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Poll: Whom Do You Want to Win the GOP Nomination?

Whom should Republicans choose as their 2016 nominee? Take NR’s latest poll and let your voice be heard. Poll: Whom Do You Want to Win the GOP Nomination?

On Arbor Day, Who Will Speak for the Trees?

Dr. Suess’s The Lorax, whence comes the title question, is socialist drivel of the most ignorant sort. But just because Theodore Geisel was a leftist dimwit who described the book as “ straight propaganda ” doesn’t mean trees are bad. Conservatives...Show More Summary

Can Someone Help Me? I'm Really, Truly Confused About a Campus Issue

Ok, here’s the first item. Apparently the Obama administration believes that universities so super-dangerous that even prisoners are safer from sexual assault than college students: The Obama administration has produced new statistics...Show More Summary

Dear Mainstream Media, Don't You Dare Whitewash Anti-Trump Violence

Last night, anti-Trump protesters rioted in Costa Mesa, California. Yes, rioted. That’s what you call it when “demonstrations” turn into this: From earlier, when protesters were trying to flip the police car — Jim Dalrymple II (@JimDalrympleII) April 29, 2016 Or this: Trump supporter got hurt. Show More Summary

Mike Pence Endorses Ted Cruz — Sort Of

Indiana governor Mike Pence on Friday offered up the most tepid endorsement of the campaign cycle. In an interview with WIBC radio, he announced that he’d be voting for Ted Cruz in Indiana’s primary on Tuesday, which is a make-or-break contest for the Texas senator.  He had a roundabout way of announcing his support. Show More Summary

Judd Gregg's Judgments

Former Republican governor and senator (and Obama Cabinet nominee) Judd Gregg says he could never vote for Senator Cruz (disclosure) because he is someone of “little character.” But he can vote for a guy who brags about his adulteries, tries to kick widows out of their homes, makes fun of disabled people for being disabled, etc. Show More Summary

Trump and the Gender Gap

For several decades, women have been more likely to vote for Democrats than men. A voter’s sex is not particularly predictive of a vote: Race, religion, and marital status matter more. But a gender gap exists across many subgroups. A...Show More Summary

The Labour Party’s Anti-Semitism Problem

The Left defines itself as international. This may explain the otherwise puzzling phenomenon of the Left’s support for Muslim and Islamist causes with which they have nothing in common. It is commonplace, but still strange, to observe...Show More Summary

Friday links

Happy Birthday, Duke Ellington: here’s some glorious music and a brief biography. That Time Eisenhower’s Presidential Motorcade Picked Up Two Hitchhikers. Camouflaged Anti-Nazi Pamphlets  found inside a Dusty Box at the NY Public Library. Horoscopes...Show More Summary

Your Cynicism About Politics Is Well-Founded.

From the last Morning Jolt of the week: Your Cynicism About Politics Is Well-Founded. Those of us with memories that can go back a few months will remember that during his presidential campaign, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said...Show More Summary

Is Pence Stepping Up?

I’m told that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will be on the great Greg Garrison radio show today at 12:06 Eastern to make a “significant announcement.” What that means, I don’t know. But I can only hope it means what I think it means.  Possible Pence Endorsement?

Trump and the "Social Conservative Veto"

David Frum has written a smart article for The Atlantic on Trump and his Republican enemies. You should read it. But I think he is wrong about this: Yet here’s something that traditional ideological conservatives will want to consider: Trump rose by shoving them aside. Show More Summary

Christians, Don't Fall for the 'Compassion' Trap

As I mentioned in my piece on the home page, I’ve been saddened at the number of Christians who either sit out the battle for religious liberty entirely or actively take the other side. In my piece today I tried to address those whoShow More Summary

Smugness and Liberalism

Emmett Rensin had some friendly advice for liberals in a recent essay for Vox: Lose the smugness. I comment on the essay at Bloomberg View, concluding that it misidentifies liberalism’s weakness. Smugness and Liberalism

Law and Loyalty

This week the White House released presidential proclamations for Law Day and Loyalty Day, each observed on May 1.  They are exactly what you would expect from this administration.  The latter proclamation is not about loyalty at all, and the former is all about one of the Warren Court’s signature decisions, Miranda v. Show More Summary

Do Millenials Dislike Capitalism Because It's Not a Safe Space?

So it turns out that a majority of millennials claim they dislike capitalism: In an apparent rejection of the basic principles of the U.S. economy, a new poll shows that most young people do not support capitalism. The Harvard University...Show More Summary

Trump Only Narrowly Ahead in Indiana

According to this not necessarily very credible poll, which has it Trump 37, Cruz 35, and Kasich 16. Donald Trump & Ted Cruz -- Indiana Is Neck and Neck

We Stand on One Side of the Chasm

“The conservative movement is being torn from within,” writes Jonah today in his appeal for you NRO fans to support our Spring Webathon. “It’s close to a civil war. The fault line runs straight through the heart of the Republican coalition, but not through National Review. Show More Summary

Well, You Couldn’t Capture the Inside-Washington View...

…of the presidential race better than John Boehner’s unapologetically sophomoric take at Stanford where he made it clear that his personal dislike of Ted Cruz trumps everything else: When specifically asked his opinions on Ted Cruz, Boehner made a face, drawing laughter from the crowd. “Lucifer in the flesh,” the former speaker said. Show More Summary

When Librarians Attack

While the Library of Congress does not often become the subject of political disputes, it has seen occasional dust-ups, including a protracted controversy in the late 19th century over the cement used in its construction. Nearly a century later, in 1975, the Library of Congress made news when President Gerald Ford nominated Daniel Boorstin to run it. Show More Summary

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