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John McCain Was Horribly Dissed by Trump. Now He's Supporting Trump.

Frontpage / This is why I could never be a politician. Donald Trump infamously insulted Senator John McCain to the very core of his being with a grotesque statement about McCain's time as a prisoner of war (during which...Show More Summary

Trump Tries to Deflect Racism Accusations With Fake Photo of Black Family

a katz / Donald Trump just keeps retweeting insane people; white supremacists, racists, conspiracy nuts, you name it. It's absolutely bizarre that even after all the criticism he's gotten for this nasty habit, he just...Show More Summary

House of Waters - "Sense"

YouTube Here's a band unlike anything you've seen before, a trio featuring hammered dulcimer as lead instrument. But these guys are all fantastic players. House of Waters plays "Sense" off of their newest record - Revolution. Available...Show More Summary

Susan Sarandon Says Hillary Clinton Is "More Dangerous" Than Trump

Susan Sarandon has done some terrific work as an actress, and I'll always respect her for that. But somebody who loves her needs to pull her aside and let her know that when she says things like this, she looks like a lunatic disconnected from the real world. Show More Summary

Trump Triples Down on Racist Attack Against "Trump University" Lawsuit Judge

YouTube The media need to stop using weak euphemisms like "racially tinged" and "racially charged" to describe Donald Trump's rhetoric. It's racism. Raw and unvarnished. I give Jake Tapper credit here for pressing Trump this time, even though he got nowhere with it. This needs to be the tone of all interviews with this disgusting narcissistic bigot.

The Bob & Chez Show: Juggernaut Today's program from our podcasting affiliate, The Bob & Chez Show: Juggernaut: Hillary Clinton's Scathing National Security Speech; Relentlessly Attacking Trump; Trump's Stupid Response; CNN Fact Checked Trump in Real Time; Paul Ryan Genuflects to Trump; Cenk Uygur Says He Doesn't Have a Bernie Bias; and more.

Video: Donald Trump Confuses His Daughter With His Wife

YouTube Speaking in San Jose, June 2, 2016, after Hillary Clinton's speech raked him ruthlessly over the coals of his own statements, Donald Trump confused his daugher Ivanka with his wife Melania, then quickly tried to backtrack and cover it up.

Donald Trump Continues Racist Attacks on Judge Gonzalo Curiel

Photo: Dan Herrick/KPA/Zuma Press Today Donald Trump is continuing his ugly racist attacks on the judge in the fraud lawsuits cases against his "Trump University" scam, saying Judge Gonzalo Curiel has "an absolute conflict" because of...Show More Summary

Video: Hillary Clinton's Full Foreign Policy Speech, Thrashing Donald Trump Mercilessly

YouTube Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton delivers a speech outlining her foreign policy positions and how they differ from presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton brought her A game for this speech, and pulled absolutely no punches when it came to Donald Trump. Show More Summary

Trump Says He'll Tell US Allies We Won't Defend Them if They Don't Pay Up

Just the fact that Donald Trump thinks it's appropriate to appear on the radio show of "Michael Savage" (real name: Michael Wiener), a guy infamous for absolutely insane over the top rants, conspiracy theories and overt racism and homophobia, well -- that's bad enough. Show More Summary

Jacob Collier's Astounding New One-Take Video: "Saviour"

YouTube Thanos posted this video earlier today as an LGF Page, but I just had to add my two cents. And those two cents are... WOW. An absolutely amazing music video for Jacob Collier's upcoming album, shot in one take, with projections...Show More Summary

Federal Judge Rejects Sanders Supporters' CA Lawsuit as "Hot Air"

A group of Bernie Sanders supporters filed a last-minute lawsuit trying to force the state of California to impose absurd requirements on poll workers and election officials to benefit guess who. But the federal judge in the case just...Show More Summary

The Bob & Chez Show: Believe Me Today's program from our podcasting affiliate, The Bob & Chez Show: Believe Me: We Debate the Killing of Harambe the Gorilla; Trump Denies the California Drought; Trump Fails to Show Evidence of Donations to Veterans; Trump Calls Reporter A Sleaze; North Korea Endorses Trump; Road Sign Echoes Alex Jones Conspiracy; and more.

The Trump "U" Scam

There's a reason Donald Trump wanted people to pay attention to his nonsense about the veterans' donations yesterday. As a reminder for that nonstop train wreck, yesterday Trump finally provided a list that still fell short of the $6...Show More Summary

And Now, Trump's 3rd Party Challenger: A Raving Wingnut, of Course

So today Bill Kristol unveiled his independent conservative candidate for president, and it's David French -- a guy who posted this at his Patheos blog last year: "A defense of hatred." Have you ever seen a better summation of the deranged American right wing in 2016? I can't even start to list all the batshit crazy stuff this guy has posted online. Show More Summary

Video: How Would Donald Trump Attack Donald Trump?

YouTube This craftily-edited parody answers the question “How Would Donald Trump Attack Donald Trump?” For the curious, this is made with 142 audio edits in total, compiled from 37 different Trump interviews. A sarcastic parody for anyone...Show More Summary

Glenn Beck Suspended From SiriusXM for a Week After Guest Suggests Assassinating Trump

Joseph Sohm / Glenn Beck has been suspended for a week from SiriusXM, after guest Brad Thor suggested a "patriot" might need to "step up" and assassinate Donald Trump if he's elected. At least this time the right wing...Show More Summary

California Gov. Jerry Brown Endorses Hillary Clinton

Frederic Legrand - COMEO / A week before the California primary election, Gov. Jerry Brown announced today that he's supporting Hillary Clinton for president: An Open Letter to California Democrats and Independents. This is a big one for Clinton, from a governor with a 74 percent approval rating among California Democrats. Show More Summary

Breitbart Readers React to Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla Story With Deluge of Ugly Racism

At Breitbart "News," climate change denier and hack pseudo-journalist James Delingpole takes a short break from anti-science propaganda to engage in Breitbart's favorite sport: race-baiting their knuckle-dragging commentariat: BlackShow More Summary

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