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Other People's Money

A Labour win in the upcoming British general election (or even a strong showing by the inaccurately named Liberal Democrats, something that I would not rule out) would be terrible news for the UK, but Theresa May’s Tories seem intent...Show More Summary

Scholars Begin to Refute the Micro-aggression Theory Rampant in Academia

All humans have to put up with things other people say that are bothersome, but leave it to American academics to elevate that into a great social problem. About ten years ago, a few scholars began arguing that when members of certain...Show More Summary

The Clintonites’ Disunity Whine

One of the more irritating parts of the new book Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign involves Clintonites whining about Bernie Sanders criticizing Clinton and dividing the party. Bernie’s challenge to Clinton was a perfectly normal event, given that there was no Democratic incumbent running for reelection. Show More Summary

Wean Colleges Off Federal Funding

James Patterson has written an able — if quite arguable — commentary on my dispute with Stanley Kurtz on what’s wrong with higher education and what can be done to make things better. This, is of course, a friendly dispute. And I agree...Show More Summary

Another Reason Men Earn More: How Far They Go For Their First Job

Women and men make different choices about the number of hours to work (even when working full time), industries, specialties, physical risks to take on, and how much time to take off. Those are the factors that we mostly hear about when people explain the wage gap statistic that consistently shows that men, on average, still earn more than women do. Show More Summary

It’s Now Racist to Question Whether a Hawaii Judge Should Make Immigration Policy for the Entire United States

This is a stupid controversy even by the standards of the Trump years, but Jeff Sessions is getting slammed for a comment about a judge on “an island in the Pacific,” a.k.a. Hawaii, blocking the president’s travel ban. Sessions saidShow More Summary

The Blinding Optimism of the Elites, Here and Abroad

A short offering from the last Morning Jolt of the week… The French Elites, Comfortable with American Elites’ Playbook from 2016 Writing in the New York Times, Kamel Daoud contends that France’s political elites are telling themselves reassuring lies about how Marine Le Pen couldn’t possibly win: Why is it, finally, that Ms. Show More Summary

Abortion Lobby Doesn't Want Women Informed About Choices

Pro-abortion types claim they are “pro-choice.” But they apparently don’t want women considering abortions to be fully informed about what it is that they are making a choice about, most particularly the nature of the being that is the...Show More Summary

Howard Dean Is Peddling 'Hate Speech' Hogwash

This again, and from a former governor no less: Hate speech is not protected by the first amendment. — Howard Dean (@GovHowardDean) April 21, 2017 This is incorrect, and dramatically so. There is no such thing...Show More Summary

Friday links

This 1983 episode of The Family Feud pitted the cast of Gilligan’s Island vs the cast of Batman. Jazz was America’s “Secret Sonic Weapon” Against Communism. South Indian frog oozes molecule that inexplicably devastates flu viruses. April...Show More Summary

Monkman and Monkmaniac

As regular readers may know, I am a fan of University Challenge, the British quiz show. I even wrote a little appreciation of it for Standpoint magazine last year (here). This season, a standout was Eric Monkman, of Oakville, Canada....Show More Summary

BREAKING: Terrorist Attack in Paris Leaves 1 Policeman Dead, 2 Wounded

Via the New York Times: PARIS — A gunman jumped out of a car, killed a police officer and wounded two others on the Champs-Élysées in central Paris on Thursday night, French officials said. The gunman was shot dead by the police as he tried to flee on foot, Pierre-Henry Brandet, a French Interior Ministry spokesman, told the BFMTV news channel. Mr. Show More Summary

House Republicans Debut AHCA Amendment

The House GOP has created an amendment to the American Health Care Act (AHCA), a product of ongoing negotiation between House leadership, moderate Republicans, and the conservative members of the Freedom Caucus. Republican leadership...Show More Summary

Campus Watch

This week in campus speech: At the University of Alaska Anchorage, an art gallery showcases a professor’s painting of a beheaded President Trump. At Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, administrators have banned pro-life students from putting up a flag display because it creates “an unsafe environment.“ Trump decapitation

Trevor Noah Reveals Pro-Abortion Foolishness

When news broke yesterday afternoon that tennis champion Serena Williams had been pregnant in January when she won the Australian Open, Trevor Noah’s commentary on the subject accidentally acknowledged the truth about unborn human life...Show More Summary

Venezuela Nationalizes GM Plant While Its People Are Starving

Amid ongoing protests and a collapsing economy, Venezuela has nationalized the country’s General Motors plant. The move has drawn condemnation from GM, which has halted operations, and from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who has accused...Show More Summary

Attorney General to Enforce the Law: Film at Eleven

The United States has immigration laws. They were passed by Congress. Jeff Sessions went to Nogales, Ariz., last week and stated he will enforce those laws. All the right people are apoplectic. After eight years of ideologically selective...Show More Summary

Bilingualism Makes You Smarter — Or Not

The progressive demonstration with the strange name “March for Science” is scheduled for this weekend. Although organizers call it “the first step of a global movement,” the march actually continues a long tradition of activists invoking science as a cover for positions that are fundamentally ideological. Show More Summary

‘South Koreans Feel Cheated After U.S. Carrier Miscue’

How does this happen? If the point of the saber-rattling in North Korea is to re-establish our credibility, mis-stating where a carrier is obviously doesn’t help. ‘South Koreans Feel Cheated After U.S. Carrier Miscue’

Colleges Teach Division, Not Our Common Humanity

One of the nastiest features of American higher education today is its incessant focus on division — how some groups enjoy “privilege” while others are “oppressed.” The mania over diversity is grounded in assigning individuals to various...Show More Summary

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