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House Prepares to Join Senate on Iran

(John Hinderaker) The White House tried to demonize 47 Senate Republicans as traitors because they wrote an open letter explaining the important role that the Senate plays in any binding treaty. It looks as though the “traitor” listShow More Summary

Federal judge asks, “Can I trust what the president says?” DOJ lawyer gives wrong answer

(Paul Mirengoff) Judge Andrew Hanen, the federal judge who blocked President immigration executive action, suggested yesterday that he might order sanctions against the Justice Department if he rules that it mislead him about when the administration began implementing one of its immigration measures. Show More Summary

Because Nothing Says “Fun” Like Hillary Clinton

(Steven Hayward) Satire is nearly impossible with stories like this, from ABC News: Why Hillary Clinton Thinks America Has a “Fun Deficit” “There’s a huge fun deficit in America,” Clinton said during remarks at the American Camp Association conference in Atlantic City. Show More Summary

How feminism became boring

(Paul Mirengoff) 45 years ago, I found feminists to be intellectually interesting. Perhaps this was due to the fact that they were more intellectually interesting than the Marxists I hung out with, but I think there was more to it than that. Show More Summary

Our Supreme Leader is a Supreme Fool

(Scott Johnson) I know that Barack Obama fancies himself a grand strategist the likes of which the world has never seen. (Okay, that may be true, but not in the way he thinks.) In an important essay last month at Mosaic, Michael Doran drew a revealing portrait of “Obama’s secret Iran agenda” that cast light on dark corners. Show More Summary

Thoughts from the ammo line

(Scott Johnson) Ammo Grrrll is back with a look at BAD IDEAS. She writes: When in the course of human events the brain thinks up things to do, it is inevitable that some of those things are going to be bad ideas. For example, some bad business ideas would be a line of humorous sympathy cards or Certs that come in Garlic Flavor. Show More Summary

Playing the race card against Netanyahu

(Paul Mirengoff) The West seems to be in the process of switching sides when it comes to Israel and Iran. Negotiations that will lift sanctions on Iran are in the final stages; meanwhile European leaders are discussing the imposition of sanctions on Israel. Show More Summary

Why No One Trusts Environmentalists

(John Hinderaker) It didn’t start with global warming: environmentalists have been distorting (and sometimes fabricating) facts for a long time. As a result, most people have learned to view environmentalists’ claims with skepticism....Show More Summary

New Series: Worst Professors in America

(Steven Hayward) We have the (temporarily dormant) Power Line 100 Best Professors in America roster (which I do intend to restart when I get back to a broader higher education project), and of course the coveted Power Line Green Weenie Award. Show More Summary

Senate Democrats Vote to Pay Cash Benefits to Illegal Immigrants

(John Hinderaker) The Treasury Department Inspector General for Tax Administration has repeatedly warned that illegal immigrants are collecting billion of dollars in refundable tax credits to which they are not legally entitled. This...Show More Summary

Rubio steps up

(Scott Johnson) Marco Rubio took to the Senate floor this afternoon to speak about Israel in the context of the Obama administration’s unremitting hostility to its elected leadership (video below). Obama will not forgive Israelis for reelecting Netanyahu or Netanyahu for having the temerity to prevail in the face of his opposition. Show More Summary

Netanyahu Clarifies His Stance On Two States

(John Hinderaker) It was widely reported that, during the last days of the Israeli election campaign, Prime Minister Netanyahu told his supporters that there would never be a Palestinian state as long as he was in office. This provoked...Show More Summary

Terms of Proposed Iran Deal Leaked

(John Hinderaker) Obama administration officials have leaked to the Associated Press an outline of the deal they are pursuing with Iran’s mullahs. What is striking is how little benefit Iran’s adversaries will receive in exchange for...Show More Summary

The Power Line Show: Episode 12, with Marco Rubio

(John Hinderaker) Steve, Paul and I got together yesterday afternoon to record Episode 12 of the Power Line Show. Foreign affairs dominated in the form of Iran and the election in Israel, but we also talked about the Republicans’ need to coordinate on the budget and wrapped with conversation about the 2016 GOP presidential field. Show More Summary

Additional thoughts on the Kaus case and on Fox News

(Paul Mirengoff) I’d like to add a few observations to Scott’s important post about Mickey Kaus’ departure from the Daily Caller. Kaus wrote a column criticizing Fox News for not leading the charge against Obama’s executive amnesty. Tucker Carlson, a Fox News contributor and host, pulled the column. Show More Summary

The Kaus case

(Scott Johnson) Mickey Kaus posted a long, detailed critique of the coverage of President Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty on FOX News at the Daily Caller this week. Kaus criticized FOX News for not leading the opposition to amnesty....Show More Summary

What the Shiite?

(Scott Johnson) Iran and Hezbollah have gone missing from the Terrorism section of this year’s Worldwide Threat Assessment of the Intelligence Community. In recent years, the threats raised by Iran and/or Hezbollah were duly noted in the assessment of terrorist threats presented to Congress by DNI James Clapper. Show More Summary

Lowly Everton is England’s last hope

(Paul Mirengoff) This has been a dreadful Premier League season for Everton Football Club. Our record is 7 wins, 12 defeats, and 10 draws. For the first time in years, we have genuine relegation worries. In fact, until Sunday’s 3-0 victory over Newcastle, Everton was only three points above the drop zone. Show More Summary

Will Obama Punish Israel for Re-electing Netanyahu?

(John Hinderaker) Politico reports on the Obama administration’s reaction to yesterday’s election results in Israel. The Obama administration is fuming, as you might expect. Still, this is deeply ironic: Israel has re-elected a leader...Show More Summary

What happens next in Israel?

(Paul Mirengoff) Benjamin Netanyahu has won; now what? The answer may depend to some extent on what kind of a governing coalition he forms. Will he form one with the major right-wing parties or will he put together a unity government...Show More Summary

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