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The Greatest

Impromptus today is the usual mélange : a little DJT, a little HRC, a little music, a little language. In the course of this column, I say that there is really nothing left to know about either of the major-party nominees. And I quote...Show More Summary

Friday links

Here’s What Happens When You Crash-Test a Shopping Cart at 73 MPH. Italian teenagers to get €500 ‘culture bonus’ on their 18th birthday. It’s his birthday this weekend: LBJ: The President Who Marked His Territory. Harry Potter and the...Show More Summary

Science Proves It

Prof. William Snider, a neurologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, explains why there are so few Republicans on his faculty: It’s because Republicans hate science. Republicans hate science

The GOP’s Enemy Is Entropy

It now looks like Hillary Clinton is going to join Paul Ryan in attacking the “alt-right” as embodied by Trump, some failed congressional candidates, and a bunch of mostly anonymous Internet jerks. Ryan and Clinton both have their reasons. Clinton...Show More Summary

Krauthammer’s Take: Hillary Saying Trump Causes Bullying Is ‘National Enquirer Type Stuff’

Answering whether Clinton’s speeches accusing Donald Trump of racism will have an effect at this stage, Charles Krauthammer took aim at the excesses of Clinton’s latest attack: I’m not sure it’s going to have a big effect. This is the old Democratic playbook where you accuse your opponent of being racist; you use ad hominems. Show More Summary

The Return of Touch-Back Amnesty?

Trump seemed to walk-back his Hannity interview on CNN tonight, sounding tougher again and reviving his proposal for a touch-back amnesty (i.e., we deport you or you leave, then we let you back in): “There’s no path to legalization unless they leave the country,” Trump said after an event in Manchester, New Hampshire. Show More Summary

U.S. Navy Fires Warning Shots at Iranian Patrol Boats

Troubling news from the Persian Gulf: In the midst of the second such incident this week, a U.S. Navy warship was forced to fire three warning shots Wednesday at an Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps patrol boat closing at high speed. From CNN: At one point, the Iranian boat came within 200 yards of one of the US Navy boats. Show More Summary

Trump 2016: "No Amnesty As Such"

Free of charge, a suggested bumper sticker for the campaign. The biggest problem with an amnesty of the sort Trump is talking about is the possibility that it will act as a magnet for future illegal immigrants by persuading them that the U.S. Show More Summary

Trump 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 . . .

There was always only one sensible position on immigration: ensuring that legal immigration was meritocratic, diverse, and measured to facilitate rapid assimilation and integration — while ending illegal immigration entirely throughShow More Summary

WATCH: The Moment Rich Lowry Correctly Predicted Trump's Immigration Flip

We knew this would happen all along. Specifically, Rich Lowry knew. When we published our “Against Trump” issue back in January, Rich confidently predicted that Donald Trump couldn’t be trusted even on immigration — his signature issue.  “I don’t even believe . . . I think even on immigration, he is really conning people. Show More Summary

Those Wacky Alt Right Scamps

I have no idea what the right term for this is if “Google bombing” isn’t it. But while I was out an acquaintance texted me to let me know that if you search for my name on Google the first, or at least largest, image to show up is this: On the one hand I think it’s pathetic that these people think this is the highest and best use of their time. Show More Summary

What Bill Bennett Used to Understand

According to Bill Bennett, conservatives who refuse to support Donald Trump “suffer from a terrible case of moral superiority and put their own vanity and taste above the interest of the country.” Bennett’s comments, during a Fox News...Show More Summary

Woops! Trump's Name Not Yet on the Ballot in MN

Donald Trump’s name is not yet on the ballot in Minnesota thanks to a snafu by the state GOP.   The secretary of state’s office requires each major political party to submit, by August 29 (this coming Monday), the names of its nominees...Show More Summary

‘The Kinder, Gentler Trump’

I wrote about the semi-Kempification of Trump that Ramesh alludes to  for Politico today : Trump’s turn is an implicit acknowledgment that the Republican Party can’t just be a Trump party and hope to win. It has to have broader reach...Show More Summary

‘Clinton Charity Rethinks Changes’

The Clintons just can’t help themselves.   Clinton Charity Rethinks Changes

Hey Look Everybody, Jack Kemp Is Running for President!

The Washington Post reports: [T]he Republican nominee has ordered a full-fledged strategy to court black and Latino voters and is mobilizing scores of minority figures to advocate publicly for his candidacy. Trump is planning trips to...Show More Summary

Mercer-Funded Super PAC in Arizona Senate Race Turns to Cambridge Analytica

Less than a month after receiving a $200,000 donation from mega-donors Robert and Diana Mercer, the super PAC backing Senator John McCain’s Republican primary opponent, Kelli Ward, reported paying $450,000 to Cambridge Analytica, the...Show More Summary

Sanders’s New Political Group Already Collapsing over Ideological Purity

Bernie Sanders started the political group Our Revolution to fight for the “issues that drove his campaign,” but it has already run into trouble. Immediately before its launch yesterday, most of the core staff quit in protest that their...Show More Summary

Quality (Not Worthy of Life) Danger Ahead

There is a fight in the UK about whether to keep a seriously ill baby on life support or put her in palliative care to die. Typically of our age, the idea that a person has a life not worth living may really be about discrimination against...Show More Summary

Jeb Called It

In early July, Jeb Bush told MSNBC: ? The tragedy of this though is that there isn’t going to be a wall built. And Mexico’s not going to pay for it. And there’s not going to be a ban on Muslims. None of that, this was all, like, a alternative universe that he created. Show More Summary

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