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Gender Commute Gap — Another Reason Why Men Earn More

Americans hear a lot about the wage gap, and how women are paid 77 cents for every dollar a man earns.  Countless studies and commentaries have pointed out how misleading this statistic is.  It doesn’t compare two similarly situatedShow More Summary

Mandatory Diversity Training and the Racist Injustice of Serena Williams's Multimillion Dollar Endorsements

Let’s check in on the University of Missouri. Last semester, campus radicals pushed out the president largely because of a few alleged racial incidents that no sentient person believed he caused or could control. Now comes the braveShow More Summary

Debating Hillary Clinton's E-mails in the New York Times

I went a couple of rounds on Hillary Clinton’s classified emails with American University law prof Stephen Vladeck in the New York Times’ “Room for Debate” feature. Basically, Steve and I did one post addressing the Times’ question about...Show More Summary

What to Watch For in New Hampshire Polling

From the Thursday Morning Jolt: What to Watch For in New Hampshire Polling Iowa voted Monday; Tuesday would be the first full day of polling that has the Iowa results “priced in” to the respondents’ views. For example, Harper Polling’s latest survey was conducted February 1 and 2, so only half of its sample was offering their responses after Iowa. Show More Summary

Thursday links

February 5th is World Nutella Day - here’s a canonical list of Nutella recipes. Some Super Bowl reading: Life magazine archive of photos from Super Bowl 1. An Animated Guide To American Football For Liberals, Ladies and Limeys. Super...Show More Summary

‘That’s What They Offered:' Clinton Explains Why She Took $675,000 for Three Wall Street Speeches

Hillary Clinton explained that she took $675,000 for three speeches from powerful Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs because “that’s what they offered,” adding that she wasn’t really thinking about running for president when she took the...Show More Summary

Trump's Terrific People

Forgive me for repeating a point that’s already been made by Rich and others, but I think it bears sustained consideration. Donald Trump’s professed strategy — for everything — is: I’ll find the best people, the smartest people, terrific people, and those terrific people will come up with the best solutions possible. Show More Summary

Krauthammer's Take: Rubio May Sneak Ahead if Trump & Cruz Keep Sniping at Each Other

Donald Trump insisting he won Iowa and accusing Cruz of cheating is showcasing Trump’s “psychological need” for attention and may inadvertently clear a path for Marco Rubio, Charles Krauthammer said tonight. Trump is accusing Cruz of...Show More Summary

Fourteen Things that Caught My Eye Today (Feb 3, 2016)

1.  It is right to describe as genocide the persecution of Christian religious minorities by Islamic State — Jacek Saryusz-Wolski (@JSaryuszWolski) February 3, 2016 2. From that Economist piece : it’s a shame when words are avoided not because they are inaccurate, but because they may have awkward consequences. Show More Summary

The Two Kinds of Presidential Primary Personality Cults

One of the unpleasant features of presidential primary campaign season is the personality cults that surround candidates. Anyone who has been involved in arguments about primaries in this or other years, especially online, has seen this dynamic in action. Show More Summary

Army Chief of Staff and Marine Corps Commandant: Women Should Register for the Draft

This morning, the New York Times had a short article covering the testimony of the Marine Corps commandant, General Robert B. Neller, and the chief of staff of the Army, General Mark A. Milley, before a Senate hearing on women in combat. The...Show More Summary

Cruz Laughs at ‘Trumper-tantrum,’ Says Trump ‘Can’t Debate the Substance’

Ted Cruz unloaded on his rival Donald Trump after the real estate mogul accused him of voter fraud over Twitter. “I wake up every day and laugh at the latest thing Donald has tweeted,” said Cruz, calling Wednesday’s outburst a “Trumpertantrum”...Show More Summary

Gilmore, DuPont... and Liddy

I was amused by Jamie Weinstein’s report about speaking on behalf of Jim Gilmore at the Iowa caucuses. I have a similar story to recount, with a twist. First, this caveat: I do not think Jim Gilmore is a joke. The reality that Gilmore has become a punch line says something really bad about our system. Show More Summary

Across the Aisle

A, a long-time Virginia Republican, was talking with B, a transplanted New Yorker, Democratic donor big enough to get invited to the White House, and Jewish (it’s relevant).  B: “Hillary will bomb in a month, and the nomination goesShow More Summary

A Deep Dive into the Iowa Caucus Results: What have we Really Learned?

Now that the initial post-Iowa furor has died down, I’ve had a chance to take a deeper dive into the exit polls and overall voting results. A few things stand out. Cruz was incredibly consistent across the state, showcasing his outstanding organization. Show More Summary

Vaya Con Dios, Rick Santorum

Various media organizations are reporting that tonight, Rick Santorum will suspend his presidential campaign and endorse another candidate. Our Tim Alberta wrote Santorum was “the next in line that never was,” the 2012 second-place primary finisher who couldn’t seem to catch fire anywhere in 2016. Show More Summary

Moment of Truth

Thanks, Veronique, for reminding me of the article in which Welch and Gillespie defined the “libertarian moment” as “a time of increasingly hyper-individualized, hyper-expanded choice over every aspect of our lives, from 401(k)s to hot...Show More Summary

Campus Ideologues Double Down on Censorship — Beware the 'Bias Response Team'

Colleges looking for new programs to appease campus radicals are turning to an old idea — the “bias-response team.” The Chronicle of Higher Education has the details: [Bias-response] teams are becoming more common — the University of Iowa recently became the latest major university to say it would create one. Show More Summary

Restoring the First Branch

Everyone seems to agree that Congress has in some respects been dysfunctional in recent years, but that agreement actually masks some deep differences. How is Congress dysfunctional? What is the function it is failing to perform?  Answers...Show More Summary

Bioethicists Okay Three-Parent Babies

Of course they do! A bioethics panel has okayed the eventual manufacture of babies with three biological parents. From the NPR story: “The committee concludes that it is ethically permissible” to conduct such experiments, the reportShow More Summary

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