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How Unpopular is the GOP?

According to the new CNN poll, slightly more unpopular than Donald Trump. Trump is at 38-60 fav / unfav ; the GOP at 34-60 fav / unfav. Hillary is also unpopular, but not quite at that level: 41/56. The Democrats, comparatively, are at a robust 44/48.   How Unpopular is the GOP?

The Map without Florida

Here is a real quick, generous electoral map assuming Trump strength in the Midwest (giving him Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Iowa — Wisconsin and Michigan seem out of reach), giving him New Hampshire and Virginia, assuming no losses of Romney...Show More Summary

Quinnipiac Battleground Polls

A couple of things jump out: Pennsylvania and Ohio are basically tied, suggesting that the idea that Trump does better in the Rust Belt isn’t a fantasy. Trump is trailing badly in Florida, and it’s hard to make the electoral map work...Show More Summary

‘The Irrelevant Crusade’

I wrote about the gun-control debate today: Few policy proposals are as routinely irrelevant as so-called common-sense gun-control measures — and seemingly, the less relevant they are, the more passionately their advocates support them. Show More Summary

Trump’s Report

Our friend Ben Shapiro had a good tweet-storm on highlights of the Trump fundraising report: 1. In May, Trump raised a paltry $3.1 million raised, By contrast, in May 2012, Mitt Romney raised $78 million. — Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) June 21, 2016 2. Show More Summary

Austin Bound with Pete Hegseth

The warrior (two Bronze Stars), veterans advocate, and author of the acclaimed new book, In the Arena: Good Citizens, a Great Republic, and How One Speech Can Reinvigorate America, will be discussing its themes next Tuesday, June 28, at...Show More Summary

An Illegal Immigrant Tried to Kill Donald Trump. This Is a Big Deal, No?

You would think the headline “Illegal Immigrant Tries to Kill Donald Trump” would be a big deal. The man facing charges for attempting to grab a police officer’s gun, so he could allegedly shoot presidential candidate Donald Trump is...Show More Summary

A Fable for Our Times

One of the oldest fables known to mankind tells of a dog going out for a walk in the forest. Meeting a wolf, the dog asked what it was doing there. The wolf explained that he was looking for something to eat. Come home with me, said the dog, you’ll be given plenty of food, you’ll get some every day. Show More Summary

Some Summer Reading

Summer is here, and with it the new summer issue of National Affairs. It includes, among other great essays, Alan Jacobs on what has gone on in our universities this year, George F. Will on why his thinking about the role of judges has changed, David Azerrad on how to understand equal opportunity, Carrie Lukas and Steven E. Show More Summary

The Odd Defenestration of Lewandowski

I look forward to the Trump-can-do-wrong crowd’s explaining the Trump campaign’s thinking here. Yesterday morning around 10:00 a.m., pretty much the ideal time to maximize bad coverage going into the daily and weekly news cycle, the Trump campaign announced Corey Lewandowski’s firing. Show More Summary

Trump’s Running a Performance Art Tour, Not a Presidential Campaign

From the Tuesday Morning Jolt: Trump’s Running a Performance Art Tour, Not a Presidential Campaign It’s insane. The Republican Party is trying to win a presidential campaign with a candidate who refuses to run a presidential campaign. The...Show More Summary

Ahead of Meeting, Evangelicals Sense Leverage Over Trump

Donald Trump will meet with an audience of nearly 1,000 Christian conservative activists in New York City on Tuesday, and the summit could hardly come at a more critical time. The event has been on the books for over a month, but organizers...Show More Summary

Your Mind Into a Computer Would Not be You

This transhumanist fantasy about becoming immortal through uploading your mind into a computer is nonsense–even if such a thing could be done. Here’s the goal. From the Express story: Mr Itskov has been subject to a BBC documentary titled...Show More Summary

Krauthammer's Take: Redacting Orlando Transcripts Exposes Obama Administration As 'Fanatical'

Charles Krauthammer argues that the Obama administration’s now-reversed redaction of the Orlando shooter’s 911 call demonstrates a ‘fanatical’ aversion to criticism of Islam: Well, they may not have issued the order, but everybody understands:...Show More Summary

The Pharisee and the Publican, Refugee Edition

God, I thank thee, that I am not as other men are, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this critic of refugee resettlement. The UN designated today as World Refugee Day. The White House used the opportunity to justify its policy of resettling increasing numbers of Middle Eastern refugees in the United States. Show More Summary

Another Trump Team Member Departs

Smart political minds will argue whether the departure of Corey Lewandowski represents genuine good news for the Trump campaign. Yes, some of the campaign’s problems fall on his shoulders: the minimal campaign apparatus, the inconsistent-at-best...Show More Summary

A Field Hospital in Orlando

Last week I found myself praying more than writing or talking in the wake of the bloodbath at the gay nightclub in Orlando. It seemed though like some didn’t even take a deep breath before denouncing traditional views on marriage – and Christianity in particular – and assuming evil can be eradicated through legislation. Show More Summary

In Initially Airbrushing Orlando Jihadist’s Calls, DOJ Followed Obama-Clinton U.N. Resolution Against Negative Speech about Islam

Before reversing itself this afternoon amid rebukes from commentators and Republican leaders, the Obama Justice Department undertook to bleach the Islam out of Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen’s statements about his Islamist mass-murder...Show More Summary

'Them' and 'Us' No More?

Among the commentary in the wake of the Orlando shooting was a Facebook video by Jesuit priest Fr. James Martin. In it, he criticized some Catholic bishops for not universally naming the “LGBT community” in pastoral messages of solicitude in response to the grave violence. Show More Summary

If the FBI Had to Describe 20th Century Enormities

The FBI has now reversed course, but this is how its absurd redacting might have rendered enormities of the 20th century: “The kamikaze pilot launched his attack on the U.S. aircraft carrier after proclaiming his loyalty to the Great Empire of [omitted] and its Emperor [omitted].” “The S.S. Show More Summary

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