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The Podemos Express: What lies behind the extraordinary rise of Spain's new protest party?

The extraordinary rise of Podemos, Spain's eight-month-old protest party, continues. A new Metroscopia poll for El País, released on Sunday, showed that the party would win a Spanish general election, if held today, with 27.7% of votes. Show More Summary

EU budget row: How much interest will the UK pay if it refuses to cough up?

300% interest - in the EU it is legal As most of you will know by now, the European Commission has asked the UK to pay an extra £1.7bn surcharge into this year's EU budget - before December 1. David Cameron has said he won't pay anything...Show More Summary

Commission forecasts pain a less than optimistic picture for eurozone outlook

The European Commission has this morning released its Autumn 2014 Economic forecasts. While these forecasts can often be quite mundane owing to the very managed message they are trying to send, this set look to be a bit different (see here for our take on Winter 2014 and Autumn 2013). Show More Summary

EU migration - a deliverable proposal for reform

As we already noted here, today we published a new pamphlet by Professor Damian Chalmers of the LSE and our Research Director Stephen Booth. The basic question the authors ask is, in the current political climate, how in the world can...Show More Summary

Everyone take a deep breath: suggestions Merkel ready to accept Brexit following free movement row are wide of the mark

Der Spiegel reports that German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned David Cameron at last month’s EU summit that she would no longer try to keep the UK in the EU if Cameron sought to impose quotas or a cap on workers from other EU countries, as opposed to changing the rules around EU migrants’ access to benefits. Show More Summary

Lisbon Treaty's new voting weights kick in - Eurozone gains a majority

It has been coming down the road for some time but what we once called the "Lisbon Treaty's ticking time bomb" has finally gone off. The eurozone will now have a 'Qualified Majority' in the EU Council, meaning that any UK attempts at forming last minute blocking minorities will now be that bit harder. Show More Summary

When it comes to the EU budget, the bad news just keeps on coming

David Cameron and George Osborne might be forgiven for thinking that when it comes the EU budget, it never rains, it pours. Fresh on the heels of the Commission's explosive demand for an extra £1.7bn for this year's EU budget, the ONS'...Show More Summary

Gas talks stall as Russia pushes for EU guarantees on Ukrainian gas payments

Update 11.50 30/10/14:Reuters is reporting that an EU spokesperson has said a deal is "very close" and talks will continue today, as we note below. As we also say below, a deal is still doable and likely, the question remains whether...Show More Summary

France and Italy get preliminary approval of their budgets, but it's not the end of the story

The European Commission has given France and Italy a preliminary nod through on their draft budgets for 2015. In a statement released yesterday evening, Commission Vice-President Jyrki Katainen said:"After taking into account all ofShow More Summary

Britain's £1.7bn budget bill: Who is to blame and what happens next?

Cameron has promised to invoke the spirit of Thatcher over the EU budget As EU leaders were agreeing the final details of the EU's new energy and climate change policies on Thursday evening, the FT's Alex Barker dropped the bombshell that the UK had been asked by the Commission to pay an extra £1.7bn surcharge into this year's EU budget. Show More Summary

No Podemos parar: Spain's six-month-old protest party comes second in new opinion poll

On this blog, we have been tracking Podemos, Spain's six-month-old anti-establishment party, since its very first success in the European Parliament elections in May - when the party came from nowhere to secure five MEPs (see here and here). Show More Summary

EU budget surcharge: how much support does the UK have around Europe?

David Cameron has taken a very tough position on the EU budget surcharge, claiming that he "won't pay" the £1.7bn the Commission has demanded from the UK by December 1 after concluding the UK had been underpaying into the budget relative to the size of its economy. Show More Summary

EU and Tory madness – but what has changed?

In Britain, “Europe” as a political issue has pretty much gone mad over the last few weeks. So in terms of substance, where are we?Free movement: When asked about reports in UK media that David Cameron is considering proposing quotas...Show More Summary

Commission silent as foundation for increased EU budget contributions remains unclear

Currently, there is still no clear explanation for where the demand for increased contributions to the EU budget came from or exactly how it was calculated - see our comprehensive analysis here. While the Dutch and the Brits are both...Show More Summary

Why is the UK being asked to pay in more to the EU budget and what can it do about it?

There are a number of headlines today around the EU’s request for a further €2.1bn from the UK in terms of its contribution to the EU’s budget.Below we breakdown exactly how and why this has happened and what options the UK has now.How...Show More Summary

Time to reassess the EU’s environment and climate change policies

EU leaders are meeting today in Brussels to discuss the EU’s 2030 energy, environment and climate change framework which will likely involve some new targets for emissions reduction. You can find our full thoughts on the original Commission...Show More Summary

Michael Wohlgemuth: Why the EU cannot bank on Germany’s economy

Open Europe Berlin Director Michael Wohlgemuth has written an interesting piece for World Review, looking at the current status of the German economy. Here it is:The German economy is showing clear signs of weakening. GDP declined by...Show More Summary

The Farage Paradox part II: Support for EU membership at highest level since 1991

Back in May, we pointed out the so-called 'Farage Paradox' - even as the party came first in the European elections in the UK and Farage himself was widely seen as having bested Nick Clegg in their TV debates, support for leaving the...Show More Summary

Irony alert as Poles ride to UKIP's rescue in a classic Brussels stitch-up

We reported only a few days ago that UKIP's EFDD group in the European Parliament collapsed after a Latvian MEP resigned, meaning the group no longer met the criteria of having MEPs from at least seven different EU member states. The...Show More Summary

Barroso lets his hair down - and British media loves it

Would the UK have zero influence outside the EU? Outgoing European Commission President José Manuel Barroso is in London, and he has made a few interesting remarks about the Tories, Brexit, EU free movement and Grant Shapps. Wading into the most intense debate on EU migration in the UK since 1066, he has really hit the headlines. Show More Summary

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