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Troy Newman, Anti-Choice Extremist With A History Of Violent Rhetoric, Endorses Ted Cruz

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is touting the endorsement of Troy Newman, the president of Operation Rescue and a board member for The Center for Medical Progress (CMP). Newman is one of the country's most notorious anti-choice activists. Show More Summary

Right-Wing Radio Host: Victims Of Bataclan Terror Attack "Were Dancing To This Worship Service To The Devil"

Right-wing Colorado pastor and radio host Kevin Swanson suggested that the terrorist attack at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris was "a message from God" and posed a question to the "concert-goers, at least those who survived: 'DidShow More Summary

Watch NBC Nightly News Demonstrate How To Cover The Aftermath Of Paris Terror Attacks Without Anti-Muslim Xenophobia

From the November 19 edition of NBC's NBC Nightly News: LESTER HOLT (HOST): Finally tonight, a story that really caught our attention here in Paris that's connecting with a lot of people around the world. There is a lot of fear and suspicion...Show More Summary

The Way Terrorists Could Get Guns In The United States The Media Isn't Talking About

In the wake of the recent terror attacks in France, the fact that someone on a terrorist watch list can still pass a background check and buy a firearm from a licensed gun dealer is making media headlines. But terrorists and other dangerous...Show More Summary

Watch This State Representative Call Out The Extreme Group Behind Laws Targeting Transgender Students

During a hearing on a bill aimed at denying protections for transgender students, a Wisconsin state representative called out the extreme anti-LGBT legal organization working to enact similar laws across the country. On November 19,Show More Summary

On Fox News' Outnumbered , The Refugee Crisis Is "Melodrama" And "All Legal Immigration" Should "Absolutely" Be Stopped

From the November 20 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered: JULIE ROGINSKY: Mike Pence, who calls himself a good Christian, six weeks before Christmas tells this family that's been through hell, who pose no threat, who have children that there's essentially no room at the inn. Show More Summary

Limbaugh Defends Donald Trump Amid Controversial Comments About Implementing A Muslim Database

From the November 20 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show: RUSH LIMBAUGH: OK, now two things about this The first is, as I said, everybody in the drive-by media is running with this because they think they've got Trump again. Show More Summary

State Newspapers Highlight Dangers Of Green-Lighting Offshore Drilling In The Atlantic Ocean

In its draft leasing plan that will set the boundaries for oil development in federal waters from 2017 to 2022, the Obama Administration proposed allowing offshore drilling along the Atlantic Coast between Virginia and Georgia. Newspapers...Show More Summary

Limbaugh Unveils New Parody Song Mocking Obama By "The Jihadi Singers"

From the November 20 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show: RUSH LIMBAUGH: It's Barack Hussein O and the new group, the Jihadi Singers. First here at EIB. Jesus, nothing religious here folks, it's a safe song. [BEGIN VIDEO] (Singing) ISIS is just alright with me, ISIS has been contained, oh yeah. Show More Summary

Limbaugh Outraged After Scandal Portrays An Abortion: "Genuinely, Literally Sickening"

From the November 20 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show: RUSH LIMBAUGH: Scandal has jumped the shark. Did you see Scandal last night? Anybody in there see Scandal last night? Have you ever seen -- have you ever watched Scandal? Oh you never have, oh, OK. Show More Summary

New York Times ' Paul Krugman Calls Out Conservatives' "Bizarre Reaction" To Terror Attacks

The New York Times' Paul Krugman called out right-wing media's baseless anxiety about Syrian refugees and "exaggerated" panic over the threat of a terrorist attack as the latest example of the "apocalyptic mind-set that has developed...Show More Summary

Ebola, Syrian Refugees, And Fox News' Annual Hysteria Over Dark, Invading Forces

"What's going to happen when those Syrian refugees open fire in a Chick-fil-A"? Fox News' Todd Starnes, November 17. The bile is coming in over the transom so quickly it's getting hard to keep up, as the conservative media signal their...Show More Summary

Politico Criticizes Government Consumer Watchdog For Watching Out For Consumers

A day after The Wall Street Journal attacked the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for attempting to rein in racial bias in auto loan practices, Politico questioned the agency for seeking advice from a consumer advocacy group that...Show More Summary

Lou Dobbs Hypes Dubious Allegation That Clinton Campaign Demanded Comedy Videos Taken Down

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs reported a baseless claim that someone from Hillary Clinton's campaign demanded that the Laugh Factory comedy club founder take down a video compilation of Clinton jokes from his website. The claim was based...Show More Summary

Fox Business Guest: Both Syrian And Latino Immigrants Have A Disproportionate Number "Of Rapists, Of Murderers, [And] Killers"

From the November 19 edition of Fox Business' Kennedy: LISA KENNEDY MONTGOMERY (HOST): You are conflating people coming in from Central and Latin America with Syrian refugees who might be members of ISIS. That's not the same thing. GAVIN MCINNES: No, they're both a major problem. Show More Summary

"Don't Hang The Bigot Thing On Me": Tucker Carlson's Xenophobic Rant Against Muslim Immigrants

From the November 19 edition of Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier: TUCKER CARLSON: It will be interesting to see a White House graphic -- you saw the number of admitted -- demonstrable benefits to the United States of Syrian immigration. Show More Summary

Fox Host Tells "Moderate Muslims" To Turn In Suspicious People "Even If You Can't Prove It"

From the November 19 edition of Fox News' The Five: ERIC BOLLING: Can I just point out that it would help greatly? If moderate Muslims, people who are looking down on all of this. Say something. If you know something, just tell someone. DANA PERINO: Especially your neighbors -- BOLLING: Even if you suspect, even if you can't prove it, stand up. Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton, Comedians, And How Conservatives Turned An Anonymous Phone Call Into A Clinton Conspiracy

Slate columnist Michelle Goldberg explained how an unfounded accusation spread throughout conservative media, claiming that Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign team tried to force Laugh Factory to take down a video her. According...Show More Summary

Washington State's Largest Newspaper Hasn't Covered Attorney General Report Exonerating Planned Parenthood

On November 16, Washington state's Attorney General Bob Ferguson issued a report on an investigation his office had undertaken at the request of GOP state legislators to investigate whether Planned Parenthood was illegally profiting from the sale of fetal tissue or performing illegal abortions. Show More Summary

Syrian-American Survivor Of Paris Attacks: Telling Syrian Refugees "That They Are The Problem ... Is Very Upsetting"

From the November 19 edition of CNN's CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin: JAKE TAPPER (HOST): I have to ask you before you go, Dina, you're a Muslim American, you're the daughter of Syrian immigrants to the United States. What's your view,...Show More Summary

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