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New Overtime Regulations an Attempt to Turn Back the Clock

The Department of Labor has announced that it is going to update overtime regulations that were last revised in the 1970s. The purported effect will to extend mandatory overtime payments to people who earn $50,440 annually or less, over double the current threshold of $23,660. Show More Summary

Not As Good a Jobs Report As We Wanted

Today’s report on the labor market shows continued improvement, but not quite as much as the consensus expected.  Nonfarm payrolls increased a solid 223,000 in June, close to the average of 245,000 in the past year. Meanwhile, the jobless...Show More Summary

#LoveWins? Look Into the Faces of the Oppressed

To paraphrase Justice Kennedy’s Hallmark card  Supreme Court opinion, what now happens when a lonely person calls and he finds two people there? Well, if he lives in the United Hates of America, he gets the boot heel of oppression. Montana’s KRTV has the shocking details: Given the U.S. Show More Summary

The 2015 National Military Strategy

Yesterday, General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, released the 2015 National Military Strategy. On the positive side, the paragraph on Iran is toughly worded. Doubtless, it required tenacity to drive it through the Obama political-review process. On the negative side, the “strategy” is non-existent. Show More Summary

Aardsma Displaces Aaron

Pardon a baseball observation: Back in the 1980s when I acquired the Baseball Encyclopedia, I was struck by the fact that Hank Aaron, who was then the all-time home run king, also happened to be first alphabetically in the volume’s comprehensive list of the records of all the men who have ever played in the major leagues. Show More Summary

East Germany's Conman Extraordinaire Dies

Alexander Schalck-Golodkowski was a most ingenious conman. The world at large never knew about him because he stayed in a little circle of corrupt political and financial insiders with whom he was doing his dirty businesses. In a mind-blowing...Show More Summary

NR Institute Seeks Applicants for 2015 Dallas Fellows program

Last fall, the  National Review Institute  expanded its popular Regional Fellows program to Dallas, Texas, where an accomplished and diverse group of mid-career professionals were selected to participate in the  eight-dinner seminarShow More Summary

On True Detective, Season Two

Since Brother Geraghty mentions it below, I figure this is as good a time as any to say that I think all of the negative buzz about the new season of True Detective is unfounded. The first season, which I enjoyed until it kind of petered out, was over-praised. Show More Summary

12 Things that Caught My Eye Today (July 2, 2015)

1. Nicholas Winton, Rescuer of 669 Children From Holocaust, Dies at 106 2.  Word of the Day: insouciance – casual lack of concern; indifference — Oxford Dictionaries (@OxfordWords) July 2, 2015 3.  Pakistani Blasphemy...Show More Summary

Seeing Red (Just One Color of the Rainbow)

I know no one cares about the national debt — that’s yesterday’s news, and the new normal — but it’s now over $18 trillion. And I was thinking: Since Barack Obama uses the White House the way college students use their quad, maybe he could bathe the White House in red, to symbolize the debt? P.S. Show More Summary

It Takes a True Detective to Understand California’s High-Speed Rail Plans

From the Thursday Morning Jolt: It Takes a True Detective to Understand California’s High-Speed Rail Plans The best part of the new season of “True Detective” on HBO is that a major plot point is sleazy, mob-connected businessmen talking...Show More Summary

The O-Word

“Orwellian” is one of the ten or twenty most overused, and misused, words in English. And I would not choose The Dukes of Hazzard as my cause (though Daisy’s eponymous shorts are worth defending). But isn’t there something a tiny bit Orwellian about yanking the show now? Just a tiny bit? It is certainly bandwagoneering and herd-like. A little air-brushy.

Beware the Legacy-Seeker

Today’s Impromptus is a typical potpourri, beginning with Marva Collins, the late, great educator out of Chicago, and ending with Wally Joyner, the hitting coach of the Detroit Tigers. In between are John Kerry, George W. Bush, and other folks. “Folks,” our president likes to say. Show More Summary

Thursday links

One for you New Yorkers: extraordinary collection of  footage of NYC taken between 1896 and 1905, with maps. The First Car Accident. Communist Dollhouses : Stasi Chic in Miniature. Winner of The  2015 World’s Ugliest Dog Contest, plus...Show More Summary

The Oklahoma Ten Commandments Decision Highlights a Bizarre, Anti-Religious Anomaly in the Law

Yesterday the Oklahoma Supreme Court ordered the state to remove a privately-funded Ten Commandments monument from the state’s capitol grounds. Although the monument was similar to a display the U.S. Supreme Court approved in Van Orden v. Show More Summary

How Subsidizing Old Clean Tech Can Stymie New Clean Tech

In an interview with Brad Plumer of Vox, Varun Sivaram, an expert on renewable energy technologies and a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, offers a nuanced take on the future of solar power. The interview was prompted by Sivaram’s...Show More Summary

My Dear Wormwood, On the Matter of 'Bigots and 'Debate . . '

Congratulations on your efforts to educate the patient on the efficacy of the term “bigot.” He appears, finally, to appreciate that its use confers upon him the status of the aggrieved (and, thus, the moral high ground) in any debate. Indeed, where properly used, it forecloses debate altogether. Show More Summary

The Clouded Crystal Ball, Supreme Court Edition

Yes, Wesley, now I fully appreciate the depths of Kennedy’s unreliability. I should know better than to make predictions; I think the last event I called correctly in advance was the 1973 Belmont Stakes. Progressives (or technocrats)...Show More Summary

Why Is Pope Francis Canonizing Junípero Serra?

1. The Spirit of the Lord sent me to preach a year of mercy … That line could very easily be Pope Francis, gearing us up for the upcoming Jubilee of Mercy he’s announced, starting later this year. But it’s not. It’s from Junípero Serra,...Show More Summary

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