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Today at the Values Voter Summit: Raving Freakazoid Glenn Beck

YouTube America is waiting to see if Glenn Beck will: 1) bring his beloved chalkboard, and 2) weep on cue, as he gives the keynote speech at the conference of far right social conservatives and religious fanatics known as the Values Voter Summit, attended every year by top Republican politicians because...

Mark Levin at #VVS14: Religious Right Voters Are 'Centrists'

YouTube Right wing talk show screamer Mark Levin told the audience of religious fanatics at the Values Voter Summit this morning that they're "centrists" -- because there are loons even farther out than them. Oh, but those Democrats? They're all radical leftists! "They treat us like we're this fringe," he said. "You...

Watch Live: Hillbilly Night at the Values Voter Summit

YouTube I can almost hear the banjo music already, as we kick of Hillbilly Night at the 2014 Values Voter Summit, featuring the Duggars, Duck Dynasty's Alan Robertson, Mike Huckabee and Erick Son of Erick. EVENING PLENARY SESSION - Regency Ballroom Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and The Duggar Family, TLC's 19...

Sarah Palin: "The Truth Is an Endangered Species at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue" (VIDEO)

YouTube The highlight of today's crazy ranting at the Values Voter Summit: Sarah Palin, as part of her usual incoherent word salad, getting the address of the White House wrong. A classic in the annals of Palinisms. (Via Right Wing Watch.)

Watch Live: The Utterly Delusional Fanatics of the Values Voter Summit, Featuring Sarah Palin

YouTube Yes, it's that time of the year again; the time when religious fanatics, creationists, fundamentalists, homophobic bigots and social conservatives with raging persecution complexes gather to share their psychoses at the right wing loonfest known as the Values Voter Summit. Here's a live feed from this insane event. As I write...

Bachmann Calls for Religious War Against Islam: "Kill, Kill, Kill"

YouTube Speaking at the Values Voter Summit, the annual meeting of religious fanatics and social conservative loons, Michele "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann shares her strategy for what she sees as a religious war against Islam: "Kill, kill, kill!"

Jon Stewart at the Top of His Game: The Incredibly Bogus #LatteSalute Fake Outrage

Comedy Central Video Jon Stewart was at the top of his game last night in this segment looking at the utterly deranged CoffeeCupGhaziGate fake controversy.

Horrifying Police Dashcam Video: Hands Up, Don't Shoot... In South Carolina

Horrifying video from South Carolina of a white trooper gunning down a black motorist after the officer asks the man for license and registration. Note how the trooper continues to shoot at the man after his hands are in the air... Fortunately, the motorist survived and the officer has been...

Breitbart "News" Sponsors "National Security Conference" With Crazed Survivalist Group

Coming this Monday, a must-see event in Washington DC sponsored by Breitbart "News" -- the "National Security Action Summit!" featuring some of America's foremost thinkfluencers and national security thought leaders, geniuses like Louie "Terror Babies" Gohmert, Michele "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann, Dr. Ben "The Earth is 6000 Years Old" Carson, Andy...

Video of the Police Shooting That Killed John Crawford, Synced With the Dishonest 911 Call

The family of John Crawford (the young black man gunned down in a Walmart store when police were falsely told by a 911 caller that he was pointing a gun at people in the store -- it was a BB gun) is horrified that the grand jury has decided not...

Ferguson PD Hires Public Relations Firm, Releases Apology Video

Vimeo The city government of Ferguson, Missouri, has hired a public relations firm, and they apparently advised Police Chief Tom Jackson to make this video filled with abject apologies.

Attorney General Eric Holder to Resign, Right Wing Blogs Gloat, Rant

President Obama will be announcing at 4:30 pm Eastern time today that Attorney General Eric Holder is resigning. Close friends said Holder had been exhausted by his job at times and had earlier considered leaving several times, especially last summer and fall, when he was facing pillorying from Hill Republicans...

In Which Smear Merchant Chuck C. Johnson Threatens to Sue Me

Any day right wing smear merchant Chuck C. Johnson (who is NOT ME) gets so tweezed that he threatens to sue me has to count as a good day. Today I noticed that he was spewing a whole lot of obviously made-up talking points about Ferguson on Twitter, repeating his...

Inexcusable: Ferguson Police Wear Armbands Saying, "I Am Darren Wilson"

Following the unexplained fire yesterday that consumed the impromptu Michael Brown memorial in Ferguson, Missouri, we saw another night of unrest, with some vandalism reported. And today we're learning that some of the police officers in Ferguson last night were wearing armbands that said, "I am Darren Wilson." BREAKING PHOTO: One...

Pat Robertson Jumps on the "LatteSalute" Right Wing Gravy Train

YouTube The incredibly stupid right wing fake outrage now being called "#LatteSalute" is absolutely everywhere today; the entire Unison Parrots' Chorus is screeching in tune about this idiocy. It's the biggest brainless wingnut uproar since the dreaded Umbrellagate, and now even repellent old crocodile Pat Robertson is jumping on it, somehow...

Jim Hoft's Incredibly Moronic Post of the Day: The "Most Degrading Salute Ever!"

File imageThe Dumbest Man on the Internet is losing his scheisse again; he's in a state of extreme outrage because Obama saluted some Marines with a coffee cup in his hand (probably because he was carrying a coat with his other hand). "A NEW LOW!" screams the DMOTI: A NEW...

Stephen Colbert's Expert Layman's Opinion on Charles Krauthammer's Mental State

Comedy Central Video One of the most ridiculous tactics right wingers use to "demonstrate" President Obama's supposed narcissism is to count the number of times he uses the word "I" in a speech. It's such an absurd, brain dead meme I can hardly believe they're still parroting it -- but they...

Obama Forms Coalition of Arab States to Take Action Against ISIS, Right Wing (And Greenwald) Confused, Angry

It's bizarre to watch the right wing news sites trying to settle on a way to spin President Obama's action against ISIS inside Syria; they alternate from hand-wringing fear that Obama isn't doin' it right, to attacking Obama for doin' it at all, to completely ignoring the fact that Obama...

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