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National Review Summer Internship

National Review  is accepting applications for its summer internship. The intern will work in our New York office, receive a modest stipend, participate in every part of the editorial process, and have some opportunities to write. The ideal candidate will have an excellent academic record and some experience in student or professional journalism. Show More Summary

Human Skin Cells Become Beating Heart Tissue

Ethical regenerative medical researchers–specifically, adult and induced pluripotent stem cell research–keep making great strides forward. Now human skin cells have been transformed into pluripotent stem cells, and thence into beating heart tissue. Show More Summary

The Trump Rumors

The breaking intelligence disclosures about Trump are so bizarre and self-contradictory that it seems wise not to speculate about anything until the entire story is properly sourced, especially since the documents were for-hire hit-pieces...Show More Summary

When Is Violent Rhetoric Protected by Academic Freedom?

The answer is, when it is uttered by a leftist professor who believes that white people are a problem for the rest of humanity. Back on Christmas Eve, Drexel University political-science professor George Ciccariello-Maher tweeted that...Show More Summary

The Miseducation of the New York Times, Ctd.

Yesterday I noted that a New York Times editorial against Betsy DeVos, Trump’s nominee for Education Secretary, included a craftily misleading description of the performance of Detroit’s charter schools. Another distortion in the editorial also deserves comment. Show More Summary

The Problem With Vengeful Intelligence Agencies -- and Four Other Thoughts on the 'Kompromat' Story

This story already has so many threads. I have a piece up on the home page torching Buzzfeed, and last night I outlined the basic facts, including its many disturbing facets. But there’s more, so much more. A few additional thoughts,...Show More Summary

Is the CNN Report Misleading?

I buy the distinction between CNN, which was reporting on a briefing of Trump that allegedly included a summary of the infamous dossier, and Buzzfeed, which just dumped out the dossier. But this NBC report suggests that there is much...Show More Summary

Momentum for Repeal and Replace?

Trump plugged repeal and replace at the news conference: “It will be repeal and replace,” Trump said. “It will be essentially simultaneously. It will be various segments, you understand, but will most likely be on the same day or the same week, but probably the same day. Show More Summary

The Trump Presser

It was as entertaining — and occasionally jaw-dropping (germaphobe is to 2017 what hands were to 2016) — as you’d expect. On the election-related hacking, Trump finally admitted the Russians did it, but used the approach of Reince Priebus on...Show More Summary

Now It's ‘Posthumanist Ethical Pluralism’

The New York Times continually publishes opinion pieces and news articles aimed at undermining human exceptionalism and the understanding that we have the highest moral value.’ This is exceedingly dangerous. If human life doesn’t have...Show More Summary

The Dossier

My quick two cents: 1) In no universe should it be OK for a journalistic outfit to publish a document containing explosive allegations that it doesn’t believe are credible — this is just outrageous; 2) Until we have some confirmation...Show More Summary

Dinner with Dolfo

The last two days, I have written about Germany and Japan ( here and here ). Is it time for their militaries to resurge ? They are going to regardless, almost certainly. I have a letter from a longtime reader, Robert Arnold, in California. Show More Summary

Campus Free Speech: A Legislative Proposal

About a year ago, in response to the often illiberal demonstrations then sweeping across America’s colleges and universities, I offered “A Plan to Restore Free Speech on Campus.” I’m pleased to report that since then I have joined with Arizona’s Goldwater Institute to turn this plan into model state-level legislation. Show More Summary

Why You Should Doubt that Salacious Trump Espionage Memo

From the midweek edition of the Morning Jolt: Why You Should Doubt that Salacious Trump Espionage Memo It’s looking more and more implausible by the hour, but go ahead, read the 35-page memo posted by BuzzFeed detailing a scenario where...Show More Summary

Can Augustine's City of God Work on Twitter?

Tomorrow, Chad C. Pecknold, a professor at the Catholic University of America, begins an experiment: a seminar over Twitter  on St. Augustine’s City of God. ( We talk a bit about it here.) You can join the discussion at @CCPecknold Thursday night at 8 P.M. Show More Summary

Japan and the Coming Age

This week, I have been writing about Germany and Japan and their militaries. Is it time for those countries to beef up? To get off the sidelines and play again? These are momentous questions, of course — freighted with history, tinged with fear. Show More Summary

The Trump 'Kompromat' Story Is Disturbing — Every Bit of It

Earlier this evening, just before Barack Obama delivered his farewell address, three disturbing reports emerged — in rapid succession. Let’s break them down. First, CNN reported that intelligence officials gave Donald Trump classified...Show More Summary

What to Make of the ‘Kompromat’ Story?

Obviously, the first response to all of this is that nothing is corroborated. Okay, actually the first response is probably, “Whoa!”’ A few very quick responses in no particular order: 1) It could all be entirely false. I am sure some...Show More Summary

WATCH: Obama's Revisionist History Exposed

This evening, President Barack Obama will deliver his last address to the nation. No doubt, he will cast his legacy in a positive light and avoid mentioning the many problems the nation has encountered over the past eight years. If you...Show More Summary

Re: The NYT Ad for Sessions

Mark, you write of the New York Times’s generally favorable profile of Sessions: You get the impression the reporters themselves con­clud­ed that the left-wing racism smears are BS and just wrote a straight-news piece on him. The long article is practically an ad for the #Confirm­Sessions effort. That is one possibility. Show More Summary

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