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Ed Catto: Whose Brand Is It, Anyway?

On a recent Saturday morning, I treated myself to yet another TV comic book show. But unlike Flash, or S.H.I.E.L.D., or iZombie or Arrow, this was an old one. TCM is showing episodes of the 1943 Batman movie serial. I’m sure you know about these serials. Long ago, kids would make weekly pilgrimages to the … Continue reading Ed Catto: Whose Brand Is It, Anyway? ?

John Ostrander As Lamont Cranston

Well, our pal John is a bit under the weather. And, oddly, this weekend the weather is under John as well: he lives fairly close to the epicenter of yesterday’s earthquake in Michigan. John assures us he’s okay, just tired and probably a bit cranky. As for the earthquake, well, whereas it was felt by … Continue reading John Ostrander As Lamont Cranston ?

REVIEW: Taken 3

  The Taken franchise has worked at all thanks to two people: Luc Besson and Liam Neeson. Besson has seemingly been coasting since 1994’s The Professional and certainly has returned to familiar territory with this franchise. Neeson has stopped showing his considerable acting chops by going the action route pretty much since he picked up … Continue reading REVIEW: Taken 3 ?

Marc Alan Fishman: Notes from C2E2

A week ago Friday, my studio mates and I met once again in the hallowed halls of Chicago’s McCormack Place to ring in the first big show of the year for Unshaven Comics. ReedPop’s C2E2 is to the Midwest what SDCC is to the west coast, or Reed’s sister show the New York Comic Con … Continue reading Marc Alan Fishman: Notes from C2E2 ?

Box Office Democracy: “Avengers: Age of Ultron”

It’s almost impossible for me to be too positive about Avengers: Age of Ultron. It’s a movie that would have been the movie of my dreams when I was 10 years old, when I was 20 I would have told you there was no chance it would ever happen, even at 25 I would have … Continue reading Box Office Democracy: “Avengers: Age of Ultron” ?

The Point Radio: Men Of Action – Michael Jai White And Christian Kane

Want some action? We’ve got plenty from two guys who know to create it. From SPAWN to FALCON RISING, Michael Jai White has never shied away from the heat and he proves it again with his new film, SKIN TRADE. Plus Christian Kane balances...Show More Summary

Martha Thomases Reviews Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Lucky for me, it was the “friends and family” screening of Avengers: Age of Ulton. First of all, I was lucky because I got to go. I was lucky to hear Joe Quesada introduce the film, not only because he was amusing but he was gracious enough to thank the event planners before he thanked … Continue reading Martha Thomases Reviews Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron ?

Will IDW’s New Jem Comic Cause Tweeks Civil War?

It’s not like we don’t fight — because we do, all sisters do — but we usually don’t have any problems with our pop culture picks. We like a lot of the same things most of the time.  But Jem seems to start a lot of arguments.  Maddy absolutely adores Jem, while Anya does not.  … Continue reading Will IDW’s New Jem Comic Cause Tweeks Civil War? ?

Dennis O’Neil: This Shall Not Change!

I guess I should put some kind of SPOILER WARNING right here, up front. Isn’t that a rule? So Arrow has made a devil’s deal with Ras Al Ghul and, in exchange for his sister’s life, agreed to become one of Ras’s League of Assassins. What next? I’ll be watching the CW on Wednesday night … Continue reading Dennis O’Neil: This Shall Not Change! ?

Michael Davis: The Cosmic Cube Revised: The Perfect Storm

This was originally written for ComicMix. The perfect storm of self doubt (Me??) my paranoid thoughts (yeah, that one fits) prompted me to send it to Bleeding Cool instead. ComicMix has an article of mine sitting in its cue that’s been sitting there for weeks. Show More Summary

Glenn Hauman: Hugo Awards, No Awards, and Network Effects

Now that voting for the Hugo Awards are now open, the question has come up about voting for "No Award" over various nominees, whether it should be done, and whether it would be an unprecedented event.

Molly Jackson: 1984 in 2015

I’ve been spending time reading a lot of blogs lately. Reading the comments section on any website is always a dubious and risky venture. People are so willing to put anything out into the Internet without any regard for who might see it. It seems that most people believe there is anonymity in a username. … Continue reading Molly Jackson: 1984 in 2015 ?

Mike Gold: Saturday Matinee Superhero Horror

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when superhero movies were kiddie fodder and proud of it. Yes, I know. The Avengers: Age of Ultron opens this Friday (which is really Thursday night; Hollywood exists in a different time/space continuum). Show More Summary

Mix March Madness 2015 Webcomics Tournament Elite Eight!

It’s Round 5, starring the Elite Eight of ComicMix’s April Armageddon 2015 Webcomic Tournament. Driving forces in webcomics standing toe to toe, going head to head. Being pitted against each other, fans standing together voting for their favorite until there is just one winner. Show More Summary

Box Office Democracy: It Follows

Much like the slow moving menace that stalks its protagonists, It Follows had a slow, steady walk to being a cult horror hit. The kind of movie, if recent surprise successes in the genre are any indication, could lead to a rush of imitators looking to get a piece of quick horror cash. It Follows … Continue reading Box Office Democracy: It Follows ?

Emily S. Whitten: Geek Chic Spring Shopping

Three years ago right around this time, I was lamenting the fact that there was a sad, sad lack of comics and genre fashion merchandise geared towards women. At the time, my experience was that the available clothing for women to purchase and wear was mostly t-shirts, only some of which were actually fitted for or … Continue reading Emily S. Show More Summary

Ed Catto: Leading…by Getting Out of the Way

Back in business school I learned that there are many different styles of leadership. A good leader has several different styles at his or her fingertips and employs them based on the particular situations at hand. But this week I’d like to focus on two people who lead in a manner that’s generally not easily … Continue reading Ed Catto: Leading…by Getting Out of the Way ?

The Point Radio: Burn Gorman Is THAT Guy

Here’s a voice to go with a face we’re sure you are familiar with. You’ve seen actor Burn Gorman in DARK KNIGHT RISES, GAME OF THRONES and now in AMC’s TURN:WASHINGTON’S SPIES. He talks about his varied acting jobs and even how much fun it was on the set of TORCHWOOD plus what his dream … Continue reading The Point Radio: Burn Gorman Is THAT Guy ?

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