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Merciless On Air and In Print, Gracious and Kind in Real Life

A sad start to the first Morning Jolt of the week. Kate O’Beirne, RIP If you never had a chance to meet Kate O’Beirne, you really missed out. Before I knew Kate, when I was a politically-wonky polliwog in the 1990s, I watched her on CNN’s Capitol Gang. Show More Summary

Then and Now

My Impromptus today is headed “The way we were, &c.” Why dredge up this song? Well, I was thinking of what we used to say about Obama. We used to say that he spent too much time on the golf course, for example. We toted up the costs of his personal travel — Martha’s Vineyard, Hawaii, and the like. Show More Summary

The Right’s Divisions

In the medium term, I’m more pessimistic about the divisions within the Right than within the Left. The Left’s divisions are real and sometimes bitter on a personal level, but you can usually see how they can be stitched up at the level of policy. Show More Summary

Kate O'Beirne, RIP

Jonah mentioned what a generous mentor Kate was. I can personally attest to this. I doubt I would have become editor of NR or survived the daunting task of working for Bill Buckley at the helm of his beloved magazine if it hadn’t been for Kate’s friendship, counsel, and wisdom. Show More Summary

Kate & Me

She was strikingly tall, her laugh was a delightful cackle, and she was one of the wisest people I’ve ever met. I was blessed to work beside Kate O’Beirne and even more blessed to know her. I’ve benefitted from a few excellent mentors. Show More Summary

One of a Kind

Yesterday, as she lay in a hospital bed surrounded by adoring family and friends, I was able to say goodbye to my dear friend Kate O’Beirne. Breathing had become difficult, and she wore an oxygen mask. Her two handsome and devoted sons, her...Show More Summary

Fillon Endorses Macron for the French Presidency

Fillon, the defeated candidate of the center-right, has now endorsed Macron, saying that Le Pen would lead France to ruin. When Fillon won the Republican nomination—and before scandal intervened—he seemed well-positioned to take the presidency too. Show More Summary

Farewell, Kate

When I came to National Review in 1998, Kate O’Beirne welcomed me like that friendly mom who looks out for the nervous new kid on the block. I rarely went into the DC office back in those days, in large part because I knew if I did, I’d get sucked into an endless – and endlessly entertaining – conversation with her. Show More Summary

Kate Walsh O'Beirne R.I.P.

kate-obeirne-portrait-main.jpg Kate O’Beirne was part of National Review’s world before she joined the staff. When she became the magazine’s Washington editor in 1995 her resume already included stints at Senator Jim Buckley’s office, the Reagan administration, and the Heritage Foundation. Show More Summary

It's Macron (It Seems)

The first numbers are out, and they appear to show that the run-off in France’s presidential elections will be between Emmanuel Macron, the Blairite (for want of a better shorthand) on 23.7 percent and Marine Le Pen (21.7 percent), who needs no introduction. Show More Summary

Ça ira (or not)

With France going to the polls in the first round of its presidential elections on Sunday, this long, reflective piece by Chris Caldwell in City Journal is well worth your time. Indeed it would be worth your time even if there was no...Show More Summary

Krauthammer’s Take: Obama ‘Caved’ on Inspections, Now Iran Is Developing a Nuclear Weapon

Charles Krauthammer argued that the Iran nuclear deal allows for a weapon to be developed since only one part of the process is even being delayed at all, and the inspections are too weak to seriously impede Iran: There is no contradiction whatsoever in our position. Show More Summary

A Grave Defeat for Religious Rights in Russia

Russia’s crackdown on religious activity took a major step forward this week as the Justice Ministry banned Jehovah’s Witnesses. Russia has steadily curtailed rights to evangelize in recent years, but this move signals their commitment...Show More Summary

Working the Demand Side of the Anti-Abortion Cause — Democrats, Read This

Every couple of years, it seems, a Republican politician explaining his opposition to abortion makes the news for having said something repugnant. It can be career-ending, as in Todd Akin’s case. But those are isolated incidents. Democrats talk that way all the time, though from the other side of the debate. Show More Summary

Other People's Money

A Labour win in the upcoming British general election (or even a strong showing by the inaccurately named Liberal Democrats, something that I would not rule out) would be terrible news for the UK, but Theresa May’s Tories seem intent...Show More Summary

Scholars Begin to Refute the Micro-aggression Theory Rampant in Academia

All humans have to put up with things other people say that are bothersome, but leave it to American academics to elevate that into a great social problem. About ten years ago, a few scholars began arguing that when members of certain...Show More Summary

The Clintonites’ Disunity Whine

One of the more irritating parts of the new book Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign involves Clintonites whining about Bernie Sanders criticizing Clinton and dividing the party. Bernie’s challenge to Clinton was a perfectly normal event, given that there was no Democratic incumbent running for reelection. Show More Summary

Wean Colleges Off Federal Funding

James Patterson has written an able — if quite arguable — commentary on my dispute with Stanley Kurtz on what’s wrong with higher education and what can be done to make things better. This, is of course, a friendly dispute. And I agree...Show More Summary

Another Reason Men Earn More: How Far They Go For Their First Job

Women and men make different choices about the number of hours to work (even when working full time), industries, specialties, physical risks to take on, and how much time to take off. Those are the factors that we mostly hear about when people explain the wage gap statistic that consistently shows that men, on average, still earn more than women do. Show More Summary

It’s Now Racist to Question Whether a Hawaii Judge Should Make Immigration Policy for the Entire United States

This is a stupid controversy even by the standards of the Trump years, but Jeff Sessions is getting slammed for a comment about a judge on “an island in the Pacific,” a.k.a. Hawaii, blocking the president’s travel ban. Sessions saidShow More Summary

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