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How to Save Your Life (and, Perhaps, the World)

Please read in order, since each post builds on previous ones. That’s a lot to read! Why should I bother? How YOU Can PROFIT From Feminism! Video: The Evolution of Tupac A Grand Unified Theory of Women Video: I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar...Show More Summary

Video: I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!

Note how she says, “I have a law degree,” not “I am a lawyer.” That means she got a “degree” from some worthless “college” solely to impress people, has likely never practiced law a day in her life, and has no knowledge of the law whatsoever. Show More Summary

Things to Say When a Woman Asks for Your Help

These all assume you’re not shackled to a gynocentric workplace: “No.” (Don’t say, “Sorry, no.” You should almost never say you’re sorry about anything to a woman. She’ll have contempt for you, and use your “sorry” against you.) “No,...Show More Summary

How to Deal with MGTOW Shaming

“Shaming” is an evergreen female tactic, perhaps because it’s the most effective tactic against women. MGTOW is the greatest threat to the gynocracy. So, if a woman learns you’re a MGTOW, she might attempt to shame you by calling you...Show More Summary

Video: Why Feminists Hate the MGTOW Movement

Most women – even (especially?) feminists – love having sex with MGTOWs. They dig our arrogant, aloof, zero-fucks-given attitude. But feminists hate the MGTOW movement. Here’s why:

Confirmed: Lindsey Graham is a Mangina

In fact, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the nation’s foremost defender or women’s rights, calls him a woman! What an honor!

Trump Refuses to Meet with Marxist Pope!

Pinch me, and tell me I’m not dreaming. Of course, it’s not surprising that the Pope is Marxist when you consider that Jesus was the archetypal cucked mangina.

Thank God for Jeff Sessions!

The last time there was an amnesty for illegal aliens, back in 1986, the “enforcement” part of that was requiring everyone seeking a job to fill out a form I-9, stating under penalty of perjury that they’re legally entitled to work in the US. Show More Summary

Why Women Will be Extinct

Unlike other animals, humans depend almost entirely on their intelligence for survival. For this reason, human children must be raised and educated for well over a decade, until they’re intelligent enough, and have learned enough, to survive on their own. Show More Summary


All Women Are Like That. Yes, even your mother, daughter, sister, wife, and girlfriend. And especially that very special girl who seems so different from all the rest. Being men, we need proof. So here’s how you can confirm for yourself: Spend a few days with her (but not on her dream vacation.) The chameleon can’t keep up its camouflage 24/7. Show More Summary

The Secret MGTOW Weapon: Women!

Because men are compassionate, future-oriented, smart and rational, MGTOWs like me try to spread the word to our fellow men. Because women are selfish, live in the moment, and are irrational idiots, they act solely in their own basest interests, and drive men into the MGTOW camp. Show More Summary

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