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News Post: NFL DLC

14 hours agoWeb / Webcomics : Penny Arcade!

Gabe: I’ll talk to Gabe later about changing the first i to a capital I, but since it’s in the original script I suspect it’s gonna have to be something I do myself with tools I fashion from wood and stone. Sometimes I can convince Kiko to do it in secret. Show More Summary

News Post: A Changing Market

Tycho: I think it’s kind of funny to be doing Division strips this long after the fact, but that’s where we’re at. A PAX is typically sufficient to break the habit for a game, ironic though that may be; there’s a kind of radius around the shows that absorbs all conscious attention. Show More Summary

News Post: Owls

Tycho: The vaunted Overwatch League manifests later today, five or so hours after I post this. I’ve been spending all my time trying to reclaim New York from the ravages of a manufactured disease and also from man who is the real monster, so this is the most Overwatchy I’ve been in a while. Show More Summary

News Post: Anthropaulogy

Tycho: I knew that there was one Paul Brother, because he got in trouble a few months ago for heaping expensive furniture into a pool and then setting it on fire. When Yoda said “there is another,” that was ultimately an expression of hope and joy. Show More Summary

News Post: The 10 most popular PA strips of 2017

Gabe: I asked our Technomancer Mike Buland to do some digging in our data mines and find out what the top ten Penny Arcade comics of 2017 were. He got back to me and said “...there are a number of ways the comic can be viewed that won’t...Show More Summary

News Post: PAX South Pin Quest!

Gabe: PAX South is coming up next week and I’m getting excited. Last year at this time I had just ruptured some of the important plumbing inside my human frame. I ended up zipping around PAX South on a little scooter while the carbon fiber patch they sewed into my guts took root. Show More Summary

News Post: Win Condition

Tycho: Not every game works for the format, but I think Paladins could have something to say in the “battlegrounds” space. I’ll be very surprised if they can do so while calling themselves Battlegrounds, however. They’ll probably have to change that part. Show More Summary

News Post: All The “C” Team Stuff In One Place

Tycho: I’ve compiled all the Acquisitions Incorporated: The “C” Team art and fic here for easy access. Apparently there were ten pieces…? Thanks to the “C” Team for giving my great stuff to work from. And get caught up, because Season 2 of this shit starts Sunday, January 14th at Noon CST. Show More Summary

News Post: Yharnam

Tycho: I’m married to a crafty lady, I know lots of people in the props biz; this is all to say that “some of my best friends are crafters.” I have absolutely no beef with people who make enduring objects out of thread, I was just very surprised to see Gabe up knitting. Show More Summary

News Post: Skiffers

2 weeks agoWeb / Webcomics : Penny Arcade!

Tycho: There are controversial ships, and then there are forbidden ships. Come get in these folds. Okay, so here’s where we’re at right now with The Division. I’m a level away from the Cap on PC, having pushed straight through and done most missions. Show More Summary

News Post: Lore Galore + More Store

2 weeks agoWeb / Webcomics : Penny Arcade!

Tycho: “Don’t leave,” says Walnut, seated with her back to the fire. Her hands are twitching furiously around a heap of twigs and, with a few tugs and twists, they were becoming something that looked intentional. “What if I want to leave?” replied Donaar, whose curiosity had momentarily wrestled its way in front of his pride. Show More Summary

News Post: Art For The Christmas Piece

2 weeks agoWeb / Webcomics : Penny Arcade!

Tycho: I’ve got a couple pieces of art here from Ryan slash Donaar Blit’zen, Dragonborn Narcissist, to go with Monday’s veiled tale of Sorsha and Chronaar. The first is his sketch of the little scamp: And the second is the same piece painted by Clementine, his Daughter, who Chronaar was designed to reference: (CW)TB

News Post: Best Value

2 weeks agoWeb / Webcomics : Penny Arcade!

Tycho: Nomenclature-wise, we use the term “Smurfberries” for any type of secondary currency. That’s where the first truly massive unauthorized purchases were reported, and there’s also a kind of insult nestled in the language. An imaginary...Show More Summary

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