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Billy Bob In Goliath

While I’m talking TV, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how exceptional Billy Bob Thornton is in “Goliath.” It’s on Amazon Prime, and although half the households in America have it and don’t have to pay for it nothing on that outlet gets any traction, it seems people don’t know how to pull the […]

The Keepers

You’ll never look at the Catholic church the same way again. When you hear the word “Archdiocese,” you’ll shudder. Netflix is CBS Records. A monolith that’s making money that’s spending money that needs something to hit, but not everything to hit. That’s what’s wrong with the HBO model, they’re so busy developing exceptional product that […]

The Sgt. Pepper Remix

The Sgt. Pepper Remix – Spotify It’s sacrilegious. Couldn’t they leave well enough alone? Do the Beatles need any more money? Isn’t Capitol/Universal flush enough? How dare they mess with our memories. Assuming you were there the first time around, when “Sgt. Pepper” engrossed us and changed our perceptions of what was and what could […]

Paul Simon Playlist

Paul Simon Playlist – Spotify “The Sound Of Silence” Album: “The Paul Simon Songbook” Recorded in London before Simon & Garfunkel’s success, this album was released after said success, because that’s the way the music business works, it’s sleazy. Not that many people bought it, at least not many I knew, but now through the […]

Paul Simon And Stephen Colbert Are ‘Feelin’ Groovy’

Maybe you’ve got to be 75 not to give a fuck. That’s right, Paul Simon was 34 back when SNL launched, when he made fun of himself, when he was still a soft rock superstar as opposed to a world musician, before he infected a younger generation via MTV and Chevy Chase in the eighties. […]

Black Edge

“Black Edge: Inside Information, Dirty Money, and the Quest to Bring Down the Most Wanted Man on Wall Street” The world runs on information. And so much of that information is at your fingertips. In newspapers, online…you too can be an expert and compete with world-beaters, assuming you’ve got the interest, the desire and the […]


It costs too much to do something new. It’s not only the development expenses, never mind coming up with a new idea, but the marketing money, how do you make people aware of what you’re doing in a sea of endless messages, one in which the vaunted “Breaking Bad” took years to gain traction. I […]

No Car

The engineer got here early. I’m a stickler for time, if it’s booked for 11, I’ll be there, maybe with only seconds to spare, but I don’t expect anybody early, certainly not in L.A. But Anna was. She came at 10:40. I was dressed, but in the bathroom, preparing… Now this was for a podcast, […]


I do not know what happened here. But I do know it stopped me in my tracks. That’s how modern life seems to go, you don’t sit down at 7 o’clock for the news, you’re just minding your own business and you get a tweet, a text, an e-mail, and your whole life is changed. […]

Today’s Playlist

Today’s Playlist – Spotify “The Song Of Purple Summer” “Spring Awakening” Do they do “Spring Awakening” at high schools yet? I’m kinda stunned, this is from 2006, over ten years ago, and I can’t say the rest of the score resonates with me/I remember it, but I absolutely LOVE THIS! It reminds me of the […]

Publicity Is Worthless

Could anyone have been plastered over the mainstream press more than Sheryl Crow? She even made the cover of “Parade,” talking about her home life. But nobody wants to listen to her new album, on Spotify not a single cut has exceeded one million plays, which means if she’s counting on streaming revenue to pay […]

Transmission Impossible

I found this on Deezer. I wonder, at some point in the future, will a younger generation go back and discover the classic rockers the same way boomers and Englishmen went back and discovered the Delta bluesmen? They were hiding in plain sight. Harvard students looked them up in the phone book and brought them […]


I blame Bill Clinton. Oh, all you lefties don’t have to get your knickers in a twist, I know, I know the Republicans were after him but he did it and parsed the language and that’s when the baby boomers bought this country, he was one of them, we messed it up. It started under […]

The Injection

1 I can’t SLEEP! So here’s the story. I was skiing with a friend on my birthday, April 22nd, Pickeroon, at Vail. And it’s relatively flat and then it falls off into a steep part, and normally I’d stop and wait at this ridge, at this transition, but the guy I’m skiing with is twenty […]

Welcome To Cluttersville

You won’t know right away. That’s what the internet promised, instant response. But now the pipes are clogged with messages and if your project has any virality, you won’t see the signals immediately, but rather two days to two weeks to a month later. Don’t confuse this with hype-driven action. With enough publicity you can […]

Elton Weighs In

From: Bob Lefsetz Subject: Hey Elton! To: Elton John Hope you’re good. I know you’re a big new music fan. Today’s music world is incomprehensible, we need curators who will make sense of it for us, and not just endless playlists on streaming services, so… Can you recommend ONE recent track (now, or from the […]

Master of None-Season 2

There are three record companies, Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. If you want to know what it was like in the late sixties, during the seventies in the record business, look to streaming TV. Not the eighties and nineties, those were victory laps, when MTV blew up bands beyond comprehension and then the CD rained down […]

L.A. Reid Gets Canned

He spent too much! And he was Doug’s guy and it’s now Rob’s company. Come on, you expect history to repeat itself ad infinitum? For things to never change? For the wall to fall and democracy to reign in Russia and Napster to happen and for recording CEOs to continue to be big swinging dicks? […]

I Love Dick

Kevin Bacon is a revelation. Like a less loquacious Don Henley. A not quite as nice J.D. Souther. He’s a Texan of few words who’s completely confident in his opinion and is unafraid of expressing it. And Kathryn Hahn is obsessed with him. Believing herself a filmmaker previously, at dinner Bacon cuts to to the […]


There was a common enemy. And Neil Young was Canadian. Talk to today’s Canadians, the electors of a snowboarding instructor, they’re completely flummoxed with what’s going on south of the border. And in the seventies they sewed Canadian flags to their backpacks before they ventured overseas, so they wouldn’t be confused with their American brethren, […]

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