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Nine Things that Caught My Eye Today (Nov. 25, 2015)

Just a few windows open on my computer before Thanksgiving: 1. From Terry Mattingly about the new Louisiana governor : what did this win tell the Democratic establishment? If it wants to return to power in the South, to even a smallShow More Summary

Stop Saying That Public School Teachers Are ‘Underpaid’

One of the more enduring education-policy myths is that public-school teachers are “underpaid” on average, and therefore that raising teacher pay across the board would improve student achievement. The latest exercise in mythmaking is...Show More Summary

This Train Is Not Bound for Glory

Jay: I’ll see your prudishness, and raise you.  Several months ago, I spotted this ad during my morning commute: I’d say, “Don’t miss the disclaimer at the bottom” — but you couldn’t miss it if you tried; it’s a quarter of the ad. Apparently,...Show More Summary

Attacking Trump, Ineffectively

I don’t think that this line of attack on Trump is going to be effective at reducing his support. Republican voters are used to being told that the candidates they like are dangerous extremists, and to writing off that criticism. So even when there is some truth to the charge, it is one to which they have antibodies. Show More Summary

Happy Thanksgiving links

Time to invite the neighbors to dinner, kill them, and take their land.  Here’s a  huge roundup of Thanksgiving links : how turkey got its name, why the Lions and Cowboys always play, Ben Franklin’s account of the first Thanksgiving, ...Show More Summary

New Kasich Web Video: Donald Trump Is Pretty Much a Nazi, Right?

From the last Morning Jolt of this Thanksgiving Week: New Kasich Web Video: Donald Trump Is Pretty Much a Nazi, Right? Yeesh. John Kasich’s campaign takes its biggest shot at Donald Trump, featuring a former U.S. prisoner of war, Ret. Show More Summary

The West Takes on ISIS, Even without U.S. Leadership

From my most recent NRO article, on France’s response to the attacks: “The French government has responded admirably to the Paris outrage and is preparing to cooperate with the Russians in attacking ISIS, and may be able to commit some...Show More Summary

The New Hamtramck -- and the Looming Question

When I was growing up in southeastern Michigan, Hamtramck was the Polish-American stronghold. It must have been one of the most Polish cities outside of Poland. We were all kind of proud of it. It was a bit exotic. You went there for...Show More Summary

Take the X Train

Below, Ian has a post on the advertising that is permitted on New York subway trains and the advertising that is not. Well, I bring you some advertising that is: A few inches from an adorable little girl’s head was a poster advertising the Museum of Sex. Show More Summary

Krauthammer's Take: Turkey Also Shot Down Any Chance of a U.S.-Russia Alliance

In shooting down a Russian fighter jet that violated its airspace, Turkey also greatly diminished any chance the U.S. will accept Russian into its anti-ISIS coalition, Charles Krauthammer argued tonight. Speaking of French PresidentShow More Summary

Jeff Bezos, Nazi

First, this: Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday demanded Amazon suspend its subway advertising campaign for its new show, “The Man in the High Castle,” which has plastered Nazi and Imperial Japanese iconography all over the 42nd StreetShow More Summary

Why Ted Cruz Probably Won't Win

Ted Cruz is now the flavor of the week. He has risen dramatically in polls, both nationally and in key states like Iowa, and now many pundits are saying he’s the man to watch. Maybe so, but that vastly underestimates the challenge the...Show More Summary

This Is Sparta!

This week’s Bookmonger podcast is with Paul A. Rahe, author of The Grand Strategy of Classical Sparta: The Persian Challenge. We talk about the guys who inspired the movie 300, whether their martial power and heroism saved Western civilization, and what their experience can teach Americans in the 21st century.

The Rapidly-Spreading States of Emergency

On November 12, President Obama said it was “premature” to say that ISIS was “the greatest terror threat in the world.” Since then, four countries have declared a national “state of emergency” in response to attacks by ISIS or its affiliates:...Show More Summary

Barack Obama, Red-Baiter

Undeterred by pesky responsibilities like the War on Terror (as we called it in the bad old days), President Obama is headed to Paris to confront the Greatest Threat of Our Time: global warming (as they called it in the glory days, before the earth was rude enough to cool, necessitating the substitute “climate change”). Show More Summary

The Self-Muzzling of America

Democratic candidates are apparently not allowed to say “radical Islam.” Or “All lives matter.” If they say those things, there’s hell to pay. And now Hillary Clinton has pledged not to say “illegal immigrant.” By the time the caucuses...Show More Summary

Cathy Lanier Is Highly Confused About Concealed Carry

D.C.’s police chief sees a role for the citizenry in thwarting terror attacks against their city. Per the Washington Post: D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier is urging that civilians confronted by an active shooter in some cases try to...Show More Summary

The Art of Cowardice

Inside Higher Education sets the stage: In 1934, Ann Rice O’Hanlon painted a fresco — then the largest one ever painted by a woman — in the University of Kentucky’s Memorial Hall. Ever since, thousands of students have walked past it on their way to and from various events each semester. Show More Summary

Webathon Waiting for You to Celebrate NR's Six-Oh!

Come here often? Somehow I have the feeling I should be wearing fishnet stockings when I ask that. Anyway: We’re in the midst of our annual end-of-year online fundraiser, which overlays brilliantly with our 60th anniversary, and we are...Show More Summary

The Failure of the Jeb Bush PAC's Autumn Ad Barrage

Was Jeb Bush SuperPAC’s big advertising push in early autumn the least effective multi-million dollar advertising campaign ever? In mid-September, Jeb Bush’s SuperPAC, Right to Rise PAC, unleashed $24 million in advertising, mostly in...Show More Summary

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