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Assisted Suicide Loses in Hawaii

Mass legalization of assisted suicide is not inevitable. Now, after losing recently in, add Hawaii to the list. From the story: A lack of specifics in the current draft of the controversial ‘Death with Dignity’ bill...Show More Summary

Ryan to the White House

Probably not a good sign for the bill, but we’ll know more soon. The push for this bill was a momentum play and it may be that the momentum is running the wrong direction such that a floor vote would not be a narrow loss, but a big one. Show More Summary

Did the House Bill Get Worse?

Nicholas Bagley makes the case that the so-called manager’s amendment is very poorly drafted, perhaps disastrously so. Did the House Bill Get Worse?

‘A New World Has Emerged’

In recent weeks, I have written about the “Marine Corps,” by which I mean Marine Le Pen and her body of supporters and peers. For instance, GOP congressmen Steve King and Dana Rohrabacher met with her. King tweeted that they had discussed “shared values.” She has now gone to Moscow, to visit with Vladimir Putin. Show More Summary

Why So Many College Graduates Can't Really Think

Among the standard claims made on behalf of putting kids in college is that they’ll learn “critical thinking.” (As if plain old thinking isn’t critical, but let that go.) But do they? It’s increasingly evident that instead of turning...Show More Summary

Freedom Caucus Can Just Walk Away

Members of the House Freedom Caucus have shown they want the moon, or nothing, when considering reform of health-care policy. They aren’t going to get the moon, so what they should do is nothing. If they won’t vote “yes,” they also should not vote “no” and not vote “present” either. Show More Summary

10 Things that Caught My Eye Today (March 24, 2017)

1. The great City of God Twitter experiment continues. (Background on Chad Pecknold’s #CivDei challenge to anyone within the reach of social media here.) When speed is what you need. #CivDei — C. C. Pecknold (@ccpecknold) March 24, 2017 2. On The Federalist: “ We parents of disabled children know the pain. Show More Summary

Why No GOP Health Care Bill Will Ever Be Really Popular

From the last Morning Jolt of the week: Why No GOP Health Care Bill Will Ever Be Really Popular The conventional wisdom this morning is that Republicans are on the verge of suffering a colossal defeat by failing to unify behind the American Health Care Act.  It’s only a colossal defeat if they let it become one. Show More Summary

Loch Ness and DRock

Long before there was the expression “fake news” — or, as the president tweets it, “FAKE NEWS” — there was the National Enquirer. This was pretty much understood to be the definition of fake news. The Lindbergh baby might have been carried...Show More Summary

Pick a Lane, Chuck

Alexandra notes that Chuck Schumer intends to filibuster Neil Gorsuch. Schumer said he remained unconvinced that Gorsuch would “be an independent check” on President Donald Trump. Gorsuch, he asserted, is “not a neutral legal mind but someone with a deep-seated conservative ideology. Show More Summary

Friday links

Uninspirational Quotes for People Who Hate Inspirational Quotes. Flying Water Taxis are coming to Paris this Summer. Found: A Colossal Statue of Ramses II Hiding Under a Cairo Street. Dead Men’s Teeth: A History of Dentures. Humanure:...Show More Summary

The Base’s Rage Ill Serves the Democratic Party

I n a week chock-full of news, the party that on the night of November 8 found itself, much to its surprise, very much out of power has been having difficulty finding a way to return. Democratic senators, urged on by the Left blogosphere...Show More Summary

The Trump Ultimatum

Trump wants a vote no matter what tomorrow and says he’ll abandon Obamacare repeal if the bill doesn’t pass. This is highhanded and, if sincere, reckless. A loss would be a major blow but there would be other avenues available to get a repeal bill–the Senate could go first, or the House could try again with something better crafted. Show More Summary


That’s the approve-disapprove of the Republican health-care bill, per a new Quinnipiac poll. If that number is anywhere close to accurate, it makes the analysis on why Republicans are having trouble passing the bill much simpler–major legislation this unpopular doesn’t become law. Show More Summary

BREAKING: House Health-Care Vote Postponed

After over two weeks of deliberation, House leadership has postponed a vote scheduled for sometime today on the American Health Care Act (AHCA), the GOP bill to repeal and replace Obamacare. According to the most recent information,Show More Summary

Vote Delayed

It’s obviously not a great sign. The tactical problem Ryan has is that he needs to win over both conservatives and moderates, which means that every action creates a reaction. It’s not clear, for instance, that the White House offerShow More Summary

How Health-Care Policy Divides the Republican Coalition

Making even Internet memes look durable, the American Health Care Act seems a quickly evolving legislative artifact. Whatever it is, though, it faces a key political problem: Will it blow up the potential alliance between conservatives...Show More Summary

Ganges River Declared a Legal Person

New Zealand previously passed legislation granting a river legal personhood. Yes, a river: you know the geological feature by which water flows through a defined channel, usually to the sea. Now, an Indian court has decreed that the Ganges is entitled to human-style rights. Show More Summary

Here We Go — Democrats Announce Intention to Filibuster Gorsuch

On Twitter, earlier today: Democrats plan to filibuster nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court — Washington Post (@washingtonpost) March 23, 2017 From the article: Judge Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s pick to serve on the U.S. Show More Summary

Hate Crimes Hoaxes Strike Again, Anti-Semitic Bomb Threats Edition

If you follow the news with any diligence beyond reading the loudest early headlines and social-media clickbait, you are wearyingly familiar with the pattern of heavily-hyped “hate crimes” (ranging from violent crimes to nasty notesShow More Summary

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