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Sean Trende has been arguing for some time against the idea that Republicans who oppose Trump should mount a third-party run if he’s the Republican nominee. The other day he suggested that this course of action would destroy the Republican party. Show More Summary

Trump's Foreign Policy Speech: Not Horrible

No, I’m not wavering in my opposition to the man, but I think his speech today was okay. I did have several objections. It was full of platitudes and generalizations. He gave no clear idea about how he would do much of what he claims...Show More Summary

Cruz-Fiorina Taking Shape Today?

For what it’s worth, some reporters are hearing that Ted Cruz’s big 4 p.m. announcement is indeed that he intends to pick Carly Fiorina as his running mate if nominated. Sources confirm to myself & @jdistaso that @tedcruz intends to name @CarlyFiorina as VP pick if #GOP picks him. Show More Summary

WATCH: Donald Trump's Hypocritical Stance on Mexico Called Out

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is known for his aggressive stance on immigration issues, so his supporters might be surprised to learn that the businessman does quite a bit of business in Mexico. As the video states, due toShow More Summary

Krauthammer’s Take: The Obama Administration ‘Facilitated’ Nuclear Proliferation

North Korea’s new nuclear tests are not the biggest threat the country poses to the United States, Charles Krauthammer said Tuesday on Fox’s Special Report. “What’s really worrying — the doomsday scenario — is [if] they miniaturize the warhead, they put it on a missile.... Show More Summary

The Democratic Party Is a Party Still

A headline in the Washington Post – “The Democratic Establishment strikes back in the Acela primary” — emphasizes a dynamic that shapes this presidential primary season. When it comes to the Right, we have a political movement that carries...Show More Summary

Six Weeks After Rubio Departs Race, Kasich Overtakes Him

A mere six weeks after Marco Rubio dropped out of the race, John Kasich has overtaken him in total votes — the Ohio governor now has 3,677,669 votes to Rubio’s 3,490,758. (Rubio still has more delegates; remember that you can win a lot...Show More Summary

A Chance to Stop Obamacare for Your IRA

A few weeks ago I warned about the Department of Labor’s “Fiduciary Rule” – Obamacare for your retirement accounts. Now comes a chance to stop it. The House Education and Workforce Committee has announced a resolution of disapproval, H.J. Show More Summary

Big Daddy Donald

On the homepage, we have a piece by Jim Geraghty : “ Donald Trump Is Not Your Father.” Apparently, there are Trump supporters who regard the candidate as their dad. Well, I hope they’re cut in on the will. I could not help thinking of...Show More Summary

Beating Trump at the Convention Became More Difficult Last Night

From the midweek edition of the Morning Jolt: Beating Trump at the Convention Became More Difficult Last Night The case for Trump in Cleveland is going to be pretty clear. With last night’s sweep, Trump has won 39.6 percent of the total votes in all GOP primary states so far – well more than Cruz’s 27 percent. Show More Summary

Even Trumpier Than Expected

There is no way around it: It was an incredible night for Trump. It doesn’t astonish me that he got almost 60 percent in Connecticut, but he hit 57 percent in Pennsylvania. Trump had a legitimate surge in the Northeast. At the beginning of last week one internal poll in Pennsylvania had Trump’s lead in the state in single digits. Show More Summary

A Viral Video Illustrates Why Target Is Making Me Rethink My Opposition to Boycotts

I’ve written about this many times before, but I’ll say it again — I hate boycott culture. I believe that boycotts represent efforts limit free speech through economic reprisal rather than rebut bad speech with better ideas. Also, boycotts...Show More Summary

An Election-Night Note from ‘Hollyweird’

I think conservatives looking with dismay at tonight’s Trump landslide might be in the mood for reassurance, that they’re not the only ones who got a bit of a comeuppance today. On Sunset Boulevard this afternoon, I saw a handsome young black man, walking toward me, wearing a beautiful T-shirt. Show More Summary

Bernie's Corporate -Tax Misconceptions

Last week, I did an NPR affiliate interview about Bernie Sanders’s claim that the vast majority of corporations in America pay no taxes. Since then, I have heard Sanders tout his talking point on the issue several times — so I thought...Show More Summary

One Big Problem with the Cruz-Kasich Strategy

Here’s one giant reason the Cruz–Kasich strategic voting alliance is, if not doomed to failure, facing a steep uphill climb . . .  Indiana Kasich Voter: Governor Kasich, I think you’re exactly what the Republican party needs! We’ve had...Show More Summary

9 Percent!

Henry notes what a Trumpy night it’s going to be. Here is another little indicator: One poll the other day had Cruz at 9 percent in Connecticut.    The Northeast was never going to be a Cruz strength, but I wonder if the “New York values”...Show More Summary

VIDEO: You Better Believe Hillary Works Hard for the Money

At a campaign event in Delaware, Senator Tom Carper invoked a Donna Summers song in introducing Hillary Clinton. But he may not have realized just how hard Hillary works for the money. Watch and you’ll see what we mean:  VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Works Hard for the Money

Poll: Whom Should Ted Cruz Choose as His Vice President?

Whom should Ted Cruz choose as his running mate? Take NR’s latest poll and let your voice be heard.  Poll: Whom Should Ted Cruz Choose as His Vice President?

Get Ready for Another Trump Landslide Tonight

Tonight will be an awful night for the #NeverTrump forces. The irresistible force that is Donald Trump will meet a very moveable object, East Coast Republicans. They will gladly hitch a ride on the Trump Train and give him five victories and the overwhelming share of the delegates. Most of this is simple demographics. Show More Summary

The Baffling Freely Chosen Self-Destructive Choice

Radio show host Hugh Hewitt, now broadcasting in the mornings, offering a curious comment during his interview of Jonah Goldberg: Jonah: If Trump isn’t the nominee, a bunch of people, undetermined how many, will leave the party and leave the convention. Show More Summary

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