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On the Alt-Right and the ‘Alt-Left’

In one of his several press appearances addressing last weekend’s events in Charlottesville, President Trump asked, “What about the ‘alt-left’?” — a question that a few on the right have taken up, along with the label. A quick thought. Obviously,...Show More Summary


A lot of cable TV debate can stilted and rote, but this segment this morning was something else entirely: Fox & Friends Charlottesville Segment

Al Sharpton Puts Jefferson Memorial on Notice

Asked by Charlie Rose (at the 15:30 mark) “should they take down the Jefferson Memorial?” Al Sharpton reflected on the nature of slavery then answered a different question: whether the federal government should support the memorial. Sharpton said it should not. Show More Summary

One American People, or Many Peoples in America?

Let’s accept for the sake of argument the president’s contention that there were “fine people” on both sides in Charlottesville (though where you’d find such a person in a torchlight parade chanting about Jews isn’t clear). These hypothetical...Show More Summary

No, It’s Not the End of the Trump Presidency

The media often reacts to Trump’s outrages as though his presidency is on the verge of ending (some on the right also harbor this fantasy). But there’s no magic mechanism that is going to make him disappear. We discussed a question related to this on The Editors podcast yesterday, which we recorded before the press conference. Show More Summary

Yesterday Was Worse Than Saturday

It’s frequently said that at his press conference yesterday Trump reverted to his Saturday statement. This isn’t quite right, for a couple of reasons: 1) His Saturday statement was vague and didn’t condemn the Nazis et al. by name. In...Show More Summary

The Editors: Charlottesville

Check out the latest episode of The Editors, in which Rich, Charlie, Michael Brendan Dougherty, and Dan McLaughlin discuss Charlottesville. You can subscribe to The Editors on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and TuneIn. You can also download this episode here. National Review Podcast -- The Editors: Charlottesville

Fima Speaks

Pianists aren’t ranked like tennis players, but if they were, Yefim Bronfman would be right up there. He is a Russian-born pianist, long a U.S. citizen. (He celebrated his citizenship at the Russian Tea Room next to Carnegie Hall. Hosting the party was Isaac Stern, the legendary violinist.) Bronfman’s personal No. Show More Summary

Re: The Mega Question

Repeating the question of a French interlocutor, Jay asks: “Is there someone who can defy the two major parties, capture the imagination of the country, and be elected president?” The good news is: Yes, there is. The bad news is: Yes,...Show More Summary

The Unintended Consequences of Ending Insurer ‘Bailouts’

Under Obamacare, insurers are required to provide “cost-sharing reduction” (CSR) — lower deductibles and so on — to lower-income enrollees who buy plans classified as “Silver” in quality. The government is supposed to reimburse the companies for the cost of doing this. Obamacare itself didn’t provide the money, however. Show More Summary

Trump's "Over a Million Jobs"

It hasn’t gotten much attention for obvious reasons, but something else President Trump said at his impromptu press conference deserves comment: “I’ve created over a million jobs since I’m president.” Conservatives would of course have been all over President Obama if he had said something so solipsistic (and socialistic). Show More Summary

Professor Pushes the Ridiculous 'Words Can Be Violence' Notion

Professors say lots of ridiculous things that advance “progressive” notions about the world. It’s hard to top a recent New York Times article by a psychology prof at Northeastern who argued that there is a scientific basis for believing...Show More Summary

The Mega-Question

On his Group, John McLaughlin used to ask the “mega-question”: the big question. I have one for you — but I’ll need to set it up first. There are conservatives who are anti-Trump. There are conservatives who are pro-Trump. And there are conservatives who “call balls and strikes.” They are the Good Umpire. “This one’s a little outside. Show More Summary

Romney Errs

President Trump is getting a lot of criticism for his response to Charlottesville, and he deserves, oh, 90 percent of it. (He still has not called Heather Heyer’s family.) His comment yesterday about the “very fine people” who marched...Show More Summary

Texas Requires MDs to Get Permission for DNRs

Texas’s futile care law is a disgrace, permitting hospital bioethics committees to kick patients off of wanted life-sustaining treatment. Until now, they could even impose DNRs on a patient’s chart before asking permission, and then notify the sick person or family/guardian. Show More Summary

Krauthammer’s Take: ‘What Trump Did Today Was A Moral Disgrace’

On Fox News, Laura Ingraham offered only a mild critique of President Trump’s comments on the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville. Charles Krauthammer would have none of it. He explained: To critique what [President Trump] did today on the grounds that it distracts from the agenda or was a tactical mistake, I believe, is a cop-out. Show More Summary

What Trump Could Do — If He Wanted

You know the old expression “Not in my name”? It would be so easy — so easy for President Trump to say to the neo-Nazis and the neo-Confederates and the neo-Klansmen, “Not in my name.” He is good with words, as he tells us. He can find a way of saying that. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Just Gave the Press Conference of the Alt-Right's Dreams

Let’s be very clear about what just happened at Donald Trump’s press conference. He gave the alt-right its greatest national media moment ever. He even called some of them “very fine people.” Don’t believe me? Watch this key statement: Pres. Show More Summary

"You Have to Ask Yourself, Where Does It Stop?"

As it happens, I addressed the question President Trump raised–if you take down Confederate statues and memorials, will you end up knocking down Monticello next?–in a Bloomberg View column earlier today. Our national mythos has comeShow More Summary

Trump Off the Prompter

Trump turned in a truly extraordinary performance at his Trump Tower press conference just now that was probably meant, in part, as a middle finger to his advisers who convinced him to read yesterday’s remarks. He stood by his specific...Show More Summary

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