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The Dirty Make Money Online Space & Giving People True Value

A month or so ago I was watching this video on YouTube with John Reese,  Frank Kern, and Tony Robbins were talking about their frustrations in that people who buy their training programs rarely take action.   The really interesting thing...Show More Summary

Ok Udemy Doesn’t Suck After All (for me)

A couple years ago my good friend,  Dan Martell, told me he was investing in a new site called Udemy.  A marketplace type site where you can upload your courses and sell them to people.  They handle customer support, refunds, merchanting and all of that. Show More Summary

Sarah East From PopCrunch – NSFW – Most Awkward Interview Ever

This at BlogWorld and I had no idea who Sarah East was or Popcrunch. I would come to find out… and watch out there is some explicit launguage and very awkward moments!

Weapons Of Marketing

This is the weapons of marketing video I made for the launch of the ShoeMoney System. In this video I teach you the marketing tactics we use every day to make sales.   Here is your weapons of marketing cheat sheet: (click on image to download the pdf)

The Good Karma List Building Machine

What is the Good Karma List Machine? The Good Karma List Machine is a incredible way to build up your email list. It works with Aweber and most webhosts. (though we highly recommend Bluehost if you don’t have a host yet). The concept of the Good Karma List Machine is that as you keep giving people free stuff they help you build your list. Show More Summary

7 Milti-Millionaire Bloggers That Never Planned To Be & Their Secrets

So you want to make money online?  And you are probably looking for a magic bullet or the “secret” on how the guru’s do it.  What if I told you that there are more millionaire bloggers,  that started on a free blogging platform, than ANY other “make money online” industry COMBINED. Show More Summary

FaceBook Ninja Marketing Presentation

Here is the FaceBook Advertising presentation I gave at Affiliate Summit East. In it I talk about the history of Facebook Advertising, realistic FaceBook advertising costs, and a ton of FaceBook advertising tips from setting up tens of thousands of our own campaigns. Show More Summary

My Legal Issues & Downloadable Resources

In this video I walk you through most of our legal cases we have had in the last 6 years. Below is also downloadable templates for you. Download the complete set of example legal templates here

ACT Affiliate Marketing Method & Download

I have transformed my affiliate marketing methods to a form that I call the Affiliate Cash Tree. It is a way that I have learned to make much more money from my old existing affiliate marketing efforts. I put together a product a live...Show More Summary

It All Goes Back In The Box

Many years ago my grandfather and I would play monopoly.  It started with him whooping me but eventually I got really good at it.  I was a greedy tycoon and dominated not only him but also any challengers My grandfather was a very humble and hard working man. He grew up during the great depression and...     Read More ->

Here’s Why AdStation is Number One in Email Monetization

Ceaseless product innovation continues to keep them one step ahead I wrote a detailed review of the newest features AdStation’s mailing platform rolled out earlier this year. You can read that here Show More Summary

The ShoeMoney Network My Passion Project I Have Been Working On

2 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

Basically over the years I get bombarded with questions, as I am sure you do, “how do I make money online? What product should I buy?” I usually say just join a forum or give them one of my training products but they always come back with “will you mentor me? Can I call you...     Read More ->

I Gotcha Covered (EAS)

2 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

So the last couple days I have been raving about the Engagifire pop up software.  F’in amazing.  Its unbelieveable and at only $27 lifetime…  I dunno how they do it.  Well I have talked about that enough.  Today is the last day they will have the “Flash Sale” and I don’t think its a scarcity thing....     Read More ->

I took the plunge (and its amazing)

2 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

Yesterday I talked about how I was looking at replacing my Bounce Exchange popup that collected leads to this new thing. I get Bounce Exchange for free (it starts at 5k/month) but honestly I wanted more functionality and this looked promising. So yesterday I talked and thought I would implement it over the weekend. But...     Read More ->

New Report Shows How Email Remains King For Getting Your Message Out

3 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

As you all know I am a huge proponent of permission based email marketing… So I always keep up with the news related to it. You know the saying… “Dance with the girl that brought ya” ? It could not be truer than with email marketing. So many people get distracted with the new, cutting...     Read More ->

The Evolution of Conferences Over The Last Decade

3 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

In 2003 I started making money online. I was stunned the first day I made a dollar on the internet with Google AdSense. Amazing. I was hooked and joined various internet forums to connect with others and learn more about making money on the internet. On Sep 19, 2004 (yes I just looked it up)...     Read More ->

Leads By Social Webinar Recap and Replay

3 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

For those who missed it – I did a webinar with the guys behind Leads By Social.  Yesterday.   Thousands registered and hundreds attended. I rarely ever get behind something unless I feel its a huge value to people.  I have had access to Leads By Social for a while and its really unbelievable what...     Read More ->

How to create a KILLER sales video

3 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

My Good friend Neil Patel over at Quick Sprout posted a great infographic explaining how to create a great sales video.  Creating a info/sales video that converts well is a delicate balencing act between giving information about your product and driving sales.  Also when its your own product a lot of times you focus on showing...     Read More ->

How I Made 1 Million Dollars From A 99 Cent Ebook

3 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

I have never talked about this publicly until yesterday when I presented on it at the Traffic and Conversion conference.  For most of the time it was out of selfish reasons as I didn’t want to “out” myself and burn down what I was doing… but that happened eventually cause I got a little greedy...     Read More ->

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