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Its a Blog, Jackass

As I wrote about a few weeks ago in a post called “I’m back bitches”,  I talked about where I started to change focus of the blog and get away from my roots. I think people have forgotten what a blog is, or at least how it started. This started,  and what I have gotten back to,  is my thoughts and if you will,  a log or mind dump. Show More Summary

Using FTC Compliance To Your Advantage (and having fun with it)

As you may or may not know the FTC released guide lines for bloggers, social media,  and affiliates in general (affiliates have semi applied to the previous guideline) about disclosing if your blog makes money from affiliate links. As...Show More Summary

Never Failed Easy Money With the iPhone 6s Release On Friday!

First off I ask you do not share this post or retweet it. Since there is only about 10 people that read this blog a day I am not that worried about it. Last year I posted a guide and heard back from a lot of people they did very very well. Show More Summary

Your College Degree Is Most Likely Worthless

I am always looking for good developers but they are a rare find.  When I say good I mean kids that have “real world” experience and not a piece of paper that says they have the required skills. Gimme a high school drop out who has been...Show More Summary

The Value Of Time and How Much People Disrespect It.

My BIGGEST pet peeve is how much people disrespect their time on this planet. Time is the most valuable commodity you have.  You can’t get more of it and its running down until you die. One example is the bullshit extended warrantees on products you buy at the store. Show More Summary

I’m Back Bitches

My blog has been “ok” with posts but I will just be straight forward with you tell you that most of them have been written by a ghost writing service.  Except for the good ones on here like It All Goes Back in the Box which was published in Affiliate Summits Feed Front Magazine. Show More Summary

7 Multi-Millionaire Bloggers That Never Planned To Be & Their Secrets

So you want to make money online?  And you are probably looking for a magic bullet or the “secret” on how the guru’s do it.  What if I told you that there are more millionaire bloggers,  that started on a free blogging platform, than ANY other “make money online” industry COMBINED. Show More Summary

RIP Kirk Kerkorian: 10 Inspirational Life Lessons

Kirk Kerkorian was one of the most fascinating – though little-known – billionaires who ever lived. His life took many twists and turns, and though he is most known for investing in film studios and casinos, he tried his hand at a variety of different things. Show More Summary

How To Train Yourself To Identify Business Opportunities

Entrepreneurs are those that find and recognize good business opportunities. The question is, how do you train yourself to identify opportunities that will earn you money? The reality of the matter is that this is tricky even for the most experienced entrepreneurs. Show More Summary

John Reese’s Epic Journey

I was a moderator on Digital Point forums back in 2007 when I heard about this John Reese guy.  One of the other moderators had a VB plugin and was blown away when Jon promoted it and he sold over 10,000 units of it. This was at the time I just had launched AuctionAds and I wanted to get this guy onboard. Show More Summary

Let Your Personality Show On Your Website To Attract A Bigger Audience

What’s missing from most people’s websites? A personal touch. Business often has an impersonal feel to it, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can share who you are with your audience, and you’ll probably be better off for it too. Show More Summary

Should You Build Traffic Before Selling On Your Website?

2 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

Should you start selling from day one, or should you wait until you have an eager and willing audience? If there were an easy answer, this question wouldn’t keep coming up. There is no right or wrong; only what’s right for you. Here are some thoughts on when you should begin selling. Show More Summary

What Social Network Is Best For You?

2 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

What Social Network Is Best For You? In your business and affiliate marketing efforts, focus is really the number one thing. Budding entrepreneurs will often succumb to the shiny object syndrome, chasing every new idea and new piece of technology that comes along. Show More Summary

Revisiting The Adult Affiliate Marketing Niche With Ricky Ahuja

2 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

Ricky Ahuja,  AKA the Turbanator, from has been a mainstay at all affiliate marketing conferences I have ever been to.  If you have ever been to an Affiliate Summit I am sure you recognize him.  He is a great dude....Show More Summary

The Best Methods For Building Your Professional Network

2 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

One of the main advantages of building your professional network is that it can open new doors of opportunity for you. It’s great to study strategies and tactics, and to become knowledgeable about your industry, but it isn’t always about what you know as much as it is who you know. Show More Summary

Join me LIVE today on the ShoeMoney Show with BuluBox

2 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

Today on the ShoeMoney Show I will have my friend, founder, and CEO of BuluBox – Paul Jarett.    And you can join us live and ask questions (see below). Years ago when I had my office downtown Paul and his wife had rented a month to month super small office to start an online supplement box company. Show More Summary

Build Your Online Business With Brand Reputation In Mind

2 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

Whether your business is big or small, brand reputation is hugely important. You need to be constantly thinking about how you want to be known and remembered by your leads, customers, and website visitors. Most business owners would probably say that they want their company to be well-thought of, but don’t necessarily have a plan to execute on. Show More Summary

How To Perfect Your Story To Get More PR Opportunities

3 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

It might be cliché to say, but when it comes to branding and marketing, nothing is more important than your story. You’ve probably heard that before, but it bears repeating. So you’ve decided that you need to get covered by the media. Show More Summary

10 Keys For Improving As A Speaker And Getting Speaking Opportunities

3 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

Very few people are naturally-born speakers. The thing is, if you start doing more speaking engagements, you will become more recognized as an expert in your field. It can get you a lot more attention for your business too. So there are a lot of benefits to getting into the game, but there’s also a lot to know. Show More Summary

How To Find Potential Business Partners When You’re A “Nobody”

3 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

Most entrepreneurs with any experience will tell you that finding a business partner isn’t easy. So, when you’re a “nobody”, that can present some additional challenges. You’re probably not going to be able to partner up with someone more known than you are. Show More Summary

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