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A Father’s Day Remembrance

It’s been twelve years now since my Dad died. Re-posting my eulogy to my Dad remains something of a tradition for me and at least for some readers. I’m grateful to those readers because it helps remind me to reread it at least once every year. Happy Father’s Day to everyone. Father's Day -- Jonah Goldberg’s Remembrance

A Tragedy and an Acquittal

Like my colleague David French, today I’ve been thinking a lot about the acquittal of Jeronimo Yanez, the St. Anthony, Minn., police officer who shot and killed Philando Castile, a black man with a concealed-carry permit, in July of last year. Castile’s death is a tragedy. Show More Summary

The Philando Castile Verdict Was a Miscarriage of Justice

Yesterday, a Minnesota jury acquitted St. Anthony, Minnesota, police officer Jeronimo Yanez of second-degree manslaughter charges in the shooting of Philando Castile. In considering the rightness of the verdict, pay close attention to the transcript of the fatal encounter. Show More Summary

The Boss-Americans Tell You What’s What

Right-leaning business owners and salaried professionals have enormous advantages within the center-right coalition over right-leaning wage-earners. The least of those advantages is money. Their abiding political weakness is an ill-concealed contempt for the interests and priorities of wage-earners. Show More Summary

Poor Little Fearless Girl

The “Fearless Girl” statue, staring down the Raging Bull of Capitalism down on Wall Street, has become a favorite attraction for tourists and a favorite target for pundits. Recently she was subjected to a new form of criticism when another sculptor placed a small dog rudely lifting his leg next to Fearless Girl. Show More Summary

A Sad and Terrible Verdict in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, we just saw a textbook example of how bad facts (in this case, horrific facts) can make bad law. Here’s the Washington Post with the details: In a landmark case, a Massachusetts judge has ruled that Michelle Carter,...Show More Summary

Protection, Preemption, Etc.

Years ago, David Pryce-Jones told me a story, oft-applicable. In 1935, the SA accosted a British nurse in the streets of Frankfurt. She had been seconded to a hospital there. The British consul in Frankfurt, Max Auwe, advised the Foreign Office that the British response should be strong. Show More Summary

Tillerson’s Successful Retrieval of Otto Warmbier Drowned out by the ‘Witch Hunt’

In an alternate universe, Donald Trump could be having a fantastic week. After 17 months of imprisonment by the North Korean government, American student Otto Warmbier has returned to the United States. Over the past week, emerging details...Show More Summary

The Rat at Our Door

Three years ago — for reasons I could explain — I wrote an essay about my lifelong wrestling with labor unions. Internal, mental wrestling, I should say. It was called “A Long Way from Harlan County.” You can read it here. Also, it’s...Show More Summary

On Kamala Harris and The Interruptions

It sure doesn’t take much to become a progressive icon these days.   Take, in the most recent iteration, the case of Kamala Harris, freshman senator from California. Harris has the good fortune to sit on the Senate Intelligence Committee, where...Show More Summary

The Alex Jones Interview Gets Worse for Megyn Kelly

Earlier in the week, I asked just what the heck Megyn Kelly and NBC News thought we needed to hear from Alex Jones that we hadn’t heard already. Jones has his own show where he rants about conspiracies for several hours; what did she...Show More Summary

Friday links

For Father’s Day, a selection of parenting advice from Homer Simpson: “Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try”. Related: here are some Father’s Day lessons from Walter White, Don Draper and Tywin...Show More Summary

What the Fed "Desires"

Neil Irwin’s very first words in this column—“Inflation has stubbornly stayed lower than the Federal Reserve has desired for the past eight years”—are, I think, basically wrong. Leave aside whether the Fed should want inflation to rise to 2 percent a year, which is its stated goal. Show More Summary

A Big Reason for the Rising Cost and Falling Quality of College

Among the many reasons why American higher education is in such decline is administrative bloat. It keeps adding to the costs that students, their families, and the taxpayers must cover, often for positions that are worse than useless such as “vice president for diversity and inclusion.” Those rising costs crowd out spending on actual education. Show More Summary

Consider Honoring Your Dad

Spring is about to expire, and so too will the National Review Spring Webathon, but not, I hope, before we reach our goal of $264,000. Yesterday we enjoyed a big surge of contributions (157 people hit the donate button), so we now stand at $242,000 in generous aid received. Show More Summary

The Washington Lawyer Who, Like a Bad Penny, Always Turns Up

From the last Morning Jolt of the week: The Washington Lawyer Who, Like a Bad Penny, Always Turns Up Jamie Gorelick is now Jared Kushner’s personal lawyer, and her friends and neighbors are apparently cattily bashing her off-the-record...Show More Summary

Here We Go, Part II

Jared had perhaps the most to lose from a widening special-counsel probe, and now there’s a Washington Post report that his business dealings are indeed in the cross-hairs.  Jared Kushner in the Crosshairs

Trump Was in a Fever to Defend the Legitimacy of His Election

Further to Andy’s piece on the home page, a couple of passages in Thursday’s reporting on the Mueller investigation jumped out at me. One is from that Washington Post piece: Officials said one of the exchanges of potential interest to...Show More Summary

Chicken/Egg: What Came First, the Crime or the Investigation?

I appreciate Rich’s mention of my column on the homepage about why it is vital that legitimate limits, as provided by federal regulation, be imposed on Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation. I want to elaborate on this a bit...Show More Summary

Lemon Aid

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty has sent a brief to the Supreme Court in the travel-ban case—but unlike most of the many briefs in that case, it takes no position on whether the Court should uphold or nullify the ban. Its goal,...Show More Summary

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