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‘Us versus Them,’ and O

President Obama indulged in what he described as a “rant” — nice admission. (Really.) It included a blast at “somebody,” anybody, “who labels ‘us versus them’ or engages in rhetoric about how we’re going to look after ourselves and take it to the other guy.” Below, Victor Davis Hanson counted some of the ways in which Obama was hypocritical. Show More Summary


I read a news story this morning that gave me a memory. I dug out the text of a speech I gave, many years ago. The speech was about abortion. And, in it, I outlined how I had come to an anti-abortion view. Here is a quick section: During the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college, I was a camp counselor in Elgin, Illinois. Show More Summary

Krauthammer’s Take: For the First Time Ever, Both Parties Are Abandoning Free Trade

Charles Krauthammer argues that both parties’ rejection of free trade will alter the international landscape: What [Trump] saw from the Republican primaries is that the traditional ideology — free trade, more reasonable, more open on borders — was something that everything else was supporting. Show More Summary

Presidential Projections

President Obama went off on a rant at a press conference, lecturing that “Somebody who labels us versus them or engages in rhetoric about how we’re going to look after ourselves and take it to the other guy . . . that’s not the definition...Show More Summary

Germany Really Needs to Give Some Thought to Banning Rocket Launchers

I had two thoughts when I saw this tweet earlier today: Islamist extremists hide huge stockpile of weapons near German mosque: — Daily Express (@Daily_Express) June 29, 2016 First, unless my eyes deceive me, I’m looking at fully-automatic AK’s and anti-tank rocket launchers in that picture. Show More Summary

New Hampshire Gubernatorial Candidate Flips on Support for Planned Parenthood Funding

New Hampshire executive councilor Chris Sununu, a candidate for governor, no longer opposes renewing the state’s funding contract with Planned Parenthood. Last year, after the release of videos showing Planned Parenthood officials allegedly...Show More Summary

Steel Trap

Keith Hennessey writes about Trump’s calls for protecting the steel industry from foreign competition: Steel is an intermediate good. When you raise protectionist barriers against imported steel as Mr. Trump threatens, you temporarily help U.S. Show More Summary

An Uphill Battle for Scottish Independence

Since the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union last week, it has become received wisdom that Scotland will, at some point in the near future, secede from the U.K. It’s a compelling theory: Scotland voted heavily to remain in the E.U., and might see secession as the sole means of preserving E.U. Show More Summary

Puerto Rican Debt Comes Due

This Friday, $2 billion of Puerto Rican debt comes due. The struggling U.S. territory has been unable to repay it, but thanks to the efforts of congressional republicans, it should have some more breathing room. The bill responsibleShow More Summary

Do Children of Same-Sex Parents Suffer from Higher Rates of Depression, Obesity, and Suicidal Ideation?

Of all the battles over same-sex relationships, fewer are more contentious (or harder to resolve) than the battle over same-sex parenting. The phenomenon is new enough and rare enough that it’s hard to obtain large enough sample sizes or to conduct truly longitudinal studies. Show More Summary

Does the U.K. Still Have a Claim to a U.N. Security Council Seat? Yes (More than Russia!)

Now that Brits have voted to leave the EU, outraged critics have been saying its global influence will decline and questions must be raised about why it still has a U.N. Security Council seat. Nonsense. The British deserve that seat far more than one of the other permanent members of the Security Council — namely Russia. Consider some comparisons. Show More Summary

Keeping Patient Alive Can Be ‘Non-Beneficial Treatment’

The medical bureaucrats and technocrats are changing the meaning of definitions and terms to permit health care rationing and coerced withdrawal of care. This is the “futile care” controversy, sometimes called “inappropriate care,” or...Show More Summary

In Harlem, Democrats Trade Race Cards and Voter Suppression Charges

Robin Williams used to have a mordant joke back in the early 80s that the violence in Northern Ireland proved that when there were no black, Hispanic or Arab people around, “white people can improvise.” An ironic witticism, if you know any European history, but it was always good for an uncomfortable laugh. Show More Summary

Re: Clinton-McAuliffe Coordination on Felon Voting?

My friend Hans von Spakovsky notes that the e-mails reveal that the governor was working with progressive groups, who are his political allies, instead of with state election officials, who were surprised by his action. That is, he was acting not like a government official but more in the mode of a campaign consultant for the Democratic party. Show More Summary

Uncommon Knowledge: European Disunion

Hoover Institution fellow Michael McFaul and John O’Sullivan discuss the many problems Europe is facing including an aggressive Russia, Brexit, NATO and the asylum crisis in Germany. McFaul and O’Sullivan give their analysis of these problems and what it means for the future of Europe. (Note: This episodewas recorded on January 25, 2016.) Uncommon Knowledge: European Disunion

Clinton-McAuliffe Coordination on Felon Voting?

Sure looks like it, according to this Washington Examiner article, which begins:  “New Clinton campaign emails show that there was communication with top ally and Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe on his plan to let 206,000 felons vote in...Show More Summary

Zero, Zilch, Nada

This is the most extraordinary break-down of swing-state ad spending you’ll ever see, from First Read (numbers are from June): Colorado: Team Clinton $2.9 million, Team Trump $0 Florida: Team Clinton $7.3 million, Team Trump $0 Iowa:...Show More Summary

Krauthammer's Take: 'Destabilized' Turkey 'Feels Surrounded and Isolated'

Charles Krauthammer observes that Turkey, in the wake of a terror attack in Istanbul, is destabilized: Well, I think it’s most likely ISIS. It could be the Kurds, who’ve carried out a lot of terror attacks, but not quite on targets this soft generally speaking. Show More Summary

New RNC Proposal: No Rules Changes in Cleveland

What’s the surest way to prevent Donald Trump’s opponents from re-writing the GOP’s rules to deny him the nomination at next month’s convention? According to a new proposal from Republican National Committee member Solomon Yue, the answer...Show More Summary

Trade and Paul Ryan

The latest issue of NR includes an article of mine on the politics of trade, an article that has now been put on our homepage. While writing it I came across a largely like-minded article by Daniel Drezner, which also notes that public opinion shows no sign of having turned against trade. Show More Summary

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