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Marc Alan Fishman: Legends(ish) of Tomorrow(sorta)

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, upon being announced, caught me dumbfounded. Hot on the heels of The Flash, which spun out from Arrow, this new time-hopping romp through the unknown left me in between diametric emotional states. The first was joyful confusion. Where all current DCU-TV joints were clearly single-hero driven vehicles (The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl… […]

Zorro Comes To Your Home!

Last week we told you about two upcoming collections of Don McGregor and Thomas Yeates’ Zorro newspaper strips as part of a broader profile of Tom’s recent work. As it happens, this week will see the rerelease of Zorro – The Dailies and Sundays (The Second Year) Collector’s Edition, reprinting all the daily and Sunday strips […]

Bob Ingersoll: The Law Is A Ass #390

MARIA HILL’S CONSTANT-TUTIONAL VIOLATIONS For a place that has Matt Murdock, Jennifer Walters, Franklin Nelson, Jeryn Hogarth, Bernadette Rosenthal, Kristen McDuffie, Blake Tower, Rosalind Sharpe, Isaiah Ross, Holden Holliway, Emerson...Show More Summary

Martha Thomases: The Preacher Feature

A little over twenty years ago, Vertigo began to publish the Preacher series by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. It was my job to promote it to mainstream (i.e. non-comic book trade) media. I was already a huge fan of Garth’s run on Hellblazer and almost got a blurb for it from Sting until the corporate […]

Tweeks: A Three For All: Unboxing June Loot Crates

One thing that Loot Crate, LVL UP+, and Loot Pets is teaching us is that there are A LOT a lot of fandoms out there. How are we to know them all? We can’t possibly. We totally don’t. Though we found a few winners in these June Dystopia themed crates. (Well Barkley found all of […]

Dennis O’Neil: Howdy, Chief Thunderthud! Howdy, Princess Summerfall Winterspring!

You don’t really believe that Chief Thunderthud was a racist, do you? Our man Thunderthud was called a “chief,” but he wore only a single feather on his head instead of the fully-feathered bonnet we were used to seeing perched atop guys who answered to “chief” in the cowboy pictures I saw before you were […]

The Point Radio: Taking ANGRY BIRDS From App To Big Screen

These days the one genre that rules the box office consistently are animated family films (even more than super hero flicks). John Cohen came from projects like ICE AGE and DESPICABLE ME to convert the smash phone game, ANGRY BIRDS, into an even bigger movie hit. He talks about that journey plus his love for […]

Molly Jackson’s Toast

Geriatric Boy Editor here. Molly Jackson, not here. It’s not as if Molly didn’t prepare her column this week. Sometime between her first draft and her second, she walked away from her computer and, evidently, the computer read over her work. Even evidentlier, we gather the computer didn’t appreciate the subtleties therein.  Whatever. Said computer […]

Mike Gold: Do NOT Look Up In The Sky!

Question 1: What’s the coolest part of the Wonder Woman myth? That’s easy. It’s her invisible airplane. Hands down. Question 2: What really cool looking merchandising item is coming to help celebrate (or milk) WW’s 75th anniversary? Ummm… It’s her invisible airplane. Among everything else you can imagine. Question 3: What crucial element of her […]

Box Office Democracy: Finding Dory

I am too big a fan of Pixar to be reasonably objective at this point. On this very website I wrote a rave review of The Good Dinosaur, a movie I seem to be almost completely alone on the island of people who think that was an unqualified masterpiece. I’ve given more than one passionate […]

Michael Davis: This Is A Job For Superman

I had another piece all ready to go, but I’m just too anal to let stuff run if it bugs me. What I usually do when faced with a decision to let something I don’t feel like running just has a blown deadline. I’m suffering from severe depression and not giving a hoot is easy […]

“Altered States of the Union” anthology shows what America could be

Have you ever wondered what could have been? What if Key West seceded from the mainland? If the state of Wyoming ended up in the middle of Pennsylvania? If freed slaves were given the state of Mississippi after the Civil War? Perhaps you would like a Brief Explanation as to how Budapest became the Taco […]

Joe Corallo: Control The Conversation

Honestly, it’s been hard for me this past week to think of something to talk about that isn’t the Pulse LGBTQ nightclub massacre that took place on Latin night in Orlando, FL in the early hours of June 12th which was a targeted attack against the queer and Hispanic communities using a Sig Sauer MCX […]

Mindy Newell: Star Trek’s Commodore Donald? I Can’t Even…

The absolute shit that is coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth is just… I can’t even. I’m writing this on Thursday, when I should (finally) be packing, because my daughter is picking me up at 1:30 this afternoon for my flight to Denver and the Comic Con. But this column appears on Monday afternoon and […]

REVIEW: Shrek Anniversary Edition

Hard to believe it was just fifteen years ago that DreamWorks introduced us to Shrek. In an attempt to further distance itself from Disney’s fairy tale-driven output, they came up with a contemporary satire that used the very same fairy tales and nursery rhymes but turned them all on their heads with equal doses of […]

John Ostrander: Going Out of My Head (Over You)

I’m a child of pop culture. Nowhere is that more obvious to me in the earworms that I get. Earworms are a song or piece of a song that gets stuck in your head and seems to be on an endless replay cycle. I don’t know about you but I get them a lot. A […]

Marc Alan Fishman: There Are No More Words

We are tasked here at ComicMix to opine on all that is going around the world of pop culture. Maybe a bit more of a bend towards the comics side of things (it is in the name, right?). But as it stands this week… I don’t care about pop culture. I’ve been catching up on […]

Bob Ingersoll The Law Is A Ass #389

WE ARE ROBIN THE CRADLE Now I know the answer to the question. For years people have been asking me, what kind of laws would the Marvel or DC legislatures – federal, state, or local – have passed in light of the super-powered activities in their respective universes? Now you know the question. So, what’s […]

Martha Thomases: Not Just Another Word

“They hate us for our freedom.” George W. Bush Like my pal Joe Corallo, I find it impossible to think about anything other than the massacre in Orlando. Comic books and other pop culture ephemera seem trivial in the face of such unfettered and violent hatred. That said, we need our entertainment more than ever. […]

Ed Catto: More Valiant Than Ever

A few weeks ago I wrote about the fantastic experiences I had years ago working with the first iteration of the company that we know today as Valiant. I was in brand management in Nabisco on OREO cookies and was introduced to the company (on a professional basis) through a wonderful guy named Seymour Miles. […]

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