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REVIEW: San Andreas

We haven’t had a good old fashioned disaster movie in ages. The timing for San Andreas is interesting in that most Californians have stopped worrying about the big earthquake, focusing instead on the drought and/or the wildfires. But the seismologists have never stopped fretting that a quake, more devastating than the 1906 San Francisco event, […]

Mindy Newell: A Psychic and a Bunch Of Spies

Allison Dubois (Patricia Arquette): It’s 9:00. How am I supposed to know you’re OK? How do I know you’re not lying dead somewhere? • Joe Dubois (Jake Weber): If something had happened, somebody would’ve called. If I were dead, who are we kidding, you’d be the first to know. • Medium, NBC and CBS, 2005 […]

Ed Catto: The Golden Age Batman v. Superman – The Sinister Shadow

It’s still amazing to me that we live in a world where rumors about the trailers for the Batman v. Superman movie are reported in Forbes magazine. On the other hand, as Forbes signed on my pal Rob Salkowitz, an expert on comic-cons and pop culture, as a columnist, it’s apparent they understand the power […]

John Ostrander: Damn you, Stephen Colbert!

On The Late Show on Thursday night, Stephen Colbert celebrated the Cubs winning the wild card spot in the MLB playoffs (they beat Pittsburg) by declaring that the Curse of the Goat was now broken and that the Cubs would go on to win the whole enchilada. Mr. Colbert, how could you? You lived in […]

Marc Alan Fishman The Right to Bear Arms

No, I didn’t spell that wrong. I just think all Americans should have the right to a free pair of bear arms. For protection. Or something. OK, I lied. I just like to be coy with my titles. But, as always, I digress. A while back, in response to the “Religious Freedom and Restoration Act,” […]

Bob Ingersoll: The Law Is A Ass #372

SPIDER-MAN’S FIGHT WITH SANDMAN WAS FRAUD WITH PERIL Ok, while it wasn’t enough to make him a threat or a menace, what Spider-Man did wasn’t very nice. It was Mike Barr, a long-time friend and even longer-timed comic-book reader, who reminded me of this story. Mike’s a friend and comic-book reader of such long standing that […]

Martha Thomases: Tough Boss Women

As I was getting on the plane to visit my son, the genius, in Los Angeles, I started to get on line at the same time as a petite African-American woman. Since I have a tendency to go charging through lines, I stepped back to let her go ahead of me (sometimes I can behave). […]

The X-Files – The Collector’s Set Arrives for Christmas Giving

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (October 8, 2015) – The truth is out there…and now it can be found in its entirety when Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment exposes the complete world of The X-Files on Blu-ray for the first time – just ahead of the event series premiere Sunday, January 24, 2016. The X-Files: The Collector’s Set – featuring a […]

REVIEW: Arrow: The Complete Third Season

Arrow was the first serious approach to superheroics based on the DC Universe in quite some time. There was little risk picking a second tier character that some but not many may have known about. Producer Greg Berlanti assembled a team consisting of Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg to sift through nearly 70 years of […]

Tweeks: Dr. Oblivion’s Guide to Teenage Dating Vol. 1 Review

This week we review Dr. Oblivion’s Guide To Teenage Dating Volume 1, by Jeff Pina. It’s the first three sold out issues (plus extras & a couple one-shots) about Dr. Oblivion, super villain AND dad of a teenage daughter…who happens to be dating the town’s superhero. Spoiler Alert: We absolutely love it! But you’ll want […]

Box Office Democracy: The Martian

I really enjoyed watching The Martian when I was sitting in the theater, but that love has faded quickly in the days since. There’s a high amount of amazing spectacle and suspense to keep audiences engaged but there’s an emotional emptiness to the film that makes it feel inconsequential in the long term and hurts […]

Dennis O’Neil: Enough!

So riddle me this: how do we react to another massacre? And yet, given the events of last week in Oregon, what else is worth reacting to? I guess I’m with Obama and Colbert. The president said we’ve become numb and that’s not a bad observation. Stephen Colbert said that we’ve gotten good at pretending. […]

The Point Radio: Melissa Fumero Still Smokin’ On BROOKLYN 99

It’s a new season of the Fox hit series BROOKLYN 99, and our favorite detective, Melissa Fumero, is along to talk about how her character is only slightly less neurotic (but still adorable) despite a few changes in the show this year. Then actress Illena Douglas shares the news on her month long hosting gig […]

Molly Jackson: Wokka Wokka!

New York Comic Con is this week, which means I have way too much to do and so not enough time to do it. Let’s be honest, I am so behind in my planning, I’ve decided to ignore it all, veg out and watch TV. So, I’m relaxing with The Muppets. Have you watched the […]

Mike Gold: Scott Allie and the Temple of Doom

This may come as a surprise to some of you who know me, but I honestly believe that people can redeem themselves. I believe in second chances, and I try to reserve my interpersonal cynicism for, oh, say, Republican presidential candidates. More important, I also believe that every man, woman and child on the planet […]

REVIEW: iZombie: The Complete First Season

Chris Roberson and Michael Allred created a charming little series for Vertigo called iZombie and it got snatched up by the CW for a television. Unfortunately, the 28-issue comic was long gone by the time the show arrived this past winter. For 13 episodes, we were treated to a slightly off-kilter series that proved to […]

REVIEW: The Flash: The Complete First Season

Yes, gaining great power brings with it great responsibility but that does not mean a character cannot revel in the sudden ability to do the seemingly impossible. After a decade of films with tortured protagonists, all in the name of gritty reality, the arrival of the CW’s The Flash series has garnered near universal praise […]

Mindy Newell: B’more Of All That You Can Be

There is a saying in Baltimore that crabs may be prepared in fifty ways and that all of them are good. • H.L. Mencken “There is only so far that you can push people into a corner… We’re frustrated and that’s why we’re out there in the streets.” • Charles, Member of the Crips gang […]

Ed Catto: It’s an Ad, Ad, Ad, Ad, Ad World

At the recent Baltimore Comic-Con, I presented “It’s an Ad, Ad, Ad, Ad, Ad World” which was both a nostalgic look back at how brands connected with pop culture fans and how brands connect today. And I’ve got to say, it was invigorating to be part of such an exciting convention. The convention center is […]

John Ostrander Cons Around in Baltimore

So, I wasn’t here last week. Some of you may have noticed. So, where was I? At the Baltimore Comic Con (BCC), which was dandy, and I enjoyed it very much. Usually when I’m gone somewhere around the deadline for this column, I’m supposed to get it in earlier and most times I do. This […]

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