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The Point Radio: UNREAL Exposes Reality TV

With a tagline like “when bad people make good TV”, we have to watch UNREAL when it premieres tonight on Lifetime. Constance Zimmer and Sheri Appleby talk about why this series will blow the cover off of reality TV. Also have you been binging NBC’s AQUARIUS yet? Cast member Grey Damon tells you what you […]

Ed Catto: The Batman Nobody Knows… Yours

Consumers today take a brand and make it their own. We do it with our phones, we do it with our cars... and we do it with our heroes from the comics.

REVIEW: Jupiter Ascending

Many cultures initially believed you could not own the land, just use it. Then other cultures thought otherwise and ownership became the norm. Now imagine discovering that some intergalactic race owns the Earth and all its inhabitants. Pretty cool idea, no? The Wachowskis don’t do much with this in the film Jupiter Ascending, a pretty […]

Singapore Arts Council pulls $8,000 grant for Sonny Liew graphic novel

Sonny Liew, artist on the upcoming Dr. Fate series written by Paul Levitz for DC Comics, has published a graphic novel overseas that’s gotten a bit of political attention in his home country of Singapore… A hot-off-the-press graphic novel seems to be in hot water, with the National Arts Council (NAC) revoking its $8,000 publication […]

John Ostrander: Choose Your Future!

Between Mad Max: Fury Road and Tomorowland... which vision of the future is more compelling? And which one will we choose?

Chris Pratt As The New Indy?

In this exclusive interview with our friends from VOICES FROM KRYPTON, Chris Pratt talks about the importance of the new JURASSIC PARK reboot, how he still is amazed at how big GUARDIANS was and the possibility of picking up the hat and whip to become the new Indiana Jones!

Marc Alan Fishman: Crowdsourcing All My Fears

Oh what an age we live in! Marvel banks billions at the box office. DC hits homerun after homerun on the silver screen. And Boom!, Avatar, IDW, and Image continue to stretch the boundaries of the original source medium like no one before them. Yet, it’s we, the lil’ indie folks that are living in […]

Upcoming Lucifer TV Series Coming Under Fire

It’s been a couple weeks since we got the news of this coming fall’s network TV lineups. Many have noted it’s a golden age for comic-sourced television. One of the fall’s new shows on FOX will be Lucifer, based on the series of the same name featuring characters created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Keith & Mike […]


A Mr. Richard Feder of Fort Lee, New Jersey writes in and says… Something completely off-topic. This is “The Law Is a Ass,” not Roseanne Roseannadanna. However, a Mr. Ronald Byrd writes in and says, “Hi. Wondering, did you pay much attention to the X-Men/Utopia storyline? Because it seemed to me that, by declaring Utopia to […]

The Point Radio: HALT AND CATCH FIRE Ablaze Again

AMC’s 80s computer drama, HALT AND CATCH FIRE, is back for a new season and Mackenzie Davis is here to talk about how her character has a big challenge ahead. Plus he is called one of the most original comics of our time. Michael Blackson is the African King Of Comedy, but how did he […]

Martha Thomases: Look Out, Here Comes Tomorrow

Tomorrowland didn’t do as well as expected this weekend in theaters.  Some people celebrated this fact, apparently believing that the movie was the brainchild of George Clooney and that it was a propaganda film about climate change. They must have seen a different movie than I did. I’ll admit that, like the Big Hollywood website, I went […]

Hatter M goes YA on “The View” Friday, with heavy cosplay action

Frank Beddor’s The Looking Glass War series, a dark fantasy look at Alice In Wonderland, has had a strong spinoff life in comics with Hatter M, the story of Hatter Madigan who is the bodyguard to the Queen of Wonderland and head of the elite security force known as the The Millinery. Beddor has debuted […]

REVIEW: How to be a Superhero

Mark Edlitz has collected nearly four dozen interviews he’s conducted through the years and is releasing on June 1, How to be a Superhero. It’s not a guidebook or a real “how to” but provides an interesting glimpse into the performers who brought four-color idols to life.

Box Office Democracy: Tomorrowland

It’s profoundly irritating just how lifeless Tomorrowland is. I’m not even talking about how in the grand climax there was clearly no budget for extras so it just seems like three people fighting in a bunch of cavernous empty sets. I mean that one of the biggest movie stars of a generation joined forces with […]

Tweeks: Cosplay Dreams

One of our favorite parts of attending cons is watching the cosplayers.  We know that not everyone is a fan, and that’s too bad, because it’s such a creative way to show fandom.  Though maybe after watching the documentary, Cosplay Dreams 3D, those who haven’t embraced cosplayers will.  The film focuses on cosplay celebrities as well […]

Dennis O’Neil: Camelot 3000 and College Curricula

I must have been aware of Camelot 3000 back when it was appearing in 12 parts, from 1982 to 1985, me being a honkin’ big comics pro and all, and there were a lot of comics strewing my life. And, by then, I’d known the series writer, Mike W. Barr, for years. But I don’t […]

REVIEW: Glee The Complete Season Six

Glee lost me when it veered further and further away from its core concepts and refused to take its eyes off their initial stars and their forays into a magical version of New York City. I avoided the final season and from the recaps, it appears to have gone into gonzo land with little effort to ground the show in any sense of reality. Show More Summary

Michael Davis: The Problem With Jaden

With the possible exception of the Black Panther, no other black franchise has garnered as much “it’s going to be a major movie or TV show” hype within the fan rumor mill than Static Shock. Finally the Black Panther is going to happen. Show More Summary

Mike Gold: The Daredevil Issue

Lately there’s been some controversy about the creator credits on the Daredevil teevee series. To be specific, the hubbub revolves around the use of the name and comments of some comics industry notables with respect to the issue. In other words, we have a controversy about a controversy. Show More Summary

Emily S. Whitten: Literary Lacquers

I have a thing for rainbows. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always liked rainbows. Not the upside-down-smiley-face, fluffy-clouds-on-the-ends drawings of rainbows (I kind of don’t like those), but real, elusive, illuminated water droplets in the sky and spectrums created by prisms rainbows. Show More Summary

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