to be controversial. Show More Summary

Three easy ways Obama could stop doing harm

(Paul Mirengoff) As John points out in this post, President Obama has spent seven years stirring up racial division for the sake of political gain. The police has been one of his targets, from his earliest days as president, when without...Show More Summary

Baton Rouge Murderer Identified

(John Hinderaker) Authorities have identified the man who murdered three police officers in Baton Rouge this morning as Gavin Eugene Long, age 29, a former Marine sergeant from Missouri. The Daily Caller claims to have identified a YouTube channel operated by Long. Show More Summary

A Little Late: Obama Comes Out Against Divisive Talk On Race

(John Hinderaker) Barack Obama has spent seven years stirring up racial division for the sake of political gain. From his earliest days as president, when he derided Cambridge police as “stupid,” Obama has endorsed and propagated the great lie that American law enforcement is systematically racist. Show More Summary

Multiple Police Officers Killed In Baton Rouge [with comment by Paul][Updated]

(John Hinderaker) At least three police officers are reportedly dead and four more said to be in critical condition after being shot by a gunman armed with a semiautomatic rifle in Baton Rouge. Reportedly, police received a call about...Show More Summary

Kansas City 1976: the last great political convention

(Paul Mirengoff) Tevi Troy, writing in the Washington Post, discusses the ways in which technology has changed, and continues to change, political conventions. Tevi’s piece is based on his fascinating essay in National Affairs about the evolution of such conventions. Show More Summary

Bouhlel Had Help?

(John Hinderaker) French police have arrested seven people in connection with Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel’s terrorist attack in Nice, six of whom are reportedly still in custody. It has emerged that Bouhlel sent a series of texts to accomplices, or at a minimum to people who knew what he intended to do. Show More Summary

The war on cops: A short course

(Scott Johnson) Just before the publication of her book The War On Cops — the book of the moment if not the year — Heather Mac Donald gave a lecture on its themes at Hilldale College. In her lecture Heather violates all the reigning taboos that inhibit honest dsicussion of the subject. Show More Summary

The Obama factor: Last round

(Scott Johnson) I didn’t mean to make this review of recent Obama statements a series. Events have been in the saddle and they have ridden me. I will of course continue to chronicle Obama’s “deep” thoughts. We will be living with their...Show More Summary

A Quadrennial Republican Smear

(John Hinderaker) I have noticed this for a long time: every four years, when a Republican national convention is in prospect, national news outlets will do stories on strip clubs and prostitutes who are eagerly awaiting the Republicans’ patronage. Show More Summary

The Pence unveiling

(Paul Mirengoff) Donald Trump introduced Mike Pence today as his running mate. Pence showed a fair amount of prowess as a candidate in his speech accepting the nod. Rich Lowry says that Trump seemed to be “doing everything he could to...Show More Summary

Hillary’s First Priority If She Wins? To Shut Up Her Critics

(John Hinderaker) Hillary Clinton is giving a speech today in which she describes one of her top priorities as president: Hillary Clinton will pledge on Saturday to introduce an amendment to the Constitution to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision within the first 30 days of her administration, an aide said Saturday. Show More Summary

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