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Rave With Satan – Jesus Fucked Me Raw

 By the time you read the title of this you already know this is going to be one of those posts, don’t you. Jesus did what? How mean of him. I have really no idea if I think this is actually good, or if it’s just fascinating. I remember reading the introductory email, and wondering […]

The Shoegaze Revival

As a label releasing two things this year which you could certainly describe as at least somewhat shoegazey, it’s pretty fair to say that it is a sound I am rather keen on. I mentioned in a blog post early in the Song, by Toad era that the shoegaze revival-and-disinterest cycle seems to move just […]

Le Thug – launch night and vinyl delivery

The vinyl for Le Thug’s gorgeous new EP Place Is has just turned up, and it looks AMAZING! The light in our kitchen isn’t ideal for taking pictures but I hope you get the idea. You can order a copy here, if you are suitably convinced. The launch night is on Valentine’s Day at Summerhall […]

Jonnie Common Updates

Jonnie Common’s Trapped in Amber was a bit of a quiet triumph, I think. Partly the response was incredible at the time, but it’s also been nice to watch it continue to creep up on people over the last few months despite the relative limits of our PR resources. Both Jonnie and Bastard Mountain did really well in […]

New Lady Lazarus Album on the Way

Wahay, some new Lady Lazarus material for you. And it’s kinda different too. After two albums which made gorgeous use of the interplay between her beautiful singing voice and some really tense, uncomfortable arrangements, this new record is going to be much more centred around her vocals alone. Listening to the song above you can certainly […]

Steve Adey and Grand Harmonium Records

I remember when I first started this blog… actually, hang on, when I first started this blog I lived down South and was just writing about bands I read about in Uncut and bought in HMV, so let’s quietly pretend that era never existed and that I was always an aspiring super-obscure music hipster. Even […]


 Well first of all, thank you so much to everyone who came down to Henry’s on Thursday. It was a packed show – not our first sell-out, but definitely the first time we’ve had to actually turn people away at the door, which is a bit of a shame, but still feels like something of […]

Toadcast #313 – The Outofdatecast

 So many of the songs on this week’s podcast should really have been played at the very least six months ago that, honestly, it’s just a little bit embarrassing. Some of these came from emails which got utterly buried in my inbox, some from things that I kept intending to feature, only to realise that I […]

Strange Lords

This is fucking brilliant. I was sent it in July last year, and it only appear on the site now, six months later, but so the fuck what. I’m just glad I didn’t miss it altogether. Waylon Thornton you might remember from his solo work, as well as stuff with Waylon Thornton and the Heavy […]

Heavy Drag

Remember Lil Daggers? We did an album, an EP and a split 7? with them, and they are one of the very few non-Scottish bands we’ve ever released. They were based in Miami, made nasty, nasty swampy psychedelic rock songs (actually, if they were releasing nowadays the Modern British Hipster would fucking love them) and […]

James Blunt is Funny, but He is Also Totally Wrong

 Alright, we all know about this already, right? Labour MP Chris Bryant said something about not wanting an art world dominated by the (very posh) likes of Eddie Redmayne and James Blunt, and then in characteristic fashion James Blunt wrote an open letter (those fucking things seem to make up about 40% of the fucking […]

Numbers Are Futile Sign to Song, by Toad Records

Well anyone who has heard our new sampler for this year, Song, by Toad’s Magic Beanz, or has listened to a recent podcast or has erm, met me down the pub, knew this already, but Edinburgh’s fantastic Numbers Are Futile are going to be releasing their debut album on Song, by Toad Records this year. […]

Number Are Futile Sign to Song, by Toad Records

Well anyone who has heard our new sampler for this year, Song, by Toad’s Magic Beanz, or has listened to a recent podcast or has erm, met me down the pub, knew this already, but Edinburgh’s fantastic Numbers Are Futile are going to be releasing their debut album on Song, by Toad Records this year. […]

Toadcast #312 – The Resolvecast

 So, with the first podcast of the year I suppose I should be doing New Year’s Resolutions, right? I guess I do have some, sort of, for a change. Firstly, I didn’t exactly keep on top of the label admin well enough last year – particularly the accounts – so that really does need to […]

Supermoon, Wolf & Ryan Van Winkle

Meursault ceased to exist in late 2014, but then there was Supermoon. And no-one really knew what that was, apart from NOTMeursault, but since then we have start to see new bits and pieces cropping up which might give us a few hints. Firstly, there are the cartoons which have been appearing on Instagram. They […]

My Invisible Friend

 Given the musical disconnect between the UK and a lot of our European neighbours, I am always slightly curious when we seem to see eye to eye on certain genres. Britain and Sweden are indiepop cousins, for example, and our mutual love of excruciatingly pretentious atmospheric cinemascapes brings us and Iceland wonderfully close together. Germany […]

The Music Industry Isn’t Fake, It Just Isn’t What You Think It Is

I watched the above ‘exposé’ and I can imagine it is intended to be shocking. And I can imagine, I suppose, that for some people it might be pretty shocking, although I doubt very many of them read this blog. In short, every – and I mean every – record in mainstream pop is auto-tuned […]

Song, by Toad’s Albums of the Year 2014 1-5

Okay okay, before we get down to the serious business of 2015 (and there’s really rather a lot of that piling up already), I suppose I should clear the decks of one last thing before I can declare 2014 done and dusted and that is my favourite albums of the year list. I can only […]

2015: Let’s Get on With This Shit

 Ah man, one more alcoholic mini-apocalypse until 2015 starts in earnest and I dunno, 2014 was probably our best year yet at Song, by Toad, but I am cautiously looking forward to 2015 and hoping it might be better. We have most of the year’s releases planned out and ready to go already – or […]

Song, by Toad’s Albums of the Year 2014 6-10

 Welcome to the latest instalment in what must surely be the most hotly-anticipated of all of the end of year lists which thunder towards us as this time of year with all the unavoidable, wild-eyed hysteria of a flock of panicking sheep. Actually, that’s maybe not fair, is it. Actually, I think I’ve probably missed […]

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