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How To Correctly Use The MyThemeShop Discount Code

Hey guys, Over 300 of you have used the coupon code shoemoney on checkout with MyThemeShop but we had several that were not sure how to implement it.  So I created some screenshots for you.   Step 1) Click on the “Redeem Here”   Step 2) Click in the coupon box, remove what is there. Show More Summary

The Question I Get The Most

By far the question I get the most (besides how to make money online) is what theme I use and what themes I recommend. I recently wrote a post about how I switched themes months ago because the latest one I had purchased was so complicated so editing it was difficult. Show More Summary

The Adsense Check for $132,994.97

About once every other day I get a question about the AdSense Check in my Gallery. I originally posted the check in this thread. Its most visited page on (behind the main page course) with 1-2k unique visits per day. So...Show More Summary

Don’t worry everything will be ok (GTFO)

Do you surround yourself with people that have no experience with what you are doing but are always giving you positive reinforcement? Thats one of the most toxic things. I have seen this be the downfall for a lot of affiliates. Have you ever have a friend who is grinding it in his day job 9-5 say, “Holy shit dude you made a X THIS year. Show More Summary

I Tried To Be Something I Was Not For Years And It Sucked

2 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

When I first started my career on the internet I was in my basement. I had no employees. Other than a $299 server cost I had no other expenses…. I taught myself how to program, although not very well, I was able to produce a website that would go on to create a lot of money. Show More Summary

Recoup Cash Of Your Junk Traffic With

2 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

I got a call from my friend Scott Richter (Media Breakaway, CPA Empire,, etc) last May about a new service he was launching called On between our affiliates and our own media buys we have a lot of  traffic from countries we don’t allow to participate in the ShoeMoney Network. Show More Summary

Want Super Affiliates? Here Is How To Get Them

2 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

Every Affiliate Summit when I go by pretty much every booth the same thing happens. “Hey ShoeMoney, do you do anything with (product vertical) ?  We have the highest converting offers and the best payouts. We are looking for super affiliates can you help? Side note: Can you find something original to say? “Best converting offers, highest payout”. Show More Summary

PAR Program Acquired By GoSocial

3 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

This is a great day for me and my team that has put our blood, sweat, and tears into this new venture I started 18 months ago. Today the Par Program was official acquired by GoSocial. This was a totally new venture for me in that it was my first “real” company managing employees and playing the overall CEO roll. Show More Summary

How To Become A Blogging Ninja (No Bullshit)

3 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

In this guide I will cover a wide variety of topics starting with the basics all the way to the advanced.  A lot of this comes from frequently asked questions I get so I can point people to this post which covers pretty much every question I get in regards to blogging. Show More Summary

My Crazy $15,000 Plus Contest

3 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

As you know I love contests and have done a ton of them but this one takes the cake! If you haven’t signed up for the ShoeMoney Network yet – here is 15k+ worth of reasons to do so! I talked the other day about cleaning out my closet for charity with some items I had on eBay. Show More Summary

Cleaning Out My Closet For Charity

3 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

Before this stuff depreciates more (or my wife stops reminding me) I am having a “cleaning out my closet” charity sale on eBay for my favorite local Lincoln, Ne charity – Matt Talbots kitchen. Here are the items on eBay: 15? Retina Apple...Show More Summary

Podcasts I listen to

3 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

I often get asked what podcasts/websites I read. Well I don’t read websites on a regular basis. I used to back in the day but for the most part unless someone shares an article on Facebook I don’t. Facebook has basically replaced an RSS reader for me (does anyone use an RSS reader anymore?). Show More Summary

Movie Trailers and Product Launches Similarities

4 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

I thought about this the other day… I never watch movie trailers because they basically give away the best parts of the movie. Then when you watch the movie you wait for the parts that they show… Or when the hero looks like he is about to die you know he isn’t cause what you saw in the trailer hasn’t happen yet. Show More Summary

2 Traffic Sources I Recently Discovered

4 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

The ShoeMoney Network is growing at a rapid pace, and we have several great affiliates through various networks (all major networks have it, ask your affiliate manager). We do of course have our own affiliate network but I would rather you go through others as I don’t have time to police affiliates. Show More Summary

I Fried My iPhone 6 Plus (Be Careful of 3rd Party Cables)

4 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

A couple weeks ago I was starting a trip for Denver.  As always I got to the airport very early to get some work done before the flight. I took out my laptop and went to plug in my phone.  Damnit I forgot my charging cable. Luckily (I thought), they sold them in the airport gift shop. Show More Summary

Its a Blog, Jackass

4 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

As I wrote about a few weeks ago in a post called “I’m back bitches”,  I talked about where I started to change focus of the blog and get away from my roots. I think people have forgotten what a blog is, or at least how it started. This started,  and what I have gotten back to,  is my thoughts and if you will,  a log or mind dump. Show More Summary

Using FTC Compliance To Your Advantage (and having fun with it)

4 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

As you may or may not know the FTC released guide lines for bloggers, social media,  and affiliates in general (affiliates have semi applied to the previous guideline) about disclosing if your blog makes money from affiliate links. As...Show More Summary

Never Failed Easy Money With the iPhone 6s Release On Friday!

5 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

First off I ask you do not share this post or retweet it. Since there is only about 10 people that read this blog a day I am not that worried about it. Last year I posted a guide and heard back from a lot of people they did very very well. Show More Summary

Your College Degree Is Most Likely Worthless

5 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

I am always looking for good developers but they are a rare find.  When I say good I mean kids that have “real world” experience and not a piece of paper that says they have the required skills. Gimme a high school drop out who has been...Show More Summary

The Value Of Time and How Much People Disrespect It.

5 months agoTechnology / Internet : ShoeMoney

My BIGGEST pet peeve is how much people disrespect their time on this planet. Time is the most valuable commodity you have.  You can’t get more of it and its running down until you die. One example is the bullshit extended warrantees on products you buy at the store. Show More Summary

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