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Other Than All These Simmering Crises, Everything Is Quiet

In just the past few hours… … a Russian Su-27 jet had air-to-air missiles under its wings and approached the U.S. Air Force RC-135 recon jet “rapidly,” coming within 5 feet of the American aircraft… … a “U.S. F-15E fighter jet shot down...Show More Summary

The Washington Post vs. Free Speech

The Washington Post was even worse on this issue, editorializing that the denial of a trademark to the Redskins was a “victory for tolerance.” It cheered the idea that senators would use their power over the tax treatment of the team to force a name change. Show More Summary

One-and-a-Half-Cheers for the New York Times

In the wake of the unanimous decision by the Supreme Court holding up First Amendment protections for offensive speech, the New York Times has changed its position. The decision is likely to help the Washington Redskins, who lost their trademark protections in 2014 after years of complaints from Native American groups. Show More Summary

A New Study about Guns and ‘Children’

Pediatrics has published a new study from researchers at the Centers for Disease Control entitled “Childhood Firearm Injuries in the United States.” It’s straightforward, but worth reading if you care about homicide, suicide, and accidental death in this country. Show More Summary

We Should Have Heeded This Warning From Ronald Reagan

Looking over the landscape of the Right (with its resurgence of blood-and-soil nationalism) and the Left (which these days is an uneasy alliance between corporate-suite globalism and angry, intolerant “social justice warrior” agitators...Show More Summary

A Brutal North Korean Crime That Must Not Be Forgotten

From the Tuesday edition of the Morning Jolt: A Brutal North Korean Crime That Must Not Be Forgotten Let’s not mince words: Otto Warmbier was an American kid who made one foolish mistake, one that should not have cost him his life. The...Show More Summary

Target Omega

You’ve seen his byline in this space. Now Peter Kirsanow has written a novel–a national-security thriller called Target Omega. He’s my latest podcast victim. Listen to our 10-minute conversation here. Target Omega

Verdict First, Trial Later

Two items related to last Friday’s meeting of the U.S.Commission on Civil Rights perfectly capture knee-jerk bureaucratic and media hostility toward President Trump. First, the Commission voted to conduct an efficacy review of civil-rights enforcement by federal agencies. Show More Summary

The London Mosque Attack: Anti-Muslim Hatred, Not ‘Islamophobia’

British police have now identified the man who plowed a van into a crowd of British Muslims exiting the Finsbury mosque in London at midnight as 47-year-old Darren Osborne. Osborne, a Welsh father of four, killed one person and injured at least ten. Show More Summary


National Review ’s Spring Webathon ends tomorrow, fittingly, it being the last day of Spring. Our goal is to raise $264,000. We’re close. Thousands of NRO denizens have given generously (you are just the very best readers anywhere — we are quite appreciative). Show More Summary

Free Speech Wins (Again) at the Supreme Court

If you’re a lawyer arguing against free speech at the Supreme Court, be prepared to lose. Today the Court affirmed once again the Constitution’s strong protections against governmental viewpoint discrimination, even when the viewpoint discrimination is directed against “offensive” speech. Show More Summary

Are Budget Cuts the Best Way to Address Campus Leftism?

In North Carolina, Republican lawmakers are looking to hit the UNC School of Law with a significant budget cut, clearly aimed at the far-left antics of former dean Gene Nichol and his intellectual allies. But, asks Frank Pray in this...Show More Summary

Brace Yourselves, the Special Election Spin Is Coming

The upcoming special congressional election in Georgia’s sixth district being so close is that it scrambles the traditional preemptive spin that both parties deploy before a special election.  After a special election, the winning side...Show More Summary

Calling Shenanigans on Jake Tapper’s Superman-Haircut Theory

Jake Tapper has a fantastic tweet thread on how Superman cuts his hair. I’m glad you asked, Jesse. 1/ — Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) June 19, 2017 Because it’s true, Superman’s hair is very strong. 2/ —...Show More Summary

Is Running Down Pedestrians ‘an Eye for an Eye’?

From the first Morning Jolt of the week: Is Running Down Pedestrians ‘an Eye for an Eye’? Our friends over in the United Kingdom are enduring a brutal stretch: an attempt to mow down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, the bombing atShow More Summary

A Majority of Infrastructure Spending Is Private

The New York Times had an article Friday warning us about the president’s plan to “lean heavily on private business in conjuring a trillion dollars’ worth of American infrastructure.” The case the article is trying to make is that time and time again we find examples of governments outsourcing public work to the private sector with terrible outcomes. Show More Summary

Helmut Kohl, RIP

Chancellor of Germany from 1982 to 1998, winner of four general elections, Helmut Kohl had political weight and enjoyed throwing it about — it helped that he had the physique of a steamroller. The re-unification of West and East Germany happened during his watch, and it was probably the biggest political surprise of post-war Europe. Show More Summary

A Father’s Day Remembrance

It’s been twelve years now since my Dad died. Re-posting my eulogy to my Dad remains something of a tradition for me and at least for some readers. I’m grateful to those readers because it helps remind me to reread it at least once every year. Happy Father’s Day to everyone. Father's Day -- Jonah Goldberg’s Remembrance

A Tragedy and an Acquittal

Like my colleague David French, today I’ve been thinking a lot about the acquittal of Jeronimo Yanez, the St. Anthony, Minn., police officer who shot and killed Philando Castile, a black man with a concealed-carry permit, in July of last year. Castile’s death is a tragedy. Show More Summary

The Philando Castile Verdict Was a Miscarriage of Justice

Yesterday, a Minnesota jury acquitted St. Anthony, Minnesota, police officer Jeronimo Yanez of second-degree manslaughter charges in the shooting of Philando Castile. In considering the rightness of the verdict, pay close attention to the transcript of the fatal encounter. Show More Summary

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