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Walmart says no to nasty chemicals, sort of

Walmart is asking its suppliers to phase out some bad chemicals such as triclosan. Good news for consumers, if late in coming.

Zero Energy Buildings should make nice with ice

Air conditioning is a big part of our energy consumption, and ice can work like a big AC battery.

UK will get first Amazon drone deliveries

Almost three years after the service was first announced, Amazon will soon get its Prime Air off the ground.

Mercedes demonstrates a self-driving bus in Amsterdam

Sooner than you think, and with a nice new interior design too.

Electroflight: A high-powered, high-speed electric plane

They haven't built it yet, but eventually this will be a 300+mph, emission-free electric racing plane.

Go knock yourself out with unconventional parenting, but please stop talking about it

"Most people are already operating ‘off grid’ in different ways to varying degrees, but the vast majority don’t feel the need to make a big lifestyle song and dance about it."

Ugly fruits and vegetables have hidden health benefits

Don't judge a fruit by its surface! Those not-so-pretty scabs and bumps are actually battle wounds and the sign of a stronger, better, more antioxidant-packed food.

A 1-acre permaculture farm supplies 50 families

Swales, polycultures and self-seeding pumpkins. A productive farm that operates on part-time hours.

Minimalist multi-use unit creates more intimate studio apartment in Sydney

With everything happening in one space, studio apartments can often feel too cluttered. This Sydney apartments gets a space makeover with the addition of a clever multifunctional unit that partitions the space and stores things out of sight.

Photo: Tule elk doesn't exactly hide in the grass

It's not easy being discreet when you have such an impressive set of antlers.

Tinhouse demonstrates the beauty of simple forms, basic materials

You don't need gables on gables on gables, just keep it simple and elegant.

Coolpeds iBike weighs less than 30 pounds, costs less than $500

Coolpeds' iBike aims to relieve two of the most common e-bike pain points: high cost and heavy weight.

Why are designers trying to turn bikes into cars?

The new Volata has a computer and lights built right into the bike. Is this a good idea?

Super sensors could monitor water quality around the world in real-time

The sensors can report data about mineral levels and heavy metals without the need for lab testing.

New species of scorpionfish discovered in the Caribbean

Living more than 100 meters below the water's surface, this newly discovered fish has evaded scuba divers for years.

Will Elon Musk's Master Plan reinvent our cities?

We should address the fundamental issues instead of putting a silicon or lithium band-aid on it.

New mayor of Turin, Italy, wants her city to go vegetarian

For environmental reasons, Chiara Appendino is wading into territory that most politicians don't dare go. It's a daring and controversial step for a country deeply attached to its meat.

Climate deniers just lost a major arguing point

NASA study explains why two types of climate predictions don't match

Photo: A yellow warbler warbling

Our photo of the day reveals how the warbler got its name.

What is an invasive species?

These organisms are destroying ecosystems across the globe, costing humans billions of dollars in damages.

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