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Passport Found Near Terrorist's Body May Have Been Planted to Stir Up Anti-Migrant Hatred

Some interesting news from the investigation into the terrorist attacks in Paris: the Syrian passport found near one of the terrorists' bodies may have been planted in an attempt to stir up anti-immigrant hatred in Europe. “The single most intriguing fact is that the passport was there at all,” one French official source said. Show More Summary

Video: Ben Carson Gets Totally Incoherent on Dealing With ISIS

YouTube This has to be one of the most pathetic performances I've ever seen from a presidential candidate, as Ben Carson struggles (and utterly fails) to make sense about how he'd deal with ISIS. It goes on and on, getting more and more...Show More Summary

Is This the Craziest Right Wing Tweet About the Paris Attacks?

Immediately following the horrific terror attacks in Paris, the conservative media and blogs started pushing their usual line of horse puckey; the French had it coming because they have strict gun control laws. If they only had moreShow More Summary

Jeb Bush Knows How to Deal With ISIS: Moar War

Here we go again. Jeb Bush urges U.S. declaration of war against ISIL. Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush said on Sunday, in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on Paris, the U.S. should “declare war” on the Islamic State,...Show More Summary

Now for Something Completely Weird: "Migration"

Vimeo A vintage nature film follows the migratory pattern of a herd of wild creatures. Official Selection: Pictoplasma 2014 Toronto International Film Festival 2014 Encounters Short Film And Animation Festival 2014 Berwick Film And Media...Show More Summary

Democratic Debate, Thread One

The terror attacks in Paris are casting a dark shadow over this debate, and will certainly be a topic of discussion. This debate will include Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley; Jim Webb bailed out after the last one. Note: You can watch live over the web at this page.

Saturday Jam: Typhoon, Tiny Desk Concert

YouTube I just discovered this amazing band through Apple Music, immediately searched the Tiny Desk concerts -- and there they were. This show is from 2013, and it's just incredible. This band is making a unique new kind of progressive rock. The appropriately named Typhoon is a sprawling band with an epic sound. Show More Summary

Podcast o' the Day: The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show, 11/12/15 Today's program for the The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show: Mizzou: We Deconstruct the University of Missouri Protests; Chez Participates in Happy Hour; Bob Said the S-Word on theShow More Summary

Friday Night Jam: Darwin Deez, "The Mess She Made"

Vimeo Money Face Big ups to the insane depth of field we needed on this one. f/22 all the way. Director- Oscar Hudson // Producer- Aaron Z. Willson Production Company- Bad // DirectorShow More Summary

Horrible Conservative Tweets About the Paris Attacks

Image via Shutterstock Presented without comment. Maybe guard the border before the massacre — David Frum (@davidfrum) November 13, 2015 Imagine a theater with 10 or 15 citizens with concealed carry permits. We live in an age when evil...Show More Summary

Breaking: Multiple Attacks Kill at Least 18 People in Paris

Awful news from Paris today, in what looks like a terrorist attack. The New York Times reports: Multiple Attacks Roil Paris; President Hollande Is Evacuated From Stadium. PARIS — Shootings in central Paris on Friday night have left several...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Compares Ben Carson to a "Child Molester," Calls Iowa Voters "Stupid"

YouTube This is what the Republican presidential race has come to, folks. Donald Trump launches into a bizarre rant in Iowa, attacking Ben Carson and calling the people of Iowa "stupid" for believing Carson. Watch the people seated behind him; they look extremely uncomfortable, like people watching someone embarrass himself. Show More Summary

The Moment of Truth Arrives: Gawker's Lawyers Put the Hurt on Chuck C. Johnson

Gawker's lawyers have filed their responses to cyberstalker Chuck C. Johnson's crack legal team in Johnson's defamation suit, and all I can say is "ouch." If Chuck Johnson weren't such a horrible malicious person I'd feel sorry for him,...Show More Summary

The Federalist Beclowned: Sean Davis Screams "Poop Swastika Hoax," Then Police Report Confirms It Happened

When reports started coming out that someone had used feces to draw a swastika in one of the University of Missouri's dorms, right wing bloggers immediately jumped to the conclusion it was all a "hoax," because this is what they do. Sean...Show More Summary

Wednesday Night Podcast: The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show, 11/10/15 Here's the program for tonight's episode of The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show, featuring an extremely creepy painting of Ben Carson hanging out with Jesus in a bathrobe: JetpacksShow More Summary

Video: Donald Trump on His Plan for a Massive "Deportation Force"

MSNBC In this clip from Morning Joe, Donald Trump explains that his border wall is going to be a Trump wall, a big beautiful wall, and he's going to have a "deportation force" that will round up millions of undocumented immigrants --...Show More Summary

Carson to Media: "Go Jump in a Lake"

Ben Carson is sick and tired of people asking questions about what he's written, and after last night's debate he told reporters that if they persist in asking him about his autobiography he'll tell them to fu... uh, I mean "go jump in a lake." “From this point on, I get to determine what the hook is. Show More Summary

Fox Business Debate: Republican Bad Ideas That Stopped Living, Part 3

Image via Shutterstock Whew. That was grueling. So many bad ideas and outright lies (Dodd Frank does raise capital requirements for large banks) crammed into a mere two hours, briefly interrupted by commercials touting the work of rapacious...Show More Summary

Fox Business Debate: The Republican Bad Ideas That Stopped Living and Became Mixed Up Zombies

Image via Shutterstock Here's a second thread for the arrival of the main Clown Car, as the first rung candidates tell us why their crackpot bad ideas about the economy are what America really needs, and why Hillary Clinton is evil incarnate.

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