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Mandatory Voting? No Thanks.

Mandatory voting is an insolent notion of a type likely to be favored by someone who has no sense of where the prerogatives of the state should end and the rights of the individual begin. Under the circumstances, it’s no surprise that Barack Obama seems to be supportive of the idea. Show More Summary

Will's Take: Welcome to Indiana's 'Indignation Sweepstakes'

“There is nothing more tiresome in modern American life,” says columnist George Will, “than the indignation sweepstakes we get in all the time to see who can be most angry about this and that.” And the sweepstakes are on in Indiana. Responding...Show More Summary

'Cut his mic off'

When I saw on Twitter in the past hour that MSNBC had cut Ryan Anderson’s mic off, I thought: Surely his mic wasn’t literally cut off. But, yes, yes, indeed it was  – seeing is believing: A perfectly reasonable argument, shut down. This is where we are? This is where we want to be?

Well, He's Got Us There

From Brian Beutler of The New Republic, writing about Indiana and citing our editorial: National Review’s editors  called it  “another skirmish in the endless battle of the Big Gay Wedding Cake.” The image evoked, of a sole proprietor...Show More Summary

Auto-Deleting Hillary’s Inactive Account

On the question of whether Hillary’s deleted e-mails are recoverable, there are a range of views, many suggesting that some or all of the e-mails (or parts thereof) should be recoverable. I’ve been told that the only surefire way of making a hard drive unrecoverable is to bring it to the crematorium. Show More Summary

Dear Indiana Republicans: It's Not That Hard to Survive a Hatestorm

As Quin Hillyer notes, it looks like Indiana Republicans are in the process of “clarifying” their perfectly acceptable, easily defensible religious liberty law — all in the face of a hatestorm that is loud and furious but ultimately empty and powerless.  By now, Republicans should know this drill. Show More Summary

A Note about NR

Politico has the news that we are going non-profit. When we’ve talked about this transition to people over the last several months, the reaction we’ve usually gotten is: You’re not already a non-profit? And: What took you so long? (What...Show More Summary

Notes on Indiana

1. I have a post at Bloomberg defending the new Indiana law on religious freedom from Apple CEO Tim Cook, who wrote an incendiary and misleading op-ed. 2. The Republican party seems to be responding more favorably to the new law than it did during the 2014 ragefest against a similar proposed law in Arizona. Show More Summary

Mike Pence Caved

Indiana governor Mike Pence is now calling for legislation “clarifying” that his state’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act will not give any business the right to deny services to anyone. This is a craven capitulation. The act as passed allows courts to do a balancing test. Show More Summary

Flashback: Obama: Iran Only Wants 'Defensive' Nukes

If President Obama seems less worried than Israel that Iran will obtain nuclear weapons as a result of his administration’s negotiations with the regime, maybe that’s because he’s less worried than Israel about Iran having nuclear weapons. “I think Iran is like North Korea,” Obama told David Brooks when he was running for president in 2007. Show More Summary

Energy Department Gives $259 Million "Green" Conditional Loan to Politically Connected Corporation

The Department of Energy’s disastrous loan program lost taxpayers at least $780 million as companies like Solyndra, Fisker Automotive, and Abound Solar crashed and burned.   But as I write today, after a four-year hiatus, the Energy Department has announced a new fuel-efficient-vehicle loan—a $259 million conditional award to Alcoa. Show More Summary

Terri Schiavo's Cruel Death

Terri Schiavo ?died ten years today–a cruel and slow process cheered on by the media and pushed by bioethicists and assorted others. Anyone who thinks she went gently into that good night after a judge ordered her dehydrated to death, should read her brother Bobby Schindler’s very disturbing recounting.  It. Show More Summary


H.L. Mencken famously defined puritanism as the “haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.” Progressivism, it seems, should be defined as the “haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be making a decision you disapproveShow More Summary

There Are At Least Two Big Problems with the Republican Budgets

The Republican chairmen of the House and Senate Budget Committees put out their budgets recently, and have succeeded in passing the respective proposals. The House proposal is  here  and the Senate proposal is  here ; both plans are roughly the same. Show More Summary

Harry Reid Adopts Frank Underwood’s Ethics

One of the reasons Netflix’s House of Cards is so popular is that Francis Underwood, the fictional president played by Kevin Spacey, makes for a juicy villain, one utterly drenched in his own cynicism. But most people know the show is a fantasy. Show More Summary

The Backlash on Indiana: ‘Oversimplifying or Mischaracterizing the Law’

Some mild corrective articles are being published about the Indiana controversy over the state’s new religious-freedom law, which mirrors a federal law signed by Bill Clinton along with laws in 19 other states. Barack Obama voted for...Show More Summary

British Parliamentary Candidate Says Speech is 'Not a Right,' Sics the Police on a Critic

Wondering how badly freedom of expression has been deteriorated in Britain? This man is running for parliament: For the record, free speech is not an unassailable right. It’s a privilege to be treated with care — Simon Danczuk (@SimonDanczuk)...Show More Summary

A McJobs Recovery? (And Something McAwesome!)

Torsten Slok of Deutsche Bank Research sent around two fascinating charts this morning implying that the jobs created during the recovery from the Great Recession have been mostly high-wage, measured both by education (college grads vs. Show More Summary

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