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Burn Up In The Sunrise

3 days agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Alexander F “Soft Coffins” “Soft Coffin” is a song that does its best to be kind and reassuring to some anxious, depressive person, but doesn’t seem to actually understand what this person is going through. It’s sympathy and love, but not exactly empathy. And while that’s not ideal, it’s something I think all of us […]

Left As Easy As It Came

5 days agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Chavez “Blank in the Blaze” Chavez songs share a similar formal logic in which tension is introduced and then doubled or tripled before it is released. Matt Sweeney and Clay Tarver’s guitars on the new song “Blank in the Blaze” alternate between melodic part that tighten up like coils of metal wire or riffs that […]

Live At The Garden

5 days agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Run the Jewels “Call Ticketron” Run the Jewels have been great from the start, but I think it’s taken them a bit to transition from “project” to full-time collaborators. The intensity and chemistry has always been there, but Killer Mike and El-P sound emboldened by the realization that RTJ has becoming the defining work of […]

You’re Not Really What You Know You Are

Nine Inch Nails “Burning Bright (Field on Fire)” Trent Reznor approaches record formats like a painter – some works are large canvasses, others are diptychs or murals, and a few here and there are miniatures. Not the Actual Events is in the latter category along with Broken and the first How to Destroy Angels EP. […]

1990 Survey Mix

Welcome to the ’90s, dude. This is the first in the 1990s survey mix series, which will come out monthly in chronological order through this year. It’s important for the ‘90s to be presented in order, because the story of music in that decade is basically a trilogy in which each act ends in tragedy […]

No Hope To Speak Of

2 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

George Michael “Praying for Time” “Praying for Time” is a song from 26 years ago, but its lyrics are extremely resonant in this rather dire time we’re entering at the end of 2016. George Michael is singing about a world in which empathy is in very short supply, but fear and greed is rampant, and […]

Don’t Need No Bible

2 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

George Michael “I Want Your Sex (Part One)” If you’re in your late 30s or early 40s, you almost certainly heard this song on the radio or MTV as a kid around your parents and felt super awkward about it, even if you didn’t really know what sex was. I remember it being an “after […]

A Sweet Fine Old Lady

3 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Kool Keith and Kutmasta Kurt “Your Mom Is My Wife” Kool Keith was on such a hot streak in the late ‘90s that he was somehow willing to throw a song as excellent and immediately appealing as “Your Mom Is My Wife” in a vault for 20 years. I have no idea why this track […]

A Decline In The Standards Of What We Accept

last monthMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

The 1975 “Love Me” One of the negative effects of having made the 1980s survey set is that my tolerance for people saying that some recent music sounds like “the ‘80s” when it does not is very low. This is typically just a lazy way of saying “this sounds like upbeat pop music” or “this […]

Can I Get Your Number

last monthMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Japanese Breakfast “Everybody Wants to Love You” Everything in “Everybody Wants to Love You” sounds a bit hazy and sparkly at the same time, like camera footage that’s been treated to seem heightened and idealized in post-production. It’s the perfect sound for a song about a crush, and really pulls the listener into this overwhelming […]

Before I Disappear

last monthMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

J. Cole “Ville Mentality” J. Cole’s massive popularity is a fascinating outlier. He’s not much of a celebrity, he doesn’t make a lot of guest appearances, he has no crossover hits, his style is low-key and very off-trend. He’s essentially very successful counter-programming, a current rapper whose music sounds always sounds like it’s from somewhere […]

Sermons With Curse Words

last monthMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Ab-Soul “Threatening Nature” Ab-Soul’s lyrics are about as densely crafted as they come, but his cadence and flow is loose and conversational, full of asides that deviate from meter without derailing the rhythm. “Threatening Nature” is too carefully written to feel improvised, but he does sound exceptionally casual as he picks at Christian theology, draws […]

2016 Survey Mix

last monthMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Here’s the 2016 survey, featuring 222 songs from across several genres from the past year. Unlike the 1980s survey mixes, this is not really about giving a historically accurate picture of the year in music – while I think this is representative of 2016, it’s a lot more personal and subjective. This is the most […]

It’s So Hard To Find

2 months agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Childish Gambino “Have Some Love” Somewhere along the way I missed the part where Donald Glover set aside rap in favor of psychedelic funk in the vein of Sly and the Family Stone and Parliament/Funkadelic, so hearing the songs on Awaken, My Love! was a genuinely surprising experience for me. Glover went all in on […]

Ain’t Worth The Psychic Disease

2 months agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Monomyth “Re: Lease Life (Place 2 Go)” “Re: Lease Life” is a modern twist on up-tempo Velvet Underground songs like “What Goes On” and “Rock & Roll” – the tone is the very similar, but the stakes of the lyrics are totally different, with Monomyth leaning into the “write what you know” axiom by just […]

A Little Rock On A Big Mountain

2 months agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Margaret Glaspy “Somebody to Anybody” “Somebody to Anybody” starts off as an expression of deep humility, with Margaret Glaspy singing about being at peace with the idea of being an insignificant part of a much bigger world. But as the song progresses, it becomes clear that this isn’t just about humility. It’s about not wanting […]

Say When

2 months agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Say When This two-hour mix is adapted from a much longer personal playlist of night music. I have no particular definition for “night music” aside from that all of it sounds much better at night, and in some cases, sounds as though it should only ever be heard at night. Some of it is melancholy, […]

Activate Your Sexy

2 months agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Bruno Mars “Perm” Bruno Mars fakes it so real he is beyond fake. His commitment to throwing himself into what is basically an elaborate impression of James Brown is so complete that it somehow goes beyond pastiche – this is just who Bruno Mars is now, and it all comes naturally. Mars emulates Michael Jackson […]

Tumbling On The Floor

2 months agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Kaytranada featuring AlunaGeorge and Goldlink “Together” The hooks in “Together” are strong enough that they don’t actually require a particularly interesting arrangement – you could just highlight the melody with a serviceable beat, and you’d have something solid and fun. Show More Summary

Numb To The Feeling

2 months agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Michael Kiwanuka “The Final Frame” I love the way Michael Kiwanuka’s lead guitar contrasts with the sentimental string arrangement and gentle piano chords in this song – it’s a much less restrained performance, and one that seems as though it could fall apart at any moment. There’s an odd tension to it, and the particular […]

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