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Martha Thomases: Dog Day Censorship

Oy. These are the dog days of summer. There is relatively little news. The only movies being released are ones expected to tank, at least critically. Comics and television and other serial media are idling, getting ready to ramp up for their fall seasons. I thought I would have nothing to write about. I thought […]

Tweeks: More D23 2015 Adventures

As promised, here is Part 2 of our adventures at D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center.  In this video we take a look at some of our favorite things (Harrison Ford, Chris Evans, Benedict Cumberbatch, Teen Beach Movie, etc) and ask some expo-goers what their favorite things have been over the weekend. There’s also […]

Dennis O’Neil: A Funnyman

Imagine the nipper that was me 70 years ago, give or take, I’m just back from one of my irregular expeditions up and down Claxton Avenue, stopping at certain houses and trading comic books with the kids who lived in them. (I no longer have any idea who these kids were – though Dard Schmidt […]

Comics Reviews (August 26th, 2015)

Secret Wars to get an extra issue and continue into December, two months after the Marvel relaunch. DC reportedly cutting page rates to creators, eyeing price increases, and cutting back on innovation in favor of the New 52 house style. What a great time to be a comics fan, eh? From worst to best of what […]

Molly Jackson: Grasping at Wisdom

By the time this column posts here on ComicMix, I will be squirming in the dentist chair as my wisdom teeth get yanked from mouth. It doesn’t sound pleasant and I’m betting that I am correct on that. But right now, pre-tooth yanking, my concern is that I’ll be losing some of my wisdom. At […]

Mike Gold: Sweet Home Comicon

Last week, I reported in this space I was about to leave for Wizard World – Chicago, well-known to readers as my home town and the first love of my life. I got back late yesterday, when I wrote (or will write, depending upon your concept of consensual reality) these fabled words, a heartbeat before […]

The Point Radio: A Decade Of Fright With The GHOST HUNTERS

It’s been ten years of terrifying jumps and unexplained events on the SyFy series, GHOST HUNTERS. The stars of the show talk about how’ve they have survived a decade and a few the scariest moments they have faced. Plus funny man Jerrod Carmichael brings his talents to a new NBC series and tells us what […]

Emily S. Whitten: Entertainment Earth GOTG Action Figure Review

Yesterday in the mail I was excited to receive Entertainment Earth’s exclusive Guardians of the Galaxy action figure set by Hasbro. As you may have noted from previous columns, I’m a big fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and have always liked what I’ve seen of the team in the comics as well, so […]

Mindy Newell: Old Dog, New Tricks

My family went to the Turtleback Zoo yesterday – great zoo, by the way, may I suggest a visit if you live anywhere near West Orange, New Jersey – and driving home I thought about the Legion of Super-Pets. A very strange connection to make, but that’s the mysterious way in which my mind works. […]

Tweeks: Kids Don’t Need to Be Sheltered From Persepolis #ChallengedChallenge Week 7

Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi is our penultimate book in the ComicMix Challenged Challenged — and probably our favorite book of the bunch. This is a first hand account of Marjane’s childhood in pre- and post-revolutionary Iran. This graphic novel not only takes the roots of very serious current events issue and breaks it down so […]

Ed Catto: Man from Marz, Still Kicking at 103

This month’s Fast Company has a great article on Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, detailing the hard work and innovative rule breaking he and his team put into managing that brand. Their backstory is as impressive as their success. And that property is just a little over ten years old. It made me wonder … […]

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Movie Compilations are now on Digital HD

As filmgoers go gaga over Guy Ritchie’s stylish and swinging origin story for “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” with Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment offers a chance to grove to the original U.N.C.L.E. team with Robert Vaughn and David McCallum as it’s neer been seen – in eye popping, crystal clear 1080p Digital […]

Tomorrowland Arrives on Disc October 13

While our love for Brad Bird’s work remains undiminished, his feature film adaptation of Disneyland’s Tomorrowland theme park disappointed at the box office. On the off-chance you missed seeing it in the theaters, the studio has announced the film’s arrival on disc October 13. SYNOPSIS: Dreamers Wanted…Disney invites you to an incredible world of epic […]

John Ostrander: The Power of Pop

I had reason a week ago to watch Ken Burns’ classic documentary The Civil War – part of the research for Kros: Hallowed Ground, now fully funded at Kickstarter, thank you very much. Briefly, the series mentioned Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the famed novel written by abolitionist Harriet Beecher Stowe and published in 1852. It was […]

REVIEW: Space Dumplins

Space Dumplins By Craig Thompson 320 pages, Scholastic Graphix, $14.99 Craig Thompson’s versatility is to be admired as he goes from Coming of Age romance with his Harvey award-winning Blankets, and then his more adult and fanciful Habibi. Now he is taking aim at the young adult market with his first offering for Scholastic’s Graphix […]

The Black Bat Pulps to be Reprinted

With Sanctum Books wrapping up production on reprinting every Doc Savage pulp with their 87th volume, the production schedule will see the addition of The Black Bat. The first volume will reprint “Brand of the Black Bat” and  “Murder Calls the Black Bat”. According to the solicitation copy: Sanctum Books presents the 1939 novels that introduced […]

Marc Alan Fishman: Fatherhood 2.0

In light of all the morbid news flying around these days, sometimes you have to take a deep breath and remember where your joy is. Mine is up two short flights of stairs, attempting to figure out a way to extend his bedtime. He asks for juice. No. Water? No. Storytime? No. Play game? Go […]

The Point Radio: The Significantly Talent Krista Allen

You’ll instantly recognize Krista Allen from so many great roles, ranging from X-FILES to LIAR LIAR to her latest, the buzz worthy comedy SIGNIFICANT MOTHER on The CW. She talks about her journey and her appreciation of smart TV writing. Plus we begin our look at the new television season with NBC’s THE PLAYER. Wesley […]

REVIEW: Slappy’s Tales of Horror

Goosebumps Graphix: Slappy’s Tales of Horror By R.L. Stine 176 pages, Scholastic Graphix, $12.99 Originally released in black and white nearly a decade ago, the resurrection of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps franchise has prompted Scholastic Graphix to collect the stories once more at Goosebumps Graphix. The first of these, Slappy’s Tales of Horror, are comic book […]

Bob Ingersoll: The Law Is A Ass #368

DISMISSING A CASE WITH PREJUDICE IS INJUDICIOUS First of all, when a lawyer gets a case dismissed with prejudice, that doesn’t mean it’s because the lawyer was the new, reconfigured Atticus Finch. So what does “dismissed with prejudice” mean then? That’s the question I promised to answer last week, while discussing Daredevil v.4 #15.1, because […]

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