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Help Support Those with Intellectual Disabilities

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, as President Trump recognized in a beautiful statement earlier this month, in which he renewed “our Nation’s strong commitment to promoting the health, well-being, and inherent dignity of all...Show More Summary

New Russian Nuclear Scandal Raises New Questions About Clinton Foundation

The Hill this morning broke what could be a very big news story, if anyone is willing to follow up on it. As is often the case with these kinds of stories, it bears watching if the reporting falls apart somehow, but as of yet, it seems there’s almost no pushback out there. Show More Summary

Contraception Mandate Litigation: DOJ Settles

The nuns have won.  So have others who opposed the Obamacare contraception mandate based on religious objections. From the National Catholic Register story: A week after issuing new religious-freedom guidelines to all administrative agencies in the federal government, the U.S. Show More Summary

A Contender for the Silliest Decision of the Year Award

The Americans with Disabilities Act has produced a lot of absurd decisions, but it’s hard to top a recent one by the Third Circuit. A man who is deaf and blind insisted that a Cinemark theater that was showing the movie Gone Girl had to accommodate his disability by providing him with a sign-language tactile interpreter. Show More Summary

Uncommon Knowledge: Genocide: A World History Featuring Norman Naimark

Norman Naimark, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and an expert on Eastern Europe and genocides throughout history, brings his considerable expertise to Uncommon Knowledge to discuss the history of genocides from ancient to modern times. Show More Summary

Johnny Carson > Jimmy Kimmel

I wrote about Jimmy Kimmel kissing off Republicans today: Jimmy Kimmel deserves credit for frankness, if nothing else. In an interview over the weekend, the ABC late-night host said he doesn’t care about losing Republican viewers.  We’re...Show More Summary

The Las Vegas Shooting Is Still Very, Very Strange

Before I begin, let me re-emphasize what I stated in a post the afternoon after the shooting. Do not read this post as implying any sort of conspiracy theory. In fact, even now — more than two weeks after the terrible event — we don’t...Show More Summary

Who Chooses to Run a Twitter Poll About the Holocaust Death Toll?

Do you know anyone who is a Holocaust denier? Or is, shall we say, “Holocaust-denial curious”? Short-lived Trump administration staffer Anthony Scaramucci is receiving criticism for an odd and disturbing Tweet put out by a social media...Show More Summary

MLB: No White Men Need Apply

Major League Baseball recently announced a “Diversity Fellowship Program” that is explicitly limited to “person[s] of color” and women. What can I say? This is of course worse than the NFL’s Rooney Rule, which is also illegal, but which at least does not bar people on the basis of race from applying for and obtaining a position. Show More Summary

Brown Vetoes Obama-Era Campus Assault Rules, Tax Return Disclosure, Gender Pay Data

From the Tuesday edition of the Morning Jolt: Jerry Brown Concurs with DeVos on Campus Due Process Rules Conservatives find themselves in the unexpected position of cheering some of California Governor Jerry Brown’s recent vetoes. Most...Show More Summary

Tuesday links

It’s Rita Hayworth’s birthday: here’s an excellent compilation of her dancing, set to Stayin’ Alive. John Quincy Adams’ Obsession with Weights and Measures. How Will Martian Laws Differ From Earth’s Laws? Here’s A Giant Drunk Puppet Roaming The Streets Of An Irish City. Show More Summary

The Second World Wars

Start your day with Victor Davis Hanson: He’s my guest on The Bookmonger, and we have a 10-minute conversation about his new book, released today: The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won. Victor Davis Hanson WW2

The Conservative’s Guide to the 2017-2018 NBA Season

For the last ten days, the demands have been building. First they were confined to texts and tweets. Then came the calls and letters. Finally, there were the tearful personal visits. The people cried out with one voice, “When? When will we see the 2017-2018 conservative’s guide to the NBA?!?” Wait no longer, my friends. Show More Summary

Greenhouse, Overheated

“It’s hard to overstate the radical nature of what has just happened,” writes Linda Greenhouse. Really? She makes it look so easy. She is writing in the New York Times about the Trump administration’s expansion of a conscience exemption to the contraceptive mandate. Show More Summary

Bergdahl Pleads Guilty to Desertion

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, a U.S. Army soldier captured by the Taliban in 2009 and who, after a controversial prisoner exchange, was brought home by President Obama five years later, pleaded guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy...Show More Summary

The Case for Taxing Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities (the non-profit ones, anyway) don’t pay any taxes. Should they? In today’s Martin Center article, Jenna Robinson makes the case that they should not be completely tax-exempt. Specifically, she argues that college property used for non-educational purposes should be taxed. Show More Summary

The Washington Post’s Bizarre Opioid Story

For the past day I’ve been struggling to wrap my head around this lengthy exposé from the Washington Post. (For those who prefer TV, 60 Minutes has a broadcast version.) Pretty much everyone who reads the piece comes away outraged that...Show More Summary

Local Television News and the Return of the Crime Issue

Jonathan Martin of the New York Times makes a point about the focus of Republican Ed Gillespie’s campaign in Virginia: …his advertising reflects what he thinks will actually move the electorate: He is spending the bulk of his money on...Show More Summary

Austria’s Election

As John Fund notes in his piece (on the home page) on Austria’s election, the right’s success (including a strong showing for the populist Freedom Party and a  shift to the right within the establishment-right People’s Party) is yetShow More Summary

Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't

Phil, in relating the sad tale of Laura Moriarty, you write: In the novel, Moriarty’s fifth, the U.S. government deports Muslims to internment camps in Nevada for practicing their religion, which move is marketed to Americans as “better...Show More Summary

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