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A Predatory Aura

18 hours agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Electric Six “Sex with Somebody” Electric Six have spent the past 15 years releasing music year in and year out that mercilessly satirizes contemporary masculinity. The characters in Dick Valentine’s songs are vivid caricatures of delusional idiots, desperate creeps, obnoxious blowhards, and wannabe alpha males, but like… these days a lot of that is less […]

Yes Please And Thank You

2 days agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Werewolf Diskdrive “Hamburgers & Hot Dogs” This essentially sounds like Liars in electronic punk mode, but with the lyrical concerns of Weird Al Yankovic. This is a throbbing, dirty electro banger about strongly preferring hamburgers and hot dogs (and a few other lowbrow, generally unhealthy foods) over trendy, healthy foods like kale and quinoa. It […]

Run Past The Solstice

3 days agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

William Patrick Corgan “Processional” I saw Billy Corgan perform a solo show at the Murmrr Theater – actually the Union Temple of Brooklyn with a makeshift stage – over the weekend. The opening set was his new solo record, Ogilala in full, and the second set was a career-spanning setlist ranging from late period material […]

Ephemeral Facts Are Confusing Me

4 days agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Beck “I’m So Free” The surface of Beck’s Colors is glossy and upbeat, as though Beck and his collaborator Greg Kurstin went out of their way to make a record that would sound mainstream and contemporary. They seem most directly inspired by Phoenix – and frankly, a lot of it is better Phoenix music than […]

Give Me The Answer

4 days agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

St. Vincent “Fear the Future” I have always felt like an optimistic person. I may be cynical about a lot of aspects of humanity, but I genuinely feel like humans are always fighting towards a better world. Not a perfect world, but slightly better. Somehow, I still feel this way, though it’s been very difficult […]

My Heart Was Always Open

Hamilton Leithauser & Angel Olsen “Heartstruck (Wild Hunger)” Hamilton Leithauser voices has always conveyed a lot of romance so it’s nice to hear him go full-on ’50s pop ballad with “Heartstruck.” The sentiment of this tune is overwhelming – they’re really laying the twinkling starlight melodrama on thick in the arrangement, it sounds like it’s […]

Sink Lower

King Krule “Biscuit Town” I’ve spent a lot of time trying to adequately describe Archy Marshall’s voice and it’s quite difficult. There’s so much raw humanity in the tone of it, his phrasing, the cadence, and way it shifts and splashes on the microphone. He’s clearly put a lot of thought into how he uses […]

Looking For My Memories

Thanks for Coming “Zoning Out” “Zoning Out” is the sound of someone being a bit too hard on themselves. It begins with Rachel Brown explaining why she didn’t accomplish the things on her weekend to-do list in a way that’s maybe 30% apology and 70% self-criticism, and moving on to a catchy chorus of “I […]

Love In Us All

Uffe “Love Is Everywhere” I realized recently that one of the things I find off-putting about a lot of popular music from the recent past is there is often no natural reverb in the music at all. This is to be expected with electronic music – there’s often no microphones used except for recording voices, […]

Totally Self-Destructive Constantly Consuming

Wolf Alice “Yuk Foo” I’ve seen Ellie Rowsell perform “Yuk Foo” live, and I know she can bring the appropriate level of ferocious intensity to it on stage, but I still wonder if she went a bit “method” when she recorded the vocal take on the studio version. She sounds so present in the rage […]

1999 Survey Mix

2 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

This is the conclusion of the 1990s survey mix series, which I have been presenting monthly in chronological order through this year. You can find the previous mixes here. I’ve made a Spotify version of this survey which you can find here, though it is missing 27 tracks and has no sound editing for smooth […]

Beside The Spiral Staircase

3 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Kamasi Washington “Humility” All of the songs on Kamasi Washington’s new record are named for virtues, but it’s funny to me that this one is called “Humility” when it’s so grandiose and swaggering. It sounds expensive somehow, as though Washington’s main saxophone hook was made of elegant golden spirals. Cameron Graves’ piano part contrasts this […]

There Comes A Time In Every Man’s Life

3 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Curtis Harding “Need Your Love” What’s more familiar and nostalgic: The sort of ‘70s soul music Curtis Harding writes and performs, or the crisp, airtight sound of Danger Mouse’s production aesthetic? The latter makes the former sound slightly more modern, but leaves the music in a strange uncanny valley of pastiche – flagrantly retro yet […]

The Face Of God Is Smiling

3 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

The Clientele “The Neighbour” Alasdair MacLean’s voice is dry and understated, but in a way that never betrays the romance in his music. The best songs by The Clientele have a way of making urban life seem both incredibly magical and crushingly sad, and make true human connection and intimacy seem glorious, but against all […]

Between The Window And The World

3 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Lee Ranaldo “Morroccan Mountains” Lee Ranaldo’s first two post-Sonic Youth solo albums are good but felt oddly ordinary, perhaps because I’d been waiting literally half of my life with the fantasy of hearing an all-Lee rock album. A lot of the songs on those records felt like Sonic Youth but without Kim or Thurston’s presence […]

More Of Us Than Them, Amen

3 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Godspeed You Black Emperor “Bosses Hang, Part II” Godspeed You Black Emperor saw the future coming. Their music has always had an apocalyptic quality to it, but pegged to leftist messaging and activism that made it clear this wasn’t some dark fantasy. The music on Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!, their 2012 comeback record, was particularly […]

Suffer The Daily Life

3 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Chloé featuring Ben Shemie “Recall” Ben Shemie’s vocals on this track are slurred and only somewhat coherent, like a guy muttering in a state halfway between sleep and consciousness. The words that come out clearly are evocative, but lyrics aren’t really the point here – it’s more about how Shemie’s voice moves over and under […]

An Evil Skipping Rhyme

last monthMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Suzi Wu “Teenage Witch” “Teenage Witch” opens with a lo-fi benediction: “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, the guys are fuckboys, the girls are sluts.” It’s very provocative and sets the tone lyrically, but doesn’t tip off the ambition of the music. The song is definitely pop, but in a very aggressive mid-‘90s way in […]

Emotionally Ranged

last monthMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Game Theory “An Overview of Item Response Theory” The name of the final Game Theory record is Supercalifragile, which is definitely the best album title to come along this year, and a perfect example of Scott Miller’s wit as a lyricist – a mawkish bit of Disney nostalgia broken in half to reveal a vulnerability […]

You Got U-God Yoo Gah

last monthMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Nosaj Thing “U G” There’s two vocal samples here, but your immediate attention goes to the one that takes up the most space – a rhythmic loop of a blues or R&B singer singing “you got” over and over until the words stop registering as words. It’s a great hook, and clicks well with beat. […]

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