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It Gets Worse: Twitter Didn't Suspend White Supremacist Richard Spencer for Spreading Hatred

Well, Twitter has explained to Vox why they reinstated vile white supremacist Richard Spencer. And the explanation makes this situation even more awful, because they didn't suspend his account in the first place for his white supremacism...Show More Summary

Twitter Restores White Supremacist Leader Richard Spencer's Account, and Verifies Him

Well, dear readers, I have to admit I feel like a chump for congratulating Twitter for shutting down a series of neo-Nazi and white supremacist accounts. Because today they restored the account of one of the worst white supremacist leaders, Richard Spencer. And they didn't just restore his account. Show More Summary

Saturday Weirdness: Moon Hooch, NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

YouTube People ask me all the time to name my favorite Tiny Desk Concert. It's my desk and I've seen almost all of the nearly 400 concerts up close. So you'd think this would be easy. Moon Hooch have made it a lot easier. Up there with...Show More Summary

Glenn Beck's Mea Culpa: "I Played a Role in Helping Tear the Country Apart"

This is the irony underlying Beck’s current stance: The same doomsday sensibility that helps him appreciate the menace posed by Trump led him to massively exaggerate the menace posed by Obama—and thus to breed the hateful paranoia on which Trump now feeds. Show More Summary

And Now, Some Spectacular Stunt Guitar From Danish Shredder Steffen Schackinger: "Part of a View"

YouTube From 'Fire Dance' CDs, Guitar Tabs, and downloads available at: itunes: Apple Music: More Summary

CIA: Russia Intervened in Our Election to Help Donald Trump Win

If this Washington Post article is accurate, how the hell can this country allow the election of Donald Trump to stand? A case like this is exactly why the Electoral College was created in the first place. It’s not supposed to be a rubber stamp. Show More Summary

Twitter Bans Two More of the Worst White Supremacist Leaders

T he people who run Twitter seem to finally be getting serious about shutting down some of the worst white supremacist and neo-Nazi accounts that have given the site a terrible reputation for hate speech and harassment. Last month they...Show More Summary

Trump Team Prepares to Purge Government Employees Who Believe in Climate Change

The incoming Trump administration is apparently planning to implement a purge of any Energy Department officials who have worked on issues related to climate change. According to Bloomberg, the Trump transition team has presented the...Show More Summary

BMW Is the Latest Large Company to Pull Advertising From Breitbart "News"

As more and more major advertisers realize that Breitbart "News" is a far right hate site, and it damages their brands to advertise there, the latest company to join the exodus from Breitbart is renowned automobile manufacturer BMW. @slpng_giants...Show More Summary

New From Keith Olbermann: Let's Take a Look at Trump's Cabinet of Villains

YouTube As I tweeted earlier today... Trump is putting in place an extreme right wing administration that will do its best to destroy the US government. @samsteinhp — Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) December 8, 2016 ReplyReply w/ Quote

The Bob & Chez Show: Pap Smear Today's program from our podcasting affiliate, The Bob & Chez Show: Pap Smear: Kellyanne Conway is an evil genius; Conway warns that Trump can manipulate the stock market; Alex Jones’...Show More Summary

Video: Colbert Frantically Denies Being Involved in #PizzaGate

YouTube Last night Stephen Colbert desperately tried to deny he's involved in #PizzaGate, to no avail because we all know the truth, don't we?

Woo Hoo! Little Green Footballs Makes Alex Jones's "Ultimate Fake News List!"

I'm pleased to announce that Little Green Footballs has made it onto a very prestigious list of news outlets: The Ultimate "Fake News" List by none other than deranged conspiracy-monger Alex Jones! The whack jobs who run Infowars are...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Picks Climate Change Denier and Energy Industry Puppet to Head Environmental Protection Agency

The news from the Donald Trump Horror just keeps getting worse, every day. Today Trump announced his pick to head the Environmental Protection Agency. Would it surprise you to learn that he's a far right climate change denier in theShow More Summary

Video: Watch Mike Pence Duck, Dodge and Refuse to Answer Questions About Michael Flynn's Extremist Son

YouTube The news came out today that former General Michael Flynn's son had been crossed off the Trump transition team, but that's not all. CNN reported that the Trumpistas had actually requested top secret security clearance for Flynn Jr. Show More Summary

The Bob & Chez Show: Trump's China Syndrome Today's program from our podcasting affiliate, The Bob & Chez Show: China: The Trump Dictatorship Day 21; Kimberley Johnson fills in for Chez; Trump’s Carrier deal is a huge mistake;...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Tweets Another Falsehood, Causes Boeing's Stock to Plunge

Shortly after a story appeared this morning in the Chicago Tribune about the CEO of Boeing expressing misgivings about Donald Trump's trade policy, Donald Trump fired up his Android phone while atop his solid gold toilet throne in his...Show More Summary

New From Keith Olbermann: Trump Is Steering Us Toward International Disaster

YouTube Why a know-nothing ego-maniac has no business on the phone with world leaders.

Did Chuck C. Johnson's "Wesearchr" Extortion/Bounty Site Help Inspire the PizzaGate Gunman?

One of the disgusting imaginary details of the far right "PizzaGate" conspiracy theory is that the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria in Washington DC is connected to a network of secret tunnels, in which children are hidden and tortured. AndShow More Summary

Gen. Flynn's Son Tweets to Conspiracy-Monger Alex Jones, Spreads "PizzaGate" Conspiracy Theory

As if we needed anything else to be frightened about in the incoming Trump administration, the son of Trump's top national security adviser is helping spread the baseless far right conspiracy theory known as "PizzaGate" -- the conspiracy...Show More Summary

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