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The Point Radio: Zombies Done Different On IZOMBIE

They aren’t your cable zombies, which might be what makes The CW’s version of the hit Vertigo comic, IZOMBIE,  so appealing. EP Rob Thomas and star Rose McIver talk about all the ways they strive to keep it both fresh and centered on the comic series. Plus thanks to the success of AMERICAN SNIPER, more … Continue reading The Point Radio: Zombies Done Different On IZOMBIE ?

Marc Alan Fishman: A Law Worthy of a Super-Villain

As I trolled my Facebook feed this morning, I was caught off guard by some Indiana-dwelling friends. It would seem what I’d thought was an Onion news item was in fact real news. The Indiana state legislature passed a bill – the re-imagining...Show More Summary

REVIEW: Interstellar

Christopher Nolan thinks big. There’s little question he has an impressive imagination and his body of work speaks to those larger issues. Often writing with his brother Jonathan, they have produced a series of films with a polish and gravitas that few other big budget spectacles can match. And yet… And yet, in almost every … Continue reading REVIEW: Interstellar ?

Bob Ingersoll: The Law Is A Ass #351: DAREDEVIL ASKS WAKANDA DO ABOUT MOM?

I don’t know what Sister Maggie was thinking. She willingly wrote on a wall, when she had to have known that wouldn’t end well. She’s a nun. The Bible tells us the writing on the wall is an ill omen. As a nun, Maggie believes in the Bible devoutly and wouldn’t want to contradict its Word. Show More Summary

Martha Thomases: Change

The drugstore on my corner, Avignon Pharmacy, went out of business over the weekend. We should have known the writing was on the wall when the pharmacy was sold a couple of years ago and the store just sold skin-care, shampoo, bandages and stuff like that. Still, the place had been in business, serving the … Continue reading Martha Thomases: Change ?

Tweeks: Insurgent Divergence

The second cinematic installment of Veronica Roth’s dystopian YA series was released last weekend.  Were we excited?  Yeah.  Was it even close to our beloved book? Um, no.  Does the movie stand alone?  Undecided (because how can we tell, we’ve already read the books & seen Divergent).  But we still think it’s Tweeks Approved. Show More Summary

Dennis O’Neil: Big Comicon, Big Business

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. • I Timothy 6:10 Vast marketplaces, comic conventions these days, and that has its upside, certainly. You get to complete your collections by visiting the used comics dealers andShow More Summary

Mix March Madness 2015 Webcomics Tournament Round 1! Vote Now!

The people have spoken, and the brackets are ready for the Mix March Madness 2015 Webcomics Tournament! Thanks to the thousands of people who voted in the seeding process, as well as all of you who added your favorite webcomics to the list. Show More Summary

Mike Gold: No Fire This Time

In her column last Monday, Mindy Newell talked about how an old-time friend and fellow comics reader was jumping off of the ship. Too many cataclysmic events leading directly into too many cataclysmic events. Not enough real story. I know other readers who feel the same way, and this spring’s cataclysmic events from DC and … Continue reading Mike Gold: No Fire This Time ?

Box Office Democracy: The Divergent Series: Insurgent

There’s a murkiness to The Divergent Series that is utterly baffling. Does it want to be The Hunger Games? While the obvious answer to that question would be “yes” I’m growing less and less sure by the moment. It feels like there was a meeting at some point during the production process where it was … Continue reading Box Office Democracy: The Divergent Series: Insurgent ?

Emily S. Whitten: Cyberbullying Is Never The Answer

So if you missed it, a past cyberbullying occurrence (if you can call three years of personal harassment an “occurrence”) involving two comics industry creators made its way to the forefront of comics news last week. Following this,Show More Summary

The Point Radio: Dishing With The Girls From GRIMM

GRIMM is back to wrap up it’s fourth season on NBC, but what can we expect as we head toward the May finale? Actors Bitsie Tulloch, Bree Turner and Clare Coffee let us in on a few teases including just how their characters may wind up this time. Plus the backyard inventors of BRAINSTORMERS talk about … Continue reading The Point Radio: Dishing With The Girls From GRIMM ?

Monday Mix-Up: Post-Punk Icons Reimagined As Marvel Heroes

We’d hesitate to describe any musician as a “hero”, but prompted by Butcher Billy’s new art series, we’re starting to notice the similarities. Following on from his 2013 series of Post-Punk ‘Super Friends’, illustrator and New Wave obsessive...Show More Summary

Mindy Newell: Do Not Fold, Spindle, Or Mutilate Me!

Yesterday I ran into a friend from high school as I was leaving the supermarket. He told me that he is moving to a smaller place and so he’s trying to sell off his comics collection, which runs into the thousands and thousands. He’s going to keep some of them because he loves them, and … Continue reading Mindy Newell: Do Not Fold, Spindle, Or Mutilate Me! ?

Molly Jackson: Fantasy Living

I’ve been sick with various colds for the past couple of weeks. I managed to pass the miserable, sniffling time by rewatching the Starz series Spartacus. In case you haven’t watched it yet, Spartacus is a great story and bingeing it was just a blast. I basically “lived” in that world rather than pay attention … Continue reading Molly Jackson: Fantasy Living ?

Batman: The Second Season, Part 2 Scheduled for July 14 Release

BURBANK, CA (March 18, 2015) – The iconic high-camp cleverness of “POW!,” “THWACK!” and “ZAP!” graphics leap off the pages as Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE) releases Batman: The Second Season, Part 2 to own on DVD on July 14, 2015 for $39.98 SRP. Show More Summary

Watch the Teaser for Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

Paramount Pictures has just released the first look at July 31’s Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, starring Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Alec Baldwin and Rebecca Ferguson in the fifth installment of the film series based on the classic CBS television series. Show More Summary

John Ostrander, WriterBot 3000

My good friend and fellow ComicMix columnist Denny O’Neil and I were talking once upon a time about the necessity of comics. The point he made was that comics, certainly as we know them, are not something that needs to exist. He pointed out that early automobiles had, on the running board, a place to … Continue reading John Ostrander, WriterBot 3000 ?

Fandor Hosts Rotating Criterion Collection Films at Hulu Plus

Fandor, the premiere streaming service for independent, classic and critically-acclaimed films, shorts and documentaries, in a partnership with the Criterion Collection and Hulu Plus, is currently home to a rotation of uniquely curated bundles of Criterion films available to watch instantly via desktop, set top and mobile devices. Show More Summary

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