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Our Looming Bioethics Authoritarianism

Bioethics advocacy is growing increasingly authoritarian around medical care for the most weak and vulnerable among us. For example, I just became aware of this article by bioethicist Dominic Wilkinson published last year in Oxford’s Practical Ethics that proposes people diagnosed as persistently unconscious be made to die by dehydration. Show More Summary

The Rival Approaches to Islam

Ibn Warraq is the pseudonym of someone evidently born and brought up a Muslim but who as an adult finds that rationality means more to him than Islam. The pseudonym is all that stands between him and a death sentence for his critical writings. Show More Summary

The London Bomber Was a… Teenage Refugee?

From the first Morning Jolt of the week: The London Bomber Was a… Teenage Refugee? The fact that a young refugee placed a bomb in the London tube train Friday morning doesn’t mean that the United States shouldn’t accept any refugees....Show More Summary

Monday links

Dr. Samuel Johnson (wiki) was born on this date in 1709: here’s a selection of his insults and Scotland-bashing comments. The now-abandoned Russian town that was aiming nuclear missiles at America from just 125 miles away. How to Get...Show More Summary

Heroes and Anti-Heroes of the ‘Working Class’

Last Friday, a Fox Sports personality went on CNN and made the following statement: “I’m a First Amendment absolutist. I believe in only two things completely: the First Amendment and boobs.” He went on to affirm what he had said, proudly. Show More Summary

American Assassin

My review of American Assassin, the new movie: Thumbs up. Best part: During the climactic scene, we learn that the Navy has a ship called the U.S.S. Flynn. This is a hat tip to the late Vince Flynn, the author of the books upon which the movie is based. Seven years ago, I podcasted with Flynn about American Assassin. Show More Summary

Normalizing Suicide Parties

Back in the early 1990s, my late friend Frances invited me and other of her friends to attend her suicide party. We all said no with an explanation point. Such a thing was unthinkable. We would help Frances through the difficulties in her life, but we would not validate her self-destruction. Show More Summary

Some Constitution Day Reading

One of the very great blessings we enjoy as Americans is the written Constitution we have inherited, and are called on to perpetuate and strengthen. It is, as Lincoln memorably put it (echoing Proverbs 25:11), the picture of silver that houses our apple of gold—the self-evident truths at the core of our founding. Show More Summary

The Wall Street Journal Gets the RAISE Act Wrong

According to Akhila Satish, writing in the Wall Street Journal, the RAISE Act would have prevented a majority of foreign-born winners of the Nobel Prize from “staying” in the U.S. Either Satish is being deliberately misleading or she is confused. She writes that RAISE creates a point system to allocate employment-based green cards. Show More Summary

Is the Other Advantage of the DACA Deal for Trump that Jeff Sessions Would Hate It?

The New York Times has a fascinating, if dispiriting, further look into the fraught Trump-Sessions relationship. Donald Trump, DACA, & Jeff Sessions

‘The Agony of the Wall’

I wrote today about Trump’s struggles to come up with something he can call a wall: Build that wall! Eventually. Or at least patch up some existing fencing. If Chuck and Nancy will agree. Donald Trump’s signature pledge to build a border wall, a.k.a The Wall, is diminishing almost by the hour. Show More Summary

A State Demands Grade Inflation

You might suppose that most politicians would be against grade inflation in college, or at least indifferent to it. But in Georgia, a bill recently sailed through the legislature and was signed by Governor Deal that adds half a point to the grades of students who earn B, C, or D grades in STEM courses. Show More Summary

Guttmacher Study Ignores Fine Print on Decline in Teen Pregnancy

Last week, the Guttmacher Institute released a comprehensive analysis of teen-pregnancy rates. It contains detailed historical data on teen pregnancies, teen births, and teen abortions. It also presented teen-pregnancy trends for various racial groups. Show More Summary

The Terrorism Crisis Deepens

Because no one has yet died as a result of the bombing on the London Underground at Parsons Green — though 22 unlucky people have received serious injuries — we may be inclined to regard the attack as another jihadist failure. Like the...Show More Summary

Ah Yes, Harvard, that Conservative Traditionalist Citadel!

From the last Morning Jolt of the week: Ah Yes, Harvard, that Conservative Traditionalist Citadel! Quite a few folks scoffed and objected when Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government made Chelsea Manning – convicted of 19 charges, including six counts of espionage – a visiting fellow. Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton's Stupid Questions

Slate quotes her new book: I look at the people at Trump’s rallies, cheering for his hateful rants, and I wonder: Where’s their empathy and understanding? Why are they allowed to close their hearts to the striving immigrant father and...Show More Summary

Friday links

IBM’s 1937 corporate songbook is something of a hoot. Some 19th century money saving tips. Eyewitnesses to the Great Los Angeles Air Raid. Sex And The Censors: America’s First Obscene Books Commission (1953 – 1973). The Definitive Sandwich...Show More Summary

1861 and All That

I have stepped into a hornets’ nest — I have written about the Confederacy and its monuments (here). I had a head full of steam, and I’ve released it. The issue is multifaceted. There are of course complications. But I have exactly zero sympathy for the Lost Cause. Show More Summary

Please, Mr. President, No More Deals

The debt-ceiling “deal” from a week or so ago was a misnomer, since there wasn’t really any deal — Trump just gave Pelosi and Schumer what they wanted. This appears to be what Trump did Wednesday night on DACA as well. This isn’t dealing; it’s capitulating and then watching cable news for affirmation. Show More Summary


LOOKING EAST A Yes or No answer, black or white, is Not found staring at the ocean, much as The sea magnetizes our attention. It holds us more completely than we feel It does, the eternal shift that catches us Again, repeatedly; of all...Show More Summary

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