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Convenient Amnesia on How Deterrence Works

From the last Morning Jolt of the week… Convenient Amnesia on How Deterrence Works This morning, President Trump tweeted, “Military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, should North Korea act unwisely. Hopefully Kim Jong...Show More Summary

Radio Free Kudlow Looms!

I am pulled over to the side of this lonely road, somewhere in Massachusetts, lost but determined to remind one and all to tune in to tomorrow’s episode of The Larry Kudlow Show. Sorry: I’m aloof as to the line-up, but if it’s like last week’s socko show, and every week’s prior, then mañana’s will be fantastic too. Show More Summary

‘I’m Old-Fashioned’

On the homepage today, I have a piece headed “The Right: United by Hate, Love, or Nothing?” It is a ruminative piece about the state of conservative politics and other things in life. I don’t claim that it captures the mood of the moment. Show More Summary


AMONG OTHERS Working alone in the house, I look to the solitary sculls passing on the river for a sense that I am among others. The geese — my dogs — convene in the yard near the water. A summer in which much has passed is now folded...Show More Summary

No, You Probably Don't Have to Start Digging a Bomb Shelter

A Seattle commenter responding to New York Times columnist Tom Friedman on tensions with North Korea: At dinner last night we hade a lengthy discussion with our children (13 &11) on what to do in the event of a nuclear attack – stay inside, put as much building material as you can between you and the outside, etc. Show More Summary

No, the Iran Deal Isn't a Blueprint for Dealing With North Korea

I’m seeing this argument make the rounds online: If the administration thinks really hard about best outcome with #NorthKorea they will see it is the #IranDeal — Vali Nasr (@vali_nasr) August 10, 2017 Nasr, the dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, is a serious man, but I’d like to respond with a question. Show More Summary

Americans Actually Want Something Like the Cotton-Perdue Immigration Bill

A recent poll conducted by Morning Consult and Politico found that most Americans support the most important provisions of the Cotton-Perdue immigration bill, known as the RAISE Act. The RAISE Act, in addition to amending several provisions...Show More Summary

Elizabeth Harman’s Dystopian Philosophy

Via the Washington Free Beacon, I watched this James Franco (yes that James Franco) interview of Elizabeth Harman, a philosophy professor at Princeton. You really should watch it, if for Franco’s facial expressions alone. To make a long story short, she argues that fetuses have no moral status outside the intentions of the mother. Show More Summary

In Want You...But Not You

DigitalMagazine8.28.17.jpg Here’s the cover of the new issue of National Review, out today for subscribers, featuring Reihan Salam’s cover story on skills-based immigration reform. For this and more from the best conservative writers, subscribe to National Review ’s digital magazine here, and print magazine here. Skills-Based Immigration Reform: Understanding the RAISE Act

Some Transparency for CBO

This year’s health-care debate has launched, or at least reawakened, a related argument about the work of the Congressional Budget Office.  Republicans have found themselves very frustrated with CBO’s health-economy model, and especially...Show More Summary

UN Pushes "Right to Life" for Some

The United Nations Rapporteur on the human “right to life” seems indicates that the UN is determined to make the right to life more relative and elastic than robust and near-absolute. The interpretation reluctantly allows the death penalty...Show More Summary

Failed Candidate Ossoff to Explain How Democrats Can Win in 2018

Jon Ossoff, the failed Democratic congressional candidate from Georgia, will participate in a panel discussion on how Democrats can succeed in the 2018 midterm elections. Perhaps Democratic candidates who actually managed to win their...Show More Summary

F. H. Buckley Looks Back at 2016

F. H. Buckley draws on recent work by Lee Drutman to make some important points about the 2016 election. Drutman divides the voters into four quadrants based on their conservatism or liberalism on economic and social issues. BuckleyShow More Summary

WaPo and The Hill Publish ‘Troll Poll’ about Postponing the 2020 Election

Today’s hot-take headline that’s burning up Twitter and Facebook is a report published in the Washington Post and The Hill with sensational headlines. The Post: “In a new poll, half of Republicans say they would support postponing the...Show More Summary

Berkeley Chancellor Dirks Mischaracterizes Goldwater Proposal

Nicholas Dirks, who recently resigned as chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley, argues in a long essay in The Washington Post that universities are “under assault” from illiberal leftist demonstrators, on the one hand, and conservative-sponsored campus free-speech legislation, on the other. Show More Summary

North Korea Likes to Throw Sucker Punches

From the Thursday edition of the Morning Jolt: North Korea’s Recent History of Random, Sudden, Violent Provocations One aspect of the threat from North Korea that doesn’t get addressed seriously enough is that the regime is either unable or unwilling to accurately assess the risks of its actions. Show More Summary

This Is No Laughing Matter

The SJW types on American college campuses are a pretty humorless bunch, always picking apart everything in search of some microaggression or deviationism. So when a documentary comes along that focuses on their humorlessness, you can...Show More Summary

It's Raining Cats and Dogs

The latest in global warming: Get rid of your dogs and cats. Cats and Dogs and Global Warming

Plurality Backs Halving Immigration in New Poll

Today’s Morning Consult/Politico poll finds that 48 percent of people back the most contentious element of the Cotton-Perdue immigration bill: halving the level of legal immigration. Only 39 percent oppose it. And after being read aShow More Summary

Do We Hate Sanctuary Cities More Than We Like Federalism?

A lot of conservatives have been supportive of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s attempt to strip certain federal funds from sanctuary cities, which Chicago has challenged in a lawsuit. I am no fan of sanctuary cities, but I am not a fan of this approach, either. Show More Summary

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