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New Who Review – “Listen”

“The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door…” The idea is so close to implausible, it only makes it more plausible.  What if there really is someone in the shadows?  What if that isn’t just a passing breeze across the back of your neck?  What if […]

John Ostrander: The Bat, Man!

As the Bat-mythos goes, Bruce Wayne saw a bat fly into his window and thought, “Criminals are a cowardly and superstitious lot. I shall become a bat!” I’ve never been quite sure how the first half of that statement leads to the second half, but never mind. Maybe the bat flying in so freaked Bruce […]

Marc Alan Fishman: Paper Is Dead!

For those uninitiated to my writing process, allow me to be transparent: I write my column Tuesday evening. This is helpful for many reasons – mostly all revolving around having a full-time day job, a family, and Unshaven Comics. With that being said, I’d be remiss if I didn’t come clean. Today, I’m sure there […]

The Point Radio: Z NATION’s New Breed Of Undead

SyFy’s new series, Z NATION, is the latest entry in the pop culture zombie craze and Executive Producer Karl Schaefer, is happy to point all the things that make his undead from the other ones lumbering around. Plus, with two decades of TV roles behind them, Grant Goodeve (EIGHT IS ENOUGH) and Ted McGinley (MARRIED WITH […]

Michael Davis: Am I a Liar or a Dick or What?

“Now, You Can’t Leave.” – Chazz Palminteri, A Bronx Tale Seven months ago I contacted the people at Variant Comics. They put a wonderful piece on Static Shock together so I sent them what I thought was a satire filled message that pointed out that they were wrong in regards to whom created Static and […]


Well, there’s no putting it off any longer. I might as well get the unpleasant business out of the way right up front. SPOILER WARNING!  I want to discuss the legal aspects of Detective Comics: Futures End # 1 and there is literally no way I can proceed without discussing its ending. So if you haven’t […]

Martha Thomases: Subversive Family Reading

Over the weekend, while all the cool kids were in Baltimore for the Harvey Awards and the convention, I was at a family wedding. As such occasions are wont to do, I ruminated over my life and times. On Friday night, at the rehearsal dinner, I was talking with a cousin who remembered that visiting […]

Tweeks: Review Tomboy by Liz Prince

Being a kid is hard.  You don’t know who you are exactly, but it’s really important that you find out where you fit in.  So, we imagine it was especially hard for Liz Prince when she was growing up because she wasn’t a girly girl who wanted to play dolls and wear dresses and yet […]

Dennis O’Neil: Consuming Mass Quantities

It was late in the evening before we found a place where a pair of oldsters with a nodding acquaintance with heart attacks and strokes might find nourishment. A pizza joint, it was. A pizza joint with few customers but a pretty high decibel level. I ordered penne with roasted vegetables. Yummy? We’ll see. The […]

Tumblr’s Hilarious Net Neutrality Statement!

If you log onto your tumblr dashboard today, you might notice what looks like a bit of a problem.  All the graphics on the page are replaced by those “please wait” spinny things, giving the impression you’re stuck with a slow connection.   But it’s just the latest in a series of events, pranks and publicity […]

Box Office Democracy: Summer Box Office Report

This past weekend was the worst total box office of any weekend in ten years.  If you consider how much more expensive a movie ticket is now than it was ten years ago you can get a picture of how catastrophic this weekend was for the film industry.  It was so sparse this weekend that […]

Batman: The Brave & The Bold Season 2 Out Now

Bigger, bolder, blu-er! Warner Archive Collection is proud to present Batman: The Brave and the Bold – The Complete Second Season in Blu-ray™ — available now at and your favorite online retailers. The fearsome fan-addict...Show More Summary

Mike Gold: What Goes Around Inevitably Comes Around

DC Entertainment Co-Publisher and Editorial Big Kahuna Dan DiDio let the cat out of the bag on Facebook last week. In referring to Countdown To Infinite Crisis, he said “Definitely one of the highlights of my time at DC, but it gets me thinking, has it really been almost ten years since then, and maybe […]

The Point Radio: The Revamped Mythology of GOTHAM

Of all the comic book based shows headed to television this fall, the one facing the biggest hurdle might be GOTHAM. After all, how can you do a Batman TV show without Batman? Show runner Bruno Heller and star Ben McKenzie shed some light on this and more, plus August was another good month […]

Emily S. Whitten: A Female Gamer in the Maelstrom of #Gamergate

For today’s column I was going to write about fan conventions. I’ve been covering fan conventions pretty non-stop since the con season really kicked into gear, and I’ve still got a plethora of great pictures, videos, and interviews to share. I’ve got interviews from Dragon Con with Bill Farmer, the cast of Arrow, and Mary […]

New Who Review – “Robot of Sherwood”

Robot Hood, Robot Hood, riding through the glen, Robot Hood, Robot Hood, and his band of men… Clara wants to meet someone legendary, The Doctor tells her they’re all made up, so when he actually shows up, The Doctor is convinced he’s a… ROBOT OF SHERWOOD By Mark Gatiss Directed by Paul Murphy Clara admits […]

Mindy Newell: Martha Got Me Thinking Again!

I listen to feminists and all these radical gals – most of them are failures. They’ve blown it. Some of them have been married, but they married some Casper Milquetoast who asked permission to go to the bathroom. These women just need a man in the house. That’s all they need. Most of the feminists […]

Joe & Anthony Russo Talk Making The Winter Soldier

With the blockbuster Captain America: The Winter Soldier being released on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD this Tuesday, we catch up with the directing team of brothers Joe and Anthony Russo to find out about their experience on the iconic Marvel project… What makes Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier stand out from […]

John Ostrander: Too Much

I read recently that Dan Brown’s book Inferno has been optioned for a film. Brown is most famous for The DaVinci Code that was subsequently made into a film by Ron Howard starring Tom Hanks as Brown’s character Robert Langdon. I’m not a big Brown enthusiast, but I bought Inferno. I needed something to read, […]

Marc Alan Fishman Celebrates the Wee Con

As I fully decompressed from Wizard World Chicago, I looked towards the end of the Unshaven event calendar. On it: the Cincinnati Comic Expo – competing against the Cincy Comic Con, Cincinnati Comic Con, and the Cin City Comic Massacre (I think two out of three of those are real). Then, onto the mammoth New […]

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