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Aberdeen Label Market

Do you live in Aberdeen? Do you give a shit – even a teeny-tiny little shit – about the records we release here at Song, by Toad Records? Of course you do. So come down to the Lemon Tree on Saturday 15th, where we and several of our other label pals will be setting up […]

Trips and Falls – Your Consequences Are Bullshit

Trips and Falls are fucking ace. We released their third album last year, The Inevitable Consequences of Your Stupid Behavior, and they have just completed this remix project with their friend Justin Hamilton, and it’s bloody brilliant. It’s basically a single, seventeen-minute song consisting of chopped up and remixed songs from the album, and it’s […]

Upcoming Toad Gigs

After a wee break and a couple of house shows, we actually have quite a lot of gigs coming up in the next little while, and that’s without even having thought about our New Year’s House Gig yet. Obviously you are morally obliged to come to absolutely all of these shows and if you don’t […]

Toadcast #308 – Broken Records Toad Session v2

Photos – Flickr Session tracks - Soundcloud – zip download (right click – save as) Interview podcast – mp3 – iTunes – Mixcloud (playlist at bottom of page) So this is the second Broken Records Toad Session. We actually packed a band with four guitarists and a full drum kit into our living room and decided that, fuck it, of course it would sound fine. And you know what, […]

Passion Pusher – Couch King EP

When I first came across Passion Pusher it was through another one of those infamous emails where little information is exchanged beyond ‘hey, listen to my music’. In terms of PR advice that would be considered a disaster of course, but for some reason I quite like those emails and I’ve found some of my […]

Threes and Will & Huerequeque – Blue Thirteen

I played a tune from this on the podcast last week, and I have been listening to it all week. It’s sort of nice that I have found an awesome Estonian band, give Tiit Kusnets on Klassikaraadio in Estonia plays our label stuff over there on such a regular basis. It’s fair to say, I […]

Young Fathers on Edinburgh’s Creative Environment

I wasn’t going to mention Young Fathers’ Mercury Prize win here, because given I haven’t talked about them all that much in the past it would have felt a little bit like hypocritical attention-seeking on the back of their success to suddenly start mentioning them now that they’re in the news. But but but but… […]

Malcolm Middleton & David Shrigley – Music and Words

 Well I know nothing about this whatsoever, beyond the very basics implied by the title of the record. The pre-order link doesn’t work at all, and I’ve not seen anything in the press about it, nor has anyone been in touch asking me to cover it. The obvious question, then, is what I can possibly […]

Krista Michaela

 Krista Michaela is the stage name of a lass called Krista Anderson, who I found out about because she sings on the BRAAINZZ EP I wrote about the other day. She has a fair bit of stuff over at her own Bandcamp page, and it’s really good. Spectral, fuzzy and wafting all over the place, […]

BRAAINZZ – Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper

 I’ve written about BRAAINZZ before. They’re weird as fuck, but they happen to be a really rather good band once you get used to all the vocoders and time-warping and general love for making you wonder if you’re listening to music that was made on purpose or entirely by accident when someone had Logic open […]

Allison Crutchfield – Lean In To It

 You’ve heard me talk an awful lot about Kingfisher Bluez in the past- they released Adam Stafford’s album in North America, and released a Rick Redbeard single quite recently as well. In fact I reckon if I were living in Vancouver (which a large part of me would love to) then Tim and I might […]

Maston – Opal

 Looking at the actual purchase link for this album it appears I am actually writing a review from the point of view of only having heard Side 1. Never mind. We don’t do serious analysis here anyway, just pointing at good things and shouting ‘oh look, this is good’ at the internet in the hopes […]

Sex Hands – Pleh

 Listening to this has been a surprisingly nostalgic experience for me. The reason for this is that Gay Marriage, Chandler in a Box and The One Where the Stripper Cries were all recorded and mixed by myself for our first ever Song, by Toad Split 12? some three years ago, and hearing their proper versions on […]

Five Years of Audio Antihero

 Running a record label can be a little like being in Monty Python’s Spanish Inquisition at times, in that I lose count of the times I get into conversations which start with ‘The toughest thing about running a record label… wait, wait, the two toughest thi… actually the THREE toughest things about running a record label are…’ […]

An Orgy of (sort of) Exploitative Vinyl Re-issues

 So many vinyl-reissues and only so much cash. I fucking hate this kind of choice, and I can’t help but feel a bit ripped off, but the truth of the matter is that for all it seems a bit cheeky, I still really, really want these immaculate new vinyl versions of old albums I love. […]

I Have Been Reading Books Again

 Yep, that headline is absolutely as tragic as it sounds. What? Books? Like the internet, but analogue? You’re such a fucking hipster, dude. I know. We all read books and we all love books. Well, pretty much everyone reading this site, anyway, I would imagine. And I am the same. I fucking love books.  But […]

Toadcast #307 – The Joecast

 Yep, not gin anymore, these days I drink coffee with my podcasts. Nostalgia really isn’t what it used to be, is it. I remember when I was wild, rude, inebriated, etc. etc… Mind you, seeing as I am driving through to Glasgow once I finish this to engage in sensitive negotiations with a ‘hot new […]

Waiters – What For Art Thou

 Ahh, Waiters. I was writing about Sex Hands earlier today, and that put me in mind of our first Split 12?, recorded back in the Winter of 2011 I think, and if I recall Waiters were the first band we actually recorded. I’d had plenty of good results with the Toad Sessions by then of course, […]

Jonnie Common – Trapped in Amber Album Launch Shows

Jonnie Common‘s glorious new album – yes, seriously, glorious – is being released into the world on Halloween of this year (pre-order your copy here) and to celebrate, we are arranging some launch shows. And they will be fantastic. Therefore you should come. Aberdeen is (tragically) going to be the last Citizen Mule gig, so please […]

The Wytches – Annabel Dream Reader

 I’ve played these guys on the podcast a couple of times already, and I’ve had the album for a while, but it seems to be one of these records where what I think of it yo-yos back and forth every time I listen to it. Sometimes I think it’s fearsomely fantastic, sometimes a bit chuggy […]

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