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REVIEW: The Flash: The Complete First Season

Yes, gaining great power brings with it great responsibility but that does not mean a character cannot revel in the sudden ability to do the seemingly impossible. After a decade of films with tortured protagonists, all in the name of gritty reality, the arrival of the CW’s The Flash series has garnered near universal praise […]

Mindy Newell: B’more Of All That You Can Be

There is a saying in Baltimore that crabs may be prepared in fifty ways and that all of them are good. • H.L. Mencken “There is only so far that you can push people into a corner… We’re frustrated and that’s why we’re out there in the streets.” • Charles, Member of the Crips gang […]

Ed Catto: It’s an Ad, Ad, Ad, Ad, Ad World

At the recent Baltimore Comic-Con, I presented “It’s an Ad, Ad, Ad, Ad, Ad World” which was both a nostalgic look back at how brands connected with pop culture fans and how brands connect today. And I’ve got to say, it was invigorating to be part of such an exciting convention. The convention center is […]

John Ostrander Cons Around in Baltimore

So, I wasn’t here last week. Some of you may have noticed. So, where was I? At the Baltimore Comic Con (BCC), which was dandy, and I enjoyed it very much. Usually when I’m gone somewhere around the deadline for this column, I’m supposed to get it in earlier and most times I do. This […]

Fox Celebrates its Centennial with 100 Digital Releases

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (October 2, 2015) – In 1915 William Fox founded Fox Film Corporation and forever changed the course of cinema. Over the next century the studio would develop some of the most innovative and ground-breaking advancements in the history of cinema;  the introduction of Movietone, the implementation of color in partnership with Eastman […]

Marc Alan Fishman: Autograph THIS!

Once again, retailer extraordinaire Dennis Barger is involved in some amazing debates and discussions within our industry. The last time his name came up we discussed the over-sexualization of the Powerpuff Girls. This time, it’s a far less provocative topic. Already well-covered by Bleeding Cool, the recent plight of pencilers revolves around the cost of […]

New Doctor Who spin-off, “CLASS”, announced for BBC Three

Doctor Who is going back to school. BBC announced today a new spin-off for the popular series, aimed at young adults, and written by noted YA author Patrick Ness. Titled Class, the show will take place at Coal Hill School, historic location of the series, and feature the students facing threats from across space and time. […]

Martha Thomases: A Family Affair

Getting old isn’t for quitters. I’m just back from Baltimore Comic-Con which is a lovely show in my time zone and I was chauffeured back and forth door to door by the lovely and talented Glenn Hauman and even in these non-stressful circumstances I’m exhausted. Baltimore Comic-Con is, as I said, a lovely show. For one thing, […]

Tweeks: Banned Books Week & More

We truly vlog this week as we catch everyone up on what we’ve been doing since we turned 13 (Birthday Week included Kaaboo and Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland) before we talk about what we learned while being in charge of our local library’s Banned Books Week display.  Want to know why Winnie The Pooh […]

Dennis O’Neil: Respectability, Gotham Style

  In my uncertain early middle years, I occasionally said that it was impossible to know the history of comics without knowing the history of Twentieth Century America. This might have been simply a comment or it might have been an attempt to lend comics some cachet of respectability. If I meant it as a […]

REVIEW: “LEGO Dimensions” is Endless Fun, Some Assembly Required

The Lego series of video games has been top-notch quality since its first installment, and has gone to strength to strength.  When the announcement came earlier in the year that they were throwing their small plastic hat into the “Toys to Life” ring, competing with games like Disney INfinity and Skylanders, interest was high.  As […]

Michael Davis: New Rules For Comics

I love comics. God help me I love the comics industry even more. My reason for this foolishness? The comics industry is full of really wonderful, wonderful (YEP TWICE) people. On the flipside, if you’ve met me you’re aware more than a few assholes stalk the floor at Comic Con. I know it’s hard to […]

REVIEW: Twice Upon a Time

People of a certain age (i.e. “Old”) will remember when in the early days of HBO, a weird,wild animated film called Twice Upon a Time made the rounds.  Many paid it heed because it was executive produced by George Lucas, currently in the process of imprinting our childhoods with a new mythology.  But except […]

Molly Jackson: Autograph Dilemmas

It’s the fall con season! I love this time of year. It seems like there is a con every weekend and I can finally wear hoodies again. I really love wearing my hoodie while hanging with people on con lines. This past weekend was Baltimore Comic-Con, where I was sadly not hoodie in attendance but […]

Mike Gold: Re-Union

You probably read Emily’s column yesterday. It was all about the Baltimore Comic-Con. You’ll probably read Martha’s column Friday. It is all about the Baltimore Comic-Con. And, damn, I wouldn’t be surprised if John’s Sunday column is all about the Baltimore Comic-Con as well. This is because ComicMix invaded the place. Emily, Martha, John and […]

Box Office Democracy: Hotel Transylvania 2

Hotel Transylvania 2 is so much better than Pixels and it’s hard to figure out exactly why. The material isn’t substantially better, it still feels like the scripts are written by an elementary school joke book come to life— although maybe for Hotel Transylvania the living book has to turn in a couple more drafts. […]

New Who Review: The Magician’s Apprentice / The Witch’s Familiar

“If someone who knew the future pointed out a child to you, and told you that that child would grow up totally evil, to be a ruthless dictator who would destroy millions of lives…could you then kill that child?” It’s a classic philosophical question, one that the average person would never truly have to face. […]

Emily S. Whitten: Baltimore Comic Con – Another Great Year!

I’ve said before that, despite liking to attend all flavors of fandom and comics conventions, including (clearly) the media guest-focused cons, I really love Baltimore Comic Con because it has stayed so focused on comics and comics creators. I’m happy to report that this has not changed. I had a great time in Baltimore this year, doing […]

REVIEW: Avengers: Age of UItron

We’ve been asked to reconsider our enjoyment of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron in the wake of the corporate shuffling that sees Kevin Feige reign supreme. Scuttlebutt has it the film was a disappointment to Walt Disney but one has to wonder how a global box office take of $1.4 billion (as of this weekend) […]

The Point Radio: How HEROES Was Reborn

Are you caught up in HEROES REBORN Yet?  Jack Coleman and Greg Grunberg talk about the transition from the old show to the revival, plus meet two of the new cast members. And Jerry Springer is celebrating the 25th Anniversary on TV. How has he survived so long? You might surprised at how he answers […]

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