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This Ain’t A Rhetorical Question

Elijah Blake “Whatever Happened” “Whatever Happened” is right on the edge of self-parody, with vulnerable sentiments about being rejected presented in a way that seems like it’s at least partly meant to be taken as a self-deprecating joke. But…maybe not? Some guys are not very self-aware. Elijah Blake is singing about a college girl he […]

When We Were Strangers

3 days agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Little Scream “Dark Dance” “Dark Dance” is essentially about the private moments of clarity and joy we can have quite suddenly, which you can never plan for but can have the power to entirely shift the focus of your life. In this case it’s dancing alone in the dark, but it could be anything, really. […]

The Only Good Thing That I’ve Got

4 days agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Formulars Dance Band “Never Never Let Me Down” It’s pretty easy to get sucked into the gravitational pull of this song. There’s something about the way that gentle groove, tinny guitar, and softly buzzing keyboard come together that’s slightly off in exactly the right way. The notes seem to shake slightly in the air, the […]

They Don’t Love You Like I Love You

5 days agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Case/Lang/Veirs “Honey and Smoke” “They don’t love you like I love you” is a poignant phrase to hear in a song because as earnest as it may be, it can only come from a position of insecurity. The one being addressing is obviously not convinced, or perhaps sees the difference in how you love them […]

Mighty Man Of War

Thao and the Get Down Stay Down “Fool Forever” Merrill Garbus of Tune-Yards produced the new Thao record, and it’s very obvious, as her aesthetic is all over it – the emphasis on bass and percussion, the ever-shifting planes of musical texture, little eruptions of noise, a slightly feral quality to the performances. Thao Nguyen […]

I Want To Destroy Everything That’s Mine

The Scary Jokes “Catabolic Seed” The Scary Jokes’ Liz Lehman reminds me of a young Kevin Barnes with her seemingly effortless gift for melody, affinity for tying her songs together into long suites, and focus on writing about her emotional state with great precision and a high level of self-awareness. Like Barnes, Lehman’s lyrics have […]

My Heart Beats Like A Fist

Paul Simon “Wristband” “Wristband” starts off as a joke about a rock musician stepping out for a smoke but getting locked out of a venue, and trying and failing to get back in despite being a headliner. But that’s just the jumping-off point, as Simon’s character reckons with losing his privilege even just for a […]

The Queue Of Future Has-Beens

Wire “Internal Exile” Colin Newman’s voice has a cold and emotionally sterile affect, and it makes pretty much every Wire song feel distant and vaguely cruel. Even when he’s expressing empathy, he sounds as though he must keep a distance, as though he’s concerned about becoming infected by your feelings and misfortunes. “Internal Exile” may […]

As The Sky Is Darkening

2 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

PJ Harvey “The Ministry of Social Affairs” I’ve seen PJ Harvey perform twice in my life. The first was an opening act gig for U2 in 2001, and I barely remember anything about it. The second was a solo performance at the Beacon Theater in 2007, and it was one of the most powerful and […]

Every Outcome’s Such A Comedown

2 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Pinegrove “Old Friends” Is the most self-absorbed thing you can do to dwell endlessly on hating that you’re self-absorbed? That’s where this song is coming from. This guy is sulking through his life, obsessing on failed relationships and grief and missed opportunities and not being good enough to the people he loves, but it’s just […]

Riding High On Low Expectations

2 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Margo Price “Hurtin’ (On the Bottle)” Margo Price is, to put it very mildly, working within a tradition. She’s aiming for Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton, and for the most part, she nails it. And that, of course, is a success in and of itself – Lynn and Parton are both exceptional singers with big […]

Maybe Everything’s A Miracle

2 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Bibio “Town & Country” “Town & Country” is sung entirely in the second person – “you’re tired of working in the city, you fight for life…,” and so on – and it makes me wonder whether we’re meant to interpret it as Bibio singing to someone else, or to some version of himself. I tend […]

A Thousand Tiny Suns That Glow

2 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Andrew Bird “Truth Lies Low” I ignored Andrew Bird for over a decade, and I’m not sure why. Maybe I just thought he was another Sufjan Stevens, and I’ve always had negative vibes about that guy? Perhaps I heard the wrong random tracks along the way? I probably just associated him too closely with NPR […]

Another Life Some Other Way

3 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Nap Eyes “Mixer” “Mixer” has a distinct rainy day vibe, evoking the specific feeling of the sort of dreary, chilly, dark days that seem to move verrry sloooowly and sap the energy of pretty much everyone. It’s a feeling that can be quite pleasant under the right circumstances, just the same way sadness can feel […]

Slow Motion Discussion

3 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Sales “Ivy” The sound of “Ivy” is fragile and tentative, conveying the feeling of attempting to communicate someone without disrupting some delicate emotional equilibrium. Lauren Morgan’s words sketch out a vague narrative – she’s concerned about Ivy’s insecurity, there’s some indication of submissive sexuality, a desire to subsume all her needs, and a breakdown in […]

Give A Little Space

3 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Xenia Rubinos “Lonely Lover” There’s barely anything in this track aside from Xenia Rubino’s voice, her bass, and Marco Buccelli’s percussion, but the song feels so robust that I barely noticed that at first. Rubino’s bass playing is dynamic and nimble, elegantly gliding from groove to groove without overwhelming the negative space or getting in […]

Let Life Take Its Time

4 weeks agoMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Zayn “Truth” It’s funny that although I’m pretty familiar with One Direction, I don’t think I had any sense of Zayn Malik as a singer until he released his first solo singles. One Direction songs are built so the five guys all sorta blur together, to the point that most of them sound like there’s […]

Bacon That Eat Donuts

last monthMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

Hundred Waters featuring Chance the Rapper, Moses Sumney and Robin Hannibal “Show Me Love (Skrillex remix)” Even just a year ago you’d see “Skrillex remix” attached to a song title and reasonably expect it’d be really fast and aggro. He’s a bit more subtle these days, and so this track is allowed to retain its […]

1984 Survey Mix

last monthMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

This is the sixth in my series of 1980s survey mixes, which are moving backwards in time from 1989 to the start of the decade. These compilations are designed to give more context to the music of the ‘80s, and give a sense of how various niches and trends overlapped in this cultural moment. 1984 […]

My Life With You

last monthMusic / Rock & Pop : Fluxblog

The Range “Superimpose” James Hinton pulled all the vocals on The Range’s new album Potential from videos of amateur performers on YouTube. It’s a great conceptual hook, and certainly gives a writer plenty of room to riff on, like, technology maaaan and we’re all connected all the time now and social mediiiiiiaaaa and what it’s […]

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