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God Bless the Martyrs of Roseburg, Oregon, and Three Other Thoughts on a Terrible Day

With the full understanding that reports are still coming in, and much of what we think we know tonight may be disproven by the morning, I have four thoughts at the close of this dark day. First, God bless the martyrs of Roseburg. There...Show More Summary

Krauthammer's Take: Obama’s ‘100 Percent Knee Jerk Reaction’ Came ‘When Bodies Still Warm’

Charles Krauthammer called it “premature” for President Obama to call for new gun laws in the immediate aftermath of today’s mass shooting in Oregon.  “I don’t doubt that the president’s statement was 100 percent sincere and 100 percent knee-jerk,” Krauthammer said on Thursday’s Special Report. Show More Summary

More Upside for Carson?

A couple of things that jump out from that new USA Today/Suffolk poll, which, overall, is good news for Trump and for the outsiders: –Ben Carson is far and away the most popular second choice of Republicans at 21 percent. If you addShow More Summary

But, But, This is the 21st Century....

Osama bin Laden: “When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature, they will like the strong horse.” Lord Palmerston : “Nations have no permanent friends or allies, they only have permanent interests.” Now: BEIRUT – The Syrian...Show More Summary

A Melancholy, Long, Withdrawing Roar

Telling, but not surprising news from France. Wall Street Journal : PARIS—French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo has moved out of temporary office space to new high-security premises, said a person familiar with the matter, nearly nine months after a terrorist attack decimated its newsroom. Show More Summary

‘Ben Carson raising millions to become fundraising juggernaut’

Per CBS News. When I interviewed campaign managers a week or so ago at the event NR had with Google in Washington, the most interesting of them was Barry Bennett, Carson ’? s manager. He laid out a campaign that is making the most of...Show More Summary

Deutsche Raus! Germany Evicts Residents and Seizes Property to House Migrants

The Gatestone Institute has an alarming roundup of news from German sources about how citizens are being evicted from their homes and private property is being confiscated by the government to house the “Syrian” “refugees” flooding into...Show More Summary

Planned Parenthood: Salaries Up, Cancer Screenings Down

It’s far from clear to me that focusing on Planned Parenthood’s finances, as House Oversight Committee chairman Jason Chaffetz (R., Utah) chose to do at Tuesday’s hearing, was the best course. But a report released by Chaffetz to accompany...Show More Summary

Pelosi ‘Very Excited’ about the Republicans' Attempt to Revive Ex-Im

I think this tells you all you need to know about today’s Republican party: Pelosi told reporters Thursday that Democrats would support the effort if Republicans can round up the numbers. “Let’s see what the Republicans put on the table, but I think this could be very hopeful,” Pelosi said Thursday. Show More Summary

Tom Terrific, Part II

Below, I spoke of Thomas Sowell. Another Tom Terrific serves in the Senate, from Arkansas. Get a load of this: “Three years ago when President Obama’s opponent [Mitt Romney] said that Russia was our chief geopolitical rival, President Obama chuckled, said the 1980s called and they want their foreign policy back. Show More Summary

Psychologist Blinds Woman Who Didn't Want to See

There is a very anguishing mental illness known as Body Integrity Identity Disorder in which the ill person believes their “true self” to be disabled–usually paraplegic or an amputee. Recently, I have noticed BIID moving toward normalization...Show More Summary

Tom Terrific

That was the nickname of Tom Seaver, the major-league pitcher. Before that, it was the name of a children’s cartoon. In any case, it certainly applies to Thomas Sowell, the economist, philosopher, and writer. His latest book is Wealth, Poverty and Politics: An International Perspective. Sowell is my guest on a new Q&A. Show More Summary

Iranian Women's Soccer Team a Manly Bunch . . .

For anyone who still maintains that Iran would never cheat : Iranian soccer fans were left reeling earlier this week after eight members of the women’s national team were found to be men, the Al-Arabiya website reported on Monday. Mojtabi...Show More Summary

Time to End Special Immigration Rights for Cubans

Everyone agrees the Castro Family Regime in Cuba is bad (well, almost everyone ). But the Soviet Empire disappeared a generation ago. Cuba is no longer the colonial outpost of a hostile empire. It is simply one more poor country runShow More Summary

Multiple Casualties Reported in Shooting at Oregon Community College

Terrible news from Oregon: Multiple people are reportedly dead at a community college campus in southwestern Oregon, where authorities told Fox News they responded to a report of a shooting Thursday at around 10:30 a.m. local time. There is “no longer a threat,” according to a Douglas County Sheriff’s Dept. Show More Summary

Planned Parenthood Chief Whines to MSNBC about Republican 'Sexism'

The martyrdom of Cecile Richards continues. On MSNBC on Tuesday night, the Planned Parenthood executive complained about Republicans’ “sexist” comments: In Richards’ defense, she is only parroting the line of congressional Democrats....Show More Summary

One More Note on Illegal Aliens and Crime

A follow-up to my post below, also taken from my dissent to the U.S.Commission on Civil Rights’ terminally flawed report on immigration detention facilities:  Taking data only from the five states cited in the post below, and assuming...Show More Summary

The Four Dangerous Realities of Putin's Middle East Power Play

To those who are tempted to welcome Russia’s “help” in our war against ISIS, please consider the following: First, Putin wants Russia to supplant the United States as the pre-eminent world power in the Middle East. By forging closerShow More Summary

This Is Why We Have the Internet

It’s outrageous that the Democrats who run the Civil Rights Commission didn’t include Commission member Peter Kirsanow’s dissent to their hatchet-job report on immigrant detention. Luckily, the New American Civil Rights Project has published it, along with the other dissent from fellow commissioner Gail Heriot. Show More Summary

Donald Trump, Fashion Icon?

?Yes, that is New York City mayor Bill de Blasio wearing a hat that says, “Make America Fair Again”: God help us.

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