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Summertime, and the forest is easy…10 great ways to spend your day

Forests in North America are already part of our everyday lives. Forests clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink and help regulate our climate. Forests also offer virtually unlimited opportunities to exercise and relax.

9 ways to use clay for health and beauty

Clay is a versatile natural substance that does wonders for skin and hair and puts valuable minerals back into the body. It should be a staple of every green beauty routine.

The strawberry full moon makes this summer solstice a super rare thing

This year the heavenly bodies seem to have conspired to sweeten the pot with an event we haven’t seen in 70 years.

Looking up to radiant ceilings for heating and cooling

It's counterintuitive, but this prefab panel system from Messana makes a lot of sense.

Next-gen bike lights include turn signals, brake lights, and FRICKIN' LASERS!

The forthcoming Blinkers bike lights aim to make cycling after dark safer by increasing visibility and offering visual cues for drivers and other cyclists.

Philadelphia taxes soda to raise money for schools and parks

The mayor has portrayed the controversial soda tax as a great source of revenue with which to do fabulous things for the city, rather than a benefit for public health.

New e-commerce site is a one-stop-shop for humanitarian aid products

The Level Market wants to make the procurement of humanitarian aid and development products as easy as shopping on Amazon.

13 essential oils and what they're good for

Why not tap into the power of plants to treat your complaints?

Culinary Institute of America wants restaurants to serve less meat

Together with the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, the Institute is calling on chefs and restaurants to rethink the role animal protein plays in their menus and to consider replacing with plant-based sources.

Water clock system boosts solar output up to 30%

Designed by an innovative 19-year-old, the Sun Saluter relies on a basic water clock to rotate solar panels.

Dutch woman's modern tiny house gets approval from local council

Regulations surrounding tiny houses are unfavorable at worst, or murky at best. But municipalities are slowly coming around, as in the case of this Dutch woman, who recently got her small home approved by the town.

You don't need to shower so much

What we define as 'clean' may not be so great for our bodies. Here's why we should rethink our approach to personal hygiene.

Innovative table has embedded tech to cook, warm & chill food, all in one surface

This futuristic dining table has hidden heating and cooling elements under its surface to cook food, or to keep meals warm and drinks cold.

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