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#SEAPUNK News Network releases official statement on Rihanna controversy

#SEAPUNK has been under attack since the mnstrm/lamestream has stolen #seapunk imagery in the Rihanna SNL performance of 2k12. No longer will we be able to appreciate #seapunk images like 'orbs', 3d dolphins, 3d seahorses, 3d palm trees,...Show More Summary

Rihanna exploits #seapunk genre in SNL performance, genre is now over.

#Seapunk is a genre that doesn't really have any music, it is just an 'aesthetic' that involves 1990s electronic vibes, Second Life and virtual reality graphics, and failed Microsoft Windows aesthetics. The 'movement' never really had...Show More Summary

Brooke Candy upstages Grimes at Grimes show bc she is hotter than Grimes

Brooke Candy is the hottest new slutwaver in the game. She recently release an AMAZING slutwave rap video to follow up on her SLUTWAVE addition to that one Grimes video where Grimes drives around her slut friends in their dad's Escalade. Show More Summary

OP-ED: Why Miley Cyrus's dubstep career is good for Obama's 2nd term

Miley Cyrus has TOTALLY gone dubstep! This is just what I needed because I'm hearing SO much dubstep at the club. I absolutely LOVE new trends, and I am a very OPEN person who likes NEW TYPES of musica! (musica = Spanish for music) I...Show More Summary

Why is it is cool 2 vote.

This article was written by Grandpappy McWillersby, contributor to Huffington Post Old Foagies,, and HIPSTER RUNOFF. Hello my fellow Americans, My name is Bill Willersby, and I am a citizen of the United States of America. Show More Summary

Fan goes to xx show, gets severely eyeball fucked by Oliver Sim

The xx are known for having a buzzworthy first album and a snoozeworthy second album, so much so that they are known as 'the zz' by many authentic alts who are 'over them.' But as with 'mainstream indie bands', it doesn't matter if their music is good, people still go to their concerts out of boredom and a desire to be relevant. Show More Summary

A Complete Guide to Voting in the 2012 Presidential Election [Candidate Breakdown]

Why should I vote? Voting is an important experience 2 connect with the lamestream masses. U walk into some booth and believe that u 'make a difference', when u actually don't make a difference. Ppl spend so much time talking abt politics as if it is 'their whole identity', then voting is just like taking a dump. Show More Summary

Best Coast hits rock bottom, is in a Windows commercial

Every1 knows that everything that Microsoft does is lame, uncool, and lamestream. Windows Phones, Windows Computers, Windows browsers, Bings, Zunes, etc, etc. It's all a big pile of crap for the poors who can't afford 'cool ass' iPhone5s and Samsung Galaxy S-III's. Show More Summary

Avril Lavigne's Sum41 ex husband dresses as #Chavril 4 Halloween

We once thought that Avril Lavigne and 'the guy from Sum 41' was the altest couple in the world. Then they got divorced, and Avril Lavigne got married to thet Nickelback bro "Chad Kroeger." Probably because he has way more money and wanted to slam that tight lil Hot Topic Avril bod. Show More Summary

White NBA Player Steve Nash dresses as blipster for Halloween

Steve Nash. WTF bro? Ur dressed as a typical NBA blipster? Must be some sort of Halloween costume Ur a 40 year old white dude not a swag ass 20something post-urban NBA player rying 2 have Kanye-ass rapper swag This has to be some sort of joke. Halloween or something? Dude. Show More Summary

Miley Cyrus and Tyler the Creator are collaborating bc Odd Future are sell out posers

Miley BB! I am loving ur new hair! I tried to tell my hairdresser at Super Cuts to give me the EXACT SAME haircut, but instead I ended up giving me an ugly boys wedge haircut! Odd Future is ToTaLLy DoiN iT BiG iN Da HiPpPitYHoPGaMe! Who are those African American men? Is that Tyler the Creating? He could create on me any day of the week. Show More Summary

Zooey Deschanel disgraces nation, TANKS while singing national anthem.

Zooey Deschanel is arguably indie's #1 diva, except she is actually mainstream. We fell in love with her blue eyes and bangs, even though it was sorta 'just a phase' in her career while she was just attempting to go mainstream by exploiting...Show More Summary

HIPSTER RUNOFF Halloween Contest 2K12 has Officially LAUNCHED


? presents the ? SHIRT. [Triangle shirt] ?

????????? This shirt is conceptual. ?????????? This shirt is deep. ????????? This shirt is stupid. ????????? This shirt is ?. Available now at [formerly IAmCarles] #rebrand ????????? ??????????? ???????????????????...Show More Summary

I had an successful art show in my local art scene. There was free wine.

I had an art show Kinda did my own thing Tired of participating in college art shows all those MFAs think they are so fucking 'deep' and talented I just sorta did my own thing made an FB event a lot of people actually came more thanShow More Summary

Christopher Owens releases new solo song bc he thinks he is too famous 2 be in GIRLS any more.

Christopher Owens is famous for looking like some drugged up dude from the 60s/70s playing indie music that sounded like 'vintage music.' He was raised in a cult, so every1 thinks he is kewl and interesting since every1 else in indie came from uppermiddleclass families, sent to expensive private universities. Show More Summary

MOOSE KNUCKLE ALERT: Taylor Swift has a kRaZie Camel Toe!

Taylor BB! U honestly look AMAZING in black... But I can't help but notice one thing... Ur HUGE MOOSE KNUCKLE! That is honestly emberresing. It looks JUST like a camel toe! I feel bad for you, but at least u r wearing black so it is slimming. Show More Summary

Unchill AZN Bro got the Miley Cyrus haircut.

Photo via UnchillAznBlog You might remember Unchill AZN Bro. You might remember Miley Cyrus. You might remember Miley Cyrus's new haircut. What if I told u that Unchill AZN Bro got Miley Cyrus's new haircut? Oh Unchilly... U had to go...Show More Summary

Some bro named the HIPSTER BANDIT has been robbing banks in Portland, police want him dead

Link: U might think that this bro looks just like any other alt, on his way to a buzzband show after getting coffee, using wifi, and having #millenial_problems. But...Show More Summary

Katy Perry has a SEXI lil NIP SLIP! Oh no BB!

Katy BB! U'll always be my fave #California_Girl! But that doesn't mean u have to go showing off ur cha-chas! That's honestly #Emberressing. I remember 1 time I accidentally slipped my nip during an important office meeting. Every1 started pointing and laughing. Show More Summary

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