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This Life Ain’t Like A Book

2 days agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Alabama Shakes “Sound & Color” Man, this song just sounds like it’s begging to be sampled and turned into a rap track, doesn’t it? I’d bet the band actually was influenced by sample-based rap in arranging this – it’s drawing on a lot of ’60s and ‘70s soul music, but the way the elements click […]

A Million Moons

3 days agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

The-Dream “Fruition” I suppose the new EP by The-Dream isn’t quirky enough for some people, but I can’t say I’m bothered by that. I’m not particularly invested in him as some maverick artist and am fine with him doing pretty straightforward R&B music. The-Dream is a perfectly fine singer, but the real draw of his […]

Life’s Ironic And It’s Simple

4 days agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Action Bronson “Terry” The Alchemist’s production on this track is straight-up gorgeous, and in a way that is very specific to sample-based rap. The sounds are cobbled from a variety of sources, but the main thing is that lovely, melancholy guitar sample pulled from Asha Puthli’s “Let Me In Your Life.” It’s chopped up a […]

So Far From Sane

5 days agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Charly Bliss “Urge to Purge” It’s such a thrill to see a rock band arrive seemingly fully formed. I saw Charly Bliss open up for Colleen Green and Unrest at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn on Friday night, and I’m glad I arrived early, because they were a far better live act than either. (Green is […]

Holographic Jesus, Come To Me In My Sleep

Doldrums “Blow Away” Airick Woodhead spends the majority of The Air Conditioned Nightmare, his second album under the name Doldrums, wondering why he feels so ill at ease in situations that are designed to be comfortable. It’s not so much an attack on modernity as it is a meditation on anxiety and distrust of the […]

A Storm Hits The City

Laura Marling “False Hope” Laura Marling’s music is so rooted in pastoral English folk that it’s mildly disconcerting to hear her do a straight-up rock song like this. But then, the jagged rhythm and tense mood of this song suits the lyrics’ urban setting, or at least a non-city person’s experience of time spent hidden […]

I Thought You Disappeared

Madeon featuring Kyan “You’re On” Madeon’s bright, hyperactive pop reminds me of two very specific things – the sound of Daft Punk’s classic Discovery, which they abandoned in favor of lush overly literal ’70s pastiche, and the sort of post-EDM pop that is licensed to death in ads and tv bumpers. I’m sure “You’re On” […]

Your Candle In The Dark

Carly Rae Jepsen “All That” The first few times I heard “All That,” including Carly Rae Jepsen’s performance of it on Saturday Night Live, I didn’t realize that the song was co-written by Dev Hynes and Ariel Rechtshaid, so I mostly just interpreted it as a surprisingly accurate simulation of late ‘80s teen pop balladry. […]

And All That’s Left Is Ashes

2 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Godspeed You! Black Emperor “Peasantry Or ‘Light! Inside Of Light!'” Explosions in the Sky make music for the movie of your life where you’re a hero and you win in the end, but Godspeed You! Black Emperor make music for the film where you lose, possibly on a grand cosmic scale. Even the moments that […]

Your Eyes Were Like A Living Fire

2 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Lower Dens “Non Grata” The gender identity in this song is so fluid it’s hard to get a read on who is saying what to whom and when, but I think that’s basically the point. We all have something primal and dominant in us somewhere, and it’s more about a feeling of NEED than traditional […]

When I Don’t Look Down

2 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Ashley Monroe “On To Something Good” Ashley Monroe isn’t known for writing upbeat songs, and that really comes through in a song like this, which is genuinely sunny and optimistic. The good vibes in this song are clearly hard-won, and it’s sung from the perspective of someone who’s been knocked around a lot by life […]

Demolition Might Crush

2 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Kendrick Lamar featuring Bilal, Anna Wise, and Thundercat “These Walls” I’ve been listening to To Pimp A Butterfly pretty much every day since it came out, but have held off on writing about it because I found it hard to pick one song to focus on. It’s all so tied together that it feels like […]

Sweet Kisses And The Sounds Of Pleasure

3 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Father featuring Richposlim “BET Uncut” Father’s new mixtape isn’t necessarily the first time I’ve heard dudes do ultra-horny rap tracks that are also very respectful of women, but it’s maybe the first time I’ve heard that be the primary focus of a rapper’s lyrics. The lyrics on Who’s Gonna Get Fucked First? are consistently sex […]

Blood Pooling On The Canvas

3 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

The Mountain Goats “Werewolf Gimmick” I love the way John Darnielle writes about wrestling because he’s so zeroed in on the exact thing that makes the contrived theatricality of the sport resonate with young people who feel powerless. This song is sung from the perspective of a vicious heel, and is basically just him ranting […]

The Mirror Of Your Eyes

3 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Rihanna “Dancing in the Dark” It’s a little too easy to imagine Rihanna as being an EQ setting or an artificial intelligence rather than an actual human singer – even her warmest vocal performances feel vaguely inhuman to me. But I don’t mean this as an insult! Pretty all of her best songs work because […]

How Can Something So Free Feel So Rehearsed

3 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Grimes featuring Bleachers “Entropy” This is a very interesting time for Grimes – she’s pushing herself to write full-on pop music and figuring out different ways of doing that while retaining her sense of identity, but it’s still very unclear where she’s going to end up when she puts out another full-length record. I’m glad […]

Kissing Anybody That’s Around Us

4 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Madonna featuring Nicki Minaj “Bitch, I’m Madonna” The last time Madonna released an album I wrote a whole thing about how depressing it is to hear her struggling to chase trends and fit in with contemporary pop when really, that ought to be below her. I would love to hear a Madonna without compromise, especially […]

All She Ever Wanted Was Another Friend

last monthMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Avid Dancer “All the Other Girls” I will admit that sometimes when I hear this song I focus on the guitar part on the bridge and try to remember which R.E.M. song it comes from. I swear it comes from something Peter Buck has done! (The lead part on the bridge also feels very Reveal […]

You Better Have An Awfully Big Boat

last monthMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Speedy Ortiz “Raising the Skate” Sadie Dupuis has a very ‘90s indie rock guitar style – it’s all winding melodies, but with chunky loud bits for emphasis. You don’t get a lot of this style from younger musicians today, so it’s very refreshing to my aging ears. But while Dupuis and her band have an […]

Haven’t Slept In Days

last monthMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Echo Lake “Waves” Shoegaze and dream pop are indie subgenres that make me a little wary. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the aesthetics – I do, I’m not a monster – but that I’ve heard so many bands hide their mediocrity or outright incompetence behind a wall of fuzz and buried vocals that I’ve […]

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