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Song, by Toad Records at the Pleasance Sessions Marketplace on Saturday 10th October

Yep, we shall have a wee stall at the Pleasance Sessions Label Market thingy at the Pleasance Courtyard this Saturday, and there is even more awesome news: Yes, it looks like we are indeed going to have a small handful of advance copies of our awesome new 12? vinyl compilation David Cameron’s Eton Mess. Hooray! […]

Black Polygons – À Travers

 Having spent three years in France while she was (kind of) growing up, Mrs. Toad will tell you that French radio can be a little odd. There are laudable rules in place which mandate a significant percentage of the music to be Francophone, as a means to combat the overwhelming plague of English language culture currently […]

Sean Armstrong and Keel Her

 I’ve told you before, on numerous occasions, that I think Sean Armstrong is a talented wee fucker. Quite apart from his own stuff, his songwriting is a large part of both The Yawns and Spinning Coin, two fantastic bands themselves. I first played Keel Her on a podcast over three years ago, and going back […]

Toadcast #320 – The Lithpcast

The Lithpcast is named after the rather impressive lisp I have developed since my dentist yanked my front-left incisor out of my mouth the other day and replaced it with empty space and stitches. There will be a new tooth bunged in there at some point, for the time being I have a rather uncomfortable […]

Youngstrr Joey – Grilled Wiig

So erm, well yes. This is happening. A tape release coming in early November, with nine songs recorded between nine at night and five in the morning. It’s not going to be a pop smash, this one, but it’s weird and I like it and that’s what our tape releases are for.

Willard Grant Conspiracy Mix Terror

(All photos by Nic Rue) Alright, the word ‘terror’ might be somewhere in between a mild and a total exaggeration, but erm well, ‘moderate anxiety’ doesn’t seem to quite cut it as a headline in these ‘what happened next just broke my heart’ days. I am not exactly what you would describe as an expert […]

Juffage at Henry’s Cellar Bar on Friday 11th September

 Juffage is a band – well a solo artist, really – that I discovered through that most ancient form of social media: actually talking to people in a pub. I went down to Beacons Festival a few years ago when a pal turned out to have a spare ticket at the last minute, and when […]

XFM’s ‘Radio X’ Rebrand Makes Me Fucking Ashamed

 God if I ever I felt like bellowing NOT ALL MEN into the skies, without a hint of irony, it is now. It’s like listening to Hamface Cameron giving a speech and thinking to yourself ‘I really hope the next time I meet someone who is unemployed or even slightly foreign they realise I fucking despise […]

Toadcast #319 – The Jailcast

 So Mrs. Toad and I are back from Rust2Romania (just) and before I throw myself into the second half of the Pale Imitation Festival I thought I might take the time to reflect on the rather epic adventure we just experienced. We have some of the tunes, both excellent and just plain silly (and sometimes […]

Pale Imitation Festival Half Time Oranges

Hello folks. Well we are back from Romania, not entirely in jail although it was close, and not entirely burned to a crisp either, although Mrs. Toad was rather in danger of entirely melting on one or two occasions. Go here for the full story – you just have to scroll down a bit. Anyhow, we […]

This Week’s Pale Imitation Festival Goings On

Whilst I am currently off getting locked up in Romania for speeding offences (in a 1992 Volvo estate – is it even possible to speed in one of these? – apparently so) The Pale Imitation Festival thunders wonderfully onwards. If you want to see the Rust2Romania updates check out my Tumblr, but this page is […]

Toadcast #318 – The Palecast Vol.3

 Hiya folks, once again in advance of the glorious Pale Imitation Festival we have a podcast exploring all the weird and wonderful bands who will be playing in Edinburgh during August for your wild and enthusiastic entertainment. Because you’re coming along, right? All of you? Oh god do please come. Please. Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease! Ah fuck that, […]

Various Artists – David Cameron’s Eton Mess

Yep, this un-unseeable monstrosity will be out on 12? vinyl in October. You’re welcome, universe! Bands included are: Lush Purr, Sean Armstrong, Breakfast Muff, Dune Witch Trails, alansmithee, Youngstrr Joey, Spinning Coin, Chump, Passion Pusher, Andrew R. Show More Summary

Samantha Crain – Killer

Toad pal and musical favourite Samantha Crain has a new album out called Under Branch & Thorn & Tree (buy one here).  I haven’t covered the album on Song, by Toad yet, mainly because I don’t really write record reviews anymore, but it’s really good. It’s been interesting watching Sam become more and more politically […]

Pale Imitation Festival 2015

Hello folks, it’s well past time to announce the third annual Pale Imitation Festival. Remember T on the Fringe? The Edge Festival? Retreat? Well this isn’t nearly as good as any of those. But this is Edinburgh, where fun and culture are strongly frowned upon, so we are just going to have to make do. All […]

Song, by Toad at Independent Label Market on Saturday 11th July

The ever-awesome Independent Label Market is returning to London this weekend and we shall be there once again (and this time I shall remember to bring all our recent releases along with me as well). We are on the outside corner of the market, behind Heavenly and Full Time Hobby, and next to BBE and […]

New Andrew R. Burns Stuff

 Andrew R. Burns has been a wee bit quiet for the last year or so, but a new EP has just made its way onto his Bandcamp page, under his slightly amended new guise of Andrew R. Burns and the Tropicanas. It’s something of a piece with his existing stuff, and as he builds his […]

Yves Yacolt

 There are band names, and then there are band names. Yves Yacolt, when they first got in touch with me, went by the name of Wank Hilliams. Presumably Auntie Flo suggested it over Sunday lunch one weekend. Apparently radio play was a little tough to come by for Wank Hilliams for some unfathomable reason, so […]

Toadcast #317 – The Swisscast

 This is what is becoming the annual Rust2Rome podcast. Not so much intentionally as such, it’s just that sitting in the car with tapes is pretty much the only music I’ve been listening to recently that’s all, so that’s what the podcast is from. After two years doing the French Alps route I decided that […]

Inspector Tapehead Are Back

Things move fast in the music industry, and memories are short. We released the debut album by Inspector Tapehead back in something like 2010 I think, but they promptly disbanded to the furthest corners of Scotland and, whilst not calling time on the band per se, at the very least meant that we heard little […]

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