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California Court Dismisses Criminal Charges against Center for Medical Progress

This afternoon, the San Francisco Superior Court tossed out 14 of the 15 criminal charges that had been brought by the state against two journalists from the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), after they released a series of undercover...Show More Summary

The Incomplete Media Narrative about a Murdered Muslim Girl

Early Sunday morning, a 22-year-old man bludgeoned a Muslim girl, Nabra Hassanen, to death with a metal baseball bat on her way home from an all-night Ramadan observance at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society mosque. The murderer dumped...Show More Summary

This Acquittal Was Correct -- Jury Exonerates Cop in Milwaukee Shooting

Each police shooting has to be evaluated on its own facts Today, a Milwaukee jury rightly acquitted former police officer Dominique Heaggen-Brown in the 2016 shooting of Sylville Smith — a shooting that led to unrest in the city. This...Show More Summary

0-4 and an About-Face: Democrats Suddenly Believe Ossoff No Longer Matters

He was a candidate on whom it would be worth risking millions. He was a messianic, baby-faced neophyte slated to stage a Macron-esque takeover of Georgia’s sixth congressional district in the #Resistance’s first great blow to Trump’s America. Show More Summary

Spending Cuts Are the Best Way to Pay for Tax Reform

Yesterday, Speaker Ryan promised that tax reform would happen before the end of 2017. My two cents is that it won’t until Ryan finally agrees to drop the border-adjustment tax that has fractured our movement, the business community, and the Republican caucus. Show More Summary

Immigration Has Changed the Progressive Movement

Peter Beinart has an excellent essay in The Atlantic on how the American Left has shifted on immigration. Just a decade ago, he writes, progressive intellectuals such as Glenn Greenwald, Paul Krugman, and even Barack Obama at least acknowledged the costs of immigration. Show More Summary

A Few Lessons Democrats Aren't Learning

After a day of commentary and hot takes following Karen Handel’s relatively comfortable win in Georgia’s Sixth District, it’s clear that there are a few lessons that Democrats are slow to learn. First, abortion and socialism aren’t big winners in center-right districts. Show More Summary

How Many Libertarians Are There?

Likely writing in response to this study, which finds that only 3.8 percent of the public falls into the category, Emily Ekins surveys a range of studies that have found a larger percentage. Most put them in the 10-20 percent range, which makes them too large a group to be ignored. How Many Libertarians Are There?

Two Arguments on Immigration

My new Bloomberg View column: Part of the long aftershock of President Donald Trump’s election is a new debate over immigration. Two provocative entries in that debate have appeared in recent days. Both featured columnists playing against...Show More Summary

FBI Report on Alexandria Quietly Debunks the Gun-Controllers' Talking Points

The FBI has published a brief report on the shooting in Alexandria. It is devastating to the idea that the gun-control measures presently coveted by the Democratic party would have done something to prevent the attack. Over the past two decades, Democrats have focused on three major proposals for reform. Show More Summary

Hard Choices, Hard Lives

When people under dictatorship decide to go dissident, they make a choice with huge consequences. (Almost invariably, they will tell you they did not “decide” to go dissident; they could simply do no other.) They set off a chain of events for themselves, and for their family. Gao Zhisheng did this. Show More Summary

Planned Parenthood's Spending Falls Short in Georgia's Sixth

It’s difficult to determine who ended up as the biggest loser in yesterday’s special election in Georgia’s sixth district. The most obvious choice is Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff, who, despite raising an historic $23 million in campaign...Show More Summary

Wednesday links

Summer started this morning at 12:24 EDT - here’s some solstice science, history, poetry and music. Related: Fridgehenge: to celebrate the solstice, British guy recreates Stonehenge using old refrigerators.  Why Is It Called Area 51? Hawaiian...Show More Summary

You’ve Earned a Little Victory Dance This Morning, GOP!

From the midweek edition of the Morning Jolt… You’ve Earned a Little Victory Dance This Morning, GOP! Go ahead and do a little dance this morning, Republicans! Watch to see if the conventional wisdom on Jon Ossoff as a candidate changes quickly. Show More Summary

A Reality Check about What Handel’s Win Means

Karen Handel, the Republican, won. Who among us can contain his excitement? It’s also a win for Donald Trump for one simple and obvious reason: because the alternative would have been so much worse for him. If Handel had lost, it would have hardened the media narrative that Republicans are fleeing the president (note: I said narrative, not fiction. Show More Summary

In A Bad District For Trump, Karen Handel Persisted

For nine months in 1916, the French and German armies battled with insane ferocity over a small patch of land in Northern France, committing over two million soldiers, spending the lives of over 300,000 men (and more than that wounded)...Show More Summary

The Slow Death of an Important Constitutional Clause

When the Constitution was written, the Founders wanted to make sure that the states did not mess around with contracts. They understood that the stability of contracts was crucial to a thriving economy. Hence, among other things states...Show More Summary

Philando Castile Dash-Cam Footage Released

Over the weekend I noted that the Philando Castile dash-cam video had not yet been made public. Now it has been (this is obviously disturbing): As I wrote previously: Body-camera footage would have been far better than a dash-cam video here. Show More Summary

Other Than All These Simmering Crises, Everything Is Quiet

In just the past few hours… … a Russian Su-27 jet had air-to-air missiles under its wings and approached the U.S. Air Force RC-135 recon jet “rapidly,” coming within 5 feet of the American aircraft… … a “U.S. F-15E fighter jet shot down...Show More Summary

The Washington Post vs. Free Speech

The Washington Post was even worse on this issue, editorializing that the denial of a trademark to the Redskins was a “victory for tolerance.” It cheered the idea that senators would use their power over the tax treatment of the team to force a name change. Show More Summary

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