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Walker: 'We're Going to Wreak Some Havoc!'

Remember in the first debate when Scott Walker called himself  ”aggressively normal“ ? Remember when his style and pitch was compared to Warren Harding’s “return to normalcy“? Now he’s assuring voters he’s going to wreak havoc! “We will...Show More Summary

A Beautiful Game

In a below post, I talk about golf and politics. (Well, at least golf and political figures : Donald Trump and Bill Clinton. Rodney Dangerfield gets involved too.) I also talk about cheating. I’d like to add a note here — and I apologize...Show More Summary

Graham: I'll Accept Tax Increases on Investment to Pay Down the Debt

Yesterday morning, Joe Scarborough asked Sen. Lindsey Graham if he agreed with Donald Trump that “billionaires shouldn’t be allowed to pay 14 percent in taxes.” (That’s a reference to the tax rate on investments, lower in some circumstances than the income tax.) “I want to do something like Simpson-Bowles,” Graham said. Show More Summary

Trump, Bill, Rodney, Et Al.

Among the journalistic offerings yesterday was this: “ Does Donald Trump cheat at golf? A Washington Post investigation.” I was reminded of one of my favorite pieces of journalism of the entire 1990s : Byron York’s investigation for The American Spectator into Bill Clinton’s cheatin’ ways. Show More Summary

Hillary's Emails: How Big a National Security Disaster?

Has Hillary Clinton been lying about her email system and did she violate the laws against mishandling classified material? Coverage of Clinton’s email scandal has been focused on those questions, but shouldn’t we be paying more attention...Show More Summary

Twelve Things that Have Caught My Eye Today (Sept. 2, 2015)

1. From a piece titled “ Why I Shared a Horrific Photo of a Drowned Syrian Child ”: Almost every Syrian I have interviewed has had a close brush with death on their journey, often involving sinking boats. Now, in Hungary, they find their...Show More Summary

What Does the Catholic Church Teach about Abortion and Mercy?

The Church – and Pope Francis yesterday – says: Come to Christ who will set you free from guilt and establish you in freedom. Abortion is morally wrong. With Reconciliation there is freedom, says Deacon James Keating, Deacon James Keating,...Show More Summary

Common Sense, Part II: Not Every Sex Researcher Thinks Young Kids Should ‘Transition’

It turns out that progressive parents helping their kids “ transition” just might want to press pause on the process. Neuroscientist and “sex researcher” Debra Soh says that most kids outgrow their gender confusion. Soh  is certainly...Show More Summary

Chick-fil-A Gets a Reprieve from Speech Police

Last month, the Denver City Council did a pretty good imitation of The Soup Nazi from the old Seinfeld sitcom (“No Soup for You!”) when it raised objections to leasing Chick-fil-A space for a restaurant at Denver’s airport. Council members...Show More Summary

Common Sense, Part I: Not Every Kid Thinks Gender is Malleable

More than 150 kids walked out of Missouri’s Hillsboro High School yesterday. Why? Because a guy calling himself Lila Perry wanted to use the girls’ locker room. They were bursting with common sense: “Boys needs to have their own locker room. Show More Summary

Trump's Fans

Bret Stephens writes, “ If by now you don’t find  Donald Trump  appalling, you’re appalling.... Mr. Trump is a loudmouth vulgarian appealing to quieter vulgarians. These vulgarians comprise a significant percentage of the GOP base. The leader isn’t the problem. Show More Summary

Throwing Intrastructure Money Down a Red-Tape Rathole

According to a new report by Philip K. Howard of the Common Good Foundation, streamlining the approval process for new infrastructure projects could yield trillions of dollars in economic benefits over the next decade. I’m generallyShow More Summary

'O'Keefe? Oh, No!'

That is what the Clinton campaign is saying, according to filmmaker James O’Keefe. His latest undercover video shows Clinton volunteers in Iowa allegedly breaking state election law by refusing to register voters who do not support Madam Secretary. Watch the video below... ... and stay tuned! O’Keefe is already touting another Clinton exposé.

Trumponomics and Conservatives

On the home page, Fred Bauer—a regular NRO contributor who will not, I think, protest at being described as one of us “reform conservative” types–makes the case for an “enlightened populism” that learns from Donald Trump’s success in...Show More Summary

All the Best, Except . . .

I very much enjoyed my friend Roger Kimball’s review of the new Elon Musk biography, and, relatedly, his thoughts on the Tesla automobiles that are among Musk’s most successful products. Musk is a controversial figure for many reasons,...Show More Summary

He’s Baaack! Be There When Charlie Cooke Returns to Wisconsin and North Carolina

Following fantastic receptions this Spring at events in Madison and Raleigh, the National Review Institute’s Regional Partnership Events series is bringing Charles C.W. Cooke back to both Wisconsin and North Carolina — this time to Milwaukee and Charlotte. Show More Summary

Where Does Human Cloning Stand?

Human cloning has largely disappeared from the headlines in recent years, and it’s almost hard to remember when the prospect of it, and the political debate surrounding cloning for medical research and for producing children, were front...Show More Summary

Hip to Be Square

Part III of my “Salzburg Journal” is on the homepage today. I’d like to share a little mail. Somewhere in my journal is this item: “When on foot, locals wait at stoplights, even when there are no cars coming. Even if it’s the dead of night. Show More Summary

The Geraghty Plan Doesn't Guarantee Success. But What Does?

There are few things more unnerving than the thought that “the Geraghty plan” might be the best option for derailing the Iran deal. To recap: To stop Iran’s nukes, use our own nuclear option. Scrap the filibuster, pass a resolution declaring...Show More Summary

Wednesday links

V-J Day: 70 years ago today, the end of WWI came with Japan’s official surrender. Here’s  Bernie Sanders cringe-inducing 1987 spoken-word folk song album.   14 Movie Characters Who Were Supposed To Die, But Didn’t. Taking specialization...Show More Summary

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