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No, Defunding Planned Parenthood Is Not ‘Sure to Increase the Number of Abortions’

The recent undercover videos by the Center for Medical Progress which show Planned Parenthood physicians discussing the sale of fetal body parts have put the organization’s mainstream-media allies in a difficult position. Of course, that has not prevented them from trying to rally support for Planned Parenthood. Show More Summary

It Turns Out That Equality Can Feel a Lot Like Unfairness

On Friday the New York Times published a fascinating story following up on Dan Price, founder of Gravity Payments. Price made headlines months ago when he announced that the new starting salary at his firm would be $70,000 per year, and he was cutting his own salary to help pay for the change. Show More Summary

Marist: Don't Use Our Poll to Decide Who Gets a Debate Invite!

Who saw this coming? The Marist Institute for Public Opinion is temporarily suspending its national poll because they don’t want Fox News using it to determine who will and who won’t be invited to the top-ten 9 p.m. debate Thursday. (Candidates ranked 11th or lower are invited to a 5 p.m. Show More Summary

A Quick Point on Criminal-Justice Reform

There’s lots of talk these days about criminal-justice reform, from both sides of the aisle: “Mass incarceration” is the Left’s term of opprobrium, and “overcriminalization” is the Right’s. I’m sure there’s plenty of room for improvement...Show More Summary

Sorry, Still No American Exceptionalism in APUSH

When Newsweek broke the story last week that the College Board had redone its controversial 2014 AP U.S. history (APUSH) framework, the headline blared: “Revised AP U.S. History Standards Will Emphasize American Exceptionalism.” That...Show More Summary

Walker's New Video: Time for 'New, Fresh Leadership'

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker starts the week with a new video, featuring him telling applauding crowds that the country needs “new, fresh leadership.” Thursday night, Walker will take the debate stage next to a national celebrityShow More Summary

Call the Doctor!

Richard Boxer has a very common sense piece in today’s Wall Street Journal that reminds us of just how criminally, stupidly, bureaucratic and wasteful our medical care system is in America. He relates the story of a truck driver who was experiencing symptoms of a heart attack while behind the wheel. Show More Summary

My Man Ted

As longtime readers may remember, Ted Cruz and I are old, dear friends. We met on the 2000 George W. Bush campaign. I had taken a six-week leave of absence from National Review ; Ted was a domestic-policy adviser. We “bonded,” to use an Oprah-esque word. Show More Summary

Welcome to Debate Week. Let's Get Ready to Rumble.

The first Morning Jolt of the week: Welcome to Debate Week. (Cue Sirius, The Alan Parsons Project) Don’t like the fact that your favorite is stuck at the kiddie table debate/warm-up act? Blame Fox News… and yes, the Republican National Committee signed off on the idea. The Aug. Show More Summary

Hillary Jabs Jeb Because Hillary's In a Hole

I was listening to Byron York discuss this column with Bill Bennett on Bennett’s “Morning in America” a few minutes ago. Byron focused on the criticism Jeb has gotten for not responding in kind — or in some other way — to Hillary Clinton’s attack on him at the Urban League convention last week. Show More Summary

Think It Through, Debbie!

Once more, Debbie Wasserman Schultz has refused to say what the difference is between a Democrat and a socialist. ( Wasserman Schultz is a congressman, by the way, and the chairman of the Democratic National Committee.) She will only answer what the difference is between a Democrat and a Republican. Show More Summary

Suicides R Switzerland

As I have often said, Switzerland has become Jack Kevorkian as a country, a place where people fly to be made dead. The latest example is a UK woman who was healthy, but didn’t want to be a burden. From The Mirror story: A healthy former nurse who chose to end her life at a Swiss suicide clinic said she’d rather die than grow old. Show More Summary

Ted Cruz to Koch Group: No, Global Warming is Not Real

Dana Point, Calif.  –  Senator Ted Cruz on Sunday got perhaps the most enthusiastic applause of any Republican presidential candidate to appear before the 450 donors drawn to Southern California for the Koch brothers’ summer conference...Show More Summary

Our Prospective Laureate

Idle question: If the Norwegian Nobel Committee gives John Kerry the peace prize for the Iran deal, and Iran goes nuclear, will he throw away his Nobel medal? P.S. Kissinger, in fact, tried to return his Nobel medal, and the “diploma,” and the money, after the North cratered the Paris Agreement and, in fact, conquered the South. Show More Summary

Planned Parenthood Vote Collides with First GOP Debate

The Senate will vote  at 5:30 P.M. EST Monday evening to file cloture on a bill that would block all taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood.  At that time, the four Republican senators who are running for president were expected toShow More Summary

How Hard Is this 'What's the Difference between Democrats and Socialists' Question?

Chuck Todd asked Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz this morning what the difference is between a Democrat and a socialist — a question she refused to answer when Chris Matthews asked her it out of the blue on Thursday. Show More Summary

Jeremy Corbyn?

When I lived in North London in the early 1980s, my local MP was Jeremy Corbyn, a man of the hard Left even by the dismal standards of the Labour party of that era. Blairs come and Blairs go, but the Corbyns of this world have a way of sticking around. Show More Summary

Vetoes, continued

Ramesh reminds me that no actual repeal measure of Obamacare has reached the president’s desk. It’s one of those things that feels like it happened, but didn’t. Remarkable. That would have been the easy part, in any case. The really hard work would have been getting the entire Republican conference to endorse and pass an alternative. Show More Summary

The End of the Tour

When a friend suggested we go see the new movie, ‘The End of the Tour’, last night I was, to put it mildly, skeptical.  A film about the days that Rolling Stone journalist David Lipsky spent interviewing the late David Foster Wallace...Show More Summary

Koch World Convenes

Dana Point, Calif.– Several of the GOP’s top donors have convened at a beachfront resort here at the behest of Charles and David Koch and the Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, their umbrella group. Over the next two days, the crowd...Show More Summary

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