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‘Accepting Election Result’ – Much Ado About Nothing

In this election cycle, I sometimes don’t know whether I am merely watching different debates from everybody else or living on a different planet. The post-debate analysis about how well Donald Trump purportedly did made no sense toShow More Summary

Donna Brazile CANNOT take Megyn Kelly — And It's Hilariously Uncomfortable (VIDEO)

The latest batch of WikiLeaks e-mails confirmed that Donna Brazile sent an e-mail to Hillary Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri with the subject line “From time to time I get the questions in advance.”  The e-mail showcased that the Clinton likely knew some questions in advance of the CNN townhall in March. Show More Summary

Alinskyite Tactics, Robert Creamer, and Us

Newly released video clips of Democratic operatives describing their own attempts to provoke violence at Trump rallies, their sub-rosa coordination with the Hillary Clinton campaign, and their active consideration of voter fraud schemes, are ugly but not surprising. Maybe it will emerge that these videos were deceptively edited. Show More Summary

The Unlikely Winner of the Last Debate (VIDEO)

Last night’s third and final presidential debate was more or less what we all expected. But there’s always a second contest going on during debates — and that’s the performance of the moderator. Generally speaking, moderators get a lot...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton in 2002: George W. Bush Was 'Selected, Not Elected'

It is completely irresponsible to argue that a president who reaches 270 electoral votes is not “elected” and legitimate, right, Hillary Clinton? Only a shameless partisan with no concern for democracy or our system of government would...Show More Summary

‘Not My President’ Has Always Been Around. But Not from the Defeated Candidate.

From the Thursday Morning Jolt… ‘Not My President’ Has Always Been Around. But Not from the Defeated Candidate. There are always those on the losing side who say they refuse to accept the results of the election, and that the person taking the oath is not legitimate or was not fairly elected. This stuff is always around. Show More Summary

Trump and the Legitimacy of the Election

Trump is now dragging his supporters through the exercise of defending what, for him, is clearly a defense mechanism not a principle. He is probably setting the predicate for challenging a big loss more than a narrow one. If he was truly...Show More Summary

No, Hillary, 17 U.S. Intelligence Agencies Did Not Say Russia Hacked Dem E-mails

Hillary Clinton in last night’s presidential debate tried to avoid talking about the substance of the damaging WikiLeaks disclosures of DNC and Clinton campaign officials by claiming 17 U.S. intelligence agencies determined that Russia was responsible for this. Show More Summary

Song Talk

Not long ago, I posed a question to readers: What is the Greatest Pop Song Ever Sung? (It had come up, for reasons I could explain, and do, in my column today.) This is a dumb question, in a way. At the same time, it is a fun question. Show More Summary

Trump's Best Debate So Far...And His Worst

Much like the first debate — and grading on the Trump Curve® — Trump had a good start. He started more disciplined, and sustained that discipline longer, than in any other debate. He won on many issues, particularly abortion (though most of the credit for that goes to Chris Wallace who actually asked a question about partial birth abortion). Show More Summary


He continues to improve, but it’s from such a low starting point. He kept it together for much longer than in the first debate, lost his composure for a while, and then re-gained it before having a bad last half-hour. He showed someShow More Summary

Tonight's Debate Perfectly Summed Up the State of the Race

I just watched the last 15 months summarized in 90 brutal minutes. Two unfit candidates aggressively attacked each other’s multiple, obvious, and devastating weak spots — and then Trump decided to go ahead and dominate the next two news...Show More Summary

The Story of the Night

I think it’s pretty clear that the story the media will take away from this debate (justifiably) is Trump’s refusal to commit to respecting the outcome of the election. Once again, that is, his message will be the one driving the debate. Show More Summary

No, Trump Didn't Get It Done Tonight

It’s a cliché of debate coverage to declare, “there was no game-changer, no knockout punches” but . . . tonight, in the third and final presidential debate, this was no game changer, and no knockout punches. Maybe there was one self-inflicted knockout punch. Show More Summary

Chris Wallace

He did a terrific job. It was the most substantive of the presidential debates, although he didn’t slight the process and personal issues that have dominated so much of the campaign. And he is a master at controlling the candidates without stepping on good exchanges. Well done–he did everyone associated with Fox News proud. Third Debate--Chris Wallace Does Terrific Job

Trump Holds the Line

My expectations for Donald Trump are pretty low, so I felt like he did what he had to for Team GOP tonight: draw contrasts with himself on the right and Hillary on the left, and land some punches against her long record of failure and scandal and the threats she poses to causes conservative voters hold dear. Show More Summary

Trump Opens As Best He Can

The opening of this debate is not going to save Donald Trump, but it’s the best the GOP could hope for: Chris Wallace has Hillary and Trump talking about about gun control, abortion and immigration in ways that speak directly to both parties’ bases. Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton Wants Justices to Betray Their Oaths

In her first answer of the night, Hillary Clinton was asked about the Supreme Court. She said justices should stand up to the rich and side with the people or some such treacle. It should support the usual favored groups, etc. It should fight big money and the powerful. Show More Summary

Assisted Suicide Up 250% in Switzerland since 09

We are in the midst of an attempt to normalize suicide as a way of dying. Think, the celebration over Brittany Maynard’s death. Think media swooning over suicide parties. Think the increasing numbers of suicides/euthanasia deaths in locales where it is legal. Switzerland exemplifies the trend. Show More Summary

The Senate Elections and A Post-Trump Future

The Senate polling undercuts claims that Republicans will pay a long-term price with voters for having nominated Trump. Yes, some voters are so opposed to Trump that it will affect their view of the party for years to come. And as Myra...Show More Summary

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