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It Depends on the Scorecard

So I can score this a bunch of different ways. If the metric was the first 30 minutes — a standard that kind of sprung out of nowhere in the last 24 hours — then I think Trump won. He was relatively coherent, got his big issues and themes...Show More Summary

Trump Gets His Message Out

She made more points tonight, but he may have scored more points. The anti-Trump way to look at the contrast is that he has less to say, because he knows less and has thought less about government; the pro-Trump way to look at it is that he’s a hedgehog. The effect of that contrast, I think, was that viewers had a stronger sense of where he stood. Show More Summary

We Got The Debate We Deserved Tonight

First, Lester Holt did not do the best of jobs on the one thing a moderator is supposed to do – control the allocation of time and prevent the candidates from talking over each other – but he did the right thing in mostly letting them talk and let the voters see them for who they are. Second, both candidates showed up as…themselves. Show More Summary

Trump vs. Clinton: Final Thoughts

Clinton really has much better command of facts (to the surprise of nobody) and has gotten in a few good one liners but she still is so wooden.  She got less wooden as the debate went on but she still just is awkward and forced. Trump...Show More Summary

More from The Debate: Race and Law and Order

On crime, Trump goes directly to law and order.  Touting police endorsements helps him with his base. Going after Chicago and Obama is a nice move.   Lester Holt showing some overt hostility to Trump on the issue of stop-and-frisk.   Ultimately  I think this is a winning issue for Trump. Show More Summary

Trump's taxes

Hillary is absolutely, 100% right about why Trump should release his tax returns. But her glee at, for once, being able to go on the offensive on a transparency issue is a little too obvious. Perhaps the most amazing line of the night was Hillary talking about wanting a “Special Prosecutor”. Now that’s something the Clintons haven’t loved in a long time. Trump's taxes

Early Thoughts on the Debate

Trump was surprisingly sedate to start out, which was probably important for him, but it didn’t last long.  Clinton looked robotic on opening statement.  Trump was very good at keeping on his themes of exporting jobs and being specific...Show More Summary

Hillary is worried about her base.

How can you tell Hillary is worried about her base? Because she came out trying to paint Trump with standard generic Democratic attacks on generic Republicans (“trickle down economics,” “tax cuts for the rich,” blaming Bush, etc.) instead...Show More Summary

Looting The Dead: Clinton's Proposed Death Tax Increase

We can, I think, be confident that tonight’s debate will not revolve around the death tax, but Hillary Clinton’s proposal for a massive hike in the slice that this morbid levy takes from the (very) richest corpses (with smaller increases...Show More Summary

The Best of Cruz, the Worst of Cruz

Erica Grieder at Texas Monthly notes the obvious about Ted Cruz: that he “wants, above all, to be president.”   To that end, Cruz has married tactics and strategy in an interesting way. He bet that building a political persona as a conservative...Show More Summary

Two Ways the Debate Could Surprise Tonight

It could be boring. This scenario would play out if Clinton decides that she needs to work on making the positive case for herself more than anything else and Trump calculates that calm, cool, and non-combative is the best way for him to go. Trump is more prepared than anyone expects. Show More Summary

Re: The Map Follows the National Polls, Cont.

To follow up on Rich’s point that, as Trump’s numbers rise nationally, the picture of how he’d win the states he needs becomes clearer, too, I recommend Nate Silver’s piece from last year about how there’s likely no such thing as a ”blue...Show More Summary

Yes, Moderators Really Aren't Good at Fact-Checking

Mother Jones’s Kevin Drum takes issue with my argument that moderators shouldn’t try correcting candidates about even things like the unemployment rate. He says Trump does not do with unemployment what I’m saying lots of people do –Show More Summary

The Debate over Fact-Checking the Debate

A lot of liberals have been clamoring for Lester Holt to “fact check” Trump during the debate; that is, to say that he is lying when he lies, or at least to point out when something he is saying is not true. Nicholas Kristof made the...Show More Summary

Watch The Dogs That Don't Bark Tonight

One of the interesting things to pay attention to, as we get through the debates, is what topics don’t get raised. Sometimes amazingly, in retrospect: the 2000 debates completely ignored the topic of terrorism: “in the three presidential...Show More Summary

Yes, the Ferguson Effect Is Real

Homicides rose nearly 12 percent nationwide last year, according to newly released FBI data, close to the largest percentage increase in half a century. In cities with a population above a quarter million, homicides rose 14.5 percent;...Show More Summary

Trump at the Debate — 'Apprentice' or Bully?

Please allow me to add one more quick thought to the pre-debate coverage. In the primary, Trump proved that he could crudely insult his male competition and get away with it. He couldn’t however, do quite the same to Carly Fiorina. I’m...Show More Summary

The Not-Hillary Campaign

The most recent Pew poll showed that, by a 6-point margin (33-27), the #1 reason cited by Trump voters for supporting him is “he is not Clinton” (number two is that he’s a “political outsider/will bring change”). Only after you get past...Show More Summary

Trump v. Clinton — More Evidence of Political 'Climate Change'

Jim, here’s more evidence that the political climate is changing — the FBI just released its crime figures for 2015, and the murder rate spiked by almost 11 percent. That’s more than 1,500 additional lives lost. While the rate is thankfully...Show More Summary

Comes a Baby

Recently, I wrote a piece on a very grim subject: infanticide and abortion. The immediate cause of the piece was the murder of a newborn in Ohio by her mother: a college student. This made me remember a case I read about when I myself was in college. Show More Summary

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