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Jonnie Common and Le Thug in London on the 21st March

Yep, along with our pals at Postcards, we are having a bit of a Song, by Toad Records night down in London on Saturday 21st March. Jonnie Common and Le Thug are making the trip down South to play at the Shacklewell Arms in Dalston. You all know both bands pretty well by now I […]

Psychic Soviets

 Ninety percent of the bands I’ve been writing about on Song, by Toad recently have been introduced to me in conversation with James from Passion Pusher, and this is another one. So you can add ‘unoriginal’ to ‘tedious, pompous and alcoholic’ when you tell people about Song, by Toad from now on. Psychic Soviets is guitar […]

Next Week’s BAD FUN: BeckyBecky, FROTH and Chrissy Barnacle

Our next round of BAD FUN shows kicks off next week, with the fantastic Becky Becky coming up from Brighton. I wrote about their debut album a while back – Good Morning Midnight. I know both Pete and Gemma from their respective previous projects (Woodpecker Wooliams and Art Pedro, since you ask) and I really […]

New Garden of Elks Single

Garden of Elks – SWAP from Song, by Toad on Vimeo. The Garden of Elks debut album A Distorted Sigh is coming out on Song, by Toad Records in April, and this is the first single. The video, like the song, cavorts joyously along for a couple of minutes and then packs it in – no […]

The Holy Modal Rounders – Skydivers

Even now, after all this time, I can forget that my parents used to listen to some absolutely mental shit in their day. It’s a thing most of us learn at some point, but still something I seem to manage to forget on a regular basis – probably because when I make compilations for them […]

Dune Witch Trials

 There are some very, very good things happening in (mostly) Glasgow at the moment. Guitar music got lo-fi a few years ago, and now it’s not just lo-fi, it just doesn’t fucking care about anything and is prepared to tell you so aggressively and repeatedly. Giving the impression that you’re bothering your arse even in […]

Wendell Barton

 Alright, I know I usually complain about people going apeshit over bands with no more than a song or two on the internet, so this will necessarily be a brief post as I really know nothing about these guys at all. I found out about them late last night by stalking Passion Pusher on Facebook. […]

Youngstrr Joey

 I sit at my desk sometimes and really wonder what anyone within earshot actually makes of the music I listen to. Youngstrr Joey is probably at the extreme end of that, not for noise or aggression, just sheer sloppy, out-of-tune chaos. Back when lo-fi was the thing everyone described music as in press releases whether it was […]

Spinning Coin

 Usually when someone whinges at me for not writing about their music more often the response is polite on the surface but pretty much just ‘fuck off’ in my head. When it comes to Sean Armstrong’s stuff, however, he has a point. I really like pretty much all of the things he’s been involved in, […]

Toadcast #314 – The Motorwaycast

 I am going to be spending an awful lot of time on motorways in the immediate future (this is after a Manchester round trip last week as well) so I figured calling this the Motorwaycast made some sense. So many white lines, so many headlights. I actually don’t mind long drives. I find them sort […]

Dearness – Accidental Gold

  Ah, lo-fi tape releases. Hooray for the internet. Funny that something so ephemeral should have ended up encouraging something so very string-and-brown-paper, but it seems to have. If anything, I think the lack of actual need for a physical product has reminded a small group of people why they actually want one. There are […]

House Gig With Matthew Caws of Nada Surf

Hello internet people of Edinburgh (sorry, yes, pretty much just Edinburgh this time), it’s time to announce our next absolutely awesome house gig – after starting life in our new house with Viking Moses and Alec from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Next up, on Friday 27th February, we have Matthew Caws from Nada Surf, […]

That Ghost – Unthemes (Rarities 2008-2014)

 I’ve written about That Ghost plenty of times in the past, but never had much impression that the band were taking off. That can happen in the internet age, of course. They are based in California, I am some random jackass in Scotland, so I have no idea how much traction they’re achieving amongst their […]

Rave With Satan – Jesus Fucked Me Raw

 By the time you read the title of this you already know this is going to be one of those posts, don’t you. Jesus did what? How mean of him. I have really no idea if I think this is actually good, or if it’s just fascinating. I remember reading the introductory email, and wondering […]

The Shoegaze Revival

As a label releasing two things this year which you could certainly describe as at least somewhat shoegazey, it’s pretty fair to say that it is a sound I am rather keen on. I mentioned in a blog post early in the Song, by Toad era that the shoegaze revival-and-disinterest cycle seems to move just […]

Le Thug – launch night and vinyl delivery

The vinyl for Le Thug’s gorgeous new EP Place Is has just turned up, and it looks AMAZING! The light in our kitchen isn’t ideal for taking pictures but I hope you get the idea. You can order a copy here, if you are suitably convinced. The launch night is on Valentine’s Day at Summerhall […]

Jonnie Common Updates

Jonnie Common’s Trapped in Amber was a bit of a quiet triumph, I think. Partly the response was incredible at the time, but it’s also been nice to watch it continue to creep up on people over the last few months despite the relative limits of our PR resources. Both Jonnie and Bastard Mountain did really well in […]

New Lady Lazarus Album on the Way

Wahay, some new Lady Lazarus material for you. And it’s kinda different too. After two albums which made gorgeous use of the interplay between her beautiful singing voice and some really tense, uncomfortable arrangements, this new record is going to be much more centred around her vocals alone. Listening to the song above you can certainly […]

Steve Adey and Grand Harmonium Records

I remember when I first started this blog… actually, hang on, when I first started this blog I lived down South and was just writing about bands I read about in Uncut and bought in HMV, so let’s quietly pretend that era never existed and that I was always an aspiring super-obscure music hipster. Even […]


 Well first of all, thank you so much to everyone who came down to Henry’s on Thursday. It was a packed show – not our first sell-out, but definitely the first time we’ve had to actually turn people away at the door, which is a bit of a shame, but still feels like something of […]

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