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The Most Negative of Landslides?

Although the actual polls remain somewhat ambiguous, it now appears that Hillary Clinton is on her way to a huge victory, one that will also give her party very significant gains down ballot. Certainly the Democrats will capture the Senate and conceivably the House. That doesn’t mean the country has embraced her as a person or her agenda. Show More Summary

Everything is Broken

I have written on the politics and ethics of stem cell research for years, and indeed wrote a book about the issue called Consumer’s Guide to a Brave New World. But that certainly doesn’t make me a stem cell scientist. Yet, regularly,...Show More Summary

Niceties or Necessities?

I have an Impromptus column today, leading with a comment on democracy. In a column of his own, Pat Buchanan wrote about Donald Trump and the legitimacy of the 2016 election. He said, admiringly, that “the populist-nationalist right”...Show More Summary

Politico Sides With Obama on Health Care

Here’s how Jennifer Haberkorn begins her story in Politico: President Barack Obama on Thursday called for Republicans next year to pass legislation to repair Obamacare. The GOP response? No. Democrats have long held out hope that with...Show More Summary

'Judge? ... Judge? ...'

Is this ad for Chuck Grassley in Iowa the best Senate Republican ad of the cycle? Yes, that is Ben Stein, reprising his role in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, mocking Democratic Senate candidate Patty Judge’s poor attendance record in official duties. Show More Summary

‘Downtown,’ Motown, Etc.

It was just a game — a lark — but worthwhile, I think. In August, I asked readers, “What is the Greatest Pop Song Ever Sung?” This had come up in something I had written. The last two days, I have been compiling reader responses (with maybe a few comments of my own). Show More Summary

Character, Candidates and the Wrong Lesson from 2012

You really must read Nancy French’s heartbreaking, thought-provoking, deeply personal essay about this sordid presidential election year, with all of its allegations and accusations of groping, harassment, abuse and even rape, and how...Show More Summary

Friday links

October 21 is Trafalgar Day: history, videos, art and links. Photo gallery: Carving Mount Rushmore 1927-1941. Scientists Figure Out Why  Mozzarella Is the Perfect Pizza Cheese. Animals who look as if they had a few too many. Trace The...Show More Summary

VIDEO: How the Clinton Foundation Got Rich Off Poor Haitians

At this week’s presidential debate, Donald Trump reminded Hillary Clinton that the Haitian people think very little of her. Why? After the devastating hurricane in 2010 left over a million people homeless in Haiti, the Clinton Foundation claimed to provide aid for the country. Show More Summary

New York Times Pushes Suicide by Starvation

If there is any aspect of the culture of death not supported and promoted by the New York Times, I haven’t seen it. Now, Paula Span, the Gray (Ashen?) Lady’s “The New Old Age” columnist pushes suicide by starvation, known in euthanasia...Show More Summary

Clinton's Economic Plan

Greg Ip writes in the Wall Street Journal, “Two independent analyses conclude that by raising taxes so dramatically on the wealthy, her program will crimp investment and economic growth, though they disagree on how much.” Ip also makes a point that, while elementary, is often missed. Moody’s Analytics studied Mrs. Show More Summary

Al Smith Dinner Observations

Even though I am a dedicated non-fan of this storied annual event, where many participants, including some in collars, happily check their consciences along with their coats and umbrellas, a reliable, conservative Catholic pal in attendance...Show More Summary

The Clintons, Trading Overseas Trips for Foundation Donations

For a long time, the defense from the Clintons was that even though foreign governments were giving to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, no one could ever prove a quid pro quo, a particular circumstance where the Clintons agreed to take certain actions in exchange for donations. Show More Summary

Talk First, Fight Later

The division between Ryanites and Trumpites points to an important truth about today’s Republican party. There is no positive consensus that spans the GOP elites and electorate. There is no longer a consensus about entitlements, trade, immigration, or Syria. Show More Summary

Krauthammer’s Take: Rigging the Presidential Election ‘Would Require an Enormous Conspiracy’

Examining Donald Trump’s claims about a rigged election, Charles Krauthammer said that he has spent too much time focusing on something highly implausible: If he just said, “I will wait until election night before deciding if the election is a legitimate one,” that would be one thing. Show More Summary


HOMELAND “... I cannot sing Amid this horror.”                      – Anna Akhmatova                      (early draft of “Poem without a Hero”) Months pass without a single word recorded, Eliminating each suspicious link: The terrorizing,...Show More Summary

Trump's Not the Fighter You've Been Looking For

So, this is the election year when the GOP was supposed to get its “fighter.” Donald Trump was the man who was going to take all the Clintons many years of corruption and wrongdoing and shove it right in their faces — all on national television. Show More Summary

Neither Candidate Is Serious about Our Fiscal Trajectory

Like millions of other people, I watched the debate last night. But I have to say, as someone who moved to the United States because I believed this country was the land of freedom and has done a better job than others to constrain the growth of government, part of my dream died last night. Show More Summary

Not Having Sex Partner for Children to be a "Disability?"

The World Health Organization is close to declaring a new disability–not having a sex partner with whom one can have a child–even if not biologically infertile. Seriously. From the Telegraph story: Single men and women without medical...Show More Summary

Are Some Progressive Dads Afraid of Raising Sons?

We interrupt this nonstop electoral programming for an update from the progressive parenting looney-bin. Here, courtesy the always-reliable New York Times, is an article actually entitled “The Fear of Having a Son.” It begins like this: When...Show More Summary

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