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Eleven Things that Caught My Eye Today (July 23, 2015)

1. From the New York Times Magazine: Is This the End of Christianity in the Middle East? 2. The Little Sisters of the Poor are appealing to the Supreme Court for their religious freedom again. 3. The Department of Justice plans to investigate … the group investigating Planned Parenthood. 4. Show More Summary

Obama Fires AFFH Warning Shot Over Hillary's House

Hillary Clinton’s suburban hometown of Chappaqua, New York has just become ground zero in the Obama administration’s efforts to nullify local control over America’s housing. Obama’s Justice Department has fired a powerful warning shot...Show More Summary

Senator Rubio Offers an Amendment to Permanently Kill the Ex-Im Bank

On Tuesday, I noted that I assumed someone would soon draft a bill requiring the Ex-Im Bank to transfer its remaining functions to other agencies, preferably Treasury. I also said that ideally, the Ex-Im portfolio would be auctionedShow More Summary

De Blasio and the Uber-Menschen

From the Thursday edition of the pinch-hit “Morning Jolt”: De Blasio and the Uber-Menschen Bill de Blasio, 60 to 0 in...: The de Blasio administration has backed away from its fight with the app company Uber, agreeing on Wednesday to...Show More Summary

Ending the Hospice "Cruel Choice"

At last, some good news on the healthcare front! Dying patients who want hospice are compelled to make what I call the “cruel choice” between the benefits of that specialized care and curative/life-extending treatments. The consequence...Show More Summary

Sanctuary City 'Solutions' That Would Solve Nothing

Sen. Chuck Grassley and Rep. Duncan Hunter are honorable public servants who have helped fight the Obama administration’s efforts to gut American sovereignty. That’s why it’s so disappointing that their respective bills in response to the Kate Steinle killing are so inadequate. Show More Summary

‘The Toxic World-View of Ta-Nehisi Coates’

I ’? m a dissenter from the near-universal praise for the new book by Ta-Nehisi Coates, as I write today in Politico: Moses gave us the Ten Commandments. Paul gave us the epistles. And Ta-Nehisi gave us, Between the World and Me. The...Show More Summary

Without Pax Americana in the Middle East, a Saudi–Iranian Arms Race Is All but Inevitable

Not so long ago the foreign policy of the United States in the Middle East rested on the two pillars of Iran and Saudi Arabia. As long as the United States behaved like the superpower it was, the course of events could be predicted and stability therefore maintained. Show More Summary

Behind Clinic Doors and Beyond: Redeeming Grief Amid the Headlines

This morning Roland Warren, the president of Care Net, writes of the Planned Parenthood videos in the news as akin to the “Tell-Tale Heart.” We hear the beating heart, and yet … there is no confession yet, there can be no total healing yet. Care Net Centers are among those who want to help. There is another heart, though. Show More Summary

Dante, Chaucer, Shakespeare — and Me

In their new book, Imperialism Past and Present (Oxford University Press), Emanuele Saccarelli and Latha Varadarajan write that “western [sic] imperialism did not end with the close of colonialism, but continues to define international...Show More Summary

Gnawing at Georgia

From Chatham House comes another reminder (with my emphasis added) that the growing (if not always honestly acknowledged) contest between Russia and the West is playing out on many fronts. As background, South Ossetia is a  ‘state’ carved...Show More Summary

Eight Things that Caught My Eye Today (July 22, 2015)

1. A plea from Syria: Archbishop Jean-Clément Jeanbart, Melkite Metropolitan of Aleppo, writes (via Aid for the Church in Need): At the time of this writing, Aleppo is undergoing a massive assault by jihadists, and bombs have been falling for hours. Show More Summary

Thank You, Senator Manchin

Thank you, Senator Joni Ernst, too, for organizing a letter to the Secretary Sylvia Burwell of the Department of Health and Human Services highlighting what we’re coming to see about Planned Parenthood on account of those Center forShow More Summary

The Highway Bill’s Pension ‘Offset’ Is Bogus

With the announcement of the new Senate highway bill yesterday, Congress reaffirmed its addiction to budgetary gimmicks. Despite discretionary outlays hovering around $1.1 trillion, the Senate feels the need to sell off part of our Strategic Petroleum Reserve just to cover $9 billion of the new spending. Show More Summary

Boston’s Kimonos of Oppression

So the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has an 1876 Monet painting that shows the painter’s wife wearing a kimono. Museum staff thought it would make a nice promotion to get a kimono like the one Mme. Monet was wearing and, one day a week, let visitors put it on and pose for photos in front of the painting. Bad move. Show More Summary

America’s Sin of the Day

First there was Pope Francis raging at the iniquity of air-conditioning, now Rick Noack has jumped into the fray, taking aim in the Washington Post at America’s air-conditioning “addiction”: The U.S. has been the world’s leader in air-conditioning ever since, and it’s not a leadership Americans should necessarily be proud of. Show More Summary

Reform Conservatism Comes to Google

Next Tuesday, Google’s D.C. office will host the launch event for a new series of briefing books from the Conservative Reform Network. The first three of those briefing books–on the health of American entrepreneurship, taking on the higher-education cartel, and protecting the environment the right way–will be released. Show More Summary

Morning Joe: State Dept Spox Won't Comment on Secret Deal between Iran, IAEA

On the homepage today, Fred Fleitz reports on two “ secret side deals ” struck by Iran and the International Atomic Energency Agency, and revealed yesterday by Senator Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) and Congressman Mike Pompeo (R., Kan.). OnShow More Summary

Obama's Creepy and Controlling Housing Questionnaire

I’ve written about the “massive government overreach” of President Obama’s new Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) regulation. I’ve also previewed the insidiously controlling consequences of HUD’s information-gathering for AFFH. Show More Summary

Europe Is Hardly a Paradise for Working Mothers

Mackenzie Dawson, best known for giving Gwyneth Paltrow what for, explained in the New York Post yesterday “Why Working Moms Don’t Have It Better in Europe.” The Europeans’ famously generous parental-leave policies have downsides, she...Show More Summary

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