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The John Oates Book

“Rich Girl” got me through law school. I didn’t want to go, but I’d run out of options. I’d choked at the freestyle ingress, gotten the world’s worst case of mononucleosis, part of me wanted to stay at Snowbird but I knew if I didn’t leave Utah right then, I’d be there forever. That’s the […]

The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore

I can’t get this song out of my head. I needed to hear something familiar, so I dialed up Classic Vinyl on Sirius XM. But when I hit a clunker I switched to 60’s on 6 and heard this, which I didn’t want to listen to, because the Walker Brothers never really made it over […]

Trumpcare Fails

This is what happens when entertainment abdicates its responsibility. Reality triumphs. The movie business is in decline, the China it depended upon has sputtered, if it weren’t for increased prices grosses would have tanked. And this is a result of the studios giving the public what it thinks it wants. Nobody knows what the public […]

The Bob Dylan Interview

The Bob Dylan Interview Q&A with Bill Flanagan Mar 22, 2017 Exclusive to Won’t get anybody to listen to the music. Actually, all you need to know is revealed in the answer wherein he says he listens to music on CDs. The plastic discs were supposed to be an improvement on vinyl, permanent and […]

Bad Judgment

I went to Park City to go powder skiing. It started out as a group of eleven, all fired up to ride the cat in the backcountry, but as the temperature rose and the snow melted the participants dropped out one by one until there were only six of us left. And five of them […]


I don’t understand it. Oh, I know it makes the world go-round, they used to say that about love but I know it’s about cash. And I know you need a job to pay your bills, that we live in an exchange economy, you use your salary to put a roof over your head and […]

Drake’s Playlist

He knows there’s no rulebook. Whilst wannabes record albums and record labels sell CDs and the newspapers print the inane “Billboard” chart, Drake decided to innovate. Ain’t that a concept, ain’t that what an artist is supposed to do. But don’t think you can extrapolate a trend from his behavior, don’t think you can follow […]

Chuck Berry

He was the father of rock and roll. Oh, don’t talk to me about Bill Haley. Boomers were barely conscious at the time “Rock Around The Clock” was a hit, if they were alive at all. And Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis were vastly influential, especially in the U.K., but the progenitor who pushed […]

My Skin

Is freaking out. Oh to be young again, when eyesight was good and hearing was up to par and… I didn’t need moisturizer and didn’t have to refrain from long showers and… Used to be the dry air did not bother me, certainly not on the east coast. Then again, winter is the time of […]

Arroyo Seco Weekend

Arroyo Seco Weekend I’d rather go to this than Desert Trip. As for Coachella, despite the press of it being America’s greatest festival, the truth is it’s a rite of passage for Southern California teenagers, where you put on your outfit and take selfies, they should rename it INSTAGRAMELLA, because it’s got little to do […]

Tommy LiPuma

Mike Ginsberg turned me on to Traffic. I met him at a NEFTY week in New Hampshire. I took the train up to West Hartford and we sat in his attic and he spun the second LP, the one that started with “Feelin’ Alright,” long before Joe Cocker made this song so famous. And then […]

This Girl

This Girl – Spotify This Girl – YouTube How did I miss this? Sometimes I feel like I’ve been dropped on this planet without a map. Oh, prior to electronics, the internet, I knew exactly where I was, what path I was on, growing up in the suburbs to go to a good college to […]

The Middlebury Fracas

It’s the best thing that ever happened to the college! This is what the mainstream media does not understand, that it’s hard to get attention, nearly impossible. We all labor in backwaters, waiting for the sun to shine upon us, while those holdovers from the old school believe they still matter and can impart truth […]

Sun Valley

There are places I’ll remember All my life, though some have changed “In My Life” The Beatles Nowhere’s off the grid anymore. Well, maybe if you go to some remote spot with latrines you may not be able to get a cell signal, but otherwise, you’re networked everywhere and we’re never going back. But it […]

More Music Media Summit

New speaker, Marcie Allen of MAC Presents, the queen of sponsorship. The funny thing is we don’t see eye to eye, I’m all about keeping the corporations at bay and she’s about creating the best relationships with them so there should be some sparks, although I’m always willing to learn, we do live in a […]

The Album Doesn’t Count

It’s about the event. For how long have we heard it’s about the new record, the hit, that they are the engine of all that follows. Maybe with Top Forty, but in the rest of the music sphere… Lady Gaga had one of the stiffest follow-up albums of all time, even rivaling Peter Frampton’s “I’m […]

The New Economy

Which way do you want it? To be able to get an Uber at midnight or pay a cheaper price for a regulated cab in the morning? I feel like I’m living in “Groundhog Day.” To get up and repeat a process is so weird. No one is prepared for it, especially the cab company, […]

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

I used to be afraid of flying. Until one especially gruesome flight into Denver wherein Jay Krugman leaned over the back of his seat and told me I could freak out as much as I wanted to, but I was never going to die in a plane crash. That cured me. I’m now a relatively […]

Where Songs Come From

“‘It was an emergency,’ he wrote,’ and when dealing with emergent behavior there is nothing to do but respond. I was in the moment. And it was not the fire I imagined or dreamed of. It was the fire I got.'” This should not have been good. I never read the “T” magazine, the “New […]


This is an individual project. I just finished reading “On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons From The Twentieth Century,” by Timothy Snyder. Be afraid, be very afraid. Because sooner if not later there’s going to be a terrorist event and you’re gonna lose all your personal rights. That’s how they do it, especially Putin. Under the guise […]

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