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Pondering whether the new Adweek will hit its target -- or miss it

For anyone who worked at Adweek during its glory years (which ended, roughly, about four or five years ago), this week has felt odd, like a much-anticipated birth and an inevitable death are happening at the same time.That's because, come Monday, the new Adweek will launch. Show More Summary

Conan gives Groupon the parody ads it deserves

Granted, the Groupon campaign that launched on the Super Bowl is pretty low-hanging fruit, but you gotta love this series of five spoof ads (so far) produced by the gang at Conan. All manner of human and animal tragedy is exploited: the Hindenburg, SARS, the BP oil spill, Saddam's reign of terror in Iraq. Show More Summary

Sergio Zyman tells "The Daily Show" the ugly truth about Coke's "Mean Joe Greene" commercial

Had to share this clip of ex-Coke executive Sergio Zyman on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" last night. The context: correspondent John Oliver tries to identify what those simpler times were that keep being looked back on nostalgically by some media talking heads. Show More Summary

The demise of Cliff Freeman and Partners -- and a certain kind of TV ad

The demise of Cliff Freeman and Partners last week marks the end of an era in many ways. First, it in all likelihood is the end of a certain comedic style — unless Freeman manages to move elsewhere — and it is also another death knell for agencies which rely too much on TV commercials as the default medium for advertising. Show More Summary

American Express learns it's not good to get Joseph Jaffe mad

Those of us in the marketing business already knew that it's not a good idea to make Joseph Jaffe mad. He's one of those people who has all of the tools at his disposal to spread bad news about a brand (and good news), virally. If you...Show More Summary

ANDYs Randy for Crowdsourcing Jury

So, I'm reading tonight about the decision by ANDY Award co-chairs Ty Montague and Michael Lebowitz (JWT and Big Spaceship, respectively) to crowdsource the jury, actually a kind of obvious step when you think of where things are headed -- to one big crowdsourcing of everything, from advertising ideas to what to have for lunch. Show More Summary

Starbucks giving coffee to voters tomorrow

Nice idea by Starbucks to give free coffee to voters tomorrow. The company bought the home page of The New York Times, and probably a lot else too to promote the give away. The 1-minute YouTube video is above. BTW, you just have to say you voted to get the coffee—you don't have to bring in a hanging chad or anything. But don't lie. Go vote!

Cat Power gets spacey for the Lincoln MKS

If you haven't seen it, this Lincoln MKS commercial is worth watching, or maybe just listening to, just for the Cat Power cover of David Bowie's "Space Oddity." I did a search for it and discovered a lot of other people think so too....Show More Summary

Without Clay Felker, there'd be no Bob Garfield

Barbara Lippert has a wonderful piece about Clay Felker on today, and you really should go read it if you want to remember an era gone by, and perhaps even if you don't. The crux of Barbara's piece is how Felker led her into the world of advertising criticism, a specialty that didn't exist at the time. Show More Summary

Energizer ad reminds me of Cliff Freeman

I've no idea how old/new this commercial is, but more than a little reminiscent of an old campaign that Cliff Freeman did for Philips light bulbs back in the day. In the Freeman spot, note the homage to the Chrysler Building elevators. Show More Summary

Weirdest Old Spice ad of the centaur-y

More ridiculousness from Old Spice. Beginning to think that the team at Wieden + Kennedy who does this stuff is really into the controlled substances....

Classically bad: Chiat's UBU ads for Reebok

Was reminiscing with someone yesterday about the old days of the Reebok account, which had its share of agencies back in the day. And then, we started talking about this classically bad campaign from Chiat/Day called U.B.U. (Get it?) Just goes to show even the greats aren't great all the time and that you can find just about anything on YouTube.

Danica Patrick's alternative homemaker universe

Pretty amusing video at this URL to support Danica Patrick's Motorola sponsorship, of course timed to this weekend's Indy 500. Premise is that instead of being a race car driver, she has a home show a la Martha Stewart. Of course, as the picture at right shows, her ideas are a little off-base. Much better than that GoDaddy stuff she does. Via Ogilvy.

Guy Ritchie Nike spot a YouTube hit

I'm ready to declare the Guy Ritchie-directed Nike soccer spot a hit. It's closing on at least 1.7 million YouTube views after two weeks up on the site. It's wasn't done by Wieden + Kennedy, or Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, but 72andSunny in L.A.

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