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Trump and Republicans Having Giant Fake Outrage Fit Over Hillary Calling Out Racists

The big political news of the weekend that has conservatives and a lot of the media all worked up, as if there was something controversial about saying it: Hillary Clinton: Half of Donald Trump supporters are in 'basket of deplorables'. Here...Show More Summary

Ed Schultz, Now Working for Russia Today, Defends Donald Trump

I saw this tweet go by in my main Twitter timeline and did a serious double take. I knew Ed Schultz had been working for Russia Today after losing his MSNBC show, but I didn't realize how deeply he'd gone into the RT mindset. The #Clinton...Show More Summary

Watch Live: Trump Rants at the Far Right Values Voter Summit

YouTube Remember when Donald Trump tried to position himself as a great friend of the LGBT community? Well, here he is speaking to one of the most radical anti-gay hate groups in the US, Tony Perkins' Family Research Council. It's really...Show More Summary

GOHMERT! Religious Conservatives Laugh as Louie Says Hillary Is "Mentally Impaired"

YouTube The Texas Congressman who thinks "terror babies" are a threat to America's existence, who got upset about the possibility of "gay space colonies," and once claimed Obama sent soldiers to Africa so they could catch Ebola, bring...Show More Summary

BREAKING! Jim Hoft Can't Tell the Difference Between "News" and a "Press Release"

DERP Yes, Jim Hoft truly is the Stupidest Man on the Internet. There's really no one else even close in the crowded field of dim-witted right wing derpitude. And today he proves it yet again with another BREAKING! post that's going to...Show More Summary

Video: Trump Lies About Opposing Iraq War, Says He Would Have Caught Bin Laden Before 9/11

YouTube In the middle of his 09/08/2016 speech about education in Cleveland, Donald Trump suddenly went on an extended rant about his record on the Iraq War, repeating once again the lie that he opposed the war "from the beginning." He didn't. And Trump didn't stop there. Show More Summary

Watch Live: Trump Rants Again in Cleveland

YouTube This is supposed to be Donald Trump's speech about "education," but as I write this he's once again feverishly lying about his record of supporting the Iraq War, and attacking Hillary Clinton. Since I started watching I haven't heard him say a single word about education.

Once Again, Donald Trump Jr. Tweets Link to Alex Jones Conspiracy Theory

a katz / He was last seen at LGF when he retweeted notorious antisemitic white supremacist Kevin MacDonald, and before that when he gave an interview to a white supremacist radio show and subsequently invited the host...Show More Summary

Watch Live: Hillary Clinton Rally in Charlotte, North Carolina

YouTube Hillary Clinton is now speaking about Donald Trump's terrible performance in last night's forum. (So far she hasn't coughed, or had a seizure.)

NBC Executives on Matt Lauer's Interviews of Clinton and Trump: "Disaster"

Turns out I wasn't the only one who thought Matt Lauer's performance in last night's "Command in Chief Forum" was simply awful. CNN's Brian Stelter reports that NBC executives are calling it a "disaster." One executive, speaking anonymously,...Show More Summary

Donald Trump's Most Awful Moments in the "National Security" Forum

He's "pretty good with the body language." Trump just lied again that he didn't support the Iraq War. Lauer let him get away with it. — Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) September 8,...Show More Summary

Watch Live: NBC News Commander-in-Chief Forum With Clinton and Trump

NBC News This isn't a debate -- Clinton and Trump will be taking questions separately on issues related to national security and the US military, aboard the decommissioned aircraft carrier Intrepid. Hillary Clinton goes first.

Mike Pence Isn't a Birther, He's Just the Running Mate of a Birther

Here's our pathetic news of the day, as Donald Trump's running mate Mike Pence announces he "believes" President Obama was born in Hawaii, which is big of him, considering he's running with a guy who made his political bones by pushing...Show More Summary

Today's Email From a Donald Trump Supporter

Image via Shutterstock I haven't done one of these hate mail posts in a while, not because the hate mail has stopped, but because it's usually just the same old tiresome insults. But today I got one that seemed extraordinarily deranged... Show More Summary

Stunner: Conservative Dallas Morning News Endorses Hillary Clinton

JStone / The editors of The Dallas Morning News are so repelled by Donald Trump that for the first time in 75 years, they're endorsing a Democrat for president: We recommend Hillary Clinton for president. There is only one serious candidate on the presidential ballot in November. Show More Summary

An Amazingly Beautiful Short Film: "Venezia"

Vimeo Directed by Oliver Astrologo & Nils Astrologo - Much has been made about the wonders of Venice, but few ever venture deep enough across its less touristy, yet still historical hidden places. Beyond hundreds...Show More Summary

The Latest Idea From the National Review Brain Trust: Stop Hillary by Impeaching Her Now

Here's today's measure of the derangement that has the conservative movement in a death grip, as National Review "intellectual" Andrew McCarthy tries to argue that Hillary Clinton should be impeached before she's even elected. The Constitution does not limit impeachment to incumbent officials. Show More Summary

The Bob & Chez Show: Greenwalded Today's program from our podcasting affiliate, The Bob & Chez Show: Greenwalded: Jill Stein Fanboys and Glenn Greenwald Swarm Against Bob; Helping Trump by Wrongly Emphasizing Hillary's...Show More Summary

Monday Night Blues Shred: Joe Bonamassa, "Angel of Mercy" Live at the Greek Theatre

YouTube Joe is just on fire in this one. All I can say is "ouch." ? FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD - ? Official Tickets ? ? Official Social Links ? ?...Show More Summary

Launching: The Little Green Footballs Meme Machine

Today we're announcing a great new toy for all our visitors to play with: The LGF Meme Machine! A permanent link to this new app has been added to the "Fun" menu in our top navigation bar. It should be fairly easy to figure out, butShow More Summary

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