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Mike Pence Delivers for Trump -- in Ted Cruz's Shadow

Cleveland – The Trump campaign fumbled Mike Pence’s initial rollout last week as the vice-presidential nominee, and they fumbled it for a second time tonight.  Moments before Pence took the stage to address the Republican conventionShow More Summary

Cruz's Speech

Trump promised an unusual convention, and we sure got one tonight. But let’s be clear about what happened. A lot of Republicans wanted Cruz (an old friend of mine) to endorse Trump and are mad that he didn’t. But neither Trump nor his...Show More Summary

Ted Cruz Booed Off Stage in Cleveland

CLEVELAND — Ted Cruz walked onto the stage Wednesday night to a standing ovation, but left to deafening boos. It was the strangest, most surreal moment of a Republican convention that has been defined by disorderly proceedings and dreamlike...Show More Summary

Krauthammer's Take: Chanting ‘Hillary, Lock Her Up’ Isn’t Going to Attract the Undecided

Charles Krauthammer argues that chants at the Republican convention could come back to haunt the Trump campaign:  I think execution is slightly over the top, but I would point out that yesterday, during the speech of Christie, a crowd...Show More Summary

Scott Walker Tries to Persuade Trump-Wary Republicans

Remember Scott Walker? He was arguably the second-most important Republican in the country in 2012, and certainly the most important Republican winner of that year. He was a presidential candidate until September 2015, a time that feels like it was several decades ago. Show More Summary

Browbeating the Never-Trumpers

Ingraham said that Republicans who haven’t endorsed Trump are acting from “wounded feelings and bruised egos.” I think that’s a cheap shot, and lousy politics. You may think that Republicans who remain opposed to Trump are being foolish. Show More Summary

Laura Ingraham's Speech Was Very Strong

She really made the case for Trump at a level of sacred values, loyalty, hard work and patriotism.  Too few of our candidates know how to do this. Trump, in his own rough way, does. It’s not about a laundry list of policies. Ingraham...Show More Summary

A Response to Tavis Smiley

In the July 19 issue of USA Today, there appeared an op-ed piece that ran under this headline: “Listen to the Baton Rouge Police Killer: Tavis Smiley.” I am aware that columnists most often do not supply their own headlines, and I am aware that headlines are sometimes crafted more with an eye toward space limitations than to the content of the piece. Show More Summary

Massachusetts Attorney General Unilaterally Rewrites the State's Gun Laws

Without the legislature, without the governor, and without any form of public consultation, the attorney general of Massachusetts has today rewritten the state’s 1998 Gun Control Act. In an edict sent out this morning, AG Maura Healey...Show More Summary

'Revolutionary Communist' Protesters Burn Flag, Block Convention Entrance

Protesters managed their first disruption, albeit a minor and brief one, at the Republican National Convention this afternoon, when a group burned an American flag. The Cleveland Police said two officers were assaulted with minor injuries. The...Show More Summary

The Problem with 'Unity'

Last night, Paul Ryan wrapped up his speech at the RNC with this: “What do you say that we unify this party?” It was the one line that garnered real, enthusiastic applause. But I cannot help spying some sleight-of-hand here. In backing...Show More Summary

The Fifth Avenue Principle, in Force

Not every statement that trips from Donald Trump’s mouth is true, but this one was: “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose voters.” He wouldn’t lose his core, the Trump army, that’s for sure. Trump...Show More Summary

The Best Policy

The other day, I was remarking on honesty, and dishonesty. It would be hard to imagine that the Republican party could field a nominee as dishonest, as untrustworthy, as the Democratic nominee. And it would be hard to imagine that the...Show More Summary

Why Russia's Olympic Doping Scheme Merits Banning the Country from Rio

The legacy of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics continues to evolve. Observers may remember that what started as a PR mess for its Russian hosts turned into a startlingly dominant display of athletic dominance by the conclusion of the games. Show More Summary

Is a U.S.–U.K. Free-Trade Agreement on the Way?

Abandoning President Obama’s insulting “back of the queue” rhetoric now that Britons have voted to Brexit, the Obama administration is signaling an openness to a U.S.–U.K. free-trade agreement. Newly named British foreign secretary Boris...Show More Summary

Would Mike Pence Be America’s Chief Operating Officer?

Jeremy Carl suggests, “Vice President Pence would be almost uniquely historically powerful, in contrast to the beta role he seems to be cast in by the media.” It’s a particularly pertinent point in light of this report in the New York...Show More Summary

Trump, Putin, and the GOP

One of the most remarkable things about the convention last night was that Governor Christie went after Hillary on Russia and Putin. I will quote him: ... she said our goal was to strengthen Russia. Strengthen an adversary led by a dictator...Show More Summary

Cuba: Does Obama Care?

There was a headline in the Miami Herald yesterday: “Cuba’s human rights abuses worse despite U.S. ties.” (Article here.) Oh, yes. But I might question that word “despite.” Is the Castro dictatorship more brutal now despite President...Show More Summary

Chris Cox’s Convention Address and the Extinction of Pro-Gun Democrats

Back in 2010, when the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action endorsed some vulnerable House Democrats, NRA-ILA Director Chris Cox explained that the NRA had to stick by Democrats who had not voted against theShow More Summary

Ben Carson’s Generic Populism Falls Flat When Trump Is the Story’s Hero

Ben Carson’s speech at the RNC was everything you would expect a Ben Carson speech to be. He smiled wide, thanked the crowd a great deal for their applause, and went on to speak about the miracle of the human brain. He also suggested...Show More Summary

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