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Each night, Walmart’s parking lots turn into America’s largest campground

22 hours agoHumor / odd :

Walmart is an example of a commercial third place…a place people go to socialize that isn’t home or the workplace. But like Starbucks and McDonald’s, Walmart also functions as a replacement home for some people. Across America, Walmart parking lots fill up with the vans, RVs, and cars of nomads, vacationers, and the homeless. Show More Summary

An AI makes up new Star Trek episode titles

22 hours agoHumor / odd :

Dan Hon, who you may remember trained a neural network to make up British placenames, has now done the same thing with Star Trek. He fed all the episode titles for a bunch of Treks (TOS, DS9, TNG, etc.) into a very primitive versionShow More Summary

See what it takes to run MoMA

yesterdayHumor / odd :

At the Museum is a new video series by MoMA in NYC that offers a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run a world-class modern art museum. The first episode, embedded above, follows the staff as they prepare for new exhibitions,...Show More Summary

The best panoramic photos of 2017

yesterdayHumor / odd :

The winners of the 2017 Epson International Pano Awards have been announced. In Focus has a round-up of some of the best ones. It was tough to choose just three to feature here, so make sure and check out all the winners. Photos by Francisco Negroni, Paolo Lazzarotti, and Ray Jennings. Tags: best of best of 2017 lists photography

The first asteroid from outside our solar system pays us a visit

yesterdayHumor / odd :

Back in October, the solar system welcomed a visitor from interstellar space…the first interstellar asteroid ever detected. Astronomers have confirmed that an object that recently passed by our planet is from outside our Solar System — the first interstellar asteroid that’s ever been observed. Show More Summary

Classical music scores as colorful data visualizations

2 days agoHumor / odd :

Nicholas Rougeux, who describes himself as a “designer, data geek, fractal nut”, designed a process to turn musical scores into ultra-colorful images. He outlined his process here. Rougeux also made video versions where you can see the visualizations form as the songs play. Here’s Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons: Posters are available. Tags: infoviz music Nicholas Rougeux video

The global exercise heatmap

3 days agoHumor / odd :

Strava, makers of apps that allow people to track and share their athletic activities, have released a global heatmap, a visualization of the humanity’s collective athletic activities. In a recent blog post, the company highlighted some...Show More Summary

The Periodic Table of Endangered Elements

3 days agoHumor / odd :

Until recently, humanity has treated the Earth as an infinite resource. As the Earth’s population has exploded over the past century however, we’ve learned in many different ways that that’s untrue. We’ve overfished the ocean, pumped...Show More Summary

Teaser trailer for Incredibles 2

3 days agoHumor / odd :

I’m posting this mostly for my son. We were talking about this movie the other day and he remembered exactly where we were and what we were doing when I first told him Pixar was making an Incredibles sequel. Like it was the Moon landing or JFK getting shot. Tags: Pixar The Incredibles movies trailers video

Cutaway illustration of a film camera reveals iconic movie scenes

5 days agoHumor / odd :

This might be Dorothy’s best print yet: a cutaway view of the Arriflex 35 IIC camera used extensively by directors like Stanley Kubrick but the guts of the camera has been replaced with some of the most iconic movies scenes of all time. Show More Summary

A mesmerizing animation of the repeating elements of a medieval cathedral

6 days agoHumor / odd :

I barely know how to describe this so maybe you should just watch it. Animator Ismael Sanz-Pena took a single image of a medieval cathedral and used the facade’s repeating elements to find the movement within, kind of like a zoetrope. Show More Summary

How today’s animals would look if drawn like dinosaurs

6 days agoHumor / odd :

It’s difficult to know how a particular animal might have looked if you only use its skeleton as a guide. For example, we used to think dinosaurs were mostly scaly like lizards until evidence was uncovered that many kinds of dinosaur were more birdlike with feathers. Artist C.M. Show More Summary

OMG, Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot can do an f-ing BACKFLIP!

6 days agoHumor / odd :

So, the jumping from box to box seemed cool. Hey, robot parkour! It seemed awfully agile for something that looks like it weighs quite a bit, but ok. But the casual gymnastics about 20 seconds in broke my brain. Holy. Crap. Tags: robots video

Emergence: how many stupid things become smart together

6 days agoHumor / odd :

A nice overview of emergence by Kurzgesagt. I continue to find the concept of emergence endlessly fascinating — order from disorder, complexity from simplicity, more is different. As a society, we tend to underestimate how much emergence...Show More Summary

The top 10 bestselling Kindle books of all time

6 days agoHumor / odd :

The Kindle debuted 10 years ago this month and Amazon marked its anniversary with top 10 lists of the bestselling fiction and nonfiction books for the device. The fiction list is fairly predictable (I’ll get to it in a moment), but the nonfiction list is a little more interesting in spots: 1. Show More Summary

The Road Movie, a feature-length compilation of Russian dashcam videos

6 days agoHumor / odd :

The Road Movie, out in theaters in January, consists of nothing but videos taken from Russian dashboard cameras. There are car accidents, animal hijinks, fistfights, high/drunk people, meteors, and fires. The trailer is really entertaining…I’m...Show More Summary

Monster thunderstorm supercell in Montana

6 days agoHumor / odd :

This photo of a storm supercell in Montana taken by Ryan Wunsch? Wowza. I can see why people get hooked on chasing these storms about western North America…I’d love to see something like that in person. (via @meredithfrost) Tags: clouds photography Ryan Wunsch weather

The populism of Amazon’s real-world bookstores

last weekHumor / odd :

Voracious reader Tyler Cowen recently visited an Amazon Store for the first time and posted some impressions. 1. It is a poorly designed store for me, most of all because it does not emphasize new releases. I feel I am familiar with a lot of older titles, or I went through a more or less rational process of deciding not to become familiar with them. Show More Summary

Physics lessons using simple homemade marble tracks

last weekHumor / odd :

Bruce Yeany teaches physical science to 8th graders in Annville, PA and he is very enthusiastic about it. On his popular Homemade Science YouTube channel, Yeany highlights all sorts of physics experiments and demonstrations without using any special equipment. Show More Summary

Join me in supporting Tim Carmody’s writing on Patreon?

last weekHumor / odd :

Over the past few years of doing, I’ve been lucky enough (with your support) to be able to take some time off now and again to relax, spend time with my family, and recharge the batteries. My vacations are also a chance to introduce different voices and perspectives to the site in the form of guest editors. Show More Summary

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