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Well, You Couldn’t Capture the Inside-Washington View...

…of the presidential race better than John Boehner’s unapologetically sophomoric take at Stanford where he made it clear that his personal dislike of Ted Cruz trumps everything else: When specifically asked his opinions on Ted Cruz, Boehner made a face, drawing laughter from the crowd. “Lucifer in the flesh,” the former speaker said. Show More Summary

When Librarians Attack

While the Library of Congress does not often become the subject of political disputes, it has seen occasional dust-ups, including a protracted controversy in the late 19th century over the cement used in its construction. Nearly a century later, in 1975, the Library of Congress made news when President Gerald Ford nominated Daniel Boorstin to run it. Show More Summary

Misunderstanding Obamacare and Work

Andrew Ross Sorkin writes in the New York Times: In 2014, the Congressional Budget Office released a report estimating that the Affordable Care Act would “reduce the total number of hours worked, on net, by about 1.5 percent to 2.0 percent during the period from 2017 to 2024” — a seemingly disastrous outcome for the economy. Show More Summary

Obama Falls Short of the Gipper

It’s no secret that Barack Obama wanted to be a progressive Ronald Reagan — a “transformational” president who moves the country in a new ideological direction. In some sense I think he’s succeeded. The Democratic party has certainly moved very far to the left, and so has the Republican party in the guise of Donald Trump. Show More Summary

Why Cable News Loves to Air Trump Rallies Live and Uninterrupted

Campbell Brown, formerly of CNN and NBC, offers a detailed denunciation of television news for basically abdicating its job and turning over its airwaves to Donald Trump for long stretches: Trump doesn’t force the networks to show his rallies live rather than do real reporting. Show More Summary

Supreme Court: Hey, Maybe Bribery Laws Are Just Too Vague!

The Supreme Court heard arguments from Bob McDonnell’s lawyers that the bribery law he’s charged with violating is being too broadly defined, and they seem sympathetic to the idea that these darn laws against bribery are just too open-ended: The...Show More Summary

Bad Economic Numbers Look Like Bad News for Hillary Clinton

Will the 2016 general election take place in an economic environment of mixed news, or a recession or near-recession? The new numbers out this morning look pretty gloomy: The U.S. economy stumbled out of the gate in 2016 as consumers...Show More Summary

Netherlands Push to Euthanize Children

Euthanasia boosters are so full of baloney. To get the death agenda adopted, they promise the moon, that medicalized killing will be strictly limited, and always restricted to competent adults.  Then, once society widely accepts killing...Show More Summary

How Occupational Licensing Is Used to Exclude Competition: Nurses and Telemedicine

The Wall Street Journal has a good piece about the licensing headache that nurses involved in telemedicine have to face to continue doing their jobs. As things are now, nurses who are in the telemedicine business have to be licensed in every state they have customers in. Show More Summary

Followup Re: 'Justice-Involved Youth'

On Tuesday I made fun of the Obama administration for a press release referring to young criminals/juvenile delinquents as “justice-involved youth.” Well, yesterday the administration broadened the euphemism to include criminals of all ages, with Attorney General Lynch referring to “justice-involved individuals.” Followup re "Justice-Inolved Youth"

Chobani Yogurt Founder Offers Employees the Deal of a Lifetime

I eat a Chobani yogurt nearly every day — preferably mango flavored — but never thought once about where the company came from. Today I learned a heartwarming story about the yogurt I’ve become so devoted to. In a nutshell, Chobani founder...Show More Summary

One Thing We Now Know — Pundits Would Make Terrible Coaches

The mainstream media is deriding Ted Cruz’s decision to name Carly Fiorina as a “Hail Mary pass” or a “halfcourt shot at the buzzer” (the Washington Post has a nice roundup of tweets and commentary). Well, okay. But what else shouldShow More Summary

Trump vs. Cruz-Fiorina Is Now the GOP's Choice About Women Voters

From the Thursday Morning Jolt . . .  Another Big Curveball in an Unpredictable Year: The Cruz-Fiorina Option What people are saying about the potential Ted Cruz–Carly Fiorina ticket . . .  Our Eliana Johnson and Tim Alberta: It soon...Show More Summary

Quiz Whiz

In Britain, there is a quiz show called “University Challenge.” It’s my favorite TV show. I watch it on YouTube, at night. My predilection, as it were. On my latest Q&A podcast, I have a star of the most recent tournament: David Landon Cole, who is a doctoral student at York (political science). Show More Summary

The Divide

There is a gap between people who think that Donald Trump ought to be president, or is fit to be president, and those who don’t. And that gap, I’m afraid, is unbridgeable. I’m reminded of another issue — women in combat, or women at war. Show More Summary


You can say that he didn’t mean it, but I think what he said is true. Richard Nixon discussed the three questions you ask when picking a vice-presidential nominee. In order of importance, they are, “Will he make a good president?” “Will...Show More Summary

The Earthquake Lottery for Illegal Aliens, Ecuador Edition

Almost every natural disaster in the Third World is followed by calls for amnesty for illegal aliens from the afflicted country. Such amnesties are de facto permanent, despite their label: Temporary Protected Status. TPS is what you might call green card-lite – it provides the illegal immigrants (and legal tourists, students, et al. Show More Summary

Should We Arrest Louis C. K.?

Louis C.K. is doing a show to help Bill de Blasio, New York City’s incompetent Sandinista mayor, raise money for his reelection bid. I like Louis C. K., but shouldn’t we arrest him? I am a First Amendment absolutist and a free-speech absolutist. Show More Summary

Carly Fiorina Is a Guided Missile Aimed Right at Donald Trump

Ted Cruz’s vice presidential pick is mostly about beating Donald Trump. Cruz can’t be president unless he beats Trump, and in choosing Fiorina he chose last fall’s most effective (and sometimes only) Trump-fighter. At a time when even...Show More Summary

How Not to Attack Donald Trump's Foreign Policy Speech

Donald Trump’s use of the phrase “America First” is yielding ridicule and scorn. Per The Hill: Allies of Hillary Clinton ridiculed Donald Trump on Wednesday for describing his foreign policy vision as “America first” without acknowledging...Show More Summary

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