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I’m Only Visiting This Shore

22 hours agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Pixies @ Kings Theater 5/28/2015 In Heaven / Andro Queen / Ed Is Dead / Nimrod’s Son / Indie Cindy / Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf) / Here Comes Your Man / Bagboy / Crackity Jones / Isla de Encanta / Gouge Away / U-Mass / Tame / Snakes / Caribou / Magdalena 318 / […]

Jet Stream Laser Beam

Waterbed “Do2Me” This song was introduced to me as being like a post-Grimes thing, and I can definitely hear that on the surface, but to my ears this track is rooted mainly in late-80s, freestyle-influenced bubblegum. It’s also a direct descendent of the spirit of a lot of Janet Jackson’s music of that era, as […]

The New Me Is Gonna Take Some Getting Used To

2 days agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

A$AP Rocky “Excuse Me” The most interesting tension in A$AP Rocky’s body of work is the push and pull between his stoner aesthetics and obsession with elegance. Those aren’t opposite things, but they do contrast in interesting ways – so much of both of Rocky’s albums is like this impeccably crafted haze, and he just […]

Tell Him Already

4 days agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Moresounds featuring Fracture “Dead and Bury” I remember feeling very disappointed when I first heard dubstep music because the name of the subgenre implied that it’d be like dub reggae. And like, for the most part, nope. But this track is kinda what I would’ve imagined – a French producer doing his own version of […]

Forever And Ever Today

4 days agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Nocturnal Sunshine featuring Catnipp “Down by the River” It sounds as though Maya Jane Coles made the main keyboard part in this song to be a deliberate anxiety trigger. I certainly can’t hear it without feeling some kind of fight-or-flight instinct kicking in, or feeling trapped in some difficult situation. Catnipp’s vocals on this track […]

All My Dodgy Dealings

Young Fathers “Shame” “Shame” is a rock song, I suppose, but it sounds like it was built out of spare parts from a junk heap than any typical rock instrumentation. This isn’t a new idea, but it’s really well executed in this track, and does a lot to create a sense of desperation and anxiety […]

Idling Insignificantly

Courtney Barnett @ Bowery Ballroom 5/19/2015 Canned Tomatoes (Whole) / Elevator Operator / Lance Jr. / An Illustration of Loneliness (Sleepless in New York) / Small Poppies / Dead Fox / Depreston / Debbie Downer / Nobody Really Cares If You Don’t Go to the Party / Avant Gardener / Kim’s Caravan / Cannonball / […]

Underneath Your Human Skin

Thee Oh Sees “Web” If you listen through John Dwyer’s catalog, there’s a clear arc in which he’s writing and writing and playing and playing and recording and recording, and there’s a point somewhere around Thee Oh Sees’ Putrifiers II came out in 2012 where it sounds like it got easy for him. Not easy […]

Just A Box For Jabba The Hutt

Fight Like Apes “Pop Itch” Fight Like Apes have been missing for some time now, long enough that I think I just assumed they had broken up. Well, close enough – the rhythm section quit, and though the one guy who did a lot of backup vocals is still around, he’s barely singing at all […]

The Love Of Your Life

2 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Unknown Mortal Orchestra “Ur Life One Night” Unknown Mortal Orchestra started out as a band no one knew anything about, and that lack of information only made their music feel more strange and misplaced in time. But now that UMO has a third album, all that has changed. Ruban Nielson, who essentially IS the band, […]

See How I Still Survive

2 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Kathryn Calder “Take A Little Time” I sometimes wonder what it’d be like if The New Pornographers made an album in which Neko Case and Kathryn Calder contributed songs along with Carl Newman and Dan Bejar. It’s a bit hard to imagine with Neko – her solo aesthetic is a lot earthier and more depressive […]

The Right Amount Is The Entire Pound

2 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Titus Andronicus “Dimed Out” I didn’t like the mix of this song at first because everything was blaring to the point of obscuring the lyrics, and I interpreted it as this very contrary indie/punk move to put the vocals lower in the mix. But having heard it in the context of The Most Lamentable Tragedy, […]

Your Love Keeps Calling

2 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Kamasi Washington “Cherokee” I imagine a lot of people will check out Kasami Washington’s The Epic based on the hype around it and not fully grasp why people are freaking out over it and declaring it the start of this bold new era of jazz when to the layperson’s ear it just sounds like…well, three […]

A New Way To Enjoy Your Fluxblog

3 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

I realize that “going to websites” is not a very cool thing to do these days, and if I’m going to put in the effort of continuing to write this site 4-5 days every week, I should also try to make it easier for some people to keep up with it, or even pay attention […]

Get Up Next To You

3 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Jason Derulo “Want to Want Me” A lot of current pop artists will tell you they are aiming for an ’80s pop sound, but most of the time the result is more of a vague gesture, or grasping for an abstract ’80s-ness that’s kinda warped by not having first-hand experience of living in that era. […]

Tweet Like A Pope

3 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Wire “Blogging” It’d be so easy for this to be a cranky song about the internet written by a guy in his 50s, but that’s not quite what this is. Colin Newman sings words like “Google Maps” and “Amazon wishlist” in a way that highlights their strangeness – just odd product names for things that […]

Lost In The Moment For The Second Time

3 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Tame Impala “‘Cause I’m A Man” It’s very hard for me to listen to the chorus of this song without hearing “‘cause I’m a man, woman / don’t mistake me for a dude.” It’s like the “Starbucks lovers” of 2015. And really, that’s kind of a great lyric because there really is a gap between […]

Bleary Expectation

3 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Torres “Cowboy Guilt” Torres’ music mostly sounds like anxious, angry, confusing emotions being buried beneath the surface, but then busting out when it’s too much to repress. The moments of catharsis in her songs are great, but I’m more interested in how she conveys the feeling of holding in nervous energy while trying to keep […]

Work Work Work Every Day

4 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

LunchMoney Lewis “Bills” “Bills” sounds like it was designed in a lab to be both immensely appealing and highly relatable – a song that could be played at any wedding reception, and fit easily into TV shows and movies that need a shorthand for “this character is broke and frustrated, but we’re still having fun!” […]

Listen Up, I’m Saving You

last monthMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Shamir “Call It Off” I know LCD Soundsystem was itself largely a conglomeration of sounds and hooks pulled from pre-existing music, but wow – this track sounds remarkably similar to LCD Soundsystem. I don’t think that’s easy. But it doesn’t feel like a knock-off, it just feels like a custom frame for Shamir’s voice, which […]

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