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3-Way (Not Calling)

8 hours agoHumor / odd :

This is NSFW and pretty funny. 3-Way (Not Calling) is a short film about one couple’s attempt to spice things up in the bedroom with another person and how it goes slightly wrong and also slightly right. (via film school rejects) Tags: NSFW sex video

My 2017 total solar eclipse trip

12 hours agoHumor / odd :

I was not prepared for how incredible the total eclipse was. It was, literally, awesome. Almost a spiritual experience. I also did not anticipate the crazy-ass, reverse storm-chasing car ride we’d need to undertake in order to see it. I’m...Show More Summary

The untold story of the Mississippi Delta Chinese

14 hours agoHumor / odd :

As part of a video series on Chinese food in America, Al Jazeera profiles the small population of Chinese-American families that have lived in the Mississippi Delta for more than 100 years. There’s a rather unknown community of Chinese-Americans who’ve lived in the Mississippi Delta for more than a hundred years. Show More Summary

Walter Cronkite reports on the 1979 solar eclipse

2 days agoHumor / odd :

The last total solar eclipse in the US and Canada took place in February 1979. Here’s Walter Cronkite’s original report on the eclipse for the CBS Evening News. It features druids, a rooster that was supposed to sleep during the eclipse,...Show More Summary

Solar eclipse myth busted: it’s perfectly safe for kids to be outside during an eclipse

2 days agoHumor / odd :

Throughout history, total solar eclipses have been unnerving. To ancient cultures, they signified bad omens, the apocalypse, or that the Sun was being eaten by a sky creature. There were a tumult, and disorder. All were disquieted, unnerved, frightened. Show More Summary

A simulated “play-by-play” of a total eclipse

2 days agoHumor / odd :

This video from the Weather Channel is pretty neat and useful: a play-by-play of what to expect during the eclipse, from being able to see Venus in broad daylight to animals possibly acting weird to the 360-degree “sunset” that happens about 2 minutes before totality. Tags: 2017 solar eclipse astronomy science video

Viewing a total solar eclipse from an airplane

4 days agoHumor / odd :

On March 8-9, 2016, a total solar eclipse swept across the Pacific Ocean for more than 5 hours. About a year before the eclipse, Hayden Planetarium astronomer Joe Rao realized Alaska Airlines flight 870 from Anchorage to Honolulu would pass right through the path of totality…but 25 minutes too early. Show More Summary

Heritage, racism, and Confederate flags in New England

4 days agoHumor / odd :

Back in 2015, Emily Heath wrote for HuffPost: I saw your truck parked in front of the Rite-Aid, right by the Dunkin Donuts. Two large Confederate flags were attached to the back of it, waving in the wind. The American flag was, incongruously, in the center. Show More Summary

This Book Is a Planetarium

4 days agoHumor / odd :

A couple of years ago, I told you about designer Kelli Anderson’s upcoming book, This Book is a Planetarium. It took awhile to get everything just right, but I’m happy to report the book will finally be out in early October. DefyingShow More Summary

How to predict total solar eclipses

4 days agoHumor / odd :

The Exploratorium in San Francisco has produced a great explainer video about the science of predicting total solar eclipses. Each eclipse belongs to a repeating series of eclipses called a Saros cycle that repeats every 18 years 11Show More Summary

Infographic of the fascinating timeline of the far future

5 days agoHumor / odd :

Timeline of the far future is one of my favorite pages on Wikipedia. It details what might happen to humanity, human artifacts, the Earth, the solar system, and the Universe from 10,000 years from now until long past the heat death of the Universe. Show More Summary

The paradox of tolerance

5 days agoHumor / odd :

In his 1945 book The Open Society and Its Enemies, political philosopher Karl Popper asserted that tolerance need not be extended to those who are intolerant. Less well known is the paradox of tolerance: Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. Show More Summary

Characters saying the opening quotes from The Wire

5 days agoHumor / odd :

At the beginning of each episode of The Wire, a quote from one of the show’s characters is shown on the screen, a epigraph that suggests the theme of the episode. This video shows the characters from each episode saying those opening...Show More Summary

Oddly Ikea (aka Ikea ASMR)

6 days agoHumor / odd :

Videos designed to invoke ASMR (“autonomous sensory meridian response”) in some viewers have grown in popularity in recent years. The videos feature soothing sounds and visuals (gentle whispering, soft scratching, watching a task being diligently performed) that are meant to provoke a response of brain tingling or a state of bliss in some people. Show More Summary

Freaks and Geeks and the 70s-ness of the early 80s

6 days agoHumor / odd :

James Poniewozik, chief TV critic for the NY Times, wrote about his favorite scene from Freaks and Geeks. Here’s the scene: I loved this bit: First, the music. “I’m One” by the Who, from the 1973 album “Quadrophenia.” It builds from mournfulness (“I’m a loser / No chance to win”) to a defiant chorus. Show More Summary

A tour of our solar system’s eclipses

6 days agoHumor / odd :

In a meditative video for the NY Times, Dennis Overbye takes us on a tour of eclipses that happen in our solar system and beyond. On the 21st day of August, 2017, the moon will slide between the Earth and the sun, painting a swath of darkness across North America. Show More Summary

Scientists think the first Americans arrived by boat

6 days agoHumor / odd :

The prevailing theory of how the Americas were settled has been than human hunters followed big game across the ice-free land bridge between North America and Asia around 13,000 years ago. These are the Clovis people you may have learned about in school. Show More Summary

Prince gets his own Pantone color

6 days agoHumor / odd :

It’s official: Prince and purple are together forever. The Pantone Color Institute has created “a standardized custom color” to honor Prince. The (naturally) purple hue, represented by his “Love Symbol #2” was inspired by his custom-made...Show More Summary

How to make a blockbuster movie trailer

last weekHumor / odd :

Sure, blockbuster movie trailers are formulaic. But…actually, no buts, they are formulaic and this cheeky short video by the Auralnauts gives away all the secrets to making a really effective engaging exciting unique aggressively bland trailer for a Hollywood blockbuster movie. Tags: movies trailers video

Solar eclipse searches match the path of totality

last weekHumor / odd :

According to Google Trends, search traffic about the upcoming solar eclipse mirrors the path of totality. And according to XKCD, pre-eclipse search traffic for “eclipse” is outpacing pre-election search traffic for “election”. Tags: 2017 solar eclipse Google maps search USA

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