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‘Roy Moore Is Pure Steve Bannon’

I wrote about the Alabama Senate race today in the context of the Steve Bannon insurgency: Roy Moore is the Steve Bannon project in a nutshell. For the former Trump operative, the Alabama Senate candidate’s tattered credibility is a feature, not a bug. Show More Summary

Liberals, Bill Clinton Apologists, and Roy Moore Apologists

Roy Moore is a dirtbag. If I were an Alabama voter, I would write in a name — not to advance some Rube Goldberg plan for holding on to the Senate seat, but because I’m not going to vote for a doctrinaire liberal or for whatever Moore is. Show More Summary

A Few Thoughts on the Senate Tax Bill

Here are a few thoughts on the Senate’s revised tax-reform plan. The repeal of the Obamacare mandate will inevitably make the politics of tax reform more rather than less complicated Faced with the same budget constraints as the House bill, the Senate bill is moving away from making the tax changes permanent. Show More Summary

Roy Moore’s Campaign Just Held a Bizarre, Self-Contradictory Press Conference

Roy Moore dispatched his campaign chairman Bill Armistead and his longtime attorney Philip Jauregui today, with instructions to hold a press conference in Birmingham. The seven-minute conference was ostensibly to provide answers to the litany of sex crime allegations against the former judge. Show More Summary

Trump's Biggest Success in Office

How he achieved it, and proved me wrong. Trump's Biggest Success in Office

Will the GOP’s Tax Changes Destroy Higher Education?

Once the House Republican tax bill was unveiled, the usual voices on the left started screaming that if enacted, the changes regarding higher education would be devastating. It’s been the Chicken Little story. I don’t think the sky will fall if the changes were to be put into law, but I don’t like all of them. Show More Summary

Democracy in Chains and the Scandal of Tonight's National Book Awards

A few hours from now in New York City, the National Book Awards will be bestowed on a few fortunate winners. Past recipients of nonfiction awards include such luminaries as George Kennan, Barbara Tuchman, and Robert Caro. Former president Bill Clinton will be presenting an award at this year’s ceremony. Show More Summary

Hey, Frequent Flyers

If you come to NRO early and often, if you are a repeat customer at the all-you-can-eat 24/7 buffet that Rich, Charlie, and the gang replenish non-stop, if you’ve never tossed a piece of green paper in the tip jar, then look over there. Show More Summary

Clarity on ‘Uranium One’

I learned a few things from Andy’s excellent post and I have no objections to it, whatsoever. As I said, I have no problem with Clinton being investigated and I have no objection to the suggestion that Hillary Clinton played fast and loose with the rules — both ethical and legal. Show More Summary

Blue Dogs: We Can't Support Tax Reform if it Adds Trillions to Deficit

The Blue Dog Coalition, a conservative caucus in the Democratic Party, has come out in opposition to the proposed tax reform. “We simply cannot support a bill that, by every kind of measurement, has been determined to add over $2 trillion...Show More Summary

The Child Tax Credit in Four Dimensions

Last night, Senate Republicans changed their tax bill to expand the child tax credit. That’s a very good change, in my opinion, and one that makes the overall tax reform much more worth supporting. It might be worthwhile evaluating where...Show More Summary

Uranium One Focus: Corruption, Not National Security

Further on Jonah’s post, I’ve tried to flesh out the Uranium One scandal in two columns (here and here). Two basic things about the transaction are misunderstood. First, as Jonah contends, because of uranium’s essential part in the production of nuclear power, people hear the word and understandably think nuclear weapons. Show More Summary

House Overwhelmingly Passes $700 Billion Defense Spending Bill

Yesterday afternoon, the House of Representatives passed a $700 billion defense spending bill by a 356–70 margin. The bill will fund several elements of the military’s defensive preparation in response to the North Korea threat by authorizing...Show More Summary

Have Republicans Solved Their Tax Problem?

Republicans have been struggling to do a few things at once with their changes to the tax code: cut taxes for the middle class, knock the corporate rate down to 20 percent (from 35 percent), keep the revenue loss to $1.5 trillion over...Show More Summary

Hannity to Moore: I Want Answers! I Think I’m Entitled! I Want the Truth!

From the midweek edition of the Morning Jolt: Hannity to Moore: I Want Answers! I Think I’m Entitled! I Want the Truth! Go figure. Even Sean Hannity has his doubts that Roy Moore gave him truthful answers in that interview. “Here’s where I am tonight,” Hannity continued. Show More Summary

Good for Shep Smith

I was going to do this as a column for tomorrow, but since Shep beat me to the punch I’ll do it as a Corner post. Shep is right. The Uranium One story is crap. Now let me say that I have no problem believing that Hillary Clinton sold influence or the appearance of influence. Show More Summary

Elephants Sue for Habeas Corpus

Here we go again. Having failed to get courts to declare chimpanzees “persons,” animal-rights fanatic lawyer Stephen Wise is suing as an attorney for elephants seeking a writ of habeas corpus. From the Washington Post story: Minnie, Beulah and Karen are elephants who for decades have belonged to a family-owned, traveling zoo in Connecticut. Show More Summary

Wednesday links

Field Marshall Erwin Rommel was born on November 15, 1891. When The Photographer Asks You to Look Seductive… Your house is a gigantic bug habitat, and there’s nothing you can do about it. A Scientific Look at How Female Turkeys Choose...Show More Summary

A Bad Idea for Taxing Stock Options

A particularly foolish idea put forward in the Senate Republicans’ tax plan is the proposal to tax stock options and similar compensation instruments at the time they vest rather than at the time they are exercised. Silicon Valley, where...Show More Summary

Big News on Tax Reform

A Washington Post reporter tweets: @SenJohnThune CONFIRMS: -Individual mandate repeal will be added to tax bill in SFC. -They have 50 votes on the floor. -Passing Alexander-Murray alongside (not within the tax bill) is part of the deal. — Mike DeBonis (@mikedebonis) November 14, 2017 SFC is the Senate Finance Committee. Show More Summary

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