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Backlash Thinkpiece to Today's Hot Trend

So many people are going out of their way to praise today's trend. Every one is so fascinated, from Middle Americans to tweens to even the high-level internet. I say, "Why?" Perhaps this trend has become out of control, clouding the way we usually think. Show More Summary

Important ThinkPiece on Trend of the Moment

It is impossible to wander the internet these days on the type of sites that we read without running into today's trend. It seems as if the interest in this trend has truly captured our interest without the trouble of capturing our imagination. Show More Summary

10 places where today's trend can help you

Today's trend has touched the lives of many people browsing the internet. But here are 10 ways that today's trend can help you if you. 1. Save money- Let's face it. We're all trying to be smart with our money, but if you implement today's trend and do it right. Show More Summary

Indie band releases new thing, continues album cycle

It has just been released today that an indie band has released a new mp3/video that completely changes the game. Once again, they have done it again, completely disrupting what it is we think about the way bands should be now that we have entered the digital era. Show More Summary

Do all festival lineups EVER CREATED effing suck?


I am depressed that there will be no holograms at Coachella 2013.

I remember last year Every1 was buzzing abt 2pac still being alive [via hologram] [via the Coachella] Now I see the 2k13 lineup Sure, there's plenty of relevant buzzbands playing live tunes in the picturesque city of Indio, CA But unfortunately There...Show More Summary

Is Giovanna Plowman the ultimate embodiment of tween fame perception? [The Girl Who Sucked Her Tampon]

One of the disorienting aspects about 'growing up' is how your perception of 'fame' evolves. If you are relatively smart/self-aware, you begin to deconstruct the contextual mechanisms that create and sustain 'fame.' Eventually, you find yourself feeling a little bit silly for worshipping athletes, singers, and humans with notoriety. Show More Summary

How do u break thru the noise of the internet?

How do u break thru the noise of the internet? Not 4 the sake of $$$$$$ [via mad hitz] but returning to the pure vibes of Feelings on the Internet Do voices on the internet still resonate with ppl? Or do we now only follow ppl to 'hate...Show More Summary

TREND WATCH 2k13: Michelle Obama cuts her bangs. Are BANGS still alt or lamestream?

HIPSTER RUNOFF used 2 document relevant alt trends U know, like BANGS RECORD HATS perfect alt breasts and bros who are unchill and AZN Does n e 1 remember 'bangs'? Girls used 2 cut them so their hair sat in a straight line on their forehead. Some...Show More Summary

Skrillex's hair catches on fire. Is this an omen 4 the dubstep EDM scene?

Happy Birthday dear #Sonny (That is what his real friends call him) Happy Birthday tooo youuu (OH MY GOD!) [via the sample from 'Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites'] Skrillex, bb! Ur hair caught on fire! If only all of ur close friendsShow More Summary

Do bros only go 2 concerts in hopes of rubbing their erect penises on girls?

Sometimes I wonder 'Is live music REALLY that special?' 'Why do we care abt seeing songs live?' 'Do we even rlly want 2 see bands?' The answer is most likely, "NO." o all of those questions but we go 2 concerts not 2 be lonely and we...Show More Summary

Does Anne Hathaway want 2 be Lena Dunham or does Lena Dunham want 2 be Anne Hathaway?

Do u evr wonder Who wants 2 be who? Does Anne Hathaway want 2 be Lena Dunham? Or does Lena Dunham want 2 be Anne Hathaway? 2 women hated/loved 4 different reasons but r we looking @ the same woman? Does Anne Hathaway want 2 be Lena Dunham? Or...Show More Summary

Why all female bloggers & oversharers should h8 Lena Dunham

Since 2k8, the alt internet has been plagued by excessive oversharing masquerading as some sort of hyper-revelatory think-piece which serves as a larger metaphor for a Gen-Y existence. Young females write about 'feeling awkward' the first time they gave a blowjob. Show More Summary

NSFW: Alt Slutwaver Brooke Candy hits rock bottom, forced 2 get naked in new music video

Brooke Candy burst on 2 the scene in some dumb Grimes video because she looked like a futuristic slutwaver. Now she is trying to become some sort of slutwave rapper. A complete disgrace to 'the game' if I believed that hiphop/rap was...Show More Summary

Beyonce ToTaLLy rides SLUTWAVES with sexi UNDERBOOB photoshoot!

Beyonce BB! If I had 2 guess, I would say u NEVER had a BB! Blue Ivey Carter CANNOT be real! Defanately an ALIEN BABY bc I can't see stretch marks ANYWHERE! Ur gonna have 2 share ur post-baby weight loss secrets with me even though I never had a baby and I probably weight 2x as much as u without a second human inside of me. Show More Summary

Wild Nothing was the most relevant & authentic band of 2k12

In 2k12, I fell out of love with the indie music scene. My mind became clouded with the rise of the undeserving buzzbands, the broken way that blogs think they are supposed to post as much bullshit as possible, and my own drive to 'stay alive' by blogging abt shit that I don't even care about. Show More Summary

If ur not willing 2 #cut4 n e thing, ur not living 4 n e thing. #cut4bieber

Sometimes I wonder how much i rlly care abt n e thing If I truly feel 'passionate' abt n e thing If I would die 4 n e thing or n e 1 Am I truly willing #cut4 anything? Bleed myself slowly 2 death Bc I believe in something? Bc I Maybe...Show More Summary

FUCK The Lumineers (and all that other Mumford & Sons Civil-War-Wave sounding bullshit)

WHO THE EFF ARE THE LUMINEERS? EFF THE LUMINEERS AND ALL THESE GODDAMN POST-COUNTRY-TWEE-HONKIE-DRANKIN-BEER-AT-A-FESTIVAL BANDS OOOHHH BOY! Let's go down to that music festival and listen to dat der bango and those young'ns sure doShow More Summary

Does 'alt' even exist n e more?

Sometimes I wonder Does 'alt' even exist n e more? What happened 2 'counterculture'? Did it die bc we thought it was a global scene connected on the internet and now the internet is mnstrm? How do we survive being on the last chapter...Show More Summary

Good nite, Sweet 2k12.

Sigh... 2k12... Where did u go? I have not evolved I am not a better person I have accomplished nothing Will 2k13 'save' me? Will 2k13 'save' indie? Will 2k13 'save' culture? Will 2k13 'save' alt? Or are we all dying? 2k13: Documenting...Show More Summary

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