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Incredulity Killed the Fanboy

There comes a time when the characters are so stupid, you have to stop thinking, “Yikes, they are stupid” and start thinking, “I’m reading this; am I stupid?” “It’s comics,” they will say to me when they see this. We expect our comics to be serious-as-a-dead-child stories about open-mouthed dum-dums who could still believe in [...]

“When Writers and Artists are Treated as Disposable and Interchangeable, The Work will Suffer”

The always-wonderful Evan Narcisse at Kotaku talked to Greg Rucka about comics, video games and the value of treating creators well: You treat talented creators poorly, you get shitty comics. It’s as simple as that. If you’re happy reading shitty comics, then I suppose you shouldn’t worry about it. If you want to read good [...]

Marvel: AVENGERS ASSEMBLE is Not Cancelled

Despite online reports citing a Marvel subscription newsletter, a representative from the publisher tells Newsarama that ongoing series Avengers Assemble is not cancelled. Various sources including The Beat and Bleeding Cool passed along...Show More Summary

Target Teams with DC Comics for JUSTICE LEAGUE Merch

Marvel’s superheroes may rule the movie theater, but DC can at least claim the… supermarket?: In a first-of-its-kind partnership, Target Corp.  and Warner Bros. Consumer Products, in partnership with DC Entertainment, have teamed up to introduce an extensive summer collection of exclusive Justice League merchandise. The summer collection was inspired by “DC Comics – The [...]

How To Grab Attention in Just One Page

Colin Smith considers the opening pages of recent issues of Astonishing X-Men and Wolverine, and why one works for new readers while the other doesn’t: The beginning of a monthly book needn’t involve a hysterical measure of world-threatening hype, and unfamiliar readers can certainly be intrigued by situations and characters they know nothing about. But [...]

Long Live The Legion?

I was surprised to see the upset online yesterday at the news – via DC’s latest round of solicitations – that Legion of Super-Heroes has been cancelled. What was surprising wasn’t that people were upset that the book was ending, but that there seemed to be this feeling that this was the first time that [...]

How Bad Are Spoilers, Anyway?

Axel Alonso on spoilers: That said, there will always be people out there who delight in leaking information and spoiling it for readers. There are so many people who have access to information after the book goes to the printer, after it’s printed, after it’s distributed — it’s impossible to prevent leaks, even if it [...]

Magic, Science and Webcomics

I’d fallen behind on everything that’s being offered at Thrillbent recently, which was a mistake considering the new material that’s joined Mark Waid and Peter Krause’s Insufferable in recent weeks. Being a Leverage and Dungeons & Dragons fan (The IDW series of the same name for the latter, sadly; start talking to me about 20-sided [...]

The Best There Is At What They Do…?

This Tumblr post, showcasing early appearances by the leading characters in Brian Wood’s upcoming X-Men series, brings back all kinds of happy memories for me. I started reading Uncanny X-Men around #185, when Rogue was still relatively new to the team and Rachel wasn’t even a full member yet; Psylocke and Jubilee were years away [...]

Marvel’s SHIELD Viral Marketing Launches with RISING TIDE Blog

Never mind the official Agents of SHIELD teaser, the Rising Tide blog is where it’s at for more hints about what to expect from the show when it debuts in the fall. With a header that reads Who is S.H.I.E.L.D.? What are they hiding? Super-powers are real. Aliens exist. What else is out there? We [...]

On Keeping Your Mouth Shut and Wishing You’d Done That Earlier

When asked, over at CBR, whether fans can expect Marvelman to appear anytime soon, CCO of Marvel Entertainment Joe Quesada had this to say: No. We’re still not prepared to talk about it. We’ve been very patient and very deliberate on how we talk about Marvelman. The internet leaks aside and the stuff that may [...]

The Never-Before-Revealed Origin of COMPUTER GRAHAM!

If, like me, you enjoyed Avengers Assemble #15AU this week, you might have thought that writer Al Ewing was making up Computer Graham, Magic Boots Mel and all of the new mythology out of whole cloth. Turns out, that’s not the case at all, and it’s up to his brother Tom to explain where it [...]

Brevoort Explains ENDLESS Firsts (Kind Of)

Tom Brevoort answers a question I’ve had since last weekend’s Free Comic Book Day issue: In what world could Avengers: Endless Wartime be called “Marvel’s First Original Graphic Novel,” considering the 1980s line of OGNS? Those are absolutely all great books, but none of them really fit the parameters of a Graphic Novel in the [...]

Last Chance for Cheap AMELIA COLE

It’s not often that I direct people to particular sales, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that ComiXology’s Amelia Cole sale finishes tonight, meaning you only have a few more hours to sample what was easily one of my favorite new series of last year for a ridiculously low price. For just [...]

Of Course, Not Everyone Likes Free Comic Book Day

Ryan Haupt considers the concept of free, and in the process, accidentally outs himself as the Grinch of Comics: Then there’s Free Comic Book Day, which from what I can see on the internet seems to be a HUGE deal and I honestly can’t force myself to care. I get the impetus, it’s a good [...]

Marvel Studios Vs. The AVENGERS?

The Deadline report on the current state of the Marvel Studios makes for fascinating, if somewhat confusing, reading: But The Avengers cast are ready to rumble with Marvel for the Avengers sequel slated for a May 2015 release. “Some received only $200,000 for Avengers and Downey got paid $50M. On what planet is that OK?” an insider tells [...]

What Makes HAWKEYE So Special?

While mainstream buyers fall for Hawkeye, the Hooded Utilitarian’s Ng Suat Tong takes a look at the series and isn’t that impressed: Barton in these issues is a bit like Chandler’s Phlilip Marlowe without the cool dialogue, machismo, and active mind—he’s basically a plains clothes knight of the city who gets beaten up a lot. He uses [...]

What’s Selling through Amazon? INJUSTICE, and Not So Much Marvel

At the Beat, David Carter offers up a sales chart for what comics and graphic novels are selling on Amazon. Besides what are now the usual suspects for bookstore audiences – The Walking Dead, Diary of a Wimpy Kid etc. – there’s an impressive presence for DC’s Injustice: Gods Among Us digital series, with thirteen [...]

What If…?

This mock ad (described as “but a daydream wish”), from Marvel Comics The Untold Story author Sean Howe, seemed appropriate given earlier thoughts today: Always worth linking: You can find the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund here, and the Hero Initiative here.

Graphic Novels “Among the Most Circulated Categories” in U.S. Libraries

Heidi Macdonald traces the origins of graphic novels as a force in U.S. library lending: The audience of children and teens is growing, critical and academic recognition has confirmed comics’ literary and artistic value, and a new shelf of modern classics has arrived. The use of comics is on the rise in educational circles as [...]

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