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3 problems with Mike Lanza's version of free-range parenting

After mulling over the big New York Times piece from last week, I have some further thoughts on Lanza's approach to fostering independence in kids.

Photo: Beautiful bee-eaters pose on a wire

Our photo of the day comes from Kenya's Samburu National Park.

7 ways to start your day off right

How you choose to start the day will set the tone for the rest of your day, so make those choices wisely.

Quikbyke is a solar-powered e-bike rental shop & charging station in a shipping container

This "shop-in-a-box" could be a model for a self-contained and low-carbon electric mobility business.

18 unexpected recipes for sweet potatoes

From fondue and latkes to waffles and cheesecake, it's time to escape the sweet potato slump.

How the rest of the world raises their children

From frigid naps to diaperless infants to independence at a young age, it takes all kinds to raise the next generation - something that Americans would do well to remember.

What you should know about the cobalt in your smartphone

Cobalt is used to build lithium-ion batteries found in mobile technology. Much of it comes from Congo, where men, women, and children endure dangerous and unhealthy conditions to satisfy our hunger for new devices. It's time we paid attention.

8 fruits and vegetables you should be roasting whole

From cherries and cauliflower to grapes and pumpkins, wonderful things happen when you cook these foods whole.

SunToWater units produce 40 to 100 gallons of clean water per day from the air

These units, said to be capable of producing 40-100 gallons of clean water per day, can be powered by solar or solar plus grid power.

Photo: How Vermont does Autumn

Our photo of the day is an explosion of fall color.

Mullein & Sparrow makes luxurious vegan skin care products

Made in Brooklyn, these high-end facial and body treatments come in attractive sustainable packaging and are made using traditional Ayurvedic philosophy.

Kids will eat tons of vegetables if you pay them

Scientists conducted an experiment to see how financial incentives can motivate children to establish healthier eating habits over the long-term.

Elusive Planet Nine causes sun’s curious tilt, scientists say

The presence of the huge and distant (and as-of-yet unseen) planet explains many enduring mysteries; now a study suggests it’s responsible for the unusual tilt of the sun.

Meet Mike Lanza, the anti-helicopter parent of Silicon Valley

Lanza is a supporter of the 'playborhood,' an ideal neighborhood in which children are allowed to play freely and unfettered by parental paranoia.

Storing solar electricity as hot water: The Sunamp Heat Battery

As solar gets more popular, energy storage becomes more important. Sunamp has a novel approach to making it work.

Sunflare's thin-film solar 'wallpaper' is light, flexible, and can be taped onto any surface

These flexible CIGS solar cells don't require a mounting rack, weigh 65% less than conventional solar panels, and are said to generate 10% more energy.

Little house in Norway is part of a bigger idea

It's in the Village 2.0, "a unique, compact, sustainable and modern living and working" experiment.

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