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Military sites will be off-limits to inspectors, Iran announces

(Paul Mirengoff) We can add a new item to the list of issues as to which Iran’s stated view of the nuclear “deal” differs from President Obama’s claims. The list already included such matters as when sanctions will be lifted, centrifuges, enrichment, and even plutonium — all key components. Show More Summary

The NY Times Editorial Board: As Delusional As Ever

(John Hinderaker) I don’t check in on the editorial page of the New York Times very often, because why? It’s easier to follow the ravings of the far left on Twitter, if I am so inclined. But I did look at yesterday’s editorials, which...Show More Summary

Charles K. With Charles K.

(Steven Hayward) The latest installment of the Claremont Institute’s “American Mind” video series features Claremont Review editor Charles Kesler in conversation with the other great Charles K—Charles Krauthammer.  I have been encouraging...Show More Summary

What Really Happened to Harry Reid? Part 4, Reid Changes His Story

(John Hinderaker) We have followed the saga of Harry Reid’s New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day accident or assault, whichever it was, here, here, here and here. Reid suffered severe injuries in the incident: multiple broken bones on the...Show More Summary

Red States and High Tides

(Steven Hayward) I’m not sure who was the first to point out that income inequality is highest where liberals govern, i.e., New York City, San Francisco, LA, etc.  It’s also true of housing prices, not coincidentally.  This is only the beginning of a pattern recognition linked to liberal governance and elite opinion formation. Show More Summary

Don’t Look Now, But. . .

(Steven Hayward) The Wall Street Journal has two items of special note today.  The first is a good article on the debate between Ben Bernanke and Larry Summers about how to understand our low interest rate environment: For more than a year, Mr. Show More Summary

American Sniper: Too Dangerous for the University of Michigan

(John Hinderaker) The University of Michigan’s Center for Campus Involvement, which sponsors a wide variety of student entertainment, scheduled a showing of American Sniper, the biggest grossing film of 2014 and an Academy Best Picture nominee. Show More Summary

Rand Paul backpedals, but the embarrassment continues

(Paul Mirengoff) Yesterday, in announcing his run for the presidency, Rand Paul demonstrated his unfitness for the office by calling for the repeal of any law that “disproportionately incarcerates people of color.” In effect, as John and I pointed out, Paul thereby called for the repeal of virtually every criminal law. Show More Summary

The Traitor Tribe?

(Steven Hayward) Harvard’s Lawrence Tribe, you may recall, was one of the leaders of the mob that crushed Robert Bork’s 1987 Supreme Court nomination, and is one of the leading fixtures of the Left in legal academia. And one of the more...Show More Summary

Judge Hanen sticks with it

(Scott Johnson) Judge Andrew Hanen has filed a memorandum opinion and order denying the Obama administration’s motion to lift his temporary injunction preventing implementation of Obama’s post-election executive amnesty program. The memorandum opinion and order are posted online here. Show More Summary

Marie Harf clears it up

(Scott Johnson) Omri Ceren emailed another update on the pending arrangement with Iran yesterday afternoon. If you’ve been following Omri’s comments here, this should be of interest: Just wanted to make sure you had the full text of President Obama’s interview in your inbox [omitted here]. Show More Summary

The Attkisson angle

(Scott Johnson) The White House hacking story is in the news again today with the revelation by CNN that officials believe the hacking was performed by operators acting on behalf of the government Russia. According to CNN, the hacking took place via the State Department computer system. Show More Summary

Media Alert: Bill Bennett Tomorrow Morning

(Steven Hayward) For early risers in the middle and western regions of the country, and for commuters on the east coast, I’ll be a guest on Bill Bennett’s “Morning in America” radio show tomorrow at 8:05 am eastern time, to discuss the...Show More Summary

Poor officiating mars otherwise excellent NCAA tourney

(Paul Mirengoff) Last night, the NCAA crowned its 2015 men’s basketball champion. As is often the case, the crown went to the high-quality team that played the best defense. Unexpectedly, from a pre-tournament perspective, that teamShow More Summary

Russia’s Invasion of White House Computers: The Story Still Has Not Been Told

(John Hinderaker) CNN has made news with this headline: “How the U.S. thinks Russians hacked the White House.” Russian hackers behind the damaging cyber intrusion of the State Department in recent months used that perch to penetrate sensitive parts of the White House computer system, according to U.S. Show More Summary

Fred Siegel Explains It All, Part 5

(Steven Hayward) Today voters in Chicago are at the polls voting in the mayoral runoff between “Rahmbo” Emanuel and a candidate much further to his left, Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, in what has been a surprisingly tight race.  Emanuel may very well lose, to someone who might make deBlasio look moderate by comparison. Show More Summary

Rand Paul remains an embarrassment

(Paul Mirengoff) Rand Paul has been trying to improve his presidential prospects by posing as something of a defense hawk and as less than a full libertarian on social issues. However, in announcing his presidential bid today, Paul again betrayed his lack of seriousness, while demonstrating the threat his presidency would pose to America. Show More Summary

Rand Paul Announces For President

(John Hinderaker) Senator Rand Paul announced his campaign for the presidency this morning, in a speech in Louisville. The speech was well delivered and has gotten a generally positive reception. Here is the text of the speech in full, with a few observations: I have a message, a message that is loud and clear and does not mince words. Show More Summary

Obama bargains against his alleged self

(Paul Mirengoff) The Washington Post’s editors point out that President Obama’s hard sell of a “deal” not yet reached with Iran might well weaken the U.S. negotiating position. Obama says that important details remain to be worked out. Show More Summary

Tim Cook, End the Hypocrisy!

(John Hinderaker) Tim Cook, Steve Jobs’s successor as CEO of Apple, authored an op-ed in the Washington Post condemning laws that protect religious freedom. Cook, who is himself gay, concluded with these words: Opposing discrimination takes courage. Show More Summary

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