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Pondering whether the new Adweek will hit its target -- or miss it

For anyone who worked at Adweek during its glory years (which ended, roughly, about four or five years ago), this week has felt odd, like a much-anticipated birth and an inevitable death are happening at the same time.That's because, come Monday, the new Adweek will launch. Show More Summary

More thoughts on why ad industry coverage has changed

Advertising Age yesterday ran a story on the decline in newspaper advertising columns, which was pegged to the recent departure of Lewis Lazare from the Chicago Sun-Times. As of now, the only five-day-a-week ad column is Stuart Elliott's column in The New York Times (though, of course, Stuart shares it with other reporter)s. Show More Summary

How to improve upon TED's "Ad Worth Spreading"

As you may have noticed, last week the TED conference named the winners of its "Ads Worth Spreading" contest, a TED-esque spin on that hoary institution, the advertising award. It's an intriguing idea, if for no other reason than this particular contest doesn't seem to have been dreamed up by the advertising industry. Show More Summary

Today in stupid: The Grammys

Unfortunately, finding media and advertising companies who do things that aren't in keeping with the times (pun!) is like shooting fish in a barrel. Still, you have to hand it to the Grammys for attaining a level of cluelessness rarely reached even by the dumbest old media company. Show More Summary

Should Adverganza come back from the dead?

So, I'm trying to figure out whether to revive this little thing called Adverganza, which, once upon a time, had a bit of traction in the crowded marketplace for advertising blogs. It went comatose because of my craven need to actually make money blogging, and also, because of time -- or lack thereof. Show More Summary

Conan gives Groupon the parody ads it deserves

Granted, the Groupon campaign that launched on the Super Bowl is pretty low-hanging fruit, but you gotta love this series of five spoof ads (so far) produced by the gang at Conan. All manner of human and animal tragedy is exploited: the Hindenburg, SARS, the BP oil spill, Saddam's reign of terror in Iraq. Show More Summary

I'm still an ad expert, per USA Today

Hi all. I know I haven't weighed in here in awhile... A long while, but as this is Adverganza, thought I should at least share this link from USA Today to what the so-called experts, including me, thought of this year's Super Bowl ads. Show More Summary

Sergio Zyman tells "The Daily Show" the ugly truth about Coke's "Mean Joe Greene" commercial

Had to share this clip of ex-Coke executive Sergio Zyman on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" last night. The context: correspondent John Oliver tries to identify what those simpler times were that keep being looked back on nostalgically by some media talking heads. Show More Summary

The demise of Cliff Freeman and Partners -- and a certain kind of TV ad

The demise of Cliff Freeman and Partners last week marks the end of an era in many ways. First, it in all likelihood is the end of a certain comedic style — unless Freeman manages to move elsewhere — and it is also another death knell for agencies which rely too much on TV commercials as the default medium for advertising. Show More Summary

My BNET Media posts for the week of November 2, 2009

This week at BNET Media, I wax on about Conan O'Brien climbing in the trunk of a Ford Taurus, Jay Leno getting real, and "Southland" scaring NBC -- even though Halloween is over. Here in reverse chronological order, is some of the finest...Show More Summary

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