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Republicans in Worst Possible Light

New York Times columnist Thomas Edsall has a piece up today that defames the entire Republican Party as racist and xenophobic. Edsall had sent me some questions as he was preparing his piece. I responded, but none of my comments made it into his piece. Show More Summary

Is the GOP Becoming the Pro-Tax-Hike, Anti-Entitlement Reform Party?

Why is everyone so stressed, angry, and exasperated lately? As noted in the midweek Morning Jolt, Trump-mania is single-handedly changing what the GOP stands for. Come on, America. Come on! This indicates you’re not even paying attention...Show More Summary

Majority of Immigrant Households Are on Welfare

A new report by my colleague Steven Camarota finds that most immigrant households use welfare. That immigrants receive taxpayer-funded benefits at higher rates than the native-born isn’t a new finding. But previous research (including by CIS) has never found such a high rate. Show More Summary

Jeb's Latest Salvo

It’s the latest salvo in the Jeb Bush-Donald Trump throwdown: The former Florida governor on Wednesday is releasing a quiz on Facebook targeting voters in the first four early-voting states highlighting the liberal positions held or previously held by the real-estate magnate. Show More Summary

Kasich Rolls Out Ohio Campaign Team

John Kasich’s presidential campaign announced its Ohio leadership team in a conference call Tuesday evening, a show of force as other candidates  — particularly Jeb Bush — have started to try to make inroads in the state. The leadership team was announced on a conference call with Ohio Republicans on Tuesday evening. Show More Summary

A Cuban Political Prisoner Writes to the Pontiff

Pope Francis — now adding Cuba to his pre-USA-visit itinerary — surely has heard Castro-toadying Havana cardinal Jaime Ortega’s repeated claim that there are no political prisoners in Cuba. So His Holiness will no doubt be surprisedShow More Summary

CNN and the RNC Get It Right

Hats off to CNN for changing their debate criteria. It would have been easy — and natural — just to dig in, but they made the right call. I believe CNN’s version of what happened here — they came up with standards that no one would have...Show More Summary

CNN Debate Will Likely Include Carly Fiorina; She Thanks NRO

Give credit to CNN. They realized their criteria for a September debate was going to use a lot of polls conducted in July, and that simply didn’t make much sense. So they revised the rules. In May, we announced criteria for our September 16th Republican debates at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Show More Summary

Re: Old Quotes

Jim, I don’t disagree in any particular about that Bush video, but consider: 1999 may seem like a long time ago to a young man such as yourself, but it isn’t, really, in the life of a man who soon will be 70 years old.  People change their minds about things from time to time: My beliefs about taxes are not today exactly what they were when I was 25. Show More Summary

Twelve Things That Caught My Eye Today (Sept. 1)

1. About the pope in the news today: On the day Pope Francis encouraged prayers for Creation, he set focus on the sin of abortion. Because you can’t talk about creation without talking about human life. 2. My morning check-in with Fr. Show More Summary

Laura Ingraham Criticizes NR and Me

Laura Ingraham, on her radio show, criticized NR for “propping up the establishment” by running an article today about Republicans who want Mitt Romney to run again (h/t Breitbart). She added, “[O]ur pal Bill Kristol, he’s actually done...Show More Summary

New York Times: Murder Spike May Be Caused by 'Repeat Offenders'

From the New York Times: In New York, killings have increased by about 9 percent, to 208 through mid-August from 190 a year earlier. Homicides in Chicago are up about 20 percent over the same period a year ago. The police superintendent in Chicago, Garry McCarthy, said he thought an abundance of guns was a major factor in his city’s homicide spike. Show More Summary

That Jeb Video Hitting Trump Has Some Old Quotes

Michael, I see a flaw or two in the Jeb campaign’s video hitting Trump. For starters, maybe the video of Trump saying these things will shake loose some Trump backers, but I’m skeptical. Those quotes have been mentioned in plenty ofShow More Summary

Kermit's Thing For Pigs

Bear with me for a second. You  may have heard that Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy broke up. This news came not long after came out in favor of abortion rights, causing some — okay, me — to wonder if Kermit is prolife. But that’s a post for another day. Show More Summary

I Guess It Depends What You Mean By "Unsolicited"

It’s now becoming a parlor game. Every time Hillary Clinton says something about her secret server the shot-clock starts on when she’ll be exposed for another lie. You might recall this painfully forced attempt to be charming about her...Show More Summary

It's 'Naive' To Call ISIS Evil?

Over on al-Jazeera’s web site, James Denselow, a research associate at the London-based Foreign Policy Centre, warns that the discussion about ISIS is demonizing the group and insufficiently nuanced: There is much misinformation being...Show More Summary

Trump v. Bush Escalates, and the Huffington Post Rewrites History

As Michael Strain writes below, Jeb Bush has taken a hard swing at Donald Trump, a swing that comes one day after Trump released this ad on Instagram :   This is no “act of love” as Jeb Bush said… A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump)...Show More Summary

Notorious Racial Grievance-monger Accuses Sheriff of Murdered Cop of Grievance-mongering

Your daily dose of irony: According to Black Lives Matter activist Deray McKesson, Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman is using the murder of one of his deputies “to politicize his grievance against a movement centered on ending violence...Show More Summary

Boeing Isn't Exactly Pleased with Ex-Im's Liquidation

The Ex-Im Bank’s charter expired two months ago now, and contrary to the many ”jobs will instantly disappear” predictions, the only result of Ex-Im’s lapse has been major beneficiaries engaging in political threats. Boeing and GE threaten...Show More Summary

Bush Hits Back: "The Real Donald Trump"

A new video posted today on Governor Bush’s website hits back at Donald Trump. Partial-birth abortion, higher taxes, single payer health care and praise for Hillary Clinton. These are just a few of the liberal things Donald Trump supports, proving he is not the conservative he claims to be. Bravo. Show More Summary

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