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Felon Voting in Maryland Just in Time for the Election – and Plenty of Hypocrisy

Unfortunately for the law-abiding citizens of Maryland, on February 9 the state legislature overrode Governor Larry Hogan’s veto of a bill allowing felons to register and vote the moment they are out of prison — even if they are still on parole or probation and haven’t paid any required restitution to their victims or other court costs and fines. Show More Summary

Syria: The Obama Administration's Great Strategic and Moral Failure

At long last, there may be some good news out of Syria. Russia, the United States, and some of the combatants in the Syrian Civil War have agreed to a partial cease-fire — one that does not apply to ISIS and the al-Nusra front. It will...Show More Summary

No Columbo Needed in Columbus Machete Attack

A man wielding a machete injured four people at a restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, on Thursday night before being shot dead by police, but authorities say that, while they are investigating the incident as a potential “lone wolf” terrorist...Show More Summary

House Conservatives Moving Toward Compromise on Budget

I have a new item over on the home page on budget negotiations among the House Republican conference. Thus far, conservatives have largely been a hard “no” on leadership’s budget, but in a closed-door meeting this morning, Freedom Caucus...Show More Summary

Marco Rubio Is Not a Robot

Look, I’m under no illusions that last week’s now-infamous exchange with Chris Christie cost Marco Rubio dearly, but a bad three minutes does not a robot make. In my 20-plus years of constitutional litigation and conservative writing,...Show More Summary

Behind the Curve: Obama (Again), and Some Republicans Too

The Guardian: Barack Obama is planning to make “a big, public reach-out” to British voters to stay inside the European Union, the chair of the US Senate foreign relations committee has revealed. The plan emerged amid fears in Washington...Show More Summary

Donald Trump Is Fearless, Unless People Don't Want Him to Be

Donald Trump has a new policy: During a Thursday night speech in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Donald Trump promised the audience he’d never use profanity again. Trump was railing against “political hacks,” when he stopped short of using a worse term. Show More Summary

Some Thoughts on the Sanders–Clinton Race/Crime Exchange

The discussion of race during last night’s debate, especially with regard to crime, was disturbing but not surprising, following as it did the standard leftist script. Senator Sanders pointed to the disproportionate number of African...Show More Summary

Ted Cruz Didn't Need to Pull His Anti-Rubio Commercial

Per Fox News: Ted Cruz’s latest political ad turned out to be too hot for TV.  The Texas senator’s campaign confirmed late Thursday that it had pulled a commercial hitting Florida Sen. Marco Rubio over illegal immigration because one...Show More Summary

Pride and Prejudice, 2016

“I would wish not to be hasty in censuring anyone; but I always speak what I think.” –Jane Bennet, in  Pride and Prejudice, 1813. “I write as political attention in the United States and Europe is focused on terrorism, a thematic that almost but not completely obscures sight of the violence of climate change. Show More Summary

Rubio and Cruz to Co-Sponsor Legislation to Leave Draft Changes to Congress

In his push to ensure that Congress — not the president, not the Supreme Court — has the sole power to reconsider women’s eligibility for the draft, Mike Lee has found support from fellow senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Spokespeople...Show More Summary

Why Black Voters Are Sticking With Clinton

One of the reasons most political analysts believe that Hillary Clinton will ultimately prevail in the contest for the Democratic presidential nomination, despite the growing, broad-based enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders in a Democratic...Show More Summary

'Damn, It Feels Good to Be a Clinton.'

A political ad that is a parody of the Office Space destroying-the-printer scene? A rap, “Damn, it’s good to be a Clinton”? Senator Cruz, this might be my favorite political ad of all time. First look at new @tedcruz ad in SC targeting...Show More Summary

A Bad Argument for a Good Cause

In the New York Times, Gideon Yaffe says that Democrats should embrace “ a  proposal  favored by the right: a measure that would bolster the idea that a criminal conviction should require proof of what lawyers call ‘mens rea’ — literally,...Show More Summary

The Coming Dem-aggeddon

From the last Morning Jolt of the week: The Coming Dem-aggeddon,,, In 2008, we saw the Democrats, after a long, hard-fought and divisive primary, unite and win the general election by a big margin – helped along by the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Show More Summary

Sanders: 'I Believe in Efficient Government'

Bernie Sanders said in tonight’s Democratic debate that as a senator, he’s well aware there is “ an enormous amount of waste and inefficiency and bureaucracy throughout government.” Asked if there are any areas of government he would...Show More Summary

Hillary: ‘I Am Not Asking People to Support Me Because I’m a Woman’

Hillary Clinton, who boasted in her June announcement speech she would be the “youngest woman president” ever elected, tonight insisted she’s not courting votes based on her gender.  The comment came after PBS’s Gwen Ifill asked Bernie...Show More Summary

Hillary Ducks on Whether Women Who Don’t Support Her Are Going to Hell

In tonight’s PBS Democratic Debate, Judy Woodruff asked Hillary Clinton about her surrogate, Madeleine Albright, suggesting “there’s a special place in Hell,” for women who don’t support her candidacy.  “Do you agree with what she said,”...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton's Awkward New Hire

Buzzfeed is reporting that Hillary Clinton has hired Zerlina Maxwell to join her digital outreach team. I don’t know much about Maxwell. But Buzzfeed says this: “Zerlina has been profiled in the New York Times as a top political Twitter...Show More Summary

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