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News Post: Dumber Camp, Part One

21 hours agoWeb / Webcomics : Penny Arcade!

Tycho: I have been left completely and entirely alone, abandoned by my Mork, such that he left me with four or so.jpegs and flew away. Mechanically assisted, obviously. He didn’t just “throw himself at the ground and miss.” He was telling...Show More Summary

News Post: PAX South Badges Are Available!

Tycho: I like all the PAX shows, but PAX South is one of the shows where people bring me beef jerky so it definitely earns a few extra points. I eat pounds and pounds of jerky at night in bed while I watch The Town with Ben Affleck. It’s an incredible convention, on and off the showfloor. Show More Summary

News Post: Gardinex

Tycho: Destiny 2 is - I don’t think this is a spoiler, because it’s the whole point of the game - the part where the hero drags themselves up out of the Underworld. I suspect you won’t drag yourself up for very long; optimally, the buttons on your controller do things in a game, though there are some notable iconoclasts. Show More Summary

News Post: Irrepairable

Tycho: Having made a reality show myself, I’m aware that they don’t project an authentic truth necessarily. You can change quite a bit about how something is perceived when you alter all the context that surrounds it, or do things in a different order. Show More Summary

News Post: Sub-Prime

Gabe: I think we wrote something like six comics yesterday; I didn’t even have time to engage in base and tawdry mercantilsms. Though I may be the only one; sounds like it was a pretty good day for them. And Gabriel’s thumb was swiping all throughout the writing process, ever-swiping, in search of potentially orthagonal values. Show More Summary

News Post: Penny Arcade Plays: WARMACHINE

Tycho: We and Privateer Press are trying to figure out who’s from our Sponsored Stream is playing at their Lock & Load event. Right now, there’s a three way tie between myself (Menoth), Erick (Cryx), and Jamie (Cygnar, a.k.a., the Goddamn Swans). Show More Summary

News Post: Reductionism

Tycho: My associate Gabreazy-E was trying to engage is some kind of mystical measuring contest with Gandalf, who was called Olórin. If being a bad-ass is in any way a function of how many names you have, Gandalf is probably gonna win - even if he is just a fighter.. Show More Summary

News Post: Penny Arcade Presents: GIGANTIC

Tycho: Starting at 2:00pm PDT, we’re back at it again with the second of three sponsored streams for Gigantic. I like games that can’t be easily expressed as X + Y, and I also like games that learn from their betas, and all of that stuff is happening here. Show More Summary

News Post: Discretionary Heroism

Tycho: Oh! It ended up being another Zelda strip. I wasn’t sure how much we’d get out of the first pack, but apparently it’s almost a week of comics. This is probably a strong indication of the Pro-Zelda bias Gabriel is leaking into the writing room. Show More Summary

News Post: Thornwatch Update!

Gabe: I was looking back through some of my old Thornwatch design docs the other day and saw that the earliest one was created back in September of 2012. Now I’m working on the cover of the game and I feel like I’m finally getting to ice a cake I’ve been baking for five years. Show More Summary

News Post: Child’s Play Summer Fun!

2 weeks agoWeb / Webcomics : Penny Arcade!

Gabe: We’ve held summer events to help support Child’s Play in the past but this year’s is unique. We’ve still got Ping Pong for you die hards, but we’ve also structured it to be more of a family friendly event. How so? Well for starters...Show More Summary

News Post: That Which Can Eternal Roast

2 weeks agoWeb / Webcomics : Penny Arcade!

Tycho: I have a list, in the McCarthyite sense, except it doesn’t concern the communist foes of America. It’s more about the linguistic crimes of word villains. I feel that something like EverRoast doesn’t happen at random, can’t happen at random. Show More Summary

News Post: No Streams Today or Tomorrow

2 weeks agoWeb / Webcomics : Penny Arcade!

Tycho: Our exquisite Josh is sick, and Tuesday is some kind of America thing. I’m going to try not to think about work tomorrow (and fail miserably). (CW)TB

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