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CNN's Don Lemon To Cosby Rape Accuser: "You Know, There Are Ways Not To Perform Oral Sex If You Didn't Want To Do It"

From the November 18 edition of CNN's CNN Tonight: LEMON: Can I ask you this, because -- and please, I don't mean to be crude, OK? TARSHIS: Yeah. LEMON: Because I know some of you -- and you said this last night, that he -- you liedShow More Summary

O'Reilly Asks If Obama's Immigration Executive Action Is "A Trap" To "Bait" GOP Into Impeachment

From the November 18 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor: Previously: O'Reilly: Obama "Has Decided To Tear The Country Apart Politically" By Pursuing Executive Action On Immigration Right-Wing Media Wrong About The Legality Of The...Show More Summary

WSJ Ignores Piles Of Precedent To Question Legality Of Obama's Immigration Order

The Wall Street Journal is misleading about President Obama's proposed executive action on immigration by suggesting he does not have enough legal authority to support the move. As The New York Times recently reported, Obama is expected to announce as soon as this week an executive order aimed at improving the nation's immigration system. Show More Summary

Gun Extremist Larry Pratt: Obama Is Anti-Gun Because "We Might Just Want To Use Them To Keep People Like Him From Becoming Tyrants"

Gun Owners of America executive director Larry Pratt said in an interview that President Obama "clearly doesn't like the fact that the American people can own guns because we might just want to use them to keep people like him from becoming...Show More Summary

Fox News' Erickson Tells Republicans To Shut Down The Government

Fox News political analyst Erick Erickson, an influential voice among Tea Party Republicans, is calling on the new GOP Congress to push for a government shutdown. In September 2013, House Republicans demanded that Obamacare be defunded, delayed, or derailed as their price for keeping the federal government open. Show More Summary

Ferguson Protests And Fox News' Contempt For Free Speech

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon on Monday issued a state of emergency and activated the National Guard in anticipation of the grand jury announcement about whether Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson will be charged with the August 9 shooting...Show More Summary

The Daily Show 's Jon Stewart Calls Out Conservative Media Claims That Obama Is Destroying The Constitution

From the November 17 edition of Comedy Central's The Daily Show: Previously: Fox News Can't Decide Whether Executive Action On Immigration Is Constitutional Or Not Right-Wing Media Wrong About The Legality Of The Upcoming Executive Orders On Immigration Right-Wing Media Build Faulty Case That Obama Is "Lawless"

Fox Hosts Cherry-Pick From Obama's Autobiography To Paint Him As A Hypocrite On Immigration Reform

Fox News hosts cherry-picked quotations from President Obama's 2006 autobiography, The Audacity Of Hope, claiming that the President's sympathizing with Americans concerned about illegal immigration conflicts with his current plans to take executive action to prevent deportations. Show More Summary

Conservatives Vs. Ronald Reagan On Immigration

Conservative media figures have often displayed indifference to the fortunes of the 11 million undocumented immigrants estimated to be present in the United States, claiming, for instance, that they should all be sent back to their countries...Show More Summary

Glenn Beck: Our Children Are Being "Raped By Our Culture"

From the November 17 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show: Previously: Glenn Beck's The Blaze Mocks Sexual Assault With "RAPE!" Skits Glenn Beck Compares Common Core To Slavery Beck: "Thought Police" Prevent Me From Saying 'Fag The New Nigger'

Sunday Political Shows Dedicate 34 Times More Coverage To Phony Obamacare Scandal Than To Net Neutrality

Sunday morning political talk shows on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox devoted just 30 seconds of coverage to net neutrality the week after President Obama called on the Federal Communications Commission to require Internet service providers to treat all content equally. Show More Summary

Right-Wing Media's Fears About Stop-And-Frisk Did Not Come True

Conservative media long argued that stopping the NYPD's discriminatory stop-and-frisk tactics would result in higher violent crime rates. But even after the dramatic decrease in stop-and-frisk's application in the city, a NYPD report shows that the city's crime rate dropped to a 20 year low. Show More Summary

Fox's Krauthammer On Obama's Immigration Plan: "I Believe It Is An Impeachable Offense"

From the November 13 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File: Previously: Fox's Megyn Kelly Asks Republican Senator If He Will Impeach Obama Over Executive Action On Immigration Citing Baseless Claim Of "Blanket Amnesty," Fox's Megyn Kelly...Show More Summary

O'Reilly: Obama "Has Decided To Tear The Country Apart Politically" By Pursuing Executive Action On Immigration

From the November 13 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor: Previously: Right-Wing Media Wrong About The Legality Of The Upcoming Executive Orders On Immigration Fox's Kelly Asks GOP Senator If He Is Willing To Defund DOJ, Other Departments...Show More Summary

Fox News Viewers Aren't Getting The Full Story On Voter Suppression

A recent study indicated that viewers of Fox News are far more likely than viewers of other TV news to believe that voter fraud is a more significant problem than voter suppression, an unsurprising finding given the network's misleading...Show More Summary

Meet Cathi Herrod, Arizona's Extreme Anti-LGBT "Legislative Terrorist"

An NBC affiliate in Arizona aired a softball interview with Cathi Herrod, the state's leading anti-LGBT culture warrior. But while the segment depicted Herrod as a victimized Christian activist, it ignored her history of peddling extreme...Show More Summary

Right-Wing Media Wrong About The Legality Of The Upcoming Executive Orders On Immigration

President Obama is expected to announce immigration orders that build upon the 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and provide temporary administrative relief for certain undocumented immigrants, an exercise of...Show More Summary

Solyndra Scandal-Mongering Hasn't Stopped The Energy Dept's Loan Program From Turning A Profit

The U.S Department of Energy's (DOE) renewable energy loan guarantee program is turning a profit after weathering years of media attacks and misinformation that attempted to paint the now defunct solar energy firm Solyndra as representative of the program's failure. Show More Summary

MSNBC's Maddow Highlights NRA Failure To Oust Dem. Govs. "Who Dared To Sign" Gun Safety Bills

From the November 12 edition of MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show: Previously: Media Highlight "Historic" Gun Safety Victories During 2014 Midterm Elections Three Bizarre Ways The Gun Lobby Media Is Downplaying A Major Background Check Victory

The Fraudulent Media Campaign To Scandalize Obamacare's Passage

Fox News dishonestly claimed that MIT economist Jonathan Gruber's comment that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) "was written in a tortured way" to minimize criticism proves that the law was passed deceitfully. In fact, Congress routinely...Show More Summary

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