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We may know more in a few hours, as it’s expected that Hillary Clinton will choose her running mate as early as today, but at this writing it looks like the choice will be Virginia Senator (and former Governor) Tim Kaine. Politico reads...Show More Summary

Trump: Hey, They Never Denied Cruz's Father Was With Lee Harvey Oswald!

We see it with disturbing regularity: There are faint glimmers that Donald Trump is getting his act together and turning it around, and just when he’s about to build on momentum – BOOM! Trump’s worst impulses get the best of him. Think...Show More Summary

WATCH: Donald Trump Praises the National Enquirer, Muses about Cruz-Oswald Connection

Ted Cruz said he refused to endorse Donald Trump because of two things. First, Trump ’ s comment about Heidi Cruz, and second, Trump’s citing of an alleged connection between Cruz’s father and Lee Harvey Oswald. In a press conference...Show More Summary

A Suggestion for this Weekend

Editor’s Note : The following post is sponsored by our partner, Hillary’s America. Dinesh D’Souza’s much-anticpated takedown of the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee — Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party — opens in theaters nationwide this weekend. Show More Summary

Ivanka on Women and Workplace Issues

In introducing her father on the final evening of the RNC Convention, Ivanka Trump spoke directly to demographics that her father needs to win over: millennials and women. In particularly, she spoke compellingly about her father’s commitment...Show More Summary

Sure, Trump’s Speech Was Dark. America’s in a Dark Place Right Now.

From the last Morning Jolt of convention week: Sure, Trump’s Speech Was Dark. America’s in a Dark Place Right Now. Yes, it was way too long. Yes, he shouted almost the entire speech. Yes, it was almost entirely devoid of Trump’s usual humor. Show More Summary

Friday Links

Child labor photos from the Library of Congress. How many fireflies would it take to match the brightness of the Sun? Exiled Italian prince, only male heir to throne, now sells pasta from a van in California. Universal law of urination...Show More Summary

Trump ’n’ Ted

In early May, when Donald Trump clinched the nomination, a lot of people like me wrote about “normalizing” Trump. Trump supporters — defenders, “enablers,” apologists — were elevating Trump to normality. They were sweeping his unfitness under the rug. Show More Summary

Trump Does Trump

I have issued roughly 2,000 tweets since The Donald began speaking. (I’m exaggerating a little, but just a little.) And I could crank out maybe 2,000 bullet points here. But I will make just one point, uncharacteristically. I was wrong (speaking of uncharacteristic). Show More Summary

Trump Is Running as Trump and Gave a Very Trump Speech

As a matter of craftsmanship, it was a poor effort. The organization was impossible to follow and it was very repetitious. It had almost no poetry in it. And it was too long. The delivery was relentlessly shouty. On the substance, Trump stuck to his signature themes on law-and-order, immigration, and trade to the point of monomania. Show More Summary

Trump: I'm With You

There were some effective lines in Trump’s acceptance speech, starting with his closing play on Clinton’s ill-considered “I’m with her” slogan. His response: I’m with you. The speech was thoroughly in keeping with Trump’s primary campaign. Show More Summary

Peter Thiel’s Promising Debut

Of all of the speakers released by the Trump campaign. One of the most surprising and biggest coups (at least from the perspective of a Silicon Valley resident) was Peter Thiel.  While the private Thiel is not a national celebrity, in...Show More Summary

The Outlines of a Bold, Different Image of the GOP

You could see the outlines of a bold, different image of the Republican Party in this year’s convention speaker lineup, spotlighting people who the audience knew from their accomplishments outside the realm of politics.  Think of Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal; Marcus Luttrell, retired U.S. Show More Summary

Cancer Center Bows the Knee to Assisted Suicide

The new California assisted suicide law explicitly permits doctors and hospitals to declare assisted suicide free zones and engage in a policy of total non-cooperation with the death agenda. Many of the state’s largest hospitals have opted out. Show More Summary

Cruz & the Trump Trap: A Lesson to Conservatives

A tiny observation, to add to the pile: After Wednesday night, Trump supporters hate Ted Cruz. They hated him before, but now they really hate him. But they also hate Paul Ryan. Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan took basically opposite approaches to the problem of Donald Trump. Show More Summary

Eric Holder and the New Revolving Door

There’s a new revolving door in Washington: And this time, it leads to San Francisco. News reports surfaced yesterday that Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch’s predecessor as U.S. Attorney General, will be working with home-rental startup Airbnb to draft a “world-class anti-discrimination policy” for the company. Show More Summary

Trump's Thoughtless Foreign Policy

Having just read the transcript of his big interview on it, I have a few thoughts: 1) There’s a reasonable case that the U.S. is overextended abroad and should retrench. I don’t see any reasonable case for freaking out our allies byShow More Summary

Tonight’s Speech

It is being bandied about that the very talented speechwriting duo of Matthew Scully and John McConnell wrote or had some hand in the drafting of Trump’s speech tonight. I’m quite certain that this is not the case. Donald Trump Upcoming RNC Speech -- False Rumors?

Notes on Cruz: It's Not Just About Trump

Cleveland — When Ted Cruz doubled down on his non-endorsement of Donald Trump during remarks to the Texas Republican delegation this morning, his broadsides against the nominee were obvious. But he also threw down the gauntlet against...Show More Summary

Cruz, Trump, and Freedom

Understandably, people are concentrating on one part of Ted Cruz’s speech last night: the part about voting your conscience. But there was much more to the speech, including its theme: freedom. There was once a book called “The Theme Is Freedom.” Actually, two books. Show More Summary

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