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One of These Things Is Not Like the Other: Trump, NATO, and the EU

Over the weekend, Trump went after NATO and the EU again: European leaders grappled with the jolting reality of President-elect Donald Trump’s skepticism of the European Union on Monday, saying they might have to stand without the United...Show More Summary

What's the Difference Between Praising a Company and Endorsing It?

In a move that is being interpreted as a rebuke of a Trump tweet about L.L. Bean, Office of Government Ethics Director Walter Shaub issued a “Refresher on Misuse of Position”: he rule against misuse of position prohibits employees from: Using...Show More Summary

From Versailles to Davos

Versailles PBS: The Petit Hameau (The Little Hamlet), or “Le Hameau de la Reine,” was situated in the English-style gardens of the Petit Trianon.   Created in 1783, the Petit Hameau was a mock farm area, complete with farmhouse, dairy,...Show More Summary

Monday links

Prohibition in the United States began on January 16, 1920: here’s some history, contemporaneous newsreels, the women who tried to telepathically influence the vote, Abraham Lincoln and Milton Friedman. How to Become a Lawyer Without Going to Law School. For 15 Years, New Orleans Was Divided Into Three Separate Cities. Jan. Show More Summary

The Circus Is No Longer Coming to Town

Welcome to the last week of the Obama presidency. It’s Inauguration Week, a time turn the page and leave behind the mistakes of the past… and to look ahead with new confidence to the mistakes of the future. From the first Morning Jolt...Show More Summary

Woodward: Trump’s Right To Be Upset About the ‘Garbage’ Dossier (VIDEO)

Legendary reporter Bob Woodward had this to say about the recent Buzzfeed-reported dossier:  Woodward: Trump’s Right To Be Upset About the ‘Garbage’ Dossier (VIDEO)

Lewis Baits and Trumps Trump

John Lewis’s declaration that Trump’s presidency would be illegitimate was irresponsible. The proper response, after all, to such a usurpation is revolution, meaning overthrow by all means necessary. Lewis  was saying something likeShow More Summary

Annals of Retail Food Arbitrage

From Butner (N.C.) Federal Correctional Complex comes news that Bernie Madoff, whose Ponzi scheme defrauded thousands of investors beginning in the 1980s, is still hustling for bucks. Recently he bought up the prison’s entire supplyShow More Summary

Zeppo Marx, Technological Visionary

A friend of mine has written a poem about 2016 election that includes this passage: Libertarians cried: “What we need is Ron Swanson!” Instead they got dim, nondescript Gary Johnson Who bored within seconds and blanked on Aleppo If he...Show More Summary

Davos and ‘Responsible’ Leadership

It’s time once again for that annual orgy of self-congratulation and de haut en bas preaching better known as the Davos ‘World Economic Forum’. Donald Trump will not be sending any official representatives (as symbolic gestures go, not...Show More Summary

Up Next: Scott Pruitt

Scott Pruitt’s hearings are this week and, on cue, the New York Times has a hostile story leading the paper this morning.    Scott Pruitt Will be a Target

Donald Trump v. John Lewis

I wouldn’t have hit back in the way Trump did, but, please, lets put aside the notion that John Lewis is above reproach. It’s possible for two things to be true: Lewis is an American hero and he is a hyper-partisan Democrat whose pronouncements can and should be contested. Show More Summary

The End of ‘Wet Foot, Dry Foot’

This week, President Obama brought “wet foot, dry foot” — the policy whereby Cuban migrants who make it to U.S. soil are granted automatic parole and immediate access to safety-net benefits — to an end. Critics of the Castro regime,Show More Summary

EU, Robot

Asimov’s three laws are not, apparently, enough. The Guardian: The European parliament has urged the drafting of a set of regulations to govern the use and creation of robots and artificial intelligence, including a form of “electronic...Show More Summary

Euthanasia With Organ Harvesting Coming to Canada?

My very first column warning against legalizing assisted suicide was published in Newsweek in 1993. It dealt with the suicide of my friend Frances under the influence of Hemlock Society (now Compassion and Choices) suicide-proselytizing literature. Show More Summary

Krauthammer’s Take: What Else Are the Democrats Going to Do, Besides Call the Election Rigged?

Charles Krauthammer said that Democrats will continue to harp on James Comey and try to diminish Trump because they have been decimated electorally: I don’t know whether it’s actually orchestrated, that this is all scripted or one at...Show More Summary

A Few Thoughts on the Power of Hollywood

On Monday, I wrote a piece reacting to Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe speech and reflecting on the true nature of Hollywood’s power. My thesis was simple: Progressive celebrities aren’t that effective as political endorsers, but they’re a potent cultural force. Show More Summary

Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson: Robert Costa

Recorded on December 8, 2016 Robert Costa, an American journalist who writes for the Washington Post, joins Peter Robinson to discuss his insights into President-elect Donald Trump after covering him for the past several years. Costa discusses Trump’s mentality on running for president in 2011 compared with 2016, when he made a more serious effort. Show More Summary

Pre-Existing Publications

At, Andre Grant criticizes Republican ideas for protecting people with pre-existing conditions while ending Obamacare. He says that the only idea Republicans have come up with is to put people with these conditions in high-risk pools, which have been tried before and found wanting. Show More Summary

What Rex Tillerson Thinks

Rex Tillerson, the secretary of state–designate, is the mysterious cabinet nominee of President-elect Donald Trump’s, for his long career at ExxonMobil Corporation has revealed next to nothing publicly of his views where the United States...Show More Summary

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