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Dressed to Kill

Sometimes we wingnuts are overeager when it comes to liberal media bias. But sometimes you get pieces like this, from the Washington Post: The Abortion Rights Movement Is Bolder than It’s Been in Years. That’s Cecile Richards’s Plan. There’s no need to quote from the profile. Show More Summary

Re: Hillary Clinton's Incredible Weakness

Rich notes an NBC poll showing that 59 percent of Americans “regard Hillary Clinton unfavorably.” Usually, that would be enough to finish off a candidate.  And then you read this :  Only 12 percent of Democrats call her honest and trustworthy. Show More Summary

Once Again, No Female Marines Will Graduate from the Infantry Officer Course

When reality is allowed to confront ideology, reality wins: The only female officer enrolled in the Marine Corps’ Infantry Officer’s Course has dropped out after failing to complete two conditioning hikes last month, according to the...Show More Summary

John McLaughlin, RIP

He defined TV political debate in what would eventually become the cable era — combative, entertaining, fast-paced. Back in the 1980s when it started, the show was a revelation, because it was so different and fun. And its cultural impact...Show More Summary

Watch Donald Trump Contradict His Own Foreign Policy Speech

And to think — there are still people who tell me that I can actually believe the things this man says: Trump’s take on foreign affairs: Then… and now. — Morning Joe (@Morning_Joe) August 16, 2016   Watch Donald Trump Contradict His Own Foreign Policy Speech


Rich reports that Vox – even Vox?! — concedes: “Obamacare is going through a major test of its viability.” This is sincerely not intended as petty or snarky or partisan, but I don’t see how this is a test of the program’s viability rather...Show More Summary

Would Hillary Clinton Really Oppose TPP as President?

It’s odd to see a sitting president and his endorsed successor disagreeing so strongly, and then effectively campaigning against each other on one big priority, Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal: Administration officials including...Show More Summary

Hillary Clinton’s Incredible Weakness

In the new NBC/Survey Monkey poll, 59 percent of people regard her unfavorably. When presented with various positive descriptions of her, 52 percent of people opt instead for “none of the above.” Only 12 percent of Democrats call her honest and trustworthy. And yet she leads by 9. Hillary Clinton Polls as Very Unfavorable

POLL: Should Immigrants to the U.S. Be Carefully Screened?

Should immigrants to the U.S. be carefully screened? Take NR’s latest poll and let your voice be heard. POLL: Should Immigrants to the U.S. Be Carefully Screened?

‘The Nihilism in Milwaukee’

My column today, which I open with how reporter Tim Pool felt it was too dangerous for white people at the Milwaukee protests from him to continue to cover them: The Milwaukee unrest has taken on a more explicitly racist cast than other...Show More Summary

Ballot Question Forcing Liberals to Decide Between Teachers Unions and Children

Poor minorities cannot count on Democrats’ help when the teachers lobby is on the other side of the debate, and a Massachusetts ballot question to modestly expand charter schools is highlighting that division among the Democratic coalition. Show More Summary

Sorry, but Keeping SCOTUS Conservative Isn't Enough to Justify a Vote for Trump

In today’s LA Times, Jeremy Rabkin (of George Mason’s Scalia Law School) and I argue that keeping the Court conservative is not enough to vote for Donald Trump. Many conservatives explain away the Republican nominee’s latest gaffe by...Show More Summary

Re: 'Extreme Vetting' Is Extremely Overdue

Here’s my top-ten list of what we should expect from those who want to become Americans (and those who are already Americans, for that matter). The list was first published in a pre-9/11 National Review Online column, and it is fleshed out in Congressional testimony: 1. Show More Summary

Death and Disaster in Syria and Iraq

News from Syria is dramatic. Units loyal to the Bashar Assad regime have been besieging Aleppo, the country’s most important city after Damascus. In heavy fighting, secular rebels appear to have liberated most of it, maybe all of it....Show More Summary

Profile in Courage Award

National Review ’s film critic, Ross Douthat, in response to a current Twitter meme, has named his seven favorite films. I praise him for his courage in putting Titanic on the list. It’s an excellent melodrama with fine performancesShow More Summary

Uncommon Knowledge: General Jack Keane

General Jack Keane briefly describes the history and rise of ISIS and its aim in the Middle East. Keane then discusses the concrete steps America should take to defeat ISIS, including partnerships with Sunni tribes and a more comprehensive air war. Uncommon Knowledge: General Jack Keane (Video)

Drowning Lives Matter

There is a horrific flood in Louisiana that seems to be totally off the media radar screen. Our old colleague Rod Dreher lives there and is reporting wonderfully and castigating too — the devastation gets a MSM shoulder shrug. Read his exceptional blog here. Drowning Lives Matter

There's Nothing Wrong with Carefully Screening Immigrants

In reaction to Donald Trump’s “extreme vetting” proposal, Mark Krikorian writes: Questions about the practical implementation of such a proposal are legitimate, if overblown. Trump obviously didn’t go into detail about the specific bureaucratic...Show More Summary

"Worse Than Death" Meme Pushes Culture of Death

Assisted suicide is promoted in the USA with fear mongering about the terminally ill suffering with intractable pain for which nothing other than a lethal overdose will suffice. In actual suicide facilitation, existential issues–such...Show More Summary

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