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What the Pope Really Said to Abbas Doesn't Matter Except to Prop Up the Media's Narrative

American and British media breathlessly reported this weekend that Pope Francis had hailed Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian government such as it is, as an “angel of peace.” But a number of other news outlets, such as Italy’s...Show More Summary

Lucky Seveneves

This week’s Bookmonger podcast is with Neal Stephenson, the science-fiction author of Seveneves. We talk about the new book, the danger of near-earth objects, and NASA’s mission to Pluto.

Christie's Tax Plan

Last week Gov. Christie explained where he thinks federal tax policy should go. He wants a tax reform that reduces the number of tax brackets to three, with the bottom rate in the single digits (it’s now 10) and the top rate no higher than 28. Show More Summary

A Question of Honor

In a recent issue of National Review, I had a piece called “A Question of Honor: As the wolves circle, Iraqis who helped us are pleading for visas.” To read the piece, go here. I’d like to give the gist right now. I’ll be as brief as possible. During the Iraq War, there were many people who helped us — I’m talking about Iraqis. Show More Summary

Dems Try to Use Mad Men Finale against GOP

They try so hard: #MadMen ends tonight, but if you like the anti-women policies of the 1960s, you’ve still got the GOP. — The Democrats (@TheDemocrats) May 18, 2015 That tweet, from the party of Ted Kennedy,...Show More Summary

The Curse of Even-Steven

Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, wrote an interesting tweet: “From a wmn carrying a mattress on her campus to Afghanistan’s Wmn’s Nat Cycling Team, reaching true equality req showing change is possible.” I learned...Show More Summary

An Ugly Youth-Violence Video Proves a Racial Double Standard

I recently received an e-mail that included the sickening video below. (Warning: It is disturbing.)  Posted on and titled “Young Girl and Little Brother Attacked,” this clip shows what appears to be a group of black kids...Show More Summary

Fortress Europe: The EU vs. Google

One of the fondest conceits of those that defend the EU is that is some sort of bastion of the liberal economic order. It’s certainly better from that point of view than other variants of a European Union might have been, but that’sShow More Summary

Why the Response to the Texas Biker Shootout Is Racist, Obviously

The sheets were still over the bodies in a Waco parking lot on Sunday when the Daily Beast’s Sally Kohn identified the real problem with the biker gang shootout that left nine people dead: A Muslim only has to attack 1 person to be “terrorist.”...Show More Summary

Great Hire, Boston University

Incoming Boston University professor Saida Grundy — last seen tweeting that white males are a “problem population” — is back in the news again after apparently taunting a white rape victim in a series of Facebook posts. Fox has the story...Show More Summary

Want to Know What 'Permissionless Innovation' Can Mean? Check Out Bitcoin

Over at the New York Times, Nathaniel Popper has a story about the quest for the mysterious innovator behind Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. It’s a very well-written article by a guy who obvious knows a ton about the cryptocurrency and its main player. Show More Summary

Who Gets Dropped from the First GOP Presidential Debate Stage?

Could some Republican presidential contenders be excluded from the first debate — and perhaps never appear on a debate stage at all? Some RNC members tell Politico they would like to see the number of participants capped at 12.  Sen....Show More Summary

The Unique Conrad Black

In all likelihood, Conrad Black does not need an introduction to NR readers. He is one of ours — one of our writers. I’ll introduce him anyway. As I say in my latest Q&A podcast, Conrad has lived a “big and tumultuous life.” He has been a publisher, an investor, a magnate. Show More Summary

‘Give Me Some Music’

So says Cleopatra, in the Shakespeare play. Some 350 years after the play was written, Samuel Barber made an opera of it. You want to hear Leontyne Price sing “Give me some music”? Okay: here. Anyway, I know you can’t live on Iraq, the Castros, and the Republican primary field all day, so I’ll give you some music. Show More Summary

Rubio on Iraq

Some observers have said that Senator Rubio “dodged” and refused to give “a clear and direct answer” to Chris Wallace yesterday. I think he was pretty clear: If we had known there were no WMD, we would not have gone to war, but it “Show More Summary

Doctors Are Giving Themselves the Right to Refuse Care

The medical technocracy wants to cut costs on the backs of the severely disabled, elderly, and dying. One approach is futile care, which gives doctors the right to refuse wanted life-extending care based on quality-of-life judgmentsShow More Summary

Alternatives for T-shirts

Ian, I was in a park over the weekend and passed a soccer practice. The practicers were about four or five years old. One of the coaches had a Che T-shirt. The kids may well think that the guy on the shirt is pretty special. He was: a specialist in murder and murderous tyranny. Show More Summary

The Revolving Door between Ex-Im Bank and Its Biggest Client, Boeing, Is Alive And Well

Last week, Tim Carney at the Washington Examiner broke the story that a top Obama appointee at the Ex-Im Bank, known to its critics as “Boeing’s Bank,” has found a new job — at Boeing. As Corner readers probably know, Boeing is by far...Show More Summary

The Iraq Question Is the Iran Question – At Least It Should Be

As my weekend column indicates, I am not as down as Patrick, Eliana, and some of my other colleagues on the hypothetical Iraq question the media is pressing on GOP presidential candidates – viz., Was it a mistake to invade, knowing what...Show More Summary

Bobby Jindal Makes It Official: He's In.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal just made it official: Today, Governor Bobby Jindal formed an exploratory committee to assist him in deciding whether to seek the Republican Party nomination for President.   Speaking about the committee launch,...Show More Summary

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