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John Ostrander: Origins

As I mentioned in a previous column, I’ve been on a Rex Stout/Nero Wolfe reading/re-reading jag as of late and have been enjoying it greatly. As other commentators have noted, the pleasure in the Nero Wolfe novels is not so much the plots, which have been noted as serviceable, but in the characters, especially the […]

Marc Alan Fishman: Thank You, Star Wars

I’m not writing a lot this week, and what I am writing may be slightly spoiler-ish. So, if by chance you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet and you intend to, read my title, nod ever so slightly, and come back next week. For the whole lot of you otherwise… ahem. Thank you, […]

Bob Ingersoll The Law Is A Ass #377

MINDING OTHER PEOPLE’S BUSINESS Now if you or I had said what Detective Erickson said of a previously non-violent person who suddenly snapped and committed a vicious assault in Scarlet Witch #1; “He claims to have no recollection of his actions, which is the first step to an insanity plea;” we would have been correct. […]

Martha Thomases: A Yuletide Call To Action

Merry Christmas! I don’t celebrate, of course. Well, I do, sort of. I volunteer at the hospital, helping Santa deliver gifts to the kids who are in-patient. My Santa is Jewish. His wife (and elf) is Jewish. So am I. We are the Shabbos goys of Christmas. Just because it’s not my holiday doesn’t mean that […]

REVIEW: Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Young Adult novels tend to work best when they are metaphors for their readers’ lives. James Dashner’s Maze Runner trilogy certainly applied the zigs and zags of an adolescent’s development to that of a maze where the wrong turn can have devastating consequences. The books sold well and in the wake of The Hunger Games’ […]

A Very Tweeks Christmas Eve

Merry X-mas ComicMixers!  Spend Christmas Eve with us, as we review our Christmas lists and give some suggestions on what to binge-watch, read and listen to over Winter Break.  You even get to watch us open our first present!

Box Office Democracy: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The first movie I ever reviewed was Attack of the Clones and I gave it a rave review, the kind of review I would never give it now that I consider it to be arguably the worst movie in the entire franchise. In my defense, I was 17 years old and mostly just didn’t know […]

Dennis O’Neil: Descartes, Plato & The Matrix

Okay, wait a minute. You think you’re stacking gifts under the tree, but are you really? How do you know? Maybe you’re not the stacker but the stackee. Not the giver but the given. And about that tree: maybe it doesn’t really look like a tree. Or maybe it isn’t there. Maybe you’re not there. […]

Molly Jackson: Pass or Fail?

I went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens on opening night. That’s not incredibly impressive because so did almost everyone else. While I was on line for my overpriced movie snacks, I did overhear a very interesting conversation. Three guys in their late twenties, talking about the Bechdel test and if certain movies would […]

Mike Gold: Pigeonholing Comics

I had a whole ‘nother idea for my column this week. Completely different. It wasn’t about Star Wars, it wasn’t Christmassy, but after I read Joe Corallo’s column that ran in this space 24 hours ago, the that idea was gone with the wind. Just about all of us here at ComicMix write about the need […]

Elektra:Assassin by Frank Miller and Bill Sienkiewicz

In the late ’80s, Elektra: Assassin was possibly the very favorite comic of my brother and myself — he even bought an extra copy of the splash-page-filled climactic issue and covered a large portion of his ceiling with it. (I can still quote the important bit from memory: “And flesh/all flesh/will scream/and burn/and die” with the […]

Emily S. Whitten: Sphero’s BB-8 and Star Wars – The Force Awakens

Which came first, the movie or the toy? Okay, I kid, but seriously – was there ever a more perfectly marketable movie character than that fat little orange-and-white droid, BB-8? From his appearance in the first trailer, everyone seemed to fall in love with the little guy (me included). And then we learned that not […]

Joe Corallo: Knowing Your Place

The other day at a comic shop I saw a flier for the upcoming Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! #1. It was advertised having writer Kate Leth and artist Brittney Williams attached. I think it’s great that the two of them are on this book, as I enjoy the work they’ve put out over at BOOM! […]

Feynman by Jim Ottaviani and Leland Myrick

There are times when I doubt that Feynman could possibly be real. A wild man physics savant who was also  a world-class womanizer, bongo player, and practical joker? No, no — that’s a fictional character, not a real man. But the world then gently points out that he was real. Ottaviani has made a small career […]


You have to begin by asking yourself, do we really want an origin story for Peter Pan? J.M. Barrie certainly didn’t seem to think we needed it when he first wrote the play Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up in December 1904. The book we’re more familiar with, Peter and Wendy, didn’t […]

Mindy Newell: Two Reviews

I loved it.   Melissa Benoist, whom I first saw on Glee, packed up her beautiful singing voice to play Kara Danvers, nee Kara Zor-el, bears no blame for the general snorrrrre that is the hallmark of the show. Neither do any of the following: Chyler Leigh as kick-ass secret government agent-who-also-happens-to-be-Kara’s-Earth born sister, Alex; […]

Ed Catto’s Year End Favorites

There’s a lot going on in Geek Culture right now. I’m just amazed how shows like Supergirl, The Flash and Jessica Jones have engaged faithful fans and created new fans simultaneously. I’m surprised to be reading about Santa Con and noting the similarities to the explosive Cosplay growth at every comic convention this past year. […]

John Ostrander: Christmas Anti-Heroes

T’is the season for Christmas related columns, fa-la-la-la-etc. I could write about Star Wars: The Force Awakens but that came out Friday so now it’s old hat and, besides, I haven’t seen it yet and, given the crowds, may not be able to see it until after the first of the year so let’s talk […]

“Mission: Impossible” returns to comics

There hasn’t been a Mission: Impossible comic since Rob Liefeld’s adaptation of the first in the current film series. However, now that Rogue Nation is out on disc,  Paramount has dipped a toe back into comics with an eight-page prequel which explores what happened when Ethan Hunt went rogue and started tracking down The Syndicate. The […]

Marc Alan Fishman: Our Legion Of Doom

Let’s just get this out of the way, kiddos. I know ComicMix is a site built on the back of the abundance of comic book geek culture that is out there to cover and pontificate on. But I imagine all of you reading my column this week are likely nursing a hangover from catching Star […]

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