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Who bowed down

(Scott Johnson) One of President Obama’s core objectives is the humiliation of the United States. Thus his bows to the Saudi king and the Japanese emperor in the first year of his administration. Obama’s bows gave expressive form to the diminished role Obama has crafted for the United States on the world stage. Show More Summary

The Crisis of the Administrative State, Part 4

(Steven Hayward) The key fact of contemporary bureaucracy is this: the problem of bureaucracy today is less its centralizing tendencies in Washington than it is the culture of bureaucracy that now runs fully from top to bottom at all levels of government.  It’s bureaucratic turtles all the way down, if you know that old apocryphal story. Show More Summary

Saudi King blows off Obama

(Paul Mirengoff) Saudi Arabia has announced that its new monarch, King Salman, will not attend meetings at the White House with President Obama or a summit of Arab leaders at Camp David. The king will instead send Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, who is the interior minister, and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is the defense minister. Show More Summary

Liberals block the most promising path in Baltimore

(Paul Mirengoff) Many liberals and some conservatives would like to force a major reduction in the prison population, even though current incarceration rates contributed significantly to sharply reduced crime rates. One objection to the crusade to reduce incarceration is high recidivism. Show More Summary

Campus Reductio Ad Absurdum

(Steven Hayward) Leave it to The Onion to get at the truth of campus extremism in one deft paragraph: College Encourages Lively Exchange of Idea Students, Faculty Invited To Freely Express Single Viewpoint BOSTON—Saying that such a dialogue...Show More Summary

From a window

(Scott Johnson) A reader sent Glenn Reynolds the photograph below of a display window at the Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe & Grill in the heart of the District of Columbia. Glenn views the display a Drudge-like illumination by juxtaposition. Show More Summary

Corruption from the IRS to the DoJ

(Scott Johnson) The pro-Israel group Z Street had its application for tax-exempt status held up at the IRS. When founder Lori Lowenthal Marcus asked why, she was told that IRS auditors had been instructed to give pro-Israel groups special attention and that Z Street’s application had been forwarded to a special IRS unit for additional review. Show More Summary

My take on Britain’s general election

(Paul Mirengoff) I was surprised that so many were surprised by the Conservative Party’s victory in the British election. The two key drivers in most national elections are (1) the state of the economy and (2) the quality of the candidates. Show More Summary

To the Losers Go the Recriminations

(John Hinderaker) Nobody loves you when you’re down and out; not in politics, anyway. In the wake of Labour’s disastrous electoral defeat last week, the party’s leaders are being attacked from all directions. The Telegraph sums up the lessons of defeat, as drawn by the party’s various factions. Show More Summary

The Best Mothers’ Day Meme Yet

(Steven Hayward) In our world of accelerating social media, there’s no shortage of good Mothers’ Day observances and memes going around. But this has to be the single best one.  (Oh, and by the way, Happy Mothers’ Day everyone.)

What really ails our cites

(Paul Mirengoff) My impression is that Baltimore was particularly hard hit by the last recession and hasn’t really recovered. But, as I have argued, this doesn’t mean that cities hit less hard are immune from the kind of rioting that followed the death of Freddie Gray. Show More Summary

Fidel Castro: Greediest Tyrant In World History?

(John Hinderaker) We noted years ago that Fidel Castro ranked high on Forbes’ list of the richest people in the world with unearned wealth. As his economic policies forced his countrymen into increasingly desperate poverty, Castro himself has lived for decades like a pasha. Show More Summary

Bubbaships and Double Standards

(Steven Hayward) I know it’s a favorite saying around here that if liberals didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any standards at all.  But seriously—the Clintons really abuse the liberal privilege. The astounding revelations...Show More Summary

Jerry Brown hot and cold

(Scott Johnson) Steven Goddard’s Real Science site has a hilarious update on the catastrophes attributed to global warming climate change (f/k/a global cooling). Goddard draws on the timely example of California’s current drought, exacerbated by California’s state government. Show More Summary

“Clinton Cash”: Disputations

(Scott Johnson) Peter Schweizer generated an enormous amount of publicity for Clinton Cash before its official publication this past Tuesday. The prepublication publicity included the related New York Times story by Jo Becker and Mike...Show More Summary

Sunday morning coming down

(Scott Johnson) I flipped over singer Suzy Bogguss when I saw her perform with her band at the Dakota Jazz Club and Restaurant in downtown Minneapolis in 2011. I wrote about the show here. Suzy played many of her hits and previewed her then unreleased recording of traditional American music. Show More Summary

Freddie Gray’s knife, Part Two

(Paul Mirengoff) The prosecutor in the Freddie Gray case contends that it was not unlawful for Gray to be carrying his knife — a “spring-assisted, one-hand-operated” device — and that therefore it was improper to arrest him. I argued...Show More Summary

Science Versus “Scientism”

(Steven Hayward) I’ve decided I’m going to call myself an “Islamoskeptic,” because it neatly combines two left-wing, debate-stifling epithets at one stroke.  If you criticize Islam, you’re an “Islamophobe”—the moral equivalent of a racist, so shut up we don’t have to listen to you any more. Show More Summary

Freddie Gray’s knife, Marilyn Mosby’s bias

(Paul Mirengoff) One of the charges brought by prosecutor Marilyn Mosby in the Freddie Gray case is false arrest. The police arrested Gray for carrying an illegal knife, but Mosby has announced that Gray’s knife was not an illegal switchblade under Maryland law. Show More Summary

The Power Line Show, Episode 16: Clinton Cash, With Peter Schweizer

(John Hinderaker) Last night we hooked up with our friend Peter Schweizer to talk about his sensational new book, Clinton Cash. I read the book prior to the interview; I would have said that nothing the Clintons could do would shock me, but I was shocked. Show More Summary

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