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ABC's World News Tonight Highlights Discredited Trump Ally Roger Stone Threatening GOP Delegates

From the April 5 edition of ABC's World News Tonight with David Muir: TOM LLAMAS: Already, Trump allies are preparing for a war at the convention. Long-time Trump confidant Roger Stone, a master of the dark arts of campaigns, now threatening...Show More Summary

Fox's Cavuto Lets Another CEO Spread Myths About The Minimum Wage

From the April 5 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto: DON PEEBLES: I think, I criticized De Blasio for not standing in what he believes in. He wants to support Bernie Sanders because that's where he is politically. He is...Show More Summary

Fox's Eric Bolling Wants To Offer At-Risk Youth Money To Sign Away Their Right To Appeal

From the April 5 edition of Fox News' The Five: GREG GUTFELD: Eric, what do you think? ERIC BOLLING: I'm the only one at the table -- I like this with a caveat though. Okay, so you want to pay them, what do they say a thousand dollars...Show More Summary

Conservatives Are Already Preparing To Cry "Cover-Up" If Hillary Clinton Isn't Indicted

Right-wing media figures have been laying the foundation to allege a "scandal" and "cover-up" if the FBI's investigation into Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton's email server does not result in Clinton's indictment, thus setting her up for a lose-lose situation. Show More Summary

Conservative Wisconsin Talk Radio Hosts Bash Trump On Cable News

Wisconsin conservative talk radio hosts have been "criticizing and castigating" Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on their radio shows, and in the run-up to the WI primary, several have also appeared on cable news to bash the candidate. Show More Summary

Trump Ally Roger Stone's Scrubbed Tweets: "Stupid Negro," "Fat Negro," "Muff-Diver," "Elitist Cnt," "DIE BITCH"

Longtime Donald Trump adviser and ally Roger Stone has apparently been scrubbing his Twitter account of many of his sexist and racist tweets attacking media personalities. Stone's incendiary tweets have directly resulted in him being banned from CNN. Show More Summary

Fox Host: Some People Are Asking "Is Obama Covering For ISIS?"

From the April 5 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered: ANDREA TANTAROS (HOST): I am borderline singularly obsessed with this story. It was over 150 members of the intelligence community, Harris, that stood up and said for the last eight years we have been pressured to fudge the intel, to scrub the report so that the threat of ISIS is gone. Show More Summary

Watch A Transgender Activist Debunk The "Bathroom Predator" Myth On CNN

From the April 5 edition of Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield: ASHLEIGH BANFIELD (HOST): Just moments ago, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed a controversial bill that impacts the LGBT community there. It's the "religious freedom" bill, and it would seemingly make it easier to discriminate against gender and sexual minorities in that state. Show More Summary

New Report Presents Opportunity For Networks To Address How Climate Change Affects Public Health

The Obama administration has released a comprehensive new scientific report detailing how climate change affects human health, presenting the broadcast networks' nightly news programs with a good opportunity to cover a critical topic...Show More Summary

Fox News Misses Important Context On Economic-Based Election Predictions To Claim GOP Victory

Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. left out important context during a discussion of economic models that predict a GOP victory in the presidential election. Johnson seemed to be drawing his information from The Hill, which had...Show More Summary

MSNBC Removes Trump Ally Roger Stone From Its Airing Of With All Due Respect

MSNBC removed a guest appearance by Donald Trump ally Roger Stone from its broadcast of With All Due Respect, which airs on both Bloomberg TV and MSNBC. Stone, who was banned from CNN because of racist and sexist attacks against itsShow More Summary

Des Moines Register Castigates Sen. Chuck Grassley For Refusing To Hold Hearing On Garland

The Des Moines Register editorial board excoriated Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) for his "simple stubbornness" in refusing to hold hearings on President Obama's Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland. The board slammed Grassley for hisShow More Summary

Fox Business Pushes Almost Every Minimum Wage Myth In Just 90 Seconds

A brief Fox Business panel led by host Stuart Varney used recent minimum wage legislation in California and New York as an excuse to push a series of myths about the supposed negative consequences of raising the minimum wage to $15 per...Show More Summary

NY Times Report On Employer-Provided Insurance Puts Another Nail In The Coffin Of Conservatives' ACA Fearmongering

A New York Times article debunked the right-wing myth that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) would cause employers to stop providing health benefits to employees, reporting that "widespread predictions that employers would leap at the chance...Show More Summary

New Evidence From LA Times Reaffirms That CMP's Deceptive Tactics Aren't Journalism

On March 30, the Los Angeles Times published an investigative report calling out the fraudulent work by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) -- Media Matters' 2015 Misinformer of the Year -- as a smear campaign "geared more toward political...Show More Summary

Trump Ally Roger Stone: "We Will Disclose The Hotels And The Room Numbers" Of Anti-Trump Delegates At GOP Convention

From the April 4 edition of Freedomain: ROGER STONE: If Trump does not run the table on the rest of the primaries and the caucuses, we're looking at a very, very narrow path in which the kingmakers go all out to cheat, to steal, andShow More Summary

Four North Carolina Universities Debunk Anti-LGBT "Bathroom Predator" Myth

The collective experience of four North Carolina colleges and universities helps debunk the right-wing myth that adopting nondiscrimination protections for transgender people, particularly students, will lead to harassment or assault in bathrooms and locker rooms. Show More Summary

STUDY: Media Outlets Hosted Donald Trump For Nearly 14 Hours Of Interviews In March

The six major broadcast and cable news networks hosted Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump for 13 hours and 43 minutes over 63 interviews in March. Media outlets have been widely criticized for showering Trump with nearly endless coverage. Show More Summary

Fox's Napolitano Falsely Claims SCOTUS' Unanimous Voting Rights Decision Could Allow Undocumented Immigrants To Vote

Fox senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano falsely claimed that the Supreme Court's unanimous April 4 decision upholding the ability of states to count all residents, eligible to vote or not, in drawing election districts was unprecedented and could allow undocumented immigrants to vote. Show More Summary

On CBS, NY Times ' Jodi Kantor Highlights The Benefits Of New York's Paid Family Leave Law

From the April 5 edition of CBS' CBS This Morning: NORAH O'DONNELL (CO-HOST): A new milestone this morning in the national debate over paid family leave. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed landmark legislation on Monday. Employers will have to provide 12 weeks of paid time off to new parents and others with family challenges. Show More Summary

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