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Feingold Attacks Johnson's Anti-Poverty Program

As the Senate race in Wisconsin tightens in the last two weeks before election day, Democratic candidate Russ Feingold — who served three terms as senator before being unseated by Republican Ron Johnson in 2010 — has lashed out at an unlikely target: Johnson’s charity work. Show More Summary

Unjustified Protests Against the Dakota Access Pipeline

Merrill Matthews and Jack Rafuse go through the issues. Rafuse concludes: Dakota access has been thoroughly – exhaustively – examined.  On every applicable issue, it has been found compliant.  It has played by the rules, and satisfied...Show More Summary

Obamacare and the Fundamentals

The conspiracy theory about the woefully misnamed Affordable Care Act is that the architects of Obamacare intended their program to fail, thus creating an opening for a so-called public option which would then be expanded to a full-on British-style government health-care monopoly. Show More Summary

Signed Copies

You can get your copy, with James Rosen’s flourished signature, of the New York Times bestseller (yeah, it is!) right here.  Signed Copies

Truth vs. Social Justice

I have in these pages sometimes referred to Heterodox Academy, an organization of scholars devoted to intellectual diversity in the social sciences.  Recently Jonathan Haidt — a prominent member of Heterodox  — lectured at Yale University on...Show More Summary

Bureaucrats Threaten the Rule of Law

Donald Trump’s recent refusal to promise he’ll accept the presidential election’s result has raised much concern. Yet, there has been little outcry over Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Director Richard Cordray recent dismissal of a court verdict against him. Last week, the U.S. Show More Summary

Could Somebody Poll Idaho to See How McMullin Is Doing Out There?

Over at Bloomberg,  Leonid Bershidsky writes – at least according to the headline - ”I Saw the Future of Politics at an Evan McMullin Rally” and contends the independent candidate is offering “conservatism for Millennials.” We know McMullin is in the neighborhood of winning Utah. Show More Summary

A Pro-Lifer for Clinton

Jenifer Sarver’s article at the Dallas Morning News is headlined, “How you can be a pro-life Christian and still support Hillary Clinton.” Based on the article, it seems to help if you put any specifics about Clinton’s position on abortion out of your mind. A Pro-Lifer for Clinton

Anti-Republican Vandals Deface Pat Toomey’s Neighborhood

Vandals have attacked several houses in Pennsylvania senator Pat Toomey’s neighborhood, scrawling anti-GOP screeds in red spray paint across the street from the Toomey residence in Zionsville, Pa. “ Nazi, Slavers, Rapists, Cross Worshipers GOP,” read one message. Show More Summary

Steven Den Beste, RIP

Steven Den Beste, one of the early stars of the blogosphere, has passed away. His name may not be instantly recognized by the readers of 2016 because he stopped blogging regularly about politics in 2004, turning his attention towards animated films and shows. Show More Summary

Zombie Blogging -- There's a Fine Line Between Entertainment and Sadism

I was offline yesterday, so I’m coming late to the Walking Dead threads, but when there’s a good zombie show – and I’ve got access to a blog – then I’m going to zombie-blog. Warning: SPOILERS below: Look, I know this is the era of “dark” television. Show More Summary

The Best Political Ad of the Season

Yes, I know everyone and there brother is already sharing this, but for those few readers who haven’t seen it, I present the Texas wonk: Classic, but leave it to David Burge to sound the cynical note: .@jaketapper People want to vote for Hank Hills. Show More Summary

Remember Who Lied to You About Lowering Your Premiums.

From the Tuesday Morning Jolt: Remember Democrats Lied to You About Lowering Your Insurance Premiums. In a normal year, this news would doom the Democrats: Insurers are raising the 2017 premiums for a popular and significant group of...Show More Summary

UNDERCOVER VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Personally Directed Plan to Incite of Violence at Trump Rallies

Project Veritas’s most recent undercover video sting has already resulted in firings (Scott Foval of Democracy Partners) and caused one of Hillary Clinton’s key operatives — Robert Creamer – to resign from the campaign. The videos show evidence...Show More Summary

Sweet Autonomy

Today, I continue with my series on Bruce and Suzie Kovner. And I address a particular legend: Did Bruce drive a cab in New York? Did this master of the markets — did this future multi-billionaire — actually drive a cab, before he embarked on his trading career? He did. Show More Summary

Meet Mencken

My guest on this week’s Bookmonger podcast is D.H. Hart, author of Damning Words: The Life and Religious Times of H.L. Mencken. We discuss Mencken’s faith (or lack of it), why this acclaimed 20th-century journalist deserves a “religious biography,” and whether he is best understood as a conservative or a contrarian or a proto-libertarian or something else. H.L. Mencken

Tuesday links

October 25 is the anniversary of 3 major battles: Agincourt, the charge of the Light Brigade and Leyte Gulf: history and brief documentaries. The 30 Weirdest Horror Movies of the 1970s. Secret Nazi military base discovered by Russian scientists in the Arctic. Show More Summary

Krauthammer’s Take: With Obamacare Insolvent, Democrats Want a ‘Single-Payer Government System’

Charles Krauthammer explained how the insolvency problems in Obamacare have come from its structural problems, and that the Democrats will try to solve it with a public option and, eventually, a single-payer system: That’s the rational thing to do is not to join [Obamacare]. Show More Summary

Don’t Be Scared

My new Q&A is not really a Q&A — I use the platform of this podcast to do a music program. This one relates to Halloween. To things that go bump in the night, musically. You have Tartini (“Devil’s Trill”). Gounod (the “golden calf” aria from Faust). Show More Summary

Obamacare's Comprehensive Mistake

Speaking about Obamacare last week, President Obama once again expressed his view that only comprehensive health insurance policies, which cover a large share of routine medical expenses, count as real insurance. Conservatives generally...Show More Summary

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